Serial Fiction

All of these works are licensed under CC-BY-SA 4.0, which means You can learn, recite, adapt, and arrange them to Your hearts content as long as You:

  1. Attribute me as the composer of the original.
  2. Let others do the same to the resulting work.

All of these works follow a Story Code that I expand upon here.

[BꜷD] - Space Station Murder Mystery

Style: Prose.

A janitor on the city-station "L3W15" is framed for the murder of a high-official and their son. She is swiftly convicted and awaiting her sentence when the lock on her cell is mysteriously released. Clues begin appearing all around her, directing her to places and evidence that might clear her name… But who is behind this… and why?

  1. Alone in Detainment
  2. System Failure?

[GAM] - Fantasy Imperial Foster Drama

Style: Prose.

Xiska OdAkram is the oldest child of the Kunym, and one half of "The Foster" between the country of Liefeld and the Kunym. She is taken from her home in the North to the capitol of Liefeld, Castlegate, where she is to live out the next 3 years of her life. When she stumbles on a plot which would destroy both her old life and her new one, how will she save those she cares about… Or even herself?

  1. Xiska's Travels
  2. Xiska in Castlegate
  3. Sabrine Mon Marion

[KED] - Overlooked People, Ominous Portents

Style: Garland Rictameter

Ysvelten is a young seamstress living in the floating country of Kedishire. Her best friend, Dorisha, was sent to work at the capitol for a few years, but never came back. When Ysvelten goes looking for her, the seamy underside of the country they live in is exposed… And she has to decide whether to sew it back up, or let it unravel.

  1. Scrawled on Page 223
  2. Ysvelten Dezbana

[LOE] - Interstellar Godlike Worshipped Races

Style: Couplets

On a far off planet, people were looking to the stars for reason and purpose. They sent many, many probes deep into space, asking for those out there to guide them and help stave off the futility of their lives. When many more than just one race answers their call, factions spring up and rival camps seek to enlighten one another. This comes to a head one morning, and the world is never the same again.

  1. Genera, ph. I - XX

[MBD] - A Curse, A Cult, and A Historic Event

Style: Prose

Madeline is a woman with a secretly tragic past. But, in exchange, she has gained great insight and fortune in the present- So long as she maintains the curse she now bears.

  1. Madeleine Fare

[MVB] - Minute Fantasy Romantic Tragedy

Style: Ballad

As far back as either cares to remember, the Monark and the Lughnair have been at odds with one another. Peace talks, born from a common enemy, are disrupted when a budding romance between two young nobles is brought into light. Forbidden from both sides from even seeing one another, the lovers are removed from the talks… But, will love conquer all? Or will it conquer them?

  1. The Conflict Born Out of a Kiss

[PNU] - Hidden Truth, Horrorific Truth

Style: Prose

Judith Richter loves nature, and has always felt a stronger connection with the world around her than with any human. She also has a deep, all-encompassing love for secrets, and is always looking to understand things better. When approached one day with the promise of true understanding and true connection, she accepts… But how will she adapt to what comes next? And how will she balance that with the rest of her previous life?

  1. Judith Richter

[SaD] - World Dependant Theiving Duo

Style: Prose

Rannu Thevutha is a world class theif, and Baje Fepumei is a master of distraction and confidence. They have a wonderful way of working together. But after a job goes wrong, they are approached by someone with a question that will take them far from the streets of their city… and might make it so they can never return!

  1. The Singer and the Thief
  2. Home, Free Home

[SMS] - Monstrous Sycophant, Resourceful Reasearcher

Style: Sestina

Debra O'Vale's father passes away suddenly while she is away at school. Upon returning home, she is certain something is amiss… Though those around her, even her family, insists that these things just happen. When she begins to investigate, she finds something… or someone… is at the root of a lot of "these things that happen" in her home town… But can she deal with it herself? Or will she just become another "happening"?

  1. Geoff Leonne
  2. Debra O'Vale
  3. Investigative Disbelief