Guix Channel

Software I've packaged for GNU Guix that doesn't yet have a home in the main guix channel.


The GNU Guix Logo; A pair of GNU horns in Golden Yellow above the word 'Guix' in black.
The GNU Guix logo.


GNU Guix has mechanisms allowing anyone to package software for the distribution, and for those packages to be shared with anyone who might want them. I use this primarily to test things before submitting them to GNU Guix proper, but I also use it so that if I move computers everything I use everyday can be installed alongside my Guix Home profile.

If this sounds cool, it is! I have been able to consistently keep my configuration, software suite, and operating system specs in a couple scheme files for a few years now. It makes things much easier in the long run, and affords me a lot of interesting benefits.

If You use GNU Guix and want to use software from my channel, have at it!