cdr255 Library (GNU Guile)

My Userlib for Guile Scheme.


The GNU Guile Logo; The word 'Guile' with the G centered between a red semicircle on the left and a while semicircle on the right, with the words 'GNU Extension Language' in smaller type below.
The GNU Guile Logo.


The cdr255 libraries are basically my personal library in various languages. The naming convention makes it easy for me to know what libraries are called, what namespace things work in, and that I will eventually attempt to implement everything in all of the programming languages I use.

This page in particular is about the GNU Guile version of cdr255, which is the version I have put the most work into.

Quick Overview

This library is largely the (cdr255 userlib) module, however the (cdr255 combinators) and (cdr255 gamelib) modules have recently been created.