My personal knowledge management system.


The compost logo: A series of notecards with dividers marked A-Z, with the 'Compostable' sign affixed to the front..
The Compost Logo.


Compost is a Knowledge Management System (KMS) that I am developing throughout my academic tenure. It is loosely based on some ideas from the Zettelkasten community, as well as being deeply tied to my editor of choice, GNU Emacs.

As it is something created through my own needs, it is a bit cobbled together, but I find it extraordinarily helpful on a day-to-day basis to not only keep track of what I learn and discover, but to help refine my thoughts into usable bits for future use.

What's with the name?

I grew up loving plants, and have always wanted to have three trash bins: Dry, Wet, and Compostable. I have yet to get the third one, but as I was reading about the composting process, I noticed the similarities between it and the way I was hoping to refine my thoughts from reading: Starting with basic scraps of knowledge, allow them to develop while consistently interacting with them to prevent suffocation, and allowing the final product to cool and cure before use. It is a metaphor I love, so I stuck with it.

(It's also what one of my siblings would call my commonplace book, back when I kept one. So it's nostalgiac for me as well!)