cdr255 Library (APL)

My Workspaces inside of GNU APL.


The generic APL Logo: A green apple divided into 9 quadrants, with the letters 'A', 'P', and 'L' written in white across the middle row.
The APL Logo.


The cdr255 libraries are basically my personal library in various languages. The naming convention makes it easy for me to know what libraries are called, what namespace things work in, and that I will eventually attempt to implement everything in all of the programming languages I use.

This specific page is about the GNU APL version of the cdr255 library, which is actually just my GNU APL Workspaces in a git repo. That said, feel free to use/incorporate/learn from these if You think they are useful!

Quick Overview

When this gets more developed, this section will become more important. But for now:

  • workspaces/Comparison.apl is primarily a naive implementation of a solution to calculating a number using a guess-and-check method to calculate intersections between two complexity graphs.
  • workspaces/Utils.apl is primarily a collection of calculative tools, including an Unweighted GPA calculator and a Price with Sales Tax calculator.