Nuestra Muerta Log #1

For the Session of the 9th of June, 2015

This Log was played entirely using the core rules from the Tabletop Role Playing Game, "Dogs in the Vineyard," in a custom setting based around a fictionalized post-apocalyptic Northern Mexico and Nuestra Señora de la Santa Muerte. A lot of inspiration was taken also from the Mad Max line of films.

No offense to any spiritual, philosophical, or religious beliefs was intended through the construction and execution of this fictional story. Those seeking spiritual guidance should rely on sources much more reliable than this play log. In short: We did this for fictional fun, do not be mad at us, please.

Thanks go, not to me, but to my Group: Rachel, whose ideas set this campaign in motion… and Ethan, who balanced the group out with alternate viewpoints and ideas.

Part I: Simone Posada

Orphaned at a young age, Simone Posada grew up hard in the deserts of the wastes. Mexican in both blood and culture, she speaks both English and Spanish to those she trusts: Very few people.

Though the world she grew up in was already filled with many oddities (Water as a precious commodity, the onset of cancer nearly as common as puberty, Illiteracy and Barbarism prolific in the people), she was viewed as an outcast by her peers. Two things separated her from the others: Namely, her honey-colored right and left eyes.

The cruelty of children, even now, knows no bounds: Name calling was the least of her worries. She learned to handle herself at a young age, and after a few years she had quieted each of her worries- one by one (and most of the time, one on one)- and could ignore the whispered names for the most part.

Her Aunt had always been the only rock in her life, the single person she knew would always be supportive and protective of her. She did not take advantage of her Aunt's experience and noteriety often, but the handful of times that she did proved to her just how strong and independant a person could be.

As she came of age, she found herself to be attracted only to women (a fact she is not, and has never been, ashamed of). This caused her all new problems, and not just with those her own age. But she would not, and could not, be something that she was not… even when the men of her village turned violent.

That experience was the tipping point, and helped her make a decision about her life.

Before settling down, her Aunt had been what they called a Perro de la Santa Muerte: A Dog of Santa Muerte, the Saint of Death, the one most called to in prayer (even by those too illiterate to have read about her). Before leaving her Aunt's home after that horrible incident, she broached the subject clearly for the first time in many years: How could she become a Dog, as her Aunt had been before?

With a few words to the right people, Simone Posada (now age 24) was on the next caravan to Muerte 1-45, the nearest church specialized in training Dogs-to-be.

She remained there for the next year or so, learning everything from Scripture and Ritual to Marksmanship and Driving. She made friends with a local Junker, Marigold, and as her initiation approached was gifted the promise of any vehicle she chose should she pass initiation.

Though her temper nearly cost her dearly, she passed in flying colors. She was now a Perro de la Santa Muerte, and chose an old (but big and maintainable) motorcycle as her vehicle. On her search, she found a few spare parts she thought she could use, and fashioned herself an extendable scythe, as well.

With a patchwork bible held close to her newly sewn vest, she was assigned her first town: Nuevo Saltillo, about 15 days ride North of Muerte 1-45. She was assigned but a single partner, from a different church, who she was to meet on the Freeway about 1 day's ride South, just before a bridge.

She was told his name was Rafael, and that she would know him easily by his knowledge of scripture.

She set off to meet him the next day, stopping shortly by her old village to bid farewell to her Aunt.

She hoped she could do some good in this horrible, heartless wasteland.

Coming in Part II: Rafael!