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Aug 26 19:38:21 chrissofer greets Ferath

Aug 26 19:40:54 Ferath greets chrissofer

Aug 26 19:49:24 chrissofer Morning rises over the Crossed Staves, as the party sleeps at least partially contently, unsure of their immediate future but content to finally know the decisions which need to be made. As they begin to wake from their rest, across town, someone engages in a furtive conversation with a familiarly astute entity. The smell of slow cooked bacon and well-aged cheeses wafts through the entirety of the inn, and though some remain asleep,

Aug 26 19:49:24 chrissofer many have roused themselves to the downstairs dining room, for brunch.

Aug 26 19:54:34 chrissofer GOD AWAITS YOUR VITAMIN EATING WAYS

Aug 26 19:58:54 Ember is awake and chipper as she plops down the stairs toward the smell of breakfast.

Aug 26 19:59:48 chrissofer There is a buffet set up in the middle of the dining area, complete with arcane warming plates

Aug 26 20:00:21 Ferath /me the cat is up. Walks to food

Aug 26 20:00:35 chrissofer (You have an extra space, there)

Aug 26 20:00:40 chrissofer (at the beginning)

Aug 26 20:00:53 Ember literally tries everything (twice).

Aug 26 20:00:54 Ferath the cat is up. Walks to food

Aug 26 20:02:08 chrissofer The food… is delicious, in the way only buffet food can be

Aug 26 20:02:29 chrissofer The door opens!

Aug 26 20:02:32 chrissofer :o

Aug 26 20:02:39 Dayra joins the others downstairs properly dressed.

Aug 26 20:04:46 Danni In walks two figures. The shorter one points over to the table where Ember and the others are sitting. The taller figure nods to the other and they close the door and walk over to the table.

Aug 26 20:05:12 Danni Renrik sits down heavily next to Ember.

Aug 26 20:05:29 Ember “Where have you been?”

Aug 26 20:05:52 Ferath “Where is the food?”

Aug 26 20:06:03 Dayra “Right before your eyes, my friend.”

Aug 26 20:06:05 Danni Renrik: “I tried to find a temple to get guidance.”

Aug 26 20:06:21 Danni Lyco: “He found a bar and drank it.”

Aug 26 20:07:03 Danni The male human that just answered waves awkwardly to the group.

Aug 26 20:07:14 Ember narrows her eyes at the stranger.

Aug 26 20:07:24 Ferath waves

Aug 26 20:07:26 Ferath “who are you?

Aug 26 20:07:31 Danni Renrik pats the spot on the bench next to him.

Aug 26 20:07:32 Ferath

Aug 26 20:07:32 chrissofer A passing elf with grey skin waves back, thinking he was being waved at, before realizing and scurrying off, embarrassed.

Aug 26 20:08:29 Danni Lyco: “Hey… guys.”

Aug 26 20:09:09 Ferath waves

Aug 26 20:09:11 Ember looks at Renrik, confused and expectant.

Aug 26 20:09:48 Danni Lyco: “So. Yeah I ran into this guy last night.”

Aug 26 20:09:59 Ember “With what?”

Aug 26 20:10:07 Danni Renrik rubs his hands over his face.

Aug 26 20:10:55 Danni Lyco: “Its a saying. Like a pretty common saying. Well, I thought he was going to kill me for a bit, but he didn’t. Which I appreciate by the way.”

Aug 26 20:11:14 Ember “Yeah, we’ve made a bad habit of that.”

Aug 26 20:11:21 Danni Lyco pats Renrik on the shoulder.

Aug 26 20:11:41 Dayra “How shall we call you, friend of Renrik?”

Aug 26 20:11:47 Danni Lyco: “Well, that happens. You know… killing people.”

Aug 26 20:11:54 Ember “And failing to kill them.”

Aug 26 20:12:02 Danni Lyco: “Lyco.”

Aug 26 20:12:36 Dayra “Well met, Lyco. You may call me Dayra!”

Aug 26 20:12:40 Danni Lyco: “No wonder you keep getting enemies. You gotta make sure they’re dead.”

Aug 26 20:13:09 Ember “How do YOU know that we have enemies!?”

Aug 26 20:13:14 Danni Lyco: “Good to meet you to Dayra.”

Aug 26 20:14:10 chrissofer `lottery

Aug 26 20:14:10 GameServ Ember

Aug 26 20:14:11 Danni Lyco: “Well, if you fail to kill someone they usually become your enemies…”

Aug 26 20:14:12 chrissofer `lottery

Aug 26 20:14:12 GameServ Ferath

Aug 26 20:14:14 chrissofer `lottery

Aug 26 20:14:14 GameServ chrissofer

Aug 26 20:14:16 chrissofer `lottery

Aug 26 20:14:16 GameServ Ferath

Aug 26 20:14:25 Danni Lyco: “Its like how it works.”

Aug 26 20:14:47 Danni Renrik: “We’re not trying to make enemies.”

Aug 26 20:14:47 Ember “You’d think they’d be a little grateful instead!”

Aug 26 20:15:01 Danni Lyco raises an eyebrow.

Aug 26 20:15:12 Danni Lyco: “Yeah, not so much.”

Aug 26 20:16:59 Ember “You missed a good day, we had mud baths and foot rubs and I got my nails sealed with a wax.”

Aug 26 20:17:13 Danni Renrik grabs onto Lyco’s quiver strap and drags him down to sit.

Aug 26 20:17:20 Danni Lyco sits.

Aug 26 20:17:56 Dayra is seated opposite Renrik, awaiting tea no one saw her order and with a plate of hot meat and gravy over biscuits.

Aug 26 20:17:56 Danni Renrik: “That sounds nice. It’s been a while since the group had a break.”

Aug 26 20:18:09 Ember “Or a pay check.”

Aug 26 20:19:30 Ember “Oh! Shit!”

Aug 26 20:19:35 Ember “I have an appointment!”

Aug 26 20:19:38 Danni Renrik: “Well, next time we go to hell we can kill my brother if he’s still there.”

Aug 26 20:19:49 Danni Lyco: “Briar?”

Aug 26 20:19:57 Ember shoves several waffles and rolls into her pockets and flees the table to retrieve Sutki from upstairs.

Aug 26 20:20:05 Danni Renrik nods.

Aug 26 20:20:18 Danni Renrik: “What?”

Aug 26 20:20:26 chrissofer Sutki: Is fast asleep

Aug 26 20:20:42 Ember jumps on the bed repeatedly to rouse her.

Aug 26 20:20:47 Danni He watches Ember zip up the stairs.

Aug 26 20:21:24 Danni Lyco flags over an inn worker and orders something to drink for him and Renrik.

Aug 26 20:21:36 chrissofer Sutki wakes up, rolling off of the bed out of reflex and looking up at You.

Aug 26 20:21:42 Ferath follows ember

Aug 26 20:21:53 chrissofer Lyco: “Whatcha want, friend?”

Aug 26 20:22:05 Ember “We gotta go to the healer!”

Aug 26 20:22:11 chrissofer Ferath: Sutki is on her knees on the floor, and Ember is standing on the bed.

Aug 26 20:22:28 Dayra “I hope the journey was as uneventful and comfortable for you as it was for us.”

Aug 26 20:22:30 Danni Lyco explains a concoction for hangovers to the inn worker.

Aug 26 20:23:12 chrissofer Sutki stands up and begins to get dressed.

Aug 26 20:23:39 chrissofer Lyco: He writes it down and runs off, bringing them back in a moment, exactly as You described.

Aug 26 20:24:49 Dayra “An unfamiliar remedy! I shall keep this in mind.”

Aug 26 20:24:50 Danni Renrik: “The trip back was uneventful.”

Aug 26 20:25:03 Danni Renrik leans forwards to Dayra.

Aug 26 20:25:17 Danni Renrik: “Have you been told about the package?”

Aug 26 20:25:26 chrissofer Having fully shed her bedclothes and donned the only other set of clothing she has, she stands up and holds out her hand to You.

Aug 26 20:25:29 chrissofer (Ember)

Aug 26 20:25:32 Dayra “Package? I think not. We spent most of yesterday out.”

Aug 26 20:25:53 Ember takes Sutki’s hand and dashes off again, down the stairs and out the door and all the way to their healer.

Aug 26 20:26:12 chrissofer Ferath: Do You follow?

Aug 26 20:26:31 Ferath follows

Aug 26 20:26:55 Ferath “anyone want to go find a forest?”

Aug 26 20:27:27 Dayra “The one you’ve been sent to deliver?”

Aug 26 20:27:38 Danni Renrik: “We shouldn’t discuss this in public. Do you have a room we can go to?”

Aug 26 20:27:51 Dayra pauses, before nodding.

Aug 26 20:27:56 Danni Lyco: “Oh.”

Aug 26 20:28:07 Danni Lyco: “Shit this isn’t good is it?”

Aug 26 20:29:06 Danni Renrik: “The one thing I didn’t tell you last night?”

Aug 26 20:29:20 Danni Lyco: “Suprisingly yes.”

Aug 26 20:29:31 Dayra “A busy night.”

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Aug 26 20:30:22 Danni Renrik: “While we finish breakfast, or whatever this is,” he holds up the drink, “what happened at Darkmoon Vale?”

Aug 26 20:30:35 Danni Renrik: “With Lady Grevlok.”

Aug 26 20:30:52 Dayra “I returned the payment for the incomplete assignment.”

Aug 26 20:31:41 Dayra “The Lady Grevolk was, reasonably, displeased, but otherwise there was no issue. I returned to the tower to rendezvous with Nestri.”

Aug 26 20:32:03 Dayra “The mute gnome emerged with her from the tower.”

Aug 26 20:32:13 Danni Renrik sighs.

Aug 26 20:32:29 chrissofer RETCON: Lady Grevolk was indisposed, and the money was left with her second in command.

Aug 26 20:35:32 Danni Lyco: “Left with her second in command. But the person in charge doesn’t know yet.”

Aug 26 20:35:51 Danni Lyco: “I wouldn’t go back to Darkmoon Vale, but that’s just me.”

Aug 26 20:36:36 Dayra turns a curious eye on the new acquaintance.

Aug 26 20:36:58 Danni Renrik: “And soon we won’t be able to go back to Augustana.”

Aug 26 20:37:16 Dayra “I have yet to be kept away from anywhere for fear of retribution.”

Aug 26 20:37:56 Danni Lyco: “Have you ever pissed off someone with a lot of money before?”

Aug 26 20:38:08 Dayra “Yes.”

Aug 26 20:38:26 Danni Lyco: “Cause shit, that’s how I make a living. Well, made a living…”

Aug 26 20:38:45 Dayra “In fact, we may have that in common.”

Aug 26 20:39:00 Ferath has quit (Quit: ajax IRC Client)

Aug 26 20:39:04 Ferath ( has joined

Aug 26 20:41:02 Danni Lyco: “It’s a living.”

Aug 26 20:41:46 Danni Renrik: “Can we not talk about this in public?”

Aug 26 20:42:01 Dayra “Are you finished with your breakfast?”

Aug 26 20:42:17 Danni Renrik grimaces and finishes the drink.

Aug 26 20:42:41 Danni Renrik: “I’m not going to have a hangover cause I’m dead.”

Aug 26 20:43:09 Danni Renrik: “Let’s get this shitshow over with.”

Aug 26 20:43:10 Dayra rises to dispose of her dishes, taking her tea along, since they aren’t leaving the Inn and it’s still nicely hot.

Aug 26 20:43:31 Danni Renrik looks over to Dayra and apologizes for his language.

Aug 26 20:43:35 Dayra “You look deceptively lively.”

Aug 26 20:44:16 Dayra leads the way upstairs.

Aug 26 20:44:17 chrissofer The party continues ribbing one another as they retreat to their quarters upstairs.

Aug 26 20:46:01 Danni Renrik: “I used to be a much different orc in my younger days. It’s been a while since I drank that much.”

Aug 26 20:46:39 Danni Lyco: “So that’s why you asked…”

Aug 26 20:46:50 Danni Renrik: “Don’t finish that.”

Aug 26 20:47:13 Danni Lyco: “What? It’s a odd question to ask someone right after you wake up.”

Aug 26 20:47:44 chrissofer The gods find this exchange quite amusing.

Aug 26 20:47:45 Dayra politely pretends not to listen.

Aug 26 20:47:59 Dayra closes and locks her door behind them.

Aug 26 20:48:32 Danni Renrik: “So, down to business.”

Aug 26 20:48:59 Danni Renrik looks at Dayra and Lyco.

Aug 26 20:49:22 Dayra raises expectant brows.

Aug 26 20:50:18 Danni Renrik: “What I tell you is of the upmost importance. I will give you the opportunity now to choose whether to stay with the group or leave while you have the chance.”

Aug 26 20:50:44 Danni Renrik: “Because after I tell you what is in the package there is no going back.”

Aug 26 20:51:21 Dayra is skeptical of such melodrama and tempted to make snide remarks about the likelihood of her “choice” disappearing.

Aug 26 20:52:49 Danni Renrik: “If we do the right thing. There will be people that will try to kill us. Powerful people.”

Aug 26 20:52:59 Dayra “A familiar situation.”

Aug 26 20:53:15 Danni Lyco shrugs unconcerned.

Aug 26 20:53:29 Danni Lyco: “What they can’t send me after myself.”

Aug 26 20:53:56 Danni Renrik: “Fuck it.”

Aug 26 20:58:23 Danni Renrik: “We were given a task to pick up a package at Kerse from the a guard captain in Augustana. Since the task was give by a guard it should be on the up and up.”

Aug 26 20:58:54 Danni Renrik: “We picked up the package, that we were told expressly not to open.”

Aug 26 20:59:07 Danni Lyco: “And you opened it.”

Aug 26 20:59:19 Danni Renrik: “And we opened it.”

Aug 26 20:59:35 Dayra “One should always be aware of the parameters of a job.”

Aug 26 21:00:04 Danni Renrik: “Inside was several poison, a scroll, and a dozen or so of statues.”

Aug 26 21:00:22 Danni Lyco: “I’m not seeing the need for all the build up.”

Aug 26 21:00:42 Danni Renrik: “The statues are transfigured people.”

Aug 26 21:01:35 Dayra “Why have they been transfigured?”

Aug 26 21:01:41 Danni Lyco: “Transfigured people…”

Aug 26 21:03:22 Danni Renrik: “We don’t know why. What Ember was able to find out via asking her goddess, was that some of them were worth saving. That we are able to undo the spell with a phrase set by the one who cast the spell, and who cast the spell.”

Aug 26 21:03:42 Dayra “An uncomfortable position to be in.”

Aug 26 21:04:15 Dayra “She asked me a name yesterday, Vigda? Is this the spell caster?”

Aug 26 21:04:41 Danni Renrik: “Vigda Birghidotr.”

Aug 26 21:04:55 Dayra “Yes. Unfortunately, I am not familiar with this person.”

Aug 26 21:06:02 Danni Renrik: “That does complicate things.”

Aug 26 21:06:15 Dayra “It may be possible to locate them, if the correct people are known to me, but we would need to go East.”

Aug 26 21:07:07 Danni Renrik: “I am willing to do what needs to be done to get this situation taken care off. If some of them are worth saving, then it must be done.”

Aug 26 21:07:17 Danni Renrik turns to Lyco.

Aug 26 21:07:25 Dayra “You do not trust the authority that has sent you?”

Aug 26 21:09:11 Danni Renrik: “There has been an air of suspiciousness that has hung over this endeavor ever since we went to Kerse.”

Aug 26 21:09:55 Danni RETCON: Ever since we went to Mecridi.

Aug 26 21:10:02 Dayra “I see.”

Aug 26 21:10:09 chrissofer You are in Macridi, town of the huckleberry.

Aug 26 21:11:45 Danni Lyco: “Fuck.”

Aug 26 21:12:22 Danni Lyco: “Am I going to do something I’m probably not going to get paid for?”

Aug 26 21:12:57 Dayra offers a mild smile.

Aug 26 21:13:01 Danni Lyco: “Shit I haven’t done that before. Like ever. Wait no… once.”

Aug 26 21:13:37 Danni Lyco: “And that’s what’s going to get me killed probably.”

Aug 26 21:14:02 Danni Renrik grins.

Aug 26 21:14:35 Danni Renrik: “Are you having a panic attack over doing some thing for the right reason instead of money?”

Aug 26 21:15:06 Dayra “One should be prepared to die in any course of action taken.”

Aug 26 21:16:30 Danni Lyco: “Fuck… Well, I never expected to live that long to begin with…”

Aug 26 21:16:58 Danni Renrik: “You two will help us?”

Aug 26 21:17:58 Dayra “I have several reasons to travel East at any reasonable opportunity.”

Aug 26 21:18:10 Dayra “It would not inconvenience me to lead you there safely.”

Aug 26 21:22:43 chrissofer Meanwhile: Ember, Ferath, and Sutki arrive at the healer’s shop around high noon. There’s a bit of a line, but once it dies down he looks happy to see You.

Aug 26 21:23:05 Ember “Hi! Are we late?”

Aug 26 21:23:28 Ferath waves

Aug 26 21:24:20 chrissofer “A bit, yes, but that’s fine.” He smiles. “Are we ready to begin the ritual?”

Aug 26 21:24:30 Ember looks at Sutki.

Aug 26 21:25:29 chrissofer Sutki nods

Aug 26 21:25:35 Ember “YUP!”

Aug 26 21:26:41 Ferath nods

Aug 26 21:27:51 chrissofer He pauses a moment, clears his throat, and gestures to the table next to him, with the register.

Aug 26 21:28:10 Ember “Oh!”

Aug 26 21:28:18 chrissofer He smiles.

Aug 26 21:29:02 Ember pulls platinum bag from /somewhere/ on her body, tipping it over to count out the coins one at a time.

Aug 26 21:29:36 Ferath “hey, can i have some?”

Aug 26 21:30:28 Ember “Hush pussy”

Aug 26 21:31:01 Ember “Thirty! Let’s go!”

Aug 26 21:34:54 chrissofer He ushers You back to a specially prepared room: Lavender lights and smoking candles dot the walls, and there is a table with a lot of celestial markings drawn upon it. Floating through the air are small motes of light, dancing in the still air of their own volition. He gestures to Sutki, beckoning her to lie down on the table… Which she does, eagerly, unable to lie still. He then turns to Ferath and Sutki.

Aug 26 21:35:05 chrissofer RETCON: Ferath and Ember.

Aug 26 21:35:53 Ferath waves

Aug 26 21:35:58 Ferath “hi”

Aug 26 21:36:05 Ember “Do we help?”

Aug 26 21:36:40 Ferath tries to swat light

Aug 26 21:36:51 chrissofer “You are welcome to stay, though it will take an hour to ninety minutes to complete, depending on the complexity of the enchantment. And I don’t have any chairs for You in here, as it would disrupt the spell.

Aug 26 21:36:52 chrissofer

Aug 26 21:37:45 Ember “I want to stay.”

Aug 26 21:38:02 Ferath lays down

Aug 26 21:38:07 Ferath “i’ll stay

Aug 26 21:38:10 Ferath

Aug 26 21:39:54 chrissofer The ritual passes, with lots of incensed incense and holy water and chanting.

Aug 26 21:41:32 chrissofer Sukti stands up after, hesitant to try to speak.

Aug 26 21:42:11 chrissofer “The deed is done.” The healer says. “It might still be hard to talk while the new flesh becomes set in, but she should have no other problems. If she does, come back, and I will make this transaction right.

Aug 26 21:42:13 chrissofer

Aug 26 21:42:34 Ember was snoozing a bit and quickly jumps to her feet when Sutki moves.

Aug 26 21:42:48 Ferath waves

Aug 26 21:43:02 Ferath “good morning”

Aug 26 21:43:58 chrissofer “…Hey?” She says, in a quiet, low-alto voice.

Aug 26 21:44:08 Ember gasps, delighted.

Aug 26 21:45:01 chrissofer She walks over to Ember, and takes her hands.

Aug 26 21:45:18 chrissofer “Thank You, Sutki. I will remember this, and repay my debt. You have my word.”

Aug 26 21:45:38 Ember beams, momentarily speechless.

Aug 26 21:46:16 chrissofer With that, she nods to the healer and slowly walks outside.

Aug 26 21:46:27 chrissofer She pays Ferath little mind as she does so.

Aug 26 21:46:37 Ember thanks the healer and dashes off to follow the gnome.

Aug 26 21:47:00 chrissofer Meanwhile, back at the ranch

Aug 26 21:47:25 chrissofer Renrik, Dayra, and Lyco are still in the room, discussing the statuettes.

Aug 26 21:48:46 chrissofer Ember, Ferath, and Sutki barge in uninvited, only to be stopped by the locked door.

Aug 26 21:49:02 Danni Renrik :”Yes that voice is most likely a conscious.”

Aug 26 21:49:08 Ember pounds on the door, recognizing Renrik’s voice well enough.

Aug 26 21:49:09 chrissofer Sutki knocks on the door pointedly, with a firm regularity unfamiliar to the group.

Aug 26 21:49:35 Ferath knocks on door

Aug 26 21:49:40 Ember “What are you guys doing in there!?”

Aug 26 21:49:55 Danni Renrik opens the door.

Aug 26 21:50:06 Ember glares at each of the #grownups.

Aug 26 21:50:06 Ferath waves

Aug 26 21:50:24 chrissofer Sutki walks in with an air of confidence, and takes a place off to the side.

Aug 26 21:50:39 Danni Lyco: “Is everyone in the know?”

Aug 26 21:50:51 Ember was going to introduce freshly healed friend only to realize she spent the whole walk here not asking for her name.

Aug 26 21:50:56 chrissofer “Thank You all for Your part in assisting my rescue. I am in Your debts.”

Aug 26 21:51:01 Ember “Are you?”

Aug 26 21:51:27 Ember plops down next to Sutki and whispers behind her hand: “You didn’t tell me your real name.”

Aug 26 21:51:31 chrissofer She turns to Ember. “Indeed, though no moreso than You, Sutki.”

Aug 26 21:51:33 Danni Lyco: “Yeah.”

Aug 26 21:52:22 Dayra “It is good to find you whole and hale, small friend.”

Aug 26 21:53:00 Ember “No I meant Lake-oh.”

Aug 26 21:53:07 Ember “He’s in the know I guess.”

Aug 26 21:54:10 chrissofer “Sutki is fine. I like the name You gave me. Although I usually go by “Phifilini”, or just “Fili”, to non-gnomes.

Aug 26 21:54:36 Danni Renrik: “Well then.”

Aug 26 21:54:45 Ember “I like both. That’s pretty.”

Aug 26 21:57:49 Danni Renrik: “Dayra has been kind enough to help us look for the magic user that we need to find.”

Aug 26 22:00:41 chrissofer Todo arrives with Aadya, half asleep and distractedly not herself.

Aug 26 22:00:56 chrissofer “Yo slices, sup?”

Aug 26 22:01:35 Ferath waves

Aug 26 22:01:50 chrissofer Todo responds appropriately for her character

Aug 26 22:05:41 Dayra “If we are all ready to leave, it may be prudent to go and secure passage via the river, since we still have our mounts.”

Aug 26 22:06:49 Danni Renrik: “That sounds like a good course of action.”

Aug 26 22:07:41 Ferath “I’m ready”

Aug 26 22:11:44 Dayra “A barge can take us across the river by the day after tomorrow.”

Aug 26 22:12:04 Dayra “After that, it should be little more than four or five days by horseback, so long as the weather and our luck fares well.”

Aug 26 22:12:32 Dayra “By weeks end, we shall be in High Helm.”

Aug 26 22:12:47 Ember “Oh good, another camping trip.”

Aug 26 22:12:54 chrissofer “Huzzah,” says Fili

Aug 26 22:13:52 Danni Renrik: “That sounds reasonable. All right, everyone go and get the provisions that you would need for the trip and then we will return here before heading down to the harbor to secure passage on a barge.”

Aug 26 22:14:10 Dayra “I should wake Nestri.”

Aug 26 22:17:03 Ember mumbles “I’ll be back.” And dashes off.

Aug 26 22:17:20 Ferath goes to get supplies

Aug 26 22:17:37 chrissofer Gwynn is quite hung over.

Aug 26 22:18:06 Dayra throws open the blinds to awaken her, explaining the groups plans in perhaps a dramatically over-volumed voice.

Aug 26 22:19:14 chrissofer Gwynn whines and complains like the teenager she is.

Aug 26 22:19:42 Ember goes to buy jerkied meat, paying with a whole platinum and asking that her excess be given to passing children.

Aug 26 22:19:57 Danni Renrik and Lyco go to the market and buy ten days worth of trail rations each for 50 sp a person.

Aug 26 22:21:35 Ember goes looking for wine bladder for sale.

Aug 26 22:22:21 chrissofer Ember: 1 gp.

Aug 26 22:22:37 Ember buys that

Aug 26 22:23:42 Dayra takes Nestri’s purse to market to buy both of them eight days of trail rations.

Aug 26 22:26:00 Ferath goes to buys 10 protien bars

Aug 26 22:26:14 chrissofer Ferath: 2gp

Aug 26 22:27:12 chrissofer Dayra: 40sp per person

Aug 26 22:27:21 Dayra #thank

Aug 26 22:27:29 chrissofer 1pp = 10gp = 100sp = 1000 cp

Aug 26 22:31:06 Danni And Renrik buys a backup Morningstar for 8gp.

Aug 26 22:32:23 Danni After shopping Renrik and Lyco go back to the room to wait for the others.

Aug 26 23:09:32 Ferath buys cure light wounds ring for 1,000 gp

Aug 26 23:11:38 Ferath has quit (Quit: ajax IRC Client)

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Aug 26 23:23:12 chrissofer `roll 1d20+4

Aug 26 23:23:13 GameServ chrissofer rolled 1d20: 20 <Total: 20(+4) = 24>

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