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Aug 19 17:32:49 chrissofer Hello

Aug 19 17:32:59 chrissofer I am here yes

Aug 19 17:33:30 Gwynn WOO

Aug 19 17:33:54 Dayra ( has joined

Aug 19 17:35:06 chrissofer We return to the Squid Wizard’s Tower, where Gwynn is about to have a steamy solo scene with the unconscious squid wizard.

Aug 19 17:37:12 chrissofer Squid Wizard: Is unconscious.

Aug 19 17:38:41 Gwynn looks for bedroom

Aug 19 17:39:20 Gwynn drags body out of moist room to be more comfortable

Aug 19 17:41:02 chrissofer The air around You is humid

Aug 19 17:48:06 chrissofer From the ground floor with the dividing wall of bars up, You have: a workstation with unconscious people, a floor with a bunch of unconscious bodies and an altar, a library, and the top floor.

Aug 19 17:48:33 Gwynn drags to library and puts on table

Aug 19 17:48:43 chrissofer Squid Wizard: Is on table

Aug 19 17:48:53 Gwynn gently wiggles

Aug 19 17:48:57 Gwynn “hey”

Aug 19 17:49:05 Gwynn *wiggles wwizard

Aug 19 17:49:37 chrissofer Heal check

Aug 19 17:50:09 Gwynn nat20

Aug 19 17:51:00 chrissofer The wizard is stable, and comes to.

Aug 19 17:51:05 chrissofer He looks at You silently.

Aug 19 17:51:09 Gwynn “hey”

Aug 19 17:51:23 Gwynn “don’t curse me”

Aug 19 17:51:47 chrissofer He says nothing, tries to move, but fails.

Aug 19 17:52:21 Gwynn “i healed you, but youre probably gonna be a little weak for a while. it was quite a battle

Aug 19 17:53:32 Gwynn RETCON i stabilized you but you took a good beating

Aug 19 17:53:51 chrissofer “Yes.”

Aug 19 17:58:35 Gwynn “so whats with you and squids”

Aug 19 17:58:49 chrissofer He pauses for a moment, struggling to move again.

Aug 19 17:58:57 chrissofer Failing, he sighs.

Aug 19 17:59:03 chrissofer “I like them.

Aug 19 17:59:06 chrissofer

Aug 19 17:59:25 Gwynn “so because you like them thats the type of magic you sought?”

Aug 19 18:00:09 chrissofer “Why did You choose Your focus?”

Aug 19 18:04:08 Gwynn “i want to be as powerful as possible. i have a specific goal i need to accomplish”

Aug 19 18:07:18 chrissofer He looks around as best he can, and then looks back to You

Aug 19 18:07:25 chrissofer “What do You want from me, then.”

Aug 19 18:09:42 Gwynn “i want to know how powerful you really are and how you got there”

Aug 19 18:11:03 chrissofer “…I live here..?”

Aug 19 18:11:19 Gwynn rolls eyes

Aug 19 18:11:26 chrissofer “And how powerful I am is clearly less than that of Your compatriots.”

Aug 19 18:11:37 Gwynn “theyre a special bunch”

Aug 19 18:11:50 Gwynn “where did you find your spells?”

Aug 19 18:12:19 chrissofer He looks You over

Aug 19 18:12:34 chrissofer Diplomacy Check.

Aug 19 18:12:53 Gwynn 10

Aug 19 18:13:06 chrissofer “Oh, You know… Here and there.”

Aug 19 18:13:43 chrissofer “Listen, how about You get me one of my squids? They might still be alive, and I could save them.”

Aug 19 18:13:43 Gwynn “mhm”

Aug 19 18:14:22 Gwynn “how bout you point me in a direction to which you found good spells and ill consider bringing your squids”

Aug 19 18:15:37 chrissofer With great difficulty, he raises his arm, and points to one of the bookcases.

Aug 19 18:16:25 Gwynn “so…all the books? thats super generic”

Aug 19 18:16:33 Gwynn “you got a specific one in mind?”

Aug 19 18:16:49 chrissofer “It’s my library. I have all of my books in mind.”

Aug 19 18:17:22 Gwynn “you just memorized every single one of them?”

Aug 19 18:17:35 chrissofer “I collected them, over many years.”

Aug 19 18:18:55 Gwynn “is that why you have a torture room in your basement with demons”

Aug 19 18:19:38 chrissofer He looks You in the eyes, and responds with a flat, “No.”

Aug 19 18:20:27 Gwynn stares back hard “so you have a demon torture room for other reasons?”

Aug 19 18:20:54 chrissofer “Apparently.”

Aug 19 18:21:16 Gwynn sighs

Aug 19 18:22:35 chrissofer `roll 1d100

Aug 19 18:22:36 GameServ chrissofer rolled 1d100: 90 <Total: 90>

Aug 19 18:22:57 chrissofer You see a figure climb up the stairs, from the floor below.

Aug 19 18:23:09 Gwynn “listen, i know you are having like, the worst day ever. but we didn’t come here to hurt you; we didn’t come here for you at all. we came for a ring. what we got was a tortured comrade, and a power crazy orc that went to hell after kicking your ass SO hard. level with me and you could probably go back to your happy squid life. or i leave you for dead

Aug 19 18:24:41 Gwynn 15

Aug 19 18:25:31 chrissofer The figure who just entered the room is revealed to be Sookti.

Aug 19 18:28:10 chrissofer “I don’t know what to tell You, young one. I learned as we all do: Through study, research, and dedication. There are no shortcuts, unless You make deals with those who are willing to share their power with You.”

Aug 19 18:29:51 Gwynn “well alright. what specifically would you recommend then?’

Aug 19 18:30:08 chrissofer Like I said: Study, Research, and Dedication.

Aug 19 18:30:22 Gwynn “i MEANT”

Aug 19 18:30:26 Gwynn “book-wise”

Aug 19 18:30:30 Gwynn “titles”

Aug 19 18:30:48 chrissofer I will share a spell with You if You will leave me alone, and fetch my spell book for me.

Aug 19 18:34:04 Gwynn “ehh no dice ghostrider, im not stupid enough to give a wizard his spellbook when he might still be volatile”

Aug 19 18:34:23 chrissofer “My squid, then, leveled one?”

Aug 19 18:34:34 chrissofer Sookti sidles up aside You.

Aug 19 18:34:41 Gwynn “hey gnome”

Aug 19 18:34:46 chrissofer She nods

Aug 19 18:34:57 Gwynn “speak common?”

Aug 19 18:35:01 chrissofer She nods

Aug 19 18:35:23 Gwynn “did this wiz have anything to do with your torture?”

Aug 19 18:35:49 chrissofer She gestures to the tower around You, and shrugs

Aug 19 18:39:01 Gwynn “hey wiz, why DO you have a torture room in your basement?”

Aug 19 18:39:26 chrissofer He looks away. “It’s part of a deal.”

Aug 19 18:39:42 Gwynn “with whom”

Aug 19 18:39:48 Gwynn eyes sharp

Aug 19 18:39:51 chrissofer Silence.

Aug 19 18:40:18 Gwynn pulls out dagger and slams tip into table right next to wiz leg

Aug 19 18:40:29 Gwynn “with. whom.”

Aug 19 18:40:40 Gwynn 17

Aug 19 18:41:28 chrissofer “Various entities willing to trade real estate for power.”

Aug 19 18:42:47 Gwynn “so. you read books and ALSO make shady deals. how nice for you”

Aug 19 18:44:10 chrissofer “I have, yes.”

Aug 19 18:45:58 Gwynn sighs

Aug 19 18:46:15 Gwynn “youre making a strong case for just killing you dude”

Aug 19 18:46:28 chrissofer “You revived me to killed me?”

Aug 19 18:47:21 chrissofer *kill me?

Aug 19 18:47:33 Gwynn “i needed to see if it was worth staying out of the fight”

Aug 19 18:48:07 chrissofer “Well, it’s a bit late to join in, now.”

Aug 19 18:49:53 Gwynn but not too late to end it. you make bad deals for power and probably would come after us later. it sounds like a hassle i dont need in my largely hassled life”

Aug 19 18:51:20 Gwynn “give me one good reason it is less of a hassle to keep you alive”

Aug 19 18:52:20 chrissofer “I mean, I won’t be angry and free of the limitations of my mortal form.”

Aug 19 18:55:52 Gwynn “hm. if your not bluffing”

Aug 19 18:56:22 Gwynn sense motive

Aug 19 18:56:34 Gwynn 19

Aug 19 18:59:45 Gwynn “is there any way to get you to super swear you wont come at me or my friends if i let you live and leave you alone?”

Aug 19 18:59:59 chrissofer He pauses. “I super swear.”

Aug 19 19:00:10 Gwynn “cause thats believable”

Aug 19 19:00:19 Gwynn #sarcasm

Aug 19 19:00:20 chrissofer “I don’t know what else You want from me.

Aug 19 19:01:53 Gwynn “you got a bloodoath spell?”

Aug 19 19:02:07 chrissofer “Absolutely. I have to stand to cast it tho.”

Aug 19 19:02:25 Gwynn 12

Aug 19 19:05:50 chrissofer Dayra arrives at the ground floor.

Aug 19 19:06:16 Gwynn “dayra heal this guy a little so i can make a blood oath with him”

Aug 19 19:06:36 Dayra “Haven’t got anything on me”

Aug 19 19:06:40 Dayra #shoutedback

Aug 19 19:06:51 Gwynn “wiz, i can’t heal you”

Aug 19 19:07:42 chrissofer “There’s a potion in my laboratory upstairs, if it wasn’t broken, behind the picture of my beloved. Retrieve it for me, then.”

Aug 19 19:08:36 Gwynn turns to sookti

Aug 19 19:08:40 Gwynn “watch him”

Aug 19 19:08:57 Gwynn goes to retrieve potion upstiars

Aug 19 19:09:05 chrissofer She levels her eyes on his incapacitated form in an overly-attentive way.

Aug 19 19:09:41 chrissofer You are back in the lab

Aug 19 19:09:46 chrissofer There’s a squid pic on the wall

Aug 19 19:09:54 Gwynn sighs

Aug 19 19:10:00 Gwynn goes over and moves it aside

Aug 19 19:10:15 chrissofer There’s a vial of inky black liquid behind it.

Aug 19 19:11:57 Gwynn grabs vial

Aug 19 19:12:48 Gwynn goes back downstairs

Aug 19 19:13:12 chrissofer He opens his mouth, unable to move.

Aug 19 19:14:03 Gwynn casts detect magic on potion

Aug 19 19:16:37 Gwynn “this doesnt look like a healing potion you sneaky wiz”

Aug 19 19:16:55 chrissofer “You don’t know what You are talking about.”

Aug 19 19:19:00 Gwynn spellcraft check

Aug 19 19:19:14 Gwynn 24

Aug 19 19:20:12 Dayra sets a temporary camp tucked into the crook of the stone outcropping. Building a mild enough fire to heat herself some tea-water.

Aug 19 19:21:36 Gwynn “alright, but ill haunt your ass if i end up dead”

Aug 19 19:21:52 Gwynn gives potion to wixard

Aug 19 19:23:24 chrissofer He swallows.

Aug 19 19:23:42 chrissofer Stands up, brushes himself off

Aug 19 19:23:45 Gwynn patiently waits for death

Aug 19 19:23:52 chrissofer Says a single word You don

Aug 19 19:23:57 chrissofer ‘t understand, and disappears.

Aug 19 19:24:24 Gwynn “well shit”

Aug 19 19:24:44 chrissofer Sookti looks at You, and makes a “what the hell?” motion with her arms.

Aug 19 19:24:56 Gwynn “well you didnt suggest anything”

Aug 19 19:25:13 chrissofer She opens her mouth wide, and mimes spitting at Your feet.

Aug 19 19:25:21 Gwynn “i agree’”

Aug 19 19:25:27 chrissofer She nods.

Aug 19 19:26:13 chrissofer She shrugs at You, and looks at the stairs.

Aug 19 19:26:17 Gwynn “dont tell ember”

Aug 19 19:26:22 Gwynn walks downstairs

Aug 19 19:26:25 chrissofer She snorts.

Aug 19 19:26:41 Gwynn at least i got the spellbook

Aug 19 19:26:56 Gwynn #innermonolgoue

Aug 19 19:26:58 chrissofer Sookti follows

Aug 19 19:27:04 Gwynn “Dayra!”

Aug 19 19:27:12 Dayra “Yes?”

Aug 19 19:27:25 Gwynn “we gotta go. lets burn this tower down”

Aug 19 19:28:59 Dayra “With what?”

Aug 19 19:29:01 todo ( has joined

Aug 19 19:29:14 Dayra “It’s made of gem stones, you barmy maid!”

Aug 19 19:30:05 Gwynn “we need to destroy it any way possible”

Aug 19 19:30:26 Dayra “I have a hammer and a shield. And a tall cat.”

Aug 19 19:30:38 chrissofer Ferath yawns.

Aug 19 19:31:37 Gwynn goes back to library and looks for book with explosion spells

Aug 19 19:33:25 todo has quit (Client Quit)

Aug 19 19:34:55 todo ( has joined

Aug 19 19:35:11 Gwynn curses

Aug 19 19:35:28 Gwynn goes upstairs to murder squids

Aug 19 19:35:53 Dayra spends the entire hour sipping her tea and contemplating dinner and her tet.

Aug 19 19:37:02 Gwynn spellcraft check

Aug 19 19:37:07 Gwynn 19

Aug 19 19:37:25 Gwynn stabs corpses

Aug 19 19:39:36 Gwynn “dayra! how do i get over the quicksand!”

Aug 19 19:40:04 Dayra leaves her fire tended by the sleeping cat and her horse to reach the quicksand’s edge.

Aug 19 19:40:16 Dayra “Toss me some rope, I will try to make you a zip line.”

Aug 19 19:41:22 Gwynn tying rope to something sturdy and heavy, and tosses other end very far over to dayra”

Aug 19 19:42:18 chrissofer SUCCESS

Aug 19 19:42:25 Dayra catches the rope.

Aug 19 19:45:27 Gwynn grabs sookti

Aug 19 19:45:30 Dayra holds tight, leaning back as far as she can to offer tension.

Aug 19 19:45:37 chrissofer Sookti Struggles

Aug 19 19:45:38 Gwynn “get ready”

Aug 19 19:45:46 chrissofer CMB check, Gwynn

Aug 19 19:45:48 Gwynn slides down rope

Aug 19 19:46:10 Gwynn 21

Aug 19 19:46:19 Gwynn 22

Aug 19 19:46:25 chrissofer Sookti is quite upset, but unable to free herself.

Aug 19 19:47:42 chrissofer Dayra and Gwynn need to make Strength or Athletics checks.

Aug 19 19:47:42 todo has quit (Quit: ajax IRC Client)

Aug 19 19:48:32 chrissofer RETCON: Strength or Acrobatics.

Aug 19 19:48:37 Gwynn 17

Aug 19 19:48:40 Dayra `roll 1d20+2

Aug 19 19:48:40 GameServ Dayra rolled 1d20: 3 <Total: 3(+2) = 5>

Aug 19 19:49:17 chrissofer Dayra is pulled into the quicksand, and the other two are heading towards it at speed, now

Aug 19 19:49:22 chrissofer Gwynn and Sookti reflex.

Aug 19 19:49:51 Gwynn 9

Aug 19 19:49:52 chrissofer `roll 1d20+3

Aug 19 19:49:53 GameServ chrissofer rolled 1d20: 15 <Total: 15(+3) = 18>

Aug 19 19:50:25 chrissofer CMB vs Gwynn, since she’s grappling Sookti

Aug 19 19:50:27 chrissofer `roll 1d20+4

Aug 19 19:50:27 GameServ chrissofer rolled 1d20: 13 <Total: 13(+4) = 17>

Aug 19 19:50:53 chrissofer Sookti breaks free and manages to flip herself onto solid ground, next to the quicksand, in a big ol belly flop.

Aug 19 19:51:28 chrissofer Ferath wakes up, hearing the belly flop

Aug 19 19:51:45 todo ( has joined

Aug 19 19:51:47 chrissofer Sookti darts to her feet, and starts waving her arms

Aug 19 19:52:12 Gwynn “nice job”

Aug 19 19:52:27 chrissofer Gwynn and Dayra are 50% in the quicksand, and sinking.

Aug 19 19:54:36 Dayra “Ferath! Bring the horse!”

Aug 19 19:55:44 chrissofer Ferath jumps over, to take stock of the situation. He grabs his silk rope from the horse, and hands part of it to Sookti.

Aug 19 19:56:21 chrissofer He then leads the horse over to Dayra, and proceeds to help Sookti fasten the rope into a harness they can throw to both of You.

Aug 19 19:56:43 chrissofer Strength check, and Handle Animal

Aug 19 19:57:02 Dayra `roll 1d20+2

Aug 19 19:57:03 GameServ Dayra rolled 1d20: 2 <Total: 2(+2) = 4>

Aug 19 19:57:08 Dayra `roll 1d20+4

Aug 19 19:57:09 GameServ Dayra rolled 1d20: 4 <Total: 4(+4) = 8>

Aug 19 19:57:26 chrissofer The horse is spooked.

Aug 19 19:57:40 chrissofer And doesn’t help You out of the quicksand.

Aug 19 19:58:04 chrissofer Sookti throws the loop they’ve made to You both, and Ferath goes to tie one end to a nearby tree.

Aug 19 19:58:19 chrissofer Strength check, both of the nearly dead people.

Aug 19 19:58:40 Gwynn 6

Aug 19 19:59:19 Dayra `roll 1d20+2

Aug 19 19:59:19 GameServ Dayra rolled 1d20: 4 <Total: 4(+2) = 6>

Aug 19 19:59:47 Dayra `roll 1d20+2

Aug 19 19:59:47 GameServ Dayra rolled 1d20: 12 <Total: 12(+2) = 14>

Aug 19 19:59:54 Gwynn hero point

Aug 19 19:59:58 Gwynn i survive

Aug 19 20:00:13 Gwynn 19

Aug 19 20:00:17 chrissofer SUCCESS

Aug 19 20:01:00 chrissofer Sookti and Ferath manage to pull You out of the quicksand (mostly Sookti, since she’s much stonger than Ferath).

Aug 19 20:01:09 Dayra “Blessed be!”

Aug 19 20:01:34 chrissofer They both run over to You, to make sure You are okay.

Aug 19 20:01:37 Dayra “Many thanks, my stalwart companions.”

Aug 19 20:01:41 chrissofer Ferath asks, “What happened?”

Aug 19 20:01:51 chrissofer Sookti looks You both over more in depth.

Aug 19 20:01:59 Dayra “My grip and balance failed me!”

Aug 19 20:02:12 Gwynn “nice”

Aug 19 20:02:47 chrissofer Ferath goes and gathers his silk rope up.

Aug 19 20:02:58 chrissofer Sookti helps You both to Your feet.

Aug 19 20:03:29 Gwynn “so good news bad news”

Aug 19 20:03:44 chrissofer Sookti rolls her eyes

Aug 19 20:04:03 Dayra “You look like you could use some hot tea.”

Aug 19 20:04:14 chrissofer She nods, sitting down.

Aug 19 20:04:35 Dayra “My fire is this way, little one.”

Aug 19 20:05:02 chrissofer She shambles on over as Gwynn speaks.

Aug 19 20:05:18 Gwynn “good news, the wizard is gone”

Aug 19 20:05:23 Dayra offers bedroll to sit and the blanket around her shoulders before passing her re-filled cup.

Aug 19 20:05:26 Dayra “Gone?”

Aug 19 20:05:43 Gwynn “bad news, he tricked me viciously and… escaped”

Aug 19 20:06:42 Dayra “I am glad to see you are without further harm.”

Aug 19 20:07:05 Gwynn “until embers gets ahold of me” mutters

Aug 19 20:07:47 Dayra “Yes, I doubt that she will be pleased.”

Aug 19 20:08:13 Gwynn puts head in hands

Aug 19 20:09:18 Dayra “We will need to leave soon if we are to join the others.”

Aug 19 20:09:39 chrissofer Sookti nods.

Aug 19 20:09:49 Gwynn pulls out spellbook and opens it

Aug 19 20:10:10 Dayra asks the gnome: “Are you hungry?”

Aug 19 20:10:24 chrissofer She nods vigorously.

Aug 19 20:12:10 Dayra “The tea is weak but I can find something more hearty if you will wait here.”

Aug 19 20:12:18 Dayra `roll 1d20+6

Aug 19 20:12:18 GameServ Dayra rolled 1d20: 3 <Total: 3(+6) = 9>

Aug 19 20:13:58 chrissofer FAILURE

Aug 19 20:14:32 Gwynn 15

Aug 19 20:14:35 Gwynn spellcraft

Aug 19 20:15:18 chrissofer Ferath tags along, to help Dayra

Aug 19 20:15:29 chrissofer `roll 1d20+3

Aug 19 20:15:29 GameServ chrissofer rolled 1d20: 5 <Total: 5(+3) = 8>

Aug 19 20:15:42 chrissofer As everyone fails to do everything they try, an hour passes.

Aug 19 20:15:51 chrissofer Sookti sighs.

Aug 19 20:16:14 Gwynn pulls out rations and distributes

Aug 19 20:16:32 Dayra “Perhaps there will be better findings on our journey.”

Aug 19 20:17:57 chrissofer Sookti stands and brushes herself off

Aug 19 20:18:06 Gwynn goes over to horse

Aug 19 20:18:09 chrissofer Ferath goes to sleep on the back of a horse.

Aug 19 20:18:50 Gwynn “where we go?”

Aug 19 20:22:06 Dayra “If their plans stand, our companions are on their way to Kerse. If you wish to rejoin them, we should head north.”

Aug 19 20:23:42 Gwynn ‘i guess im ready for death. take me to the executioner”

Aug 19 20:23:59 Dayra “Such drama.”

Aug 19 20:24:38 chrissofer And so, the party heads north.

Aug 19 20:26:55 chrissofer They end up camping for three nights, once in the mountains, once in the forest, and once in the badlands.

Aug 19 20:28:41 Gwynn “this is fun”

Aug 19 20:29:28 Gwynn spellcheck 1:21

Aug 19 20:29:38 Gwynn spellcheck 2: 16

Aug 19 20:29:49 Gwynn spellcheck 3: 16

Aug 19 20:29:54 Dayra #survival checks

Aug 19 20:29:58 Gwynn spellcheck 4: 20

Aug 19 20:30:07 Gwynn spellcheck 5: 19


Aug 19 20:30:31 Dayra `roll 1d20+6

Aug 19 20:30:31 GameServ Dayra rolled 1d20: 6 <Total: 6(+6) = 12>

Aug 19 20:30:36 chrissofer SUCCESS

Aug 19 20:30:42 Dayra `roll 1d20+6

Aug 19 20:30:42 GameServ Dayra rolled 1d20: 5 <Total: 5(+6) = 11>

Aug 19 20:30:48 Dayra `roll 1d20+6

Aug 19 20:30:48 GameServ Dayra rolled 1d20: 15 <Total: 15(+6) = 21>

Aug 19 20:31:02 chrissofer SUCCESS, FAILURE x 4

Aug 19 20:33:28 chrissofer The one success was for the spell: “Hold Portal”

Aug 19 20:39:50 chrissofer To copy it into Your spellbook, You need to make a DC 16 spellcraft check, then You need to spend 1 hour copying into 1 page of Your spell book, using materials that cost 10gp.

Aug 19 20:46:16 Dayra prepared in the mountains, a stew of mushrooms and chopped stocks with just enough rabbit to make the broth greasy. In the forest, a generous salad of wild lettuce and onion accompanied by bark and pine tea. And in the badlands provided just enough stream to manage a smoked fish fillet with yesterday’s excess boiled for a hearty side dish.

Aug 19 20:47:02 chrissofer Macridi looms large in the near distance, beckoning You into its solid walls and warm beds.

Aug 19 20:48:03 Dayra “We should see about some supplies, and perhaps a healing potion or two.”

Aug 19 20:50:21 Gwynn nods

Aug 19 20:50:33 chrissofer The party heads into Macridi then (?)

Aug 19 20:51:07 Dayra ye

Aug 19 20:51:54 Dayra goes looking for an inn with a nearby market.

Aug 19 20:52:56 chrissofer You head into town, and it is early morning.

Aug 19 20:54:51 Dayra needs an inn with a stable.

Aug 19 20:55:08 chrissofer There is an inn nearby, called the “The Crossed Staves”.

Aug 19 20:56:08 Dayra goes there to get her horse taken care of before heading out to the market with Sootki in tow.

Aug 19 20:56:13 Gwynn same

Aug 19 21:02:12 chrissofer You see Todo descend from her roost.

Aug 19 21:03:38 Gwynn ‘‘oh hey”

Aug 19 21:04:00 chrissofer You guys can talk to each other now

Aug 19 21:04:07 todo “sup” *grumbles

Aug 19 21:05:01 Gwynn “im dying”

Aug 19 21:05:02 todo orders eggs and bacon and two beers

Aug 19 21:05:12 chrissofer Sookti Looks around questioningly, and then at Todo, equally questioningly.

Aug 19 21:05:12 todo “Why? You look fine?”

Aug 19 21:05:17 todo “A bit dirty?”

Aug 19 21:05:40 chrissofer The waitress brings You Your food, Todo, with a gruff little sigh.

Aug 19 21:05:49 Gwynn orders a river whiskey

Aug 19 21:06:18 todo “Whats up man? YOu want some breakfast?”

Aug 19 21:06:20 chrissofer The waitress looks a bit shocked, and then a bit impressed, before running off to get Your drink.

Aug 19 21:06:29 todo …“Do I know you?”

Aug 19 21:06:36 todo to Sookti

Aug 19 21:07:30 chrissofer Sookti nods, but then pantomimes, holding her hair short, jumping around and stabbing someone, and laughing, in the spitting image of Ember.

Aug 19 21:08:29 todo “haha is that Ember?

Aug 19 21:08:37 chrissofer She nods rigorously

Aug 19 21:08:39 todo “Where is she by the way?”

Aug 19 21:08:49 chrissofer She looks crestfallen, at this.

Aug 19 21:08:50 Dayra “We haven’t seen her, yet.”

Aug 19 21:09:00 Dayra “Are the others not with you?”

Aug 19 21:09:00 todo “Renrik?”

Aug 19 21:09:02 Gwynn chugs whiskey

Aug 19 21:09:09 chrissofer The waitress comes back with a fancy glass of river whiskey.

Aug 19 21:09:19 todo “We all went to bed. In seperate room.”

Aug 19 21:09:36 Dayra “Then perhaps they sleep still.”

Aug 19 21:09:55 todo “perhaps” Strokes chin

Aug 19 21:09:58 chrissofer Sookti slumps down in a chair at the same table, and signals for food.

Aug 19 21:10:17 chrissofer Ferath starts ordering everything on the menu.

Aug 19 21:10:37 Gwynn orders another whiskey

Aug 19 21:11:21 chrissofer The waitress comes back with another fancy glass of river whiskey, and takes the first empty glass away.

Aug 19 21:11:45 Gwynn .me shoots

Aug 19 21:11:47 Gwynn it

Aug 19 21:12:54 chrissofer Sookti miraculously gets her food before Ferath

Aug 19 21:13:12 chrissofer She tucks in to that food, having not had a real meal in a long time.

Aug 19 21:13:27 chrissofer Ferath’s food starts coming out in courses.

Aug 19 21:13:34 chrissofer He eats them happily.

Aug 19 21:14:02 Gwynn orders other

Aug 19 21:14:47 chrissofer The waitress comes back with another fancy glass of river whiskey, and takes the second empty glass away.

Aug 19 21:15:15 Dayra “You should pace yourself.”

Aug 19 21:15:58 chrissofer Sookti, having finished her food, tugs on Todo’s sleeve a bit

Aug 19 21:16:28 Dayra asks for a light breakfast and some hot tea.

Aug 19 21:16:45 todo lights pipe after finishing meal and first beer…looks over at Sookti head titled

Aug 19 21:17:08 Ember ( has joined

Aug 19 21:17:18 Ember awakens.

Aug 19 21:17:25 Gwynn sprints away

Aug 19 21:17:28 chrissofer Sookti looks back, and the look in her eyes says, “I’m worried about Ember.”

Aug 19 21:17:44 chrissofer She also gestures for Your pipe, after smelling it a bit.

Aug 19 21:17:49 Ember is immediately anxious to find Renrik still missing.

Aug 19 21:18:16 Ember #but his stuff is there so maybe its fine.

Aug 19 21:18:32 Gwynn nat20

Aug 19 21:18:48 chrissofer SUCCESS

Aug 19 21:19:18 todo hands over pipe…“She’ll be okay…she is over thinking a bit…but shes stronger than she looks.”

Aug 19 21:19:43 chrissofer She takes a big pull on the pipe before handing it back, and, after a minute, exhales and nods.

Aug 19 21:20:00 chrissofer She then motions for another (non-alcoholic) drink.

Aug 19 21:20:12 Ember gets dressed without her armor but takes her new weapon on her belt, going downstairs for food.

Aug 19 21:20:37 Dayra watches Nestri leave, confused and concerned.

Aug 19 21:20:48 chrissofer The waitress comes back with Dayra’s food, apologizing for the wait and handing her a coupon.

Aug 19 21:21:06 Dayra “Thank you.”

Aug 19 21:21:06 todo takes pipe back. Orders raw steak for Aadya

Aug 19 21:21:18 chrissofer Aadya’s ears prick up as she hears this.

Aug 19 21:21:35 chrissofer The waitress runs off and comes back with a big hunk of steak.

Aug 19 21:21:42 chrissofer Ember descends!

Aug 19 21:21:46 Gwynn heavy breathing from running away

Aug 19 21:21:50 Ember spots her friends and plods over.

Aug 19 21:22:01 Ember “You caught up nice and quick!”

Aug 19 21:22:23 Dayra “Yes, it was a pleasant journey.”

Aug 19 21:22:24 chrissofer Sookti, hearing Your voice, stands up and throws her arms in the air, elated!

Aug 19 21:22:33 Ember “SOOTKI!!”

Aug 19 21:23:51 chrissofer Tackle Hugs

Aug 19 21:24:24 chrissofer RETCON: Sookti is actually Sootki.

Aug 19 21:24:54 Ember “I thought you left!”

Aug 19 21:25:04 chrissofer She shakes her head.

Aug 19 21:25:17 Ember “THEN I ABANDONED YOU! I AM SO SORRY!!”

Aug 19 21:26:25 chrissofer She shakes her head again, and hugs again, before sitting and gesturing for Ember to join them all.

Aug 19 21:26:53 Ember squeezes in between her gnomes, wanting tight proximity to both.

Aug 19 21:27:12 chrissofer Sootki allows this, scooching over.

Aug 19 21:27:35 chrissofer Aadya is eating her steak happily.

Aug 19 21:27:41 Dayra “We should find someone to perform a restoration, and perhaps secure some healing items for ourselves. It has been a long week and it seems safe to assume worse lies before us.”

Aug 19 21:27:52 Ember “Yeah just wait til you see what’s upstairs.”

Aug 19 21:28:56 chrissofer Vigda Birghidotr

Aug 19 21:29:02 Ember “Oh, shit, speaking of which. Dayra, do you know of someone named Vigda Birghidotr?”

Aug 19 21:29:42 Dayra “The name does not taste familiar.”

Aug 19 21:29:58 Ember “Fuck.”

Aug 19 21:30:24 chrissofer Sootki looks askance

Aug 19 21:32:21 Ember “Did Gwynn die?”

Aug 19 21:32:34 chrissofer Sootki snorts

Aug 19 21:33:00 Gwynn looking for a hotdog

Aug 19 21:33:03 chrissofer Gwynn goes in search of wieners.

Aug 19 21:33:41 chrissofer Roll to find wieners (Know. Local)

Aug 19 21:33:47 todo “Basically”

Aug 19 21:35:10 Gwynn 24

Aug 19 21:35:11 Ember “What does that mean?”

Aug 19 21:35:17 Dayra “She lives.”

Aug 19 21:35:20 chrissofer You are bathing in wieners.

Aug 19 21:36:30 Gwynn delcious

Aug 19 21:36:59 Gwynn sitting on curb eating several hotdogs

Aug 19 21:37:32 chrissofer They are delicious

Aug 19 21:37:45 Ember tells Sootki: “I think Renrik knows how to restore you, but if he’s going to be busy and elsewhere, we can find someone at market who will do it.”

Aug 19 21:38:41 chrissofer She touches her throat, and nods, looking touched.

Aug 19 21:38:44 todo “where exactly would we go for that thing.”

Aug 19 21:38:50 Ember “A healer.”

Aug 19 21:39:40 todo “which is…where?”

Aug 19 21:39:54 Ember #localkn roll

Aug 19 21:40:14 Ember `roll 1d20+5

Aug 19 21:40:14 GameServ Ember rolled 1d20: 6 <Total: 6(+5) = 11>

Aug 19 21:41:13 Ember “Somewhere in the market.”

Aug 19 21:41:34 Dayra “Concise.”

Aug 19 21:42:05 Gwynn 17

Aug 19 21:42:55 todo 26

Aug 19 21:43:00 Ember 20

Aug 19 21:43:04 todo (19+7)

Aug 19 21:43:31 Dayra 9

Aug 19 21:43:52 chrissofer You see a pathetic Gwynn in the gutter of a side street, covered in wieners and pieces of wieners.

Aug 19 21:44:06 Dayra “Oh my.”

Aug 19 21:44:24 Gwynn “hotdogs”

Aug 19 21:44:41 todo “Seems appropriate” She says out of half her mouth as she holds in a hit of her pipe

Aug 19 21:44:54 Gwynn cries

Aug 19 21:44:58 todo exhales

Aug 19 21:45:04 Ember glances at Dayra, figuring that situation is handled, and takes Sootki’s hand to go find the healer.

Aug 19 21:45:05 chrissofer Sookti snorts.

Aug 19 21:45:23 todo Todo follows Ember

Aug 19 21:45:26 Dayra stands beside the crying elf, hands on her hips.”

Aug 19 21:45:33 chrissofer Sootki follows Ember.

Aug 19 21:48:07 Dayra “Are you proud of yourself?”

Aug 19 21:48:15 Gwynn “NOOOOO” wails

Aug 19 21:48:35 Gwynn “NO ONE IS PROUD OF MEEE”

Aug 19 21:48:45 Gwynn “I SUUUUUCKK”

Aug 19 21:49:03 Dayra “Not inherently.” j

Aug 19 21:49:11 Dayra “But you should make better decisions.”

Aug 19 21:49:26 Gwynn shoves hotdog into mouth

Aug 19 21:49:35 Dayra hauls the elf upright, supporting her weight to keep her legs beneath her.

Aug 19 21:49:43 Gwynn “its a learning curve” talks around hotdog

Aug 19 21:50:42 Dayra drapes her over one shoulder, #fireman carry, and starts off back toward the Inn to utilize the room she just secured.

Aug 19 21:51:14 Gwynn “i cant tell ember”

Aug 19 21:51:27 chrissofer You go to a charming little shop with a symbol of healing on an oaken sign hanging from a metal bar over the door. Walking in the door, You hear a little bell and see various ointments and tinctures in little vials all around the shop. A small old man comes rushing out from the back. He has long black hair, and is wearing robes of off-white linen.

Aug 19 21:51:28 Dayra “You can’t prevent anyone from telling her, either.”

Aug 19 21:51:44 Ember “Hi!”

Aug 19 21:52:10 Gwynn “shes gonna hate meee”

Aug 19 21:52:39 chrissofer Shopkeeper: “Greetings, friends. What brings You in today?”

Aug 19 21:52:56 Ember “Do you do healing spells or just concoctions?”

Aug 19 21:53:13 chrissofer “Both, both. Depends on the spell You need cast.”

Aug 19 21:53:28 Ember “Well, I’m not sure! My friend can’t talk.”

Aug 19 21:53:51 Dayra “I struggle to recall a time when such notion bothered you, let alone to this degree.”

Aug 19 21:54:06 chrissofer He gestures Sootki over, and has her open her mouth, poking a prodding in a few places.

Aug 19 21:54:31 Ember stands close enough to watch the stranger, mildly suspicious.

Aug 19 21:54:48 Gwynn “shes a proper friend”

Aug 19 21:54:58 Gwynn “i only have like one of those:

Aug 19 21:55:00 Dayra “Oh, a /proper/ friend. How interesting.”

Aug 19 21:55:20 Gwynn “youre gonna hate me too someday”

Aug 19 21:55:32 Dayra “Why? Were you planning something?”

Aug 19 21:55:43 Gwynn “im too stupid and too stubborn for anyone to like”

Aug 19 21:56:16 Dayra “Yes, but the lack of desire to adjust and resolve those traits is the real issue.”

Aug 19 21:56:32 todo watches and but curiosity sets her pushing her face up against jars

Aug 19 21:56:32 chrissofer “Lesser Regeneration, I see. Unfortunately I don’t have that prepared today. I can schedule You first thing tomorrow, though, if You want.”

Aug 19 21:57:37 Ember “How much?”

Aug 19 21:58:02 Gwynn “no one can change. you can only grow more powerful” burps

Aug 19 21:58:15 Dayra “I know that to be concretely untrue.”

Aug 19 21:58:26 Dayra “And your naivety shows in its declaration.”

Aug 19 21:58:29 chrissofer “That’ll come to, oh, let’s say 300gp.”

Aug 19 21:59:08 Gwynn “gotta learn something from the child bearers” laughs without humor

Aug 19 22:00:03 Ember thinks for a moment before whispering: “Will you take it in platinum?”

Aug 19 22:00:23 Dayra “If that is the lesson you choose.”

Aug 19 22:00:27 chrissofer “Of course, of course! It’s all money.”

Aug 19 22:00:57 todo chuckles

Aug 19 22:01:28 Ember asks Sootki: “Tomorrow good? We can stay tonight easy.”

Aug 19 22:01:48 chrissofer Sootki nods, hands in pockets, sad she has no money to help.

Aug 19 22:01:54 Gwynn “im DOOMED to be ALONE”

Aug 19 22:02:05 Dayra “Well, with that attitude.”

Aug 19 22:02:20 Dayra flops her friend down on the bed, when they have reached her rented room.

Aug 19 22:02:26 Ember “No worries.”

Aug 19 22:02:35 Gwynn grabs dayra hand

Aug 19 22:02:40 Gwynn “why do you stay”

Aug 19 22:02:59 Ember “I want something to heal myself with too. Something quick. I met a dwarf with a blue drink. Do you have those?”

Aug 19 22:03:09 Dayra “When have I stayed?”

Aug 19 22:03:22 todo “Also do you sell herbs?”

Aug 19 22:03:52 Gwynn smiles weakly

Aug 19 22:03:55 Gwynn “touche”

Aug 19 22:04:02 chrissofer He brings out a bunch of vials, marked from lower to higher potency. “Here are my Cure Wounds Potions” He has 5 CLW, 3 CMW, 2 CSW, and 1 CCW.

Aug 19 22:04:07 Gwynn “why do you care”

Aug 19 22:04:32 chrissofer And then he pulls a rack out from behind his desk with various sachets on it. “Which herbs were You looking for? I have a modest collection, here.

Aug 19 22:05:51 todo “Smokable this..” Holds up current almost empty bag for himm to smell/look at

Aug 19 22:07:08 chrissofer He picks a bag up off of his rack, and hands it to Todo. “How’s this, mum?”

Aug 19 22:07:08 Dayra “Technically, I am performing the task for which I have been greatly compensated. Only my vague comprehension of your silly dialogues protects you from the wrath of my rope and weapon.”

Aug 19 22:07:47 todo shoves face into bag, takes a deep inhale and the looks up and smiles at him approvingly

Aug 19 22:08:08 chrissofer “5gp sound fair?”

Aug 19 22:08:22 Gwynn smiles and falls asleep

Aug 19 22:09:23 Dayra tucks her in and draws the curtains.

Aug 19 22:10:05 Ember points at the blue ones. “I want one of these.”

Aug 19 22:10:32 Gwynn has quit (Quit: ajax IRC Client)

Aug 19 22:10:33 Dayra strikes out again, intent on accomplishing her own shopping.

Aug 19 22:11:21 todo “Yes” hands over coin

Aug 19 22:11:47 chrissofer “That’ll be 55gp, then.” He says with a smile.

Aug 19 22:12:24 Ember hands over 55 gp, expecting the rest to be paid at their appointment.

Aug 19 22:12:49 chrissofer He nods. “I’ll be seeing You tomorrow, then! Bright and early!”

Aug 19 22:13:01 Ember “Alright!”

Aug 19 22:13:11 Dayra also finds the healer.

Aug 19 22:13:25 chrissofer Dayra struts in

Aug 19 22:13:41 todo “Yo”

Aug 19 22:13:48 Dayra approaches the counter, finding the potions already on display in front of her companions.

Aug 19 22:14:03 Dayra “How much for three CLW?”

Aug 19 22:14:37 chrissofer He looks down at them. “Three? Let’s say 160gp.”

Aug 19 22:15:05 Dayra “Done.”

Aug 19 22:15:26 chrissofer He hands them over and takes Your gold.

Aug 19 22:15:37 chrissofer “What else can I help You with?

Aug 19 22:16:15 Dayra “That is all, thank you good sir.”

Aug 19 22:16:26 chrissofer “Come again, if You’re in town.”

Aug 19 22:16:57 Dayra “Certainly!”

Aug 19 22:17:45 chrissofer What do You all do with the rest of Your day?

Aug 19 22:18:55 chrissofer There’s a spa in town called the “Blue Candle Flame”

Aug 19 22:19:11 chrissofer It boasts a mud bath and a manipedi that is supposedly to die for.

Aug 19 22:19:51 Ember `roll 1d20+5

Aug 19 22:19:52 GameServ Ember rolled 1d20: 10 <Total: 10(+5) = 15>

Aug 19 22:20:20 Ember “We should go to the Blue Candle FLame while we’re here. Renrik isn’t invited because he’s still not back.”

Aug 19 22:20:33 Ember “There’s mud baths and soak rooms and we can get our feet rubbed.”

Aug 19 22:20:39 Dayra “That sounds lovely.”

Aug 19 22:20:41 todo “Yas”

Aug 19 22:21:33 chrissofer The three remaining party members make their way over to the spa, where they’re asked for the entrance fee of 1 gp each. Mani Pedi’s are an extra 1 gp, but the mudbath is included.

Aug 19 22:24:26 Dayra has quit (Quit: Leaving)

Aug 19 22:24:29 Ember has quit (Quit: Leaving)

Aug 19 22:26:09 chrissofer You are each given a locker to stow Your clothes, and are led to the mud bath first. Then You are given towels, and shown to comfy chairs that recline and given deep and in depth work on Your feet and hands, before being serenaded in a blissfully warm atmospheric room.

Aug 19 22:26:33 chrissofer And, Scene.

Aug 19 22:26:52 Python interface unloaded

ENDING LOGGING AT Sun Aug 19 22:26:52 2018