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Aug 12 18:54:56 todo hey

6Aug 12 18:56:07 chrissofer Hello! :D

Aug 12 19:24:53 Danni ( has joined

Aug 12 19:26:40 Gwynn :P

Aug 12 19:27:18 Danni `roll 1d20+3

Aug 12 19:27:19 GameServ Danni rolled 1d20: 8 <Total: 8(+3) = 11>

Aug 12 19:39:28 Gwynn keeps the wizard alive to ask questions and promises to deal with him afterward

Aug 12 19:44:28 Ember is barely convinced, remains extremely doubtful, and will consider it a personal affront and unforgivable betrayal if she encounters the wizard alive again.

Aug 12 19:52:26 todo “So are we gunna kill this guy or…?” sensing Ember unease and murderous intent

Aug 12 19:57:52 Gwynn drags unconscious wiz upstairs to like bed or something to wait to wake up

Aug 12 20:00:13 chrissofer The party, minus Dayra, Ferath, and Gwynn returns to Falcon’s Hollow in search of the package they originally came here for.

Aug 12 20:02:35 todo “Ugh nothing like drug snuggling…what a resume…what..a…resume..

Aug 12 20:03:23 Ember “I want street meat”

Aug 12 20:03:53 todo “hmmm…meat

Aug 12 20:07:54 chrissofer THe party heads to the Falcon’s Hollow Guard Post, and meets up with a shifty looking character who reacts to Your presence immediately. He grabs inside his coat and brings out a sack, which has been hastily tied and looks a little worse for the wear, saying something about wondering if You are coming.

Aug 12 20:08:13 chrissofer Who takes the bag? What do You do with it? And Do You say anything specific to the guard?

Aug 12 20:08:16 Danni is now known as Renrik

Aug 12 20:09:04 Renrik “We encountered a delay.”

Aug 12 20:09:18 Renrik roll sense motive

Aug 12 20:09:27 Renrik `roll 1d20+8

Aug 12 20:09:28 GameServ Renrik rolled 1d20: 9 <Total: 9(+8) = 17>

Aug 12 20:09:55 Ember rolls sense motive

Aug 12 20:10:00 Ember `roll 1d20+4

Aug 12 20:10:00 GameServ Ember rolled 1d20: 11 <Total: 11(+4) = 15>

Aug 12 20:10:08 todo braces self jus encase and rests hand on Aadya

Aug 12 20:11:56 Renrik takes the package.

Aug 12 20:12:15 Renrik roll perception on the package.

Aug 12 20:13:53 Renrik realizes that they are in an area with people around them and it would be unwise to open the package in public. But he inspects the outside of it.

Aug 12 20:14:04 chrissofer Alright, Roll ^_^

Aug 12 20:14:14 Renrik `roll 1d20+3

Aug 12 20:14:29 Renrik `roll 1d20+3

Aug 12 20:14:29 GameServ Renrik rolled 1d20: 17 <Total: 17(+3) = 20>

Aug 12 20:16:43 Renrik huddles his group together.

Aug 12 20:16:57 Renrik And whispers the following.

Aug 12 20:17:38 Renrik “The knot for the bag looks like it has been hastily retied. Could mean nothing, could mean that its been opened.”

Aug 12 20:18:03 Renrik “We don’t want to take the blame if something has happened to the contents of the package.”

Aug 12 20:18:04 Ember “Throw it away”

Aug 12 20:18:14 Renrik “We’ve dealt with enough shit.”

Aug 12 20:19:22 todo “Looks shady to me…usually things like this are more secured..”

Aug 12 20:20:23 Renrik goes back up to the contact.

Aug 12 20:20:47 Renrik “How good are you at tying knots?”

Aug 12 20:21:09 chrissofer He shrugs, looking to his side, and says, “Weren’t me.”

Aug 12 20:22:28 Renrik “I hope that others are understanding about terrible knot tying. There are times when you need a good solid knot and I hope this isn’t one of those times.”

Aug 12 20:23:32 Renrik “Like you don’t wanna be climbing up a cliff with a tied rope and have a shitty knot holding it all together.”

Aug 12 20:24:26 todo “So…whats in the bag bro?”

Aug 12 20:25:04 chrissofer Perception check

Aug 12 20:25:09 chrissofer Everyone

Aug 12 20:25:20 Renrik `roll 1d20+3

Aug 12 20:25:20 GameServ Renrik rolled 1d20: 18 <Total: 18(+3) = 21>

Aug 12 20:25:28 Ember `roll 1d20+6

Aug 12 20:25:28 GameServ Ember rolled 1d20: 4 <Total: 4(+6) = 10>

Aug 12 20:25:46 todo 22

Aug 12 20:25:56 todo (15+7)

Aug 12 20:26:52 Gwynn has quit (Quit: ajax IRC Client)

Aug 12 20:27:21 Renrik sighs.

Aug 12 20:27:43 todo looks around cautiously, then eyes dude hard…

Aug 12 20:28:00 Gwynn ( has joined

Aug 12 20:28:15 Renrik “Thanks for you help officer. It looks like I need help from a different source on my knot tying abilities.”

Aug 12 20:28:18 todo “you’re attracting attention

Aug 12 20:28:27 Renrik “Like a sailor or something.”

Aug 12 20:29:11 Renrik goes to leave and motions the rest of his group to follow.

Aug 12 20:29:20 todo “uuugghh”

Aug 12 20:29:30 todo “a sailor…really?

Aug 12 20:29:39 Ember “What about a sailor?”

Aug 12 20:29:55 Renrik “I’m terrible at tying knots!”

Aug 12 20:30:03 Ember “Is that a divorce joke?”

Aug 12 20:30:25 todo “You’re a divorce joke

Aug 12 20:30:27 Renrik “I’ve been a healer for years. The only knots I tie are for surgery.”

Aug 12 20:30:32 chrissofer Badum Psh

Aug 12 20:30:40 Ember shocked and offended.

Aug 12 20:30:44 Renrik “And its like one type of knot.”

Aug 12 20:31:07 todo “Wow…dude…just…enough

Aug 12 20:31:10 chrissofer The party leaves

Aug 12 20:31:12 todo face palm

Aug 12 20:31:33 chrissofer Before getting beaten and arrested

Aug 12 20:32:33 chrissofer Where do You guys go?

Aug 12 20:33:11 Renrik Macridi

Aug 12 20:39:37 Gwynn has quit (Quit: ajax IRC Client)

Aug 12 20:40:45 Gwynn ( has joined

Aug 12 20:46:16 chrissofer The party travels two nights, and finds themselves camping in the forests south of Macridi.

Aug 12 20:46:20 Ember pays a street vendor in Falcon Hollow to feed the next person who can’t pay for themself.

Aug 12 20:47:39 Ember purchases and fills three bottles full of drinking water, leaving one behind each day they spend in the badlands.

Aug 12 20:49:38 chrissofer On the third night, the campfire is lit, and the party begins to talk.

Aug 12 20:50:00 chrissofer (You all can talk to eachother now

Aug 12 20:50:04 chrissofer )

Aug 12 20:51:15 Ember pulls her blindfold up to help Todo gather firewood, verbally unresponsive.

Aug 12 20:53:12 todo lights pipe and kicks logfs towards fire pit, nudges Ember to pass the pipe to her

Aug 12 20:53:26 Ember shakes her head

Aug 12 20:53:45 todo “So you just gunna pout?”

Aug 12 20:53:54 Renrik finishes sorting out his tent and other personal items he takes out what he needs for his bless water spell and performs it while the group sits.

Aug 12 20:54:13 Ember shakes her head again.

Aug 12 20:55:10 todo *blows smoke at her face…“You just gunna keep silent? Its weird.”

Aug 12 20:55:23 Ember kicks Todo over.

Aug 12 20:55:26 Renrik stares as the powdered silver dissolves into the water.

Aug 12 20:55:38 todo “Well thats something at least.”

Aug 12 20:55:48 Ember “M’not spose to talk while I do things!”

Aug 12 20:55:51 todo gets back on to feet dusting butt off”

Aug 12 20:55:54 todo

Aug 12 20:56:13 todo “Says who?” looks around dramatically

Aug 12 20:56:30 Renrik sighs as the spell finishes and he pours the now blessed water into the flask.

Aug 12 20:56:32 Ember “The Butterfly.”

Aug 12 20:56:56 Renrik holds the flask in his hands.

Aug 12 20:57:30 Ember moves over to where Renrik is, awkwardly perching within conversation distance but uncertain of how to start.

Aug 12 20:59:09 Ember “Hey”

Aug 12 21:00:08 todo “All butterflies know are songs, and poetry, and anything else they hear. I guess you mean well. Fly away, Butterfly!” Spins dramatically around as if swatting at something

Aug 12 21:00:26 Renrik “I was going to give my brother this flask.”

Aug 12 21:00:29 Ember casts Todo a weird look, peaking out of her blindfold.

Aug 12 21:00:48 todo “take the pipe, breathe deep”

Aug 12 21:01:05 Ember “Later”

Aug 12 21:01:53 todo puts hand on hip and lowers herself to eye level of Ember (despite blind fold)

Aug 12 21:02:18 Renrik “He’s gone to a place where I can’t follow.”

Aug 12 21:02:25 Ember grabs Todo by her face-cheeks to press their foreheads together.

Aug 12 21:03:38 Ember “I gotta do things.”

Aug 12 21:03:48 todo “This is fine but…also not an answer sweet cheeks.” She says as smoke puffs out between words and teeth at the end

Aug 12 21:04:03 Renrik glances over to Ember and Todo.

Aug 12 21:04:14 chrissofer Knowledge Religion

Aug 12 21:04:18 Ember “You didn’t ask a new question.”

Aug 12 21:04:28 Renrik `roll 1d20+7

Aug 12 21:04:28 GameServ Renrik rolled 1d20: 7 <Total: 7(+7) = 14>

Aug 12 21:06:00 todo “You didn’t answer the first one.” “With your mouth words”

Aug 12 21:06:09 Ember “Im not pouting”

Aug 12 21:06:09 Renrik “So Ember, I have a feeling like I should not get involved with this.”

Aug 12 21:06:42 Renrik goes to make a motion but he doesn’t because she wont be able to see him.

Aug 12 21:07:29 todo “Then what are you doing…and why are you so….off”

Aug 12 21:07:40 Ember huffs a desperate sigh.

Aug 12 21:07:52 todo “OKay Gywnn”

Aug 12 21:08:17 Renrik leans towards Todo and whispers.

Aug 12 21:08:39 Renrik “She’s performing an obedience to her goddess.”

Aug 12 21:08:43 Ember rubs at her own hair and face in frustration.

Aug 12 21:10:09 Ember gets overwhelmed by the uneven state of her hair and stomps over to the fire, pulling her starknife free to slash at her locks until its too short to feel uneven anymore, tossing the locks into the fire with a vengeance.

Aug 12 21:10:11 todo rolls eyes, but as she looks down to shove off away from Ember…

Aug 12 21:10:49 Renrik “Ember let me fix your hair.”

Aug 12 21:10:59 todo watches Ember, but looks at Aadya uncertainly

Aug 12 21:11:10 todo *but then

Aug 12 21:11:34 chrissofer Aadya looks back at todo, a questioning yet aloof look in her eyes

Aug 12 21:12:18 todo “Wise friend” She says rubbing her face into Aadya’s neck scruff after she sat down.

Aug 12 21:12:29 Ember “There’s Nothing to Fix!”

Aug 12 21:13:04 Renrik “Ok, then there is nothing to fix.”

Aug 12 21:13:31 todo “sounds like theres something to fix”

Aug 12 21:13:57 Ember drops down beside the fire, shoving her blindfold out of the way.

Aug 12 21:14:50 todo “…well?”

Aug 12 21:15:29 Ember “She only talks to me when I do stuff wrong.”

Aug 12 21:15:51 todo “What did you do wrong?”

Aug 12 21:15:59 Ember “Charity!”

Aug 12 21:16:14 Ember “I didn’t know there was a wrong way to do charity!”

Aug 12 21:16:14 todo “And why did you have to get wood blindfolded? Doesn’t seem safe

Aug 12 21:16:29 todo “What was the charity you did?”

Aug 12 21:16:35 todo “or didn’t do?”

Aug 12 21:16:59 Ember “It’s a rule. I can’t look. Or talk. I’m not spose to know them. There’s no strangers here!”

Aug 12 21:17:51 todo “So…you blind folded yourself…so helping me with wood would be a blind act of charity?”

Aug 12 21:17:59 Renrik “We can look for a church of your goddess to get guidance on your task.”

Aug 12 21:18:38 todo “Is that why you left the water bottles?”

Aug 12 21:18:59 Ember “I don’t think she even has churches.”

Aug 12 21:19:04 Ember nods sullenly

Aug 12 21:19:57 Renrik “Have you tried talking to your goddess?”

Aug 12 21:20:05 Ember “I don’t know how.”

Aug 12 21:20:30 todo “Oh well…thats not how that works…if it has to be a blind act of charity you should have just left water by someone who needed it, not left it somewhere hoping someone would need it.

Aug 12 21:21:11 Renrik gets up and sits down next to Ember.

Aug 12 21:22:19 Renrik “There are many theories and books on how to pray to ones god. On the best ways to go about it.”

Aug 12 21:22:19 Ember leans over until she can flop her head against his leg.

Aug 12 21:22:49 Renrik “But what it all boils down to is having a conversation with the person that you believe in.”

Aug 12 21:23:17 Ember “How do I know if she can hear me?”

Aug 12 21:23:57 todo “Just talk out loud…?”

Aug 12 21:24:24 Renrik “You have to have faith.”

Aug 12 21:25:29 Renrik “Sometimes you can feel your goddess in your heart, the warmth of their presence. And sometimes they will talk to you in person.”

Aug 12 21:26:16 todo *blows raspberry

Aug 12 21:26:46 Renrik “Think of your goddess, focus on her, what you know of her, and speak to her. Tell her what is in your heart.”

Aug 12 21:27:20 Ember “My heart hurts.”

Aug 12 21:27:20 Renrik “Tell her that.”

Aug 12 21:27:27 Ember sighs deeply again, pushing upright.

Aug 12 21:27:45 Renrik “Tell her that your heart hurts, tell her why it hurts, and that you want her help.”

Aug 12 21:28:33 Renrik “You shouldn’t see her as someone who only asks you to do things for her, but as someone who is walking alongside you on the path of life.”

Aug 12 21:29:05 Renrik “When you fall she will be there to pick you up and carry you when you need her most.”

Aug 12 21:29:47 Renrik “Especially when I can’t be there for you.”

Aug 12 21:31:06 Ember “Asking for her help got me into this,” she whines, lifting her arms indicatively.

Aug 12 21:31:22 Ember turns and punches Renrik in the chest. “And you’re not allowed to leave!”

Aug 12 21:31:58 Renrik “That creature helped save your life, it helped save all our lives.”

Aug 12 21:32:30 Renrik “I don’t think that we would have survived the tower if we had to battle all of those fighters.”

Aug 12 21:33:06 Renrik “I don’t want to leave you Ember. But there might be a time when that is no longer my choice.”

Aug 12 21:33:44 Ember “Shut uP!”

Aug 12 21:34:02 Renrik “I don’t know how things are going to turn out with Briar.”

Aug 12 21:35:18 Renrik “There is so much anger within him. So much hatred.”

Aug 12 21:35:58 Ember “Yeah, too much to give a fuck about us, apparently.”

Aug 12 21:38:00 todo “Dooouuch” Todo says laying on her back exhaling a large cloud

Aug 12 21:38:29 Renrik “His driving force ever since I found him in the forest has been to get revenge on our father.”

Aug 12 21:38:38 chrissofer *Doooouuuuche

Aug 12 21:38:45 todo ^^^^

Aug 12 21:41:51 Renrik “Briar and I left the village for vastly different reasons. I knew that there had to be more to life than becoming my father. Briar was forced to leave.”

Aug 12 21:42:57 Ember “Why?”

Aug 12 21:43:05 Renrik “I left wanting to discover myself, to see what I could become. And on that journey I had numerous mentors from which I learned so much about the world and myself.”

Aug 12 21:44:15 Renrik “I foolishly thought that I could take their place. That I could be everything for Briar. That I could be the one to lead him down that path. But it was a path that he didn’t want to travel.”

Aug 12 21:45:04 Renrik “Its obvious now. But it wasn’t then.”

Aug 12 21:46:18 Renrik “There are many trials one must pass to become a shaman. I passed all of my trials. Briar didn’t.”

Aug 12 21:46:54 Renrik “He failed and that failure nearly killed him. He would have died in those woods if I had not found him.”

Aug 12 21:47:32 Ember “that sucks.”

Aug 12 21:49:33 chrissofer The conversation continues into the night (possible other log to be added at some point).

Aug 12 21:49:59 chrissofer In the morning, the party finishes their trip to Macridi

Aug 12 21:50:09 chrissofer They make it inside the city safely around noonish.

Aug 12 21:50:11 Ember “I need armor.”

Aug 12 21:50:31 Renrik “How about we hit the market then?”

Aug 12 21:50:43 Renrik “I know that I need to pick up a few items as well.”

Aug 12 21:51:44 Renrik “How about we go to an inn first and then we can go to the market after we get cleaned up.”

Aug 12 21:51:56 Ember “Fine!”

Aug 12 21:52:48 todo “yas…shower and a real bed.”

Aug 12 21:55:34 chrissofer The party finds an inn, the “The Crossed Staves”, and pays for a night (5gp for the three of You)

Aug 12 21:56:06 Ember “is food included in that price?”

Aug 12 21:56:19 chrissofer “Continental Breakfast”

Aug 12 21:56:27 Ember “Alright.”

Aug 12 21:56:50 todo “Waffles”

Aug 12 21:59:53 Renrik “I still have a few waffles.”

Aug 12 21:59:53 todo goes up to her room to shower and nap

Aug 12 22:00:53 chrissofer The party follows Todo to her room?

Aug 12 22:00:56 Ember ye

Aug 12 22:01:19 todo “Are we doing the bag now?”

Aug 12 22:01:26 Renrik “I guess so.”

Aug 12 22:01:36 Ember “do it”

Aug 12 22:01:49 Renrik “I don’t think we should open it, but it looks like I’m out numbered.”

Aug 12 22:02:33 Renrik puts the bag on the table and backs away.

Aug 12 22:02:37 Ember “Just open it”

Aug 12 22:02:46 Ember pokes the bag.

Aug 12 22:03:11 Renrik “I’m not opening it.”

Aug 12 22:03:28 todo “ugh someone do something?”

Aug 12 22:03:44 Ember grabs the knot and pulls her knife free.

Aug 12 22:04:04 todo “don’t cut it!”

Aug 12 22:04:23 Ember “You said do SOmething”

Aug 12 22:04:28 Renrik “Yeah lets make it even more obvious that its been opened.”

Aug 12 22:04:33 Renrik “Untie it!”

Aug 12 22:04:39 Ember “They’re gonna blame us either way!”

Aug 12 22:04:56 Renrik “I want them to blame us less!”

Aug 12 22:04:56 Ember huffs impatiently, slamming her knife back in its spot on her belt.

Aug 12 22:05:19 Ember picks apart the knot with her fingers, yanking it open when the knot comes free.

Aug 12 22:07:24 chrissofer This bag is a bag of holding, and it holds: a bunch(6) of vials marked as poisons, a few(2) scrolls of extremely high value, and 14 statuettes, the faces of which look shocked and afraid.

Aug 12 22:07:49 todo “So…that’s creepy as fuck.”

Aug 12 22:07:51 Ember “Those are people.”

Aug 12 22:08:07 todo “…duh”

Aug 12 22:08:51 Renrik uses detect magic on the statuettes.

Aug 12 22:08:55 Ember “How do they get so small?”

Aug 12 22:09:23 Ember “Is it rude to touch them?”

Aug 12 22:09:35 todo “maybe thats just how the spell works?”

Aug 12 22:11:02 Ember #identify??profession:herbalism

Aug 12 22:11:03 Renrik “I am quite sure that these are transmutated people.”

Aug 12 22:11:07 Ember `roll 1d20+4

Aug 12 22:11:07 GameServ Ember rolled 1d20: 20 <Total: 20(+4) = 24>

Aug 12 22:12:46 Ember “Don’t open those.”

Aug 12 22:13:46 Renrik “I don’t know if I can turn these over to who knows whom in good conscious.”

Aug 12 22:14:04 Ember “There’s like almost four grand worth of crone’s curse in here.”

Aug 12 22:14:49 todo “This bag is significantly less fun than I thought it was gunna be”

Aug 12 22:14:53 Renrik “We can never go to Augustana again if we don’t turn this in.”

Aug 12 22:15:14 Renrik “But if we do… could we live with ourselves afterwards?”

Aug 12 22:15:21 todo “But..what is gunna happen to the people?

Aug 12 22:16:17 Renrik “They could be transmutated slaves… they could be criminals.”

Aug 12 22:16:32 Renrik “Good people or evil… we don’t know.”

Aug 12 22:16:59 Ember #knowledge local

Aug 12 22:17:05 Ember `roll 1d20+5

Aug 12 22:17:05 GameServ Ember rolled 1d20: 7 <Total: 7(+5) = 12>

Aug 12 22:17:30 todo “Okay…but still…kinda fucked

Aug 12 22:18:02 Ember “I can’t.”

Aug 12 22:20:25 Ember “Can’t just comply. They could be anyone.”

Aug 12 22:21:15 Renrik “They could just be anyone.”

Aug 12 22:21:48 Ember “No one told us we were transporting people. I won’t turn them over without knowing why.”

Aug 12 22:23:36 todo “okay bit that doesn’t mean they don’t matter”

Aug 12 22:27:33 Ember “We should start taking payment before hand. And not leaving it with do-good dwarves.”

Aug 12 22:28:38 chrissofer #saltyember

Aug 12 22:29:07 todo “Also why did she have the money to begin with?”

Aug 12 22:29:13 Renrik “It has been a while since we got paid.”

Aug 12 22:29:17 todo “We need to stop trusting new people”

Aug 12 22:29:30 Renrik “Or find different people.”

Aug 12 22:29:44 Renrik “We need to take work in a different town.”

Aug 12 22:29:49 Ember “Or country.”

Aug 12 22:29:55 Ember “I know like, four other places.”

Aug 12 22:29:55 Renrik “Yeah.”

Aug 12 22:32:17 todo 19

Aug 12 22:34:10 Renrik roll spellcraft

Aug 12 22:34:22 Renrik `roll 1d20+5

Aug 12 22:34:22 GameServ Renrik rolled 1d20: 11 <Total: 11(+5) = 16>

Aug 12 22:34:22 todo “So…i bet if we know the right word, and throw it at the ground we can get to the bottom of this?

Aug 12 22:34:34 Ember “You want to throw a tiny statue at the ground!?”

Aug 12 22:35:07 todo “I mean….can the statue feel pain?”

Aug 12 22:35:19 Ember “POSSIBLY”

Aug 12 22:35:35 Ember “How are you gonna guess the word, huh? THere’s like thirty languages!!!”

Aug 12 22:37:49 Ember “Maybe we should replace the statues with a handful of broken stone and turn that over.”

Aug 12 22:38:05 todo “Duuuuude I have no idea”

Aug 12 22:38:47 Renrik “Its a high level transmutation spell. And the word would be set by the caster.”

Aug 12 22:40:00 Ember pulls her tablet out, pressing her hand to the imprint.

Aug 12 22:40:22 todo “Aaanndd…we don’t know who that is?”

Aug 12 22:40:43 Renrik “No, I wasn’t able to find that out.”

Aug 12 22:40:54 chrissofer Ember, 5 points of damage

Aug 12 22:41:08 Ember hisses in pain.

Aug 12 22:41:42 chrissofer You see Ember’s skin briefly flash with a searing gray light, and then go dark.

Aug 12 22:41:55 Renrik is startled.

Aug 12 22:42:37 chrissofer Ember disappears.

Aug 12 22:43:09 todo “What the fuck?…whyy?!”

Aug 12 22:43:13 Renrik is super startled.

Aug 12 22:43:28 Ember “Chill”

Aug 12 22:43:28 Renrik “Ember?”

Aug 12 22:43:45 Renrik “What is going on Ember?”

Aug 12 22:44:00 todo “!”

Aug 12 22:44:13 Ember “Hello?”

Aug 12 22:44:36 Renrik “Ember?”

Aug 12 22:45:26 Renrik “That’s it. No more touching shiny things.”

Aug 12 22:45:51 Ember makes a frustrated noise.

Aug 12 22:46:10 Renrik “Are you ok?”

Aug 12 22:46:38 Ember hisses in pain again.

Aug 12 22:46:58 todo “What i happening?”

Aug 12 22:48:42 Ember “She answers.”

Aug 12 22:49:13 Renrik “She answers?”

Aug 12 22:49:21 Ember “Three questions.”

Aug 12 22:50:01 todo “How long are you invisible?

Aug 12 22:50:23 Ember “How do I communicate with the statuettes?”

Aug 12 22:51:02 Renrik “What is the caster’s set phrase to release them?”

Aug 12 22:51:24 Ember “What is the caster’s set phrase to release them?”

Aug 12 22:53:02 Ember “Can’t answer. Two questions left.”

Aug 12 22:53:21 Renrik “Who is the caster?”

Aug 12 22:53:33 Renrik “Where do we find the caster?”

Aug 12 22:53:33 Ember “Who is the caster?”

Aug 12 22:54:14 Ember “Vigda Birghidotr”

Aug 12 22:55:41 Ember `roll 1d20+5

Aug 12 22:55:42 GameServ Ember rolled 1d20: 12 <Total: 12(+5) = 17>

Aug 12 22:57:07 Ember “Are they people that I would want to save?”

Aug 12 22:58:39 Ember “Well that is, utterly discomforting.”

Aug 12 22:59:00 Ember tucks tablet back into her fanny pack, heaving a sigh as she flops onto her back.

Aug 12 22:59:16 chrissofer A minute later, she becomes visible again.

Aug 12 22:59:17 Renrik rushes over to her side and sees if she is ok.

Aug 12 22:59:47 todo “welcome back…fool.”

Aug 12 23:00:03 Ember “I was kinda hoping the invisibility would last longer.”

Aug 12 23:00:19 Renrik uses the blessing powerful healer and the spell cure light wounds on Ember.

Aug 12 23:00:43 Renrik `roll 1d8+3

Aug 12 23:00:43 GameServ Renrik rolled 1d8: 1 <Total: 1(+3) = 4>

Aug 12 23:01:14 Renrik heals Ember for 6 hp.

Aug 12 23:01:26 Ember “She says some of them are worth saving.”

Aug 12 23:01:37 Ember “I don’t know how to tell who from which.”

Aug 12 23:01:49 Ember “And I don’t know who Vigda is.”

Aug 12 23:02:02 Gwynn has quit (Quit: ajax IRC Client)

Aug 12 23:02:17 Renrik uses a use of fervor to use cure light wounds again and uses the blessing powerful healer.

Aug 12 23:02:26 Renrik `roll 1d8+3

Aug 12 23:02:27 GameServ Renrik rolled 1d8: 4 <Total: 4(+3) = 7>

Aug 12 23:02:48 Renrik heals Ember for 10 hp.

Aug 12 23:03:01 Ember “Thank you.”

Aug 12 23:03:44 Ember “That feels much better.”

Aug 12 23:04:07 todo “She should probably eat something.”

Aug 12 23:04:20 Renrik hands her a waffle.

Aug 12 23:04:33 Renrik “What was that?”

Aug 12 23:04:34 Ember eats it without hesitation.

Aug 12 23:04:38 Ember “What was what?”

Aug 12 23:04:55 Renrik “What was What?”

Aug 12 23:05:01 Renrik “That?”

Aug 12 23:05:02 Ember “What?”

Aug 12 23:05:20 Renrik “That. The thing that just happened.”

Aug 12 23:05:42 Ember “I talked to the Butterfly.”

Aug 12 23:05:54 todo “gguys get the f outta my room now, bed time.”

Aug 12 23:06:01 todo “noone die till morning.”

Aug 12 23:06:04 todo “ya fucks”

Aug 12 23:06:11 Renrik “Night Todo.”

Aug 12 23:06:17 Renrik “Love you too.”

Aug 12 23:06:25 todo :D

Aug 12 23:06:29 Ember “Nighnight”

Aug 12 23:06:40 Renrik leaves the room with Ember and the bag of misery.

Aug 12 23:07:12 Renrik goes into his room.

Aug 12 23:07:20 Ember follows Renrik

Aug 12 23:07:41 Ember clutches the bag to her chest.

Aug 12 23:08:07 Ember “I heard her voice this time and I wasn’t even asleep.”

Aug 12 23:08:41 Renrik “Is she what you thought she would be?”

Aug 12 23:09:13 Ember “I don’t know.”

Aug 12 23:09:36 Renrik “Well its a start.”

Aug 12 23:10:01 Ember “There’s so many rules.”

Aug 12 23:10:32 Ember “And she didn’t know the pass word. I thought gods were all knowing?”

Aug 12 23:11:00 Renrik “Depending on the gods they are in control over different areas.”

Aug 12 23:11:34 Ember “What is the Butterfly in control over?”

Aug 12 23:11:34 Renrik “If what you ask is not in her domain, it is not unusual that she would not know it.”

Aug 12 23:13:42 Renrik “I am not sure of what the Butterfly is in control over, but I know that Desna is in control over luck, dreams, and travelers.”

Aug 12 23:13:56 Ember pulls the tablet out to hand to Renrik.

Aug 12 23:14:00 Ember “Do you know what this is?”

Aug 12 23:14:34 Renrik roll knowledge religion check

Aug 12 23:14:53 Renrik `roll 1d20+7

Aug 12 23:14:53 GameServ Renrik rolled 1d20: 10 <Total: 10(+7) = 17>

Aug 12 23:15:07 Renrik roll knowledge engineering check

Aug 12 23:15:32 Renrik RETCON - never mind.

Aug 12 23:16:16 Renrik “I don’t know what this is. Sorry.”

Aug 12 23:17:22 Renrik “What do you want to do know?”

Aug 12 23:17:52 Ember “I want to question and possibly stab the people we’re supposed to be handing these over to.”

Aug 12 23:19:12 Renrik “How about this. We get some armor, some weapons, some other supplies, and some sleep.”

Aug 12 23:19:33 Renrik “We’ll think up a plan in the morning.”

Aug 12 23:19:44 Renrik “How does that sound?”

Aug 12 23:20:16 Ember “Vigda sounds like a dwarf name doesn’t it? Maybe Dayra will know who that is.”

Aug 12 23:22:30 Renrik “It does sound like Dayra might know.”

Aug 12 23:23:17 Renrik “Or she might know who knows.”

Aug 12 23:26:12 Dayra (OH@2601:547:2:rhz:vqrg:ilkt:jlii:pvqo) has left (Leaving)

Aug 12 23:26:30 Ember “Well hopefully they’ll be along soon then.”

Aug 12 23:28:08 Ember “We can’t go to Kerse until we know who these people are.”

Aug 12 23:31:55 chrissofer Ember trades 13gp and her buckler at Ser Cosco’s Emporium for a Lamellar Cuirass

Aug 12 23:33:35 chrissofer Ember sells her short sword for 5gp.

Aug 12 23:35:07 chrissofer Renrik trades 225gp and his old rosewood armor for a new masterwork chain shirt.

Aug 12 23:52:04 Renrik for lyco Fizzy blue potion, scroll w/ arcana writing, red and purple wand

Aug 12 23:53:25 Renrik pay to see what they are.

Aug 12 23:54:54 chrissofer 30 gp

Aug 12 23:55:13 Renrik and buy 20 regular arrows for 1 gp.

Aug 12 23:55:15 Renrik ok

Aug 13 00:02:11 Ember (OH@2601:547:2:rhz:vqrg:ilkt:jlii:pvqo) has left (Leaving)

Aug 13 00:03:55 Renrik after discussing that he is going to find a church to find guidance about his brother with Ember, leaves her at the hotel.

Aug 13 00:10:51 Renrik has quit (Quit: ajax IRC Client)

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