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Jul 15 19:37:52 chrissofer The morning dawns on Your sleeping faces, in the opulent surroundings You fell asleep in.

Jul 15 19:38:36 chrissofer Todo, Ember, Dayra, and the Orc Bros all have their own rooms. And Gwynn is not around.

Jul 15 19:38:49 Danni Renrik wakes up and prays to prepare his spells.

Jul 15 19:39:57 Danni Spell list - create water, detect magic, light, enhanced diplomacy, cure light wounds (2), and divine favor

Jul 15 19:43:22 Danni Renrik also uses create water to water his and Ember’s rosewood armor.

Jul 15 19:44:37 Danni Briar wakes up and gets around waiting on his brother.

Jul 15 19:46:17 Ember is passed out in the center of a far too large bed, half naked with everything she owns strewn around the room.

Jul 15 20:03:42 Dayra is an early riser who has already taken breakfast with tea and bathed and is getting dressed for the day now.

Jul 15 20:03:42 todo prepares spells. and yawns stretching like a cat

Jul 15 20:05:00 todo waks out into the hall trying to remember where to get to where to food is, rubbing hand in hair bc cow licks

Jul 15 20:05:19 todo *walk

Jul 15 20:05:21 todo s

Jul 15 20:05:39 chrissofer You are immediately greeted by a servant who seems to have been standing in front of Your room for a while.

Jul 15 20:05:55 chrissofer “Hello miss. What can I assist You with?” He says.

Jul 15 20:06:01 todo bumos into servant and falls back strumbling a litte

Jul 15 20:06:04 todo “bro”

Jul 15 20:06:06 todo “ehy”

Jul 15 20:06:16 todo *“why?”

Jul 15 20:06:39 todo *bumps

Jul 15 20:06:58 chrissofer “‘Tis my job, miss. Sorry You bumos into my crotch, there.”

Jul 15 20:07:11 Danni The orcs leave their room and stops by Ember’s room to make sure that she is awake.

Jul 15 20:07:30 todo “You should be. who stands /directly/ in front of someone’s door?”

Jul 15 20:07:47 chrissofer The orcs are greeted by a similar servant, and the one standing in front of Ember’s room as well.

Jul 15 20:07:55 Danni Renrik knocks on the door.

Jul 15 20:08:12 Dayra emerges to investigate the sounds in the hall, fully dressed and with her things prepared to depart.

Jul 15 20:08:23 todo “Just let me point me to the food Alfred

Jul 15 20:08:32 chrissofer He adjusts his cravat carefully, and says, “My apologies, miss. Is there anything I can assist You with this morning?”

Jul 15 20:08:53 chrissofer Hearing this, he points to the single staircase You all ascended last night.

Jul 15 20:09:30 todo “Thanks.”

Jul 15 20:09:43 Ember snores

Jul 15 20:09:46 chrissofer Dayra is also greeted by a servant. “Hello miss, can I help with anything?”

Jul 15 20:10:00 todo starts walking down the staircase to find food. checking to see that Aadya is behind her.”

Jul 15 20:10:15 chrissofer Todo: “Of course, mum. Let me know if You need anything. Shall I service Your room while You are gone?”

Jul 15 20:10:22 Danni Briar knocks on the door louder.

Jul 15 20:10:32 todo “no…its fine…thanks?”

Jul 15 20:10:34 Dayra “I should like to join my companions this morning in awaiting our hostess’ attention.”

Jul 15 20:10:44 Danni Renrik: “Please don’t break the door down.”

Jul 15 20:10:52 chrissofer The servant is a bit tense at You pounding on the door, but remains silent at Your imposing figures, Orc Bros.

Jul 15 20:10:57 Danni Briar: “Ember wake up.”

Jul 15 20:11:31 chrissofer Dayra: “Ah, I see.” He points to the staircase at the end of the hall. “Right this way, miss. Shall I service Your room while You are away?”

Jul 15 20:11:31 todo yells up stairs…“DRag her to the stairs…its smells like sausage”

Jul 15 20:11:35 Ember whines, shuffling to open the door still half dressed and rubbing her eyes tiredly.

Jul 15 20:12:00 Dayra “Yes, thank you. Though I would prefer my personal things were left untouched.”

Jul 15 20:12:32 Danni Renrik: “If you don’t get ready, you don’t get breakfast.”

Jul 15 20:12:34 chrissofer “Of course, Mum. Enjoy Your day.” He disappears into Your room.

Jul 15 20:13:12 Ember perks at the mention of breakfast, abandoning the half open door to rush around the room and shoving into her various clothing items.

Jul 15 20:14:44 Danni Renrik turns to the servant waiting on them while he waits for Ember.

Jul 15 20:14:48 Dayra follows Todo down the stairs, greeting the Orc Bros on her way past.

Jul 15 20:14:59 Danni Renrik: “Can I help you sir?”

Jul 15 20:15:25 chrissofer He adjusts his cravat. “Not at all, sir. I am at Your service. Can I be of any assistance?”

Jul 15 20:18:34 Danni Renrik: “No thank you, well not at the moment at least. We are waiting on our companion and then we will head down to breakfast if we are invited to it.”

Jul 15 20:19:00 chrissofer The servant points to the stairs. “Shall… I have Your rooms… serviced, while You eat?”

Jul 15 20:19:27 Ember runs out the door fully dressed (with her shirt on backwards).

Jul 15 20:20:18 Danni Renrik: “That would be fine sir, just please leave our personal items alone if you will.”

Jul 15 20:20:38 chrissofer “Of course, sirs.” He runs into Your room, and gets to work.

Jul 15 20:21:54 chrissofer You eat Your breakfast with the unfamiliar expediency that comes with having a full wait staff at Your beck and call.

Jul 15 20:22:47 chrissofer Lady Grevolk is brought out.

Jul 15 20:23:01 todo “I never seen so many people interested in watching oter people it.”

Jul 15 20:23:11 chrissofer She speaks to You from her place on the table.

Jul 15 20:23:11 todo slips Aadya sausgaes

Jul 15 20:23:13 chrissofer “Well met, friends. I trust You slept well?” She speaks quietly, and with the voice of someone who spent the morning reading or contemplating their life, rather than talking or exercising. She also doesn’t really wait for Your responses. “Have You considered the job I offered You last night? It’s a bit pressing, to be honest, so I’d like to send You off today if You will be taking it.” She eyes You all expectantly, a glimmer of hope

Jul 15 20:23:13 chrissofer shining in her eyes. She waits a moment, as none of You respond, before whispering something to one of her aids in a language none of You speak. They run off to the second floor, quickly, even for a servant.

Jul 15 20:23:36 chrissofer She is sitting in the middle of the table, as is Grevolk custom.

Jul 15 20:23:46 Danni The orcs enjoy their meal.

Jul 15 20:24:24 todo “Uhm…well whats the job?”

Jul 15 20:24:50 Ember has a mouth and both fists full.

Jul 15 20:25:02 chrissofer “Ah, well, I need You to retrieve something and destroy it for me.”

Jul 15 20:25:24 Ember mumbles around her food: “So, the other ring.”

Jul 15 20:25:27 chrissofer She looks askance.

Jul 15 20:25:27 Danni Renrik: “Where would this item be?”

Jul 15 20:25:59 Dayra nervously, /from where/?

Jul 15 20:26:06 todo “why?”

Jul 15 20:26:16 chrissofer She smiles. “Who?”

Jul 15 20:26:24 todo “exactly”

Jul 15 20:26:37 Danni Briar: “How?”

Jul 15 20:26:52 chrissofer SHe chuckles daintily. “That last one’s on You all.”

Jul 15 20:28:05 todo rolls eyes as she looks into her mug of milk

Jul 15 20:28:08 Danni Renrik: “Lady Grevolk, it would greatly help in our decision on whether or not to assist you on this mission if we had more particulars about it.”

Jul 15 20:28:45 chrissofer She composes herself. “Well, the basic idea, as You’re little friend there surmised, is I need a ring destroyed. It’s unrelated to Your doors, but we’ve found a ring that was lost by my brother a while back in a tower near here. A wizard seems to have been using it, which is a big no no. I don’t want it back, we’ve already replaced it, but we can’t have outsiders using our signature.

Jul 15 20:29:30 Danni Renrik: “That is a reasonable request.”

Jul 15 20:29:35 Ember “Toldya.”

Jul 15 20:30:25 todo “I mean.. I have no current issues

Jul 15 20:31:43 Danni Renrik turns to Briar.

Jul 15 20:31:49 Danni Briar: “Fuck it.”

Jul 15 20:32:00 Danni Renrik sighs.

Jul 15 20:32:08 chrissofer She frowns. “Good fuck it? Or…”

Jul 15 20:32:30 Danni Renrik: “He will do it.”

Jul 15 20:33:01 chrissofer She smiles. “Sounds good. That sounds like all of You… Tho You seem fewer than before. Are we waiting for someone to return?”

Jul 15 20:33:15 chrissofer The servant returns, with a bag, a scroll, and a ring.

Jul 15 20:33:34 todo “uh oh”

Jul 15 20:33:47 Danni Briar: “If she shows up she shows up. If she doesn’t she doesn’t.”

Jul 15 20:34:04 Ember mumbles, “she didn’t mention leaving this time so…”

Jul 15 20:34:10 Danni Briar: “Wouldn’t be the first fucking time she bailed on us.”

Jul 15 20:34:15 Dayra is suspiciously quiet.

Jul 15 20:34:25 Dayra sips her tea.

Jul 15 20:34:30 todo “boo hoo…good riddens”

Jul 15 20:35:01 chrissofer “Well, okay then.” She takes the pillow with the three items, and places it on her lap in the middle of the table.

Jul 15 20:37:08 Danni Renrik watches her arranges the items.

Jul 15 20:37:42 Ember “What’re those?”

Jul 15 20:37:51 chrissofer She’s arranges the items in front of her, and then offers them to the nearest party member, who is.

Jul 15 20:37:58 chrissofer `lottery

Jul 15 20:37:58 GameServ Dayra

Jul 15 20:38:28 Dayra accepts the pillow full of items.

Jul 15 20:38:40 Dayra “Thank you.”

Jul 15 20:39:19 chrissofer “Before You is a map to the tower, a replica of the ring in question (It’s nonmagical, we won’t make that mistake again), and a bag with gemstones in it.

Jul 15 20:39:40 chrissofer She asks her servant a question in that foreign language.

Jul 15 20:39:55 chrissofer “10000gp worth, it seems.”

Jul 15 20:40:07 chrissofer “Will that be enough?”

Jul 15 20:40:30 Ember “Daaaang! That’s so many.”

Jul 15 20:40:42 Danni Renrik: “What are the powers of the ring that we are to find and destroy?”

Jul 15 20:40:47 todo “I mean…yes.”

Jul 15 20:41:01 chrissofer She frowns.

Jul 15 20:41:27 todo “whats wrong”

Jul 15 20:41:28 chrissofer “Good question…”

Jul 15 20:41:38 chrissofer “The basic functions of the rings I”

Jul 15 20:41:45 chrissofer ‘ve discussed with You before.

Jul 15 20:41:59 Ember “The door maker, duh.”

Jul 15 20:42:18 chrissofer “1. They can make doors that connect rooms from far away.”

Jul 15 20:42:29 chrissofer She demonstrates again with her booty-call door from before.

Jul 15 20:42:59 todo “Oh…so how hard does that make our quest..honestly? can this person just produce doors? whenever they want.”

Jul 15 20:43:05 Danni Renrik: “There are more than one type of magical ring.”

Jul 15 20:43:07 chrissofer “2. They also dismiss those doors, and all of the doors that are created by our magic.”

Jul 15 20:43:20 chrissofer She demonstrates by closing her door.

Jul 15 20:43:40 chrissofer “And 3. They identify the Grevolk household.”

Jul 15 20:44:02 chrissofer The ring glows with the Grevolk insignia, and then goes dark.

Jul 15 20:44:17 chrissofer “However, each member of our household can add… extras… To their ring.

Jul 15 20:44:48 chrissofer She gestures, and a glass of wine appears in her hand. She gestures again, and a bell rings over her head.

Jul 15 20:45:06 chrissofer “That said, this ring was worn by my brother in his… youth.”

Jul 15 20:45:11 chrissofer She frowns again.

Jul 15 20:45:11 Ember glances up at the bell.

Jul 15 20:45:21 chrissofer “I don’t know what he was doing with it.”

Jul 15 20:46:09 Ember “men are gross”

Jul 15 20:46:19 chrissofer She nods. “Quite.”

Jul 15 20:46:40 Dayra appraises gem stones

Jul 15 20:47:33 Danni Renrik: “That’s not disconcerting at all.”

Jul 15 20:47:35 Dayra `roll 1d20+5

Jul 15 20:47:36 GameServ Dayra rolled 1d20: 11 <Total: 11(+5) = 16>

Jul 15 20:47:51 chrissofer “Though I’m not quite worried about that. I’m more worried about his… shall we say… edgelord phase.”

Jul 15 20:49:52 Danni Renrik: “His edgelord phase?”

Jul 15 20:50:28 Dayra observes the ring thoroughly.

Jul 15 20:50:41 chrissofer “He had some run ins with Devils, I’ll be honest. Not too strong, but definitely of a more ventral alignment, shall we say. And well, it’s reasonable to assume the ring might have facilitated this connection.”

Jul 15 20:50:46 Dayra appraises ring.

Jul 15 20:50:48 chrissofer She sighs.

Jul 15 20:50:53 Dayra `roll 1d20+5

Jul 15 20:50:53 GameServ Dayra rolled 1d20: 3 <Total: 3(+5) = 8>

Jul 15 20:51:03 chrissofer “He was really into Cheliax for a while.”

Jul 15 20:52:42 todo listens intently but hopes there will be more details, also pulls out pipe and pets Aadya

Jul 15 20:52:49 Danni Renrik: “The Infernal realm. Wonderful…”

Jul 15 20:53:04 Ember “Don’t like that.”

Jul 15 20:53:11 chrissofer She clears her throat. “But, yes, we need this ring destroyed.”

Jul 15 20:53:31 chrissofer “No one must know of our connection, either. Can I trust You to be… discreet?

Jul 15 20:53:32 chrissofer

Jul 15 20:54:13 Danni Renrik: “We will do what we can. An item of that nature must be destroyed for the good of everyone.”

Jul 15 20:54:27 Ember mumbles to herself: “yeah super easy walking around with a insignia replica on our persons. Totally.”

Jul 15 20:54:48 chrissofer She eyes You all. “Remember, my brother currently serves on the Council. No one must hear that this wizard might be conspiring with devils because of us.”

Jul 15 20:55:13 chrissofer She looks at Ember.

Jul 15 20:55:34 chrissofer “I mean, just don’t let anyone see it. Like, say, a special plate… or an amulet.”

Jul 15 20:55:37 chrissofer She winks.

Jul 15 20:55:40 Danni Briar: “Which is why we’re getting paid so fucking much.”

Jul 15 20:55:49 Ember tufts up like an alarmed cat.

Jul 15 20:55:55 chrissofer To Briar: “Indeed.”

Jul 15 20:56:08 Danni Briar: “It’s not that you’re expecting us to die, just that you want us to keep our mouths shut.”

Jul 15 20:56:45 chrissofer She looks aghast. “Die? Heavens, no. I’ve taken a shine to You all; You brought my diviner back to me.”

Jul 15 20:57:15 Dayra studies the map.

Jul 15 20:57:26 chrissofer “Just be swift and silent, and solve this situation as secretly as possible.

Jul 15 20:57:33 Danni Briar: “You get paid that much for a job, usually the chance of dying is high.”

Jul 15 20:58:11 Dayra roll knowledge geography.

Jul 15 20:58:27 Dayra `roll 1d20+6

Jul 15 20:58:27 GameServ Dayra rolled 1d20: 7 <Total: 7(+6) = 13>

Jul 15 20:59:26 chrissofer She looks sorrowfully at Briar. “Oh, I’m sorry You’ve found work in such dangerous climes, then. My jobs will not be so dangerous, at least without an army at Your back.”

Jul 15 20:59:40 todo “Puts a few biscuits in her pocket. and finishes off her milk”

Jul 15 20:59:46 Dayra “We should be able to reach the tower before night fall.”

Jul 15 21:00:23 todo RETCON: /me puts biscuits in pockets and finishes off milk.

Jul 15 21:01:52 chrissofer “Are You off, then?” She smiles, and You look down, shocked to see the servants have cleared away most of the table already.

Jul 15 21:02:08 Ember stuffs literally everything still in reach into her pockets.

Jul 15 21:02:20 Ember #foodwise

Jul 15 21:02:23 Danni Renrik looks around the room and to see the level of people’s preparedness.

Jul 15 21:02:40 Danni Briar shrugs.

Jul 15 21:02:49 todo checks to make sure she has all her things

Jul 15 21:02:54 todo does

Jul 15 21:03:00 Ember “I need to get my stuff.”

Jul 15 21:03:18 Dayra “I as well.”

Jul 15 21:03:22 todo rolls eyes and follows Ember to help

Jul 15 21:03:32 Danni Renrik: “Let us all get our belongings and then meet at the door.”

Jul 15 21:03:40 Ember “Yeah!”

Jul 15 21:03:48 Ember dashes off

Jul 15 21:03:59 Danni The orc bros go to their room and collect their stuff.

Jul 15 21:03:59 chrissofer “Sounds good. I look forward to Your return.”

Jul 15 21:04:09 Dayra “Will our horses await us?”

Jul 15 21:04:11 todo “ha door…we’re probably going to be sick of that word by the end of this.

Jul 15 21:05:26 chrissofer “Are You not taking them? It will be faster to ride there.”

Jul 15 21:05:50 Dayra “I meant, should we proceed to the stables?”

Jul 15 21:06:06 Danni The orc bros wait at the front door to meet with the group and then proceed to the stables.

Jul 15 21:06:15 chrissofer She looks dumbfounded. “Yyyes? They are right outside, in the courtyard.

Jul 15 21:06:17 chrissofer

Jul 15 21:06:47 chrissofer She whispers to her servants. “We did stable those stray horses, yes?”

Jul 15 21:07:01 Ember shoves all of her things back into her bag, puts on her armor and shoes, and drags the bag toward the front door.

Jul 15 21:07:38 Dayra retrieves her armor, bandolier, and weapons before joining the others.

Jul 15 21:07:46 todo “That bag is bigger than you”

Jul 15 21:10:02 Ember “So?”

Jul 15 21:10:26 chrissofer The party makes it safely to the tower in question in a little over an hour.

Jul 15 21:10:32 todo “so…why do you need it?”

Jul 15 21:10:39 Ember “it has all my stuff in it.”

Jul 15 21:11:05 Danni Renrik and Briar look at the town in question.

Jul 15 21:11:19 Dayra “Here we are.”

Jul 15 21:11:22 todo “Wow we arrived her pretty fast…almost freakishly”

Jul 15 21:11:26 todo *here

Jul 15 21:11:57 Dayra “That map was poorly proportioned.”

Jul 15 21:12:17 Ember “or our horses are faster than yours.”

Jul 15 21:12:58 chrissofer The tower is made of engraved flourite. It seems to be about 5 stories high, and looms in the distance before You. Each floor is lit in a different color.

Jul 15 21:13:16 Dayra rolls perception

Jul 15 21:13:30 Dayra `roll 1d20+6

Jul 15 21:13:30 GameServ Dayra rolled 1d20: 3 <Total: 3(+6) = 9>

Jul 15 21:13:35 Danni perception check

Jul 15 21:13:50 Danni `roll 1d20+7

Jul 15 21:13:50 GameServ Danni rolled 1d20: 7 <Total: 7(+7) = 14>

Jul 15 21:14:04 Danni `roll 1d20+3

Jul 15 21:14:05 GameServ Danni rolled 1d20: 16 <Total: 16(+3) = 19>

Jul 15 21:14:25 Ember `roll 1d20+6

Jul 15 21:14:25 GameServ Ember rolled 1d20: 8 <Total: 8(+6) = 14>

Jul 15 21:17:49 Dayra squints.

Jul 15 21:17:58 Ember “ew, is the tower breathing?”

Jul 15 21:18:19 todo “i dunno is it?”

Jul 15 21:18:49 Ember “Air goes in and out.”

Jul 15 21:18:58 Ember demonstrates by breathing drmatically a few times.

Jul 15 21:18:58 Danni Renrik: “That is unsettling.”

Jul 15 21:19:02 todo “Wind?”

Jul 15 21:19:13 Ember “Wind goes one way dumbass.”

Jul 15 21:19:30 todo “it can bounced back.”

Jul 15 21:19:40 Ember “bounce?”

Jul 15 21:19:51 todo blows smoke against her hand as example

Jul 15 21:20:28 chrissofer Todo looks real cool doin smoke tricks.

Jul 15 21:20:32 Ember “Ew, so there’s a barrier??”

Jul 15 21:20:32 Danni Renrik: “The cloud is coming from inside the tower. It isn’t breathing.”

Jul 15 21:21:04 Danni Renrik: “Also it looks like there is a trap door in the rock outcropping on the side.”

Jul 15 21:21:09 todo “You’re a cloud.”

Jul 15 21:21:16 Danni Renrik points to the outcropping.

Jul 15 21:21:41 chrissofer `roll 1d100

Jul 15 21:21:41 GameServ chrissofer rolled 1d100: 59 <Total: 59>

Jul 15 21:21:45 Ember “That sounds like a way in.”

Jul 15 21:21:58 chrissofer You all hear - and feel - a rumbling in the distance.

Jul 15 21:22:04 Dayra “Should we leave our horses here to approach?”

Jul 15 21:22:36 Danni Renrik: “Yes lets tie them to the trees here.”

Jul 15 21:22:56 Danni The orc bros dismount and secure their horses.

Jul 15 21:23:28 Dayra follows suit, choosing a nook of trees that will obscure the animals from sight and hopefully protect a bit from rain.

Jul 15 21:23:36 todo casts detect snares and pits. and does a look around.

Jul 15 21:24:02 chrissofer perception roll

Jul 15 21:24:13 Ember realizes she’s been left behind and hurries to catch up, hooking her horses with the others.

Jul 15 21:25:32 Ember leaves her back pack behind, but takes her crossbow and ten darts - her other weapons already on her belt.

Jul 15 21:26:04 todo backs her horse up, and slides down. “hey guys there’s a pool of quicksand around the tower, and a pitfall trap off to the side of the trap door.”

Jul 15 21:27:02 Danni Renrik: “Is it encircling all of the tower?”

Jul 15 21:27:58 Ember “We’d have to go around to find out.”

Jul 15 21:29:29 todo “Ember, come with me i’m going on the ground next to the quick sand, tell me how many Todos it is wide”

Jul 15 21:29:30 Ember dashes off toward the tower, wanting to try her luck at the pitfall trap.

Jul 15 21:30:03 Danni Renrik: “Is there quicksand around the outcropping?”

Jul 15 21:30:22 chrissofer GOD SAYS NO

Jul 15 21:30:30 todo “I think can jump 4 Todo’s”

Jul 15 21:30:41 Danni Renrik swears and runs after Ember.

Jul 15 21:31:15 Danni Renrik: “Go to the Rock Outcropping!”

Jul 15 21:31:25 Ember swerves toward the rock outcropping.

Jul 15 21:31:57 Danni Briar sighs.

Jul 15 21:32:02 todo “Ugh.” throws arms down

Jul 15 21:32:13 Danni Briar: “For fucks sakes.”

Jul 15 21:32:33 Danni Briar takes out his great axe and walks after Renrik and Ember.

Jul 15 21:34:51 Ember slides to a stop a few yards away from the trap door, looking around for the trigger.

Jul 15 21:35:06 chrissofer REFLEX SAVE ember

Jul 15 21:35:20 Ember `roll 1d20+6

Jul 15 21:35:20 GameServ Ember rolled 1d20: 10 <Total: 10(+6) = 16>

Jul 15 21:35:29 chrissofer SUCCESS

Jul 15 21:35:58 chrissofer You manage to stop juuuuuuuuust short of the trap, as You feel the ground begin to fall away from Your next step.

Jul 15 21:36:08 Danni Renrik: “Oh thank Milani she didn’t fall in.”

Jul 15 21:36:16 Ember stumbles back, nearly dropping her croissant.

Jul 15 21:36:20 todo waks over to Ember, moving her hands as if measuring and appears to be arguing with herself

Jul 15 21:36:39 todo *walks

Jul 15 21:36:49 Danni Briar catches up to the idiots.

Jul 15 21:37:14 chrissofer You are all in front of the pitfall trap in front of the trap door.

Jul 15 21:37:32 Ember “Well, technically, I did it.”

Jul 15 21:37:52 todo “Did what?”

Jul 15 21:37:58 Ember “Got it open.”

Jul 15 21:38:11 todo slow claps

Jul 15 21:38:31 Ember bows.

Jul 15 21:38:48 Danni Renrik takes out his Morningstar and walks around the pitfall trap to the trap door and checks it out.

Jul 15 21:38:58 Danni perception roll for the door.

Jul 15 21:39:04 chrissofer The trap door is locked, and has a hand print on the front.

Jul 15 21:39:14 Danni `roll 1d20+3

Jul 15 21:39:14 GameServ Danni rolled 1d20: 14 <Total: 14(+3) = 17>

Jul 15 21:39:24 Dayra trails carefully after the others, ears and eyes peeled to their surroundings.

Jul 15 21:40:17 todo “Whats the hand print about?”

Jul 15 21:40:45 todo perception roll, the door

Jul 15 21:41:02 todo 11

Jul 15 21:41:10 Danni Renrik: “The door says “You can let Yourself in if I’m too busy to get the door. I will come down once I’ve noticed.””

Jul 15 21:41:22 Ember “Inviting.”

Jul 15 21:41:34 Danni Renrik: “So we can get in, but it will alert the wizard.”

Jul 15 21:41:43 Ember “Do we want to alert the wizard?”

Jul 15 21:41:51 Danni Briar: “Like your yelling already hasn’t…”

Jul 15 21:41:53 todo “Pretty sure…no?”

Jul 15 21:41:54 Ember “I feel like the probably have the ring.”

Jul 15 21:42:24 Danni Renrik: “Do you want to deal with the quicksand?”

Jul 15 21:42:53 Ember “Deal how?”

Jul 15 21:43:01 Danni Briar: “We don’t have any kobold corpses lying around.”

Jul 15 21:43:58 todo “hilarious”

Jul 15 21:45:00 Danni Briar: “I’ll see if there is quicksand all around the tower.”

Jul 15 21:46:57 Ember “Take me with!”

Jul 15 21:47:16 Danni stealth roll

Jul 15 21:47:26 Danni `roll 1d20-3

Jul 15 21:47:26 GameServ Danni rolled 1d20: 7 <Total: 7(-3) = 4>

Jul 15 21:47:37 Ember `roll 1d20+3

Jul 15 21:47:37 GameServ Ember rolled 1d20: 17 <Total: 17(+3) = 20>

Jul 15 21:48:27 Danni Briar tromps around the tower.

Jul 15 21:48:38 Ember glares, incredulous and affronted.

Jul 15 21:49:48 chrissofer They may have noticed.

Jul 15 21:50:20 Danni Briar perception roll to see if quicksand is all around the tower.

Jul 15 21:50:27 Ember picks up a rock to throw at the orc for being so noisy.

Jul 15 21:50:40 chrissofer The quicksand is indeed encircling the entire tower.

Jul 15 21:50:59 chrissofer Ember roll ranged attack roll.

Jul 15 21:51:47 todo “Aadya, try jumping across and getting in to the tower maybe there an old bench or something, try and bring back a big plank of wood.”

Jul 15 21:51:55 Danni Briar mutters to himself and starts to walk back to the group once he sees that the tower is indeed encircling the entire tower.

Jul 15 21:52:37 Ember `roll 1d20

Jul 15 21:52:38 GameServ Ember rolled 1d20: 2 <Total: 2>

Jul 15 21:52:55 chrissofer The rock goes wayyyyy off, and bounces off the tower.

Jul 15 21:53:12 Ember is too angry to try again.

Jul 15 21:53:14 Danni Briar turns around.

Jul 15 21:53:19 chrissofer It lands in the quicksand, and begins slowly sinking within the goopey mass around the tower.

Jul 15 21:53:30 chrissofer RIP in peace, rock.

Jul 15 21:53:31 Danni Briar: “Fucking really?”

Jul 15 21:53:47 Ember pantomimes shutting up and fucking himself.”

Jul 15 21:54:02 Danni He shakes his head and keeps heading back to the group.

Jul 15 21:54:23 Danni He flips her off over his shoulder.

Jul 15 21:55:16 Danni Briar: “I’d be able to masturbate if you weren’t around all the fucking time.”

Jul 15 21:55:37 todo “Gross”

Jul 15 21:55:42 Ember “Disgusting!”

Jul 15 21:56:02 todo rolls perception to find birds

Jul 15 21:56:18 todo 11

Jul 15 21:59:35 Danni Renrik: “For fucks sakes Briar.”

Jul 15 21:59:54 Danni Renrik: “That’s not something everyone needs to know.”

Jul 15 22:00:13 Danni Briar: “I haven’t fucking jerked off in days.”

Jul 15 22:00:21 Dayra covers ears.

Jul 15 22:00:41 todo “la la la la la “ covers ears

Jul 15 22:01:01 Danni Renrik pales as he realizes that the rest of the group can hear them.

Jul 15 22:01:20 todo casts commune with birds

Jul 15 22:01:31 Danni He switches to orc and starts whisper yelling at his brother.

Jul 15 22:02:00 chrissofer In the midst of this mental masturbation about self-gratification, with a plank of wood longer than Briar.

Jul 15 22:02:31 chrissofer RETCON

Jul 15 22:03:19 chrissofer In the midst of this mental masturbation about self-gratification, Aadya runs off into the distance. In a few moments, she returns with a plank of wood longer than Briar.

Jul 15 22:04:35 todo “man nest?” she tweeks hoping they understand

Jul 15 22:05:25 chrissofer The birds perk up and begin tweeting at each other.

Jul 15 22:06:19 Danni The orc bros are still arguing.

Jul 15 22:06:31 Danni Now with hand gestures.

Jul 15 22:06:42 chrissofer Aadya graciously lays the plank against Todo, who is deep in concentration, awaiting her response.

Jul 15 22:07:41 Ember pokes Dayra in the side. “Can I have your rope?”

Jul 15 22:07:48 Dayra “For what purpose?”

Jul 15 22:07:54 Ember points at the tower.”

Jul 15 22:08:51 Danni Renrik: “There is a door right fucking there.”

Jul 15 22:09:08 Danni Briar: “Just because you saw it doesn’t mean you have to go in it.”

Jul 15 22:09:08 Ember “So you walk to it.”

Jul 15 22:09:31 Dayra “Will you return or replace my rope?”

Jul 15 22:09:34 Ember “Sure.”

Jul 15 22:09:53 Dayra “Alright.”

Jul 15 22:10:04 Dayra unloops the rope from her shoulder, handing it off.

Jul 15 22:10:10 Ember finds a big ol’ rock.

Jul 15 22:10:14 Danni Renrik: “That’s what this conversation needs, another illusion to intercourse.”

Jul 15 22:10:48 Danni Briar: “You made it the dick joke.”

Jul 15 22:11:19 todo “winged ones that arnt birds?”

Jul 15 22:11:20 Ember ties the rope around the rock and throws the rock at the closest window.

Jul 15 22:11:50 chrissofer SMASH

Jul 15 22:12:15 todo picks up plank of wood and flops it across quick sand mote.”

Jul 15 22:12:21 chrissofer The rock lands inside the tower.

Jul 15 22:12:35 chrissofer It lands, and begins to slowly sink.

Jul 15 22:12:43 todo “Be careful of the windows they’re friends with creatures that fly.”

Jul 15 22:12:51 Danni The orcs stop their fight abruptly and turn to see what the rest of the group is up to.

Jul 15 22:12:51 Ember pulls rope slowly, like a fishing line, hoping to get stuck on something.

Jul 15 22:13:08 Danni Renrik and Briar: “For fucks sakes.”

Jul 15 22:13:42 chrissofer Roll a DEX check, Ember.

Jul 15 22:13:48 chrissofer Unless You have a skill to apply.

Jul 15 22:14:03 Ember `roll 1d20+2

Jul 15 22:14:03 Danni `roll 1d20+7

Jul 15 22:14:03 GameServ Ember rolled 1d20: 12 <Total: 12(+2) = 14>

Jul 15 22:14:03 GameServ Danni rolled 1d20: 11 <Total: 11(+7) = 18>

Jul 15 22:14:45 chrissofer Danielle rolling for judging stability of the plank for crossing.

Jul 15 22:15:20 todo tests board’s response time to her weight and how long it takes to raise above the quick sand again.

Jul 15 22:15:59 Danni Briar: “Well it was going to maybe just hold us long enough to cross.”

Jul 15 22:16:39 todo “You do take big steps. Why not give us a lift then huh?”

Jul 15 22:16:46 Ember gasps, excited.

Jul 15 22:17:27 Danni Briar grabs Todo and walks across the plank and sets her down where its safe.

Jul 15 22:17:35 Ember tugs again to be sure, and then leap-swings, climbing up the rope as fast as she can - trying not to get stuck in the sand before landing against the tower.

Jul 15 22:18:56 Danni Renrik sighs and walks across the plank.

Jul 15 22:19:24 chrissofer The plank is about 1/3 sunk into the quicksand.

Jul 15 22:19:54 chrissofer RETCON

Jul 15 22:19:59 chrissofer 2/3 sunk into quicksand

Jul 15 22:20:07 Dayra hesitates a moment, staring at Ember, and then dashes across the board before it vanishes.

Jul 15 22:20:26 Ember rolls acrobatics.

Jul 15 22:20:40 Ember `roll 1d20+4

Jul 15 22:20:40 GameServ Ember rolled 1d20: 15 <Total: 15(+4) = 19>

Jul 15 22:20:45 chrissofer SUCCESS

Jul 15 22:20:49 chrissofer You are at the window.

Jul 15 22:20:53 chrissofer REFLEX SAVE

Jul 15 22:20:56 Ember fist pumps.

Jul 15 22:20:57 chrissofer At -2

Jul 15 22:21:17 Ember `roll 1d20+4

Jul 15 22:21:17 GameServ Ember rolled 1d20: 4 <Total: 4(+4) = 8>

Jul 15 22:21:48 chrissofer Three hands grab ember by part of her clothing, dragging her inside along with her rope.

Jul 15 22:22:00 Ember screams.

Jul 15 22:22:01 chrissofer Womp womp

Jul 15 22:22:13 Danni Renrik: “Fuck.”

Jul 15 22:23:23 Danni Renrik takes out his Morningstar and smashes the door into the tower while yelling.

Jul 15 22:23:53 Danni “We should have just fucking used the fucking door we fucking found earlier.”

Jul 15 22:24:29 Dayra tucks herself against the side of the tower, shield and hammer at the ready.

Jul 15 22:25:33 chrissofer Roll 3 damages for the morningstar.

Jul 15 22:26:16 Danni `roll 1d8+2

Jul 15 22:26:16 GameServ Danni rolled 1d8: 6 <Total: 6(+2) = 8>

Jul 15 22:26:29 Danni `roll 1d8+2

Jul 15 22:26:29 GameServ Danni rolled 1d8: 3 <Total: 3(+2) = 5>

Jul 15 22:26:36 Danni `roll 1d8+2

Jul 15 22:26:36 GameServ Danni rolled 1d8: 8 <Total: 8(+2) = 10>

Jul 15 22:27:14 chrissofer The door shatters the second time, and the rest falls with the third.

Jul 15 22:27:20 chrissofer The door is no more.

Jul 15 22:27:24 chrissofer Poor door

Jul 15 22:28:15 Dayra murmurs, “Oh”

Jul 15 22:28:16 Danni Renrik: “I’m here for the Halfling!” he bellows.

Jul 15 22:29:00 chrissofer Intimidation roll, Renrik.

Jul 15 22:29:04 chrissofer With +2

Jul 15 22:29:19 Danni Briar: “I think he’s angry.”

Jul 15 22:29:48 Danni Renrik uses Enhanced diplomacy.

Jul 15 22:30:04 Ember `roll 1d20+6

Jul 15 22:30:04 GameServ Ember rolled 1d20: 20 <Total: 20(+6) = 26>

Jul 15 22:30:29 Danni `roll 1d20+4

Jul 15 22:30:29 GameServ Danni rolled 1d20: 7 <Total: 7(+4) = 11>

Jul 15 22:30:42 Danni Briar: “Maybe not that angry.”

Jul 15 22:31:14 Danni Briar pats his brother on the shoulder.

Jul 15 22:31:38 chrissofer Briar intimidate, no +2 because of cute brother.

Jul 15 22:31:44 Danni Briar intimidation roll.

Jul 15 22:32:00 Danni `roll 1d20+6

Jul 15 22:32:00 GameServ Danni rolled 1d20: 15 <Total: 15(+6) = 21>

Jul 15 22:32:17 chrissofer The tower is scared of You.

Jul 15 22:32:23 chrissofer (And that’ll carry forward.

Jul 15 22:32:24 chrissofer )

Jul 15 22:32:30 Danni Briar does his best war cry.

Jul 15 22:33:33 Dayra `roll 1d20+6

Jul 15 22:33:33 GameServ Dayra rolled 1d20: 15 <Total: 15(+6) = 21>

Jul 15 22:33:52 Ember `roll 1d20+6

Jul 15 22:33:52 GameServ Ember rolled 1d20: 9 <Total: 9(+6) = 15>

Jul 15 22:36:26 chrissofer What do You do?

Jul 15 22:36:44 Dayra “The wizard,” Dayra whisper-shouts, pointing at the bars separating them. “And two swords. There are more coming.”

Jul 15 22:37:14 Dayra turns to Renrik, “Can you stop the caster?”

Jul 15 22:39:41 Danni Renrik: “The only spells I have are cure spells and others to help.”

Jul 15 22:39:55 Danni Renrik casts Divine Favor.

Jul 15 22:41:34 chrissofer Success.

Jul 15 22:43:29 Ember `roll 1d20+1

Jul 15 22:43:29 GameServ Ember rolled 1d20: 16 <Total: 16(+1) = 17>

Jul 15 22:46:09 Ember `roll 1d20+2

Jul 15 22:46:09 GameServ Ember rolled 1d20: 14 <Total: 14(+2) = 16>

Jul 15 22:46:19 Ember `roll 1d6

Jul 15 22:46:19 GameServ Ember rolled 1d6: 5 <Total: 5>

Jul 15 22:46:24 Ember Total: 19

Jul 15 22:46:34 Ember RETCON: 21

Jul 15 22:46:35 chrissofer Total: 21

Jul 15 22:46:40 Ember #fuckmath

Jul 15 22:53:43 Ember `roll d20+3

Jul 15 22:53:43 GameServ *Syntax: XdY [ {- + * /} Z ]*{: .irc-roll}

Jul 15 22:53:50 Ember `roll 1d20+3

Jul 15 22:53:50 GameServ Ember rolled 1d20: 12 <Total: 12(+3) = 15>

Jul 15 22:55:30 Ember `roll 1d20+2

Jul 15 22:55:31 GameServ Ember rolled 1d20: 18 <Total: 18(+2) = 20>

Jul 15 22:57:36 chrissofer `roll 2d4

Jul 15 22:57:36 GameServ chrissofer rolled 2d4: 4 3 <Total: 7>

Jul 15 22:58:23 Ember `roll 1d20+5

Jul 15 22:58:23 GameServ Ember rolled 1d20: 4 <Total: 4(+5) = 9>

Jul 15 23:01:01 chrissofer `roll 1d2

Jul 15 23:01:01 GameServ chrissofer rolled 1d2: 1 <Total: 1>

Jul 15 23:04:37 Ember `roll 1d20+5

Jul 15 23:04:37 GameServ Ember rolled 1d20: 17 <Total: 17(+5) = 22>

Jul 15 23:29:21 Dayra has quit (Quit: ajax IRC Client)

Jul 15 23:36:55 Danni has quit (Quit: ajax IRC Client)

Jul 15 23:52:38 chrissofer `roll 1d20+4

Jul 15 23:52:38 GameServ chrissofer rolled 1d20: 17 <Total: 17(+4) = 21>

Jul 15 23:53:00 chrissofer `roll 1d20+2

Jul 15 23:53:00 GameServ chrissofer rolled 1d20: 12 <Total: 12(+2) = 14>

Jul 15 23:58:44 Ember `roll 1d20+7

Jul 15 23:58:44 GameServ Ember rolled 1d20: 6 <Total: 6(+7) = 13>

Jul 15 23:59:26 chrissofer `roll 1d20+1

Jul 15 23:59:27 GameServ chrissofer rolled 1d20: 6 <Total: 6(+1) = 7>

Jul 16 00:03:00 Ember `roll d20+6

Jul 16 00:03:00 GameServ *Syntax: XdY [ {- + * /} Z ]*{: .irc-roll}

Jul 16 00:03:07 Ember `roll 1d20+6

Jul 16 00:03:07 GameServ Ember rolled 1d20: 4 <Total: 4(+6) = 10>

Jul 16 00:04:36 Ember `roll 2d6

Jul 16 00:04:36 GameServ Ember rolled 2d6: 3 3 <Total: 6>

Jul 16 00:05:34 Ember `roll 1d20+2

Jul 16 00:05:34 GameServ Ember rolled 1d20: 3 <Total: 3(+2) = 5>

Jul 16 00:07:22 Ember `roll 1d20+7

Jul 16 00:07:22 GameServ Ember rolled 1d20: 12 <Total: 12(+7) = 19>

Jul 16 00:18:07 Ember has quit (Quit: ajax IRC Client)

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