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Jul 21 18:16:40 Gwynn (Mibbit@184.90.pnr.suk) has joined

Jul 21 18:17:30 chrissofer GREETINGS GWYNN

Jul 21 18:17:37 Gwynn HEY

Jul 21 18:19:01 chrissofer Gwynnnnnn

Jul 21 18:19:13 chrissofer Okay

Jul 21 18:20:09 chrissofer So, what do You wanna buy?

Jul 21 18:33:49 Gwynn going around town looking for offensive spells

Jul 21 18:34:46 chrissofer You come upon a little cart encloaked in purple and green smoke. At it’s front is a burro with sharp red eyes, and on the top is a lithe, thin person wearing a full-body cloak over a black zentai costume.

Jul 21 18:36:08 chrissofer They pirouette in the air and land in front of You, bending over You slightly to look into Your eyes.

Jul 21 18:36:27 chrissofer A voice from back at the cart says, “Oh, what have we here? Looking to do some damage, are we?”

Jul 21 18:36:45 chrissofer The figure backs up to the cart and gestures to the leftmost panel hanging off of its side.

Jul 21 18:36:54 chrissofer “Well, here’s just the thing for You!”

Jul 21 18:37:12 chrissofer Hanging on the panel are the following scrolls, as near as You can tell:

Jul 21 18:39:30 chrissofer Magic Missle, True Strike, Burning Hands, Ironbeard, and Shocking Grasp.

Jul 21 18:40:48 Gwynn glances nonchalantly through the scrolls, making noncommittal noises

Jul 21 18:43:51 Gwynn “how much these going for nowadays?”

Jul 21 18:45:48 chrissofer “We only ask for a mere 125gp for each of these. And don’t worry… We have more copies on the burro.”

Jul 21 18:46:14 Gwynn whistles

Jul 21 18:49:39 Gwynn appraisal

Jul 21 18:49:41 Gwynn 10

Jul 21 18:50:18 chrissofer The scrolls look to be somewhere around 300gp in value.

Jul 21 18:52:08 Gwynn is skeptical but interested

Jul 21 18:52:40 Gwynn sense motive to see if seller is underselling

Jul 21 18:52:51 Gwynn 20

Jul 21 18:54:10 chrissofer The seller seems to be lying to You about what they are worth. (Nat 1)

Jul 21 18:55:39 Gwynn “seems inflation is hitting this town a little harder than most, since i’ve never seen these scrolls priced so high elsewhere”

Jul 21 18:56:05 chrissofer The figure contorts their body in an expression of surprise.

Jul 21 18:56:25 chrissofer “Oh, whatever do You mean?” Says the disembodied voice. “What do You think they are worth?”

Jul 21 18:56:52 chrissofer Determining Undercut

Jul 21 18:57:00 Gwynn 13 bluff

Jul 21 18:57:21 chrissofer 11 Sense Motive

Jul 21 18:58:52 Gwynn “from what i’ve seen none of these scrolls are worth more then 85gp”

Jul 21 18:59:15 chrissofer The figures hands silently slap against their cheeks.

Jul 21 19:00:03 chrissofer “Eighty Five! Well, now, that’s a fairly fallacious farce, even for a fence like us!”

Jul 21 19:00:23 chrissofer “We’ll go no lower than 110, each.”

Jul 21 19:00:40 Gwynn sighs

Jul 21 19:00:56 Gwynn “alright, you drive a hard bargain. i wouldn’t want to put you out”

Jul 21 19:01:15 Gwynn “i’ll take 5 missiles, 5 true strike, and 2 of the other 3”

Jul 21 19:01:49 chrissofer With a flair of dramatic body language, the figure retrieves those scrolls from the cart for You. Before handing them over, they extend their hand.

Jul 21 19:02:41 chrissofer “1760gp, please.”

Jul 21 19:03:43 Gwynn hands them 1760 gp

Jul 21 19:04:45 chrissofer The figure hands You the scrolls. “Now, fair lady, is there anything else we might help You with?”

Jul 21 19:05:19 Gwynn “do you deal in anything besides scrolls?”

Jul 21 19:06:36 chrissofer The figure’s head doesn’t move from looking towards You, but it kicks the side of the cart and a small tray pops out, revealing a small selection of potions.

Jul 21 19:06:59 Gwynn peruses potions

Jul 21 19:08:38 chrissofer Within the tray of potions sits:

Jul 21 19:11:03 chrissofer 6 potions of Cure Light Wounds, 2 potions of Ant Haul, 1 potion of Fly, 1 potion of Water Walk, 3 potions of Cure Moderate Wounds, 1 potion of Haste, and 2 potions of Cure Serious Wounds.

Jul 21 19:15:09 Gwynn “nice stock”

Jul 21 19:15:13 Gwynn “how much?”

Jul 21 19:15:42 chrissofer “For which group of potions, miss?”

Jul 21 19:16:15 Gwynn fly, water walk, moderate wounds, and haste”

Jul 21 19:16:52 chrissofer “One of each?”

Jul 21 19:17:09 Gwynn “yeh”

Jul 21 19:18:07 chrissofer Let’s say about 250pp.

Jul 21 19:18:18 chrissofer “Let’s say around 250pp”

Jul 21 19:18:56 Gwynn whistles

Jul 21 19:20:12 Gwynn “lets try fly and wounds, ye?”

Jul 21 19:20:59 chrissofer “Lets. That would be… Oh… How about 105pp?”

Jul 21 19:22:29 Gwynn “sounds decent, let’s deal”

Jul 21 19:24:24 Gwynn pulls out 105pp

Jul 21 19:25:13 chrissofer The figure claps, the money disappears, and a puff of smoke envelopes the cart and You for a second. Then, the smoke clears, the cart is gone, and the potions are on the ground in front of You.

Jul 21 19:26:08 Gwynn picks up potions

Jul 21 19:27:31 Gwynn goes looking for armor

Jul 21 19:27:47 chrissofer You find the perfect one. It looks like this:

Jul 21 19:32:14 Gwynn a nice chestnut brown color, it laces up the sides with extra thick cording with a deeper brown over the most vital parts, with loose forearm length sleeves that attach via grommets so theyre removable

Jul 21 19:32:42 Gwynn it has green threading throughout in vine and leaf-like patterns

Jul 21 19:32:56 chrissofer Awesome

Jul 21 19:33:25 chrissofer An old man comes up to You, noticing Your enthrallment, and asks, “Ah, looking for a tunic, mum?”

Jul 21 19:33:49 Gwynn “yes, kind sir. how much for this one?”

Jul 21 19:34:52 chrissofer He looks it over, pulls out a tag, and reads, “A mere 176gp, miss.”

Jul 21 19:35:14 Gwynn “fuck yeh lets do it”

Jul 21 19:36:58 chrissofer He laughs, takes Your money, and gestures to the changing… area… in the far back. It’s separated from the rest of the store with a thin black cloth,.

Jul 21 19:37:24 Gwynn walks over and changes into new tunic

Jul 21 19:37:47 chrissofer “Do You still want the old one, miss? Or are You looking to sell?”

Jul 21 19:38:37 Gwynn ‘‘i have no use for it anymore.”

Jul 21 19:38:42 Gwynn appraise tunic

Jul 21 19:38:52 Gwynn 22

Jul 21 19:39:19 chrissofer Reinforced tunics like Yours go for about 10sp, but this one is used, so probably about 8sp.

Jul 21 19:42:22 chrissofer “How much are You thinking, then?”

Jul 21 19:42:24 Gwynn “hows 10 sp sound?”

Jul 21 19:42:52 chrissofer “Oh, but it’s not brand new!” He says, looking it over and pointing out imperfections.

Jul 21 19:42:59 chrissofer “How about 7sp?”

Jul 21 19:43:45 Gwynn “8sp and we’ll call it done”

Jul 21 19:43:54 chrissofer “Fair, that’s fine.

Jul 21 19:43:55 chrissofer

Jul 21 19:44:41 Gwynn trades tunic for money

Jul 21 19:47:48 Gwynn “any good places to stay around here?”

Jul 21 19:47:48 chrissofer Gwynn, finished with her shopping, begins considering her options for the night.

Jul 21 19:48:47 chrissofer “Oh, sure, plenty.” He points You in the direction of the nearest Inn: The Wolf and Toad, in the Temple District.

Jul 21 19:49:03 Gwynn thanks the shop keeper and heads that way

Jul 21 19:49:25 chrissofer You arrive at the inn without incident.

Jul 21 19:49:28 chrissofer `roll 1d100

Jul 21 19:49:28 GameServ chrissofer rolled 1d100: 10 <Total: 10>

Jul 21 19:49:48 chrissofer Perception Check, Gwynn.

Jul 21 19:50:06 Gwynn 12

Jul 21 19:50:16 chrissofer The inn seems very lively tonight! :D

Jul 21 19:50:40 Gwynn goes to sit at bar and checks out surroundings

Jul 21 19:51:01 chrissofer The barkeep asks Your pleasures as she goes about cleaning the bar.

Jul 21 19:51:21 Gwynn asks about river whiskey

Jul 21 19:51:25 chrissofer There is a veritable throng of people here; This seems to be a very popular spot for a drink or a bed.

Jul 21 19:51:37 chrissofer “Oh, sure, we got it.”

Jul 21 19:51:44 Gwynn orders one

Jul 21 19:51:50 Gwynn asks after a room as well

Jul 21 19:52:48 chrissofer River whiskey comes out in a smokey wooden glass, and he grunts, “Rooms are nearly booked, but he have one for 3gp that’s still pretty nice.,

Jul 21 19:52:49 chrissofer

Jul 21 19:53:17 Gwynn “i would like that room please” and /me thanks for the drink

Jul 21 19:53:37 chrissofer He walks off, comes back, and asks for 4gp before handing You the key.

Jul 21 19:54:41 Gwynn hands over the money and takes the key, shoots the whiskey and goes upstairs

Jul 21 19:54:43 chrissofer You feel eyes on Your back for a second as You hear the door open and close.

Jul 21 19:54:59 Gwynn locks door

Jul 21 19:55:10 chrissofer The bedroom is nice and warm, with freshly laundered sheets and a washbasin and chamber pot.

Jul 21 19:55:31 Gwynn perception check for other side of door

Jul 21 19:55:50 Gwynn 10

Jul 21 19:56:23 chrissofer You hear the sounds of a lively inn coming from down the stairs, and hear the wind rustling trees outside Your window.

Jul 21 19:56:40 Gwynn casts keep watch before lying down to rest

Jul 21 19:56:47 Gwynn also heal check on self

Jul 21 19:59:12 Gwynn 1

Jul 21 19:59:33 chrissofer NAT 1

Jul 21 20:00:12 chrissofer You manage to pull a muscle in Your left leg as You are trying to care for Yourself.

Jul 21 20:00:32 Gwynn “dammit”

Jul 21 20:00:41 Gwynn massages leg

Jul 21 20:01:03 chrissofer The night has passed.

Jul 21 20:01:13 chrissofer It is 0800.

Jul 21 20:01:22 Gwynn rises

Jul 21 20:01:52 chrissofer Perception Check, Gwynn

Jul 21 20:01:54 Gwynn checks leg muscle, washes face, puts weapons back on and grabs bag full of stuff

Jul 21 20:02:04 Gwynn nat20

Jul 21 20:02:08 Gwynn 25

Jul 21 20:02:23 chrissofer You notice a ladder being pulled away from Your window.

Jul 21 20:02:35 Gwynn rushes to window

Jul 21 20:02:44 Gwynn yanks it open and glances down

Jul 21 20:04:02 chrissofer You see a shock of green hair running away with a short ladder.

Jul 21 20:04:20 Gwynn “hey you! asshole!”

Jul 21 20:04:38 Gwynn “someone stop that green haired freak!”

Jul 21 20:05:10 Gwynn quickly checks personal belongings to make sure nothing was stolen”

Jul 21 20:05:13 chrissofer The crowd below You looks up at You in Your nightclothes yelling into the street, before some begin looking around for a ‘green haired freak’ to stop.

Jul 21 20:06:09 chrissofer RETCON: She’s in her street clothes.

Jul 21 20:06:21 chrissofer Like in an RPG where they cannot animate blankets.

Jul 21 20:06:47 chrissofer All of Your stuff

Jul 21 20:06:49 chrissofer Is there.

Jul 21 20:07:01 chrissofer And seemingly untouched.

Jul 21 20:07:21 chrissofer What do You do?

Jul 21 20:08:45 Gwynn rushes downstairs and out of the building to find greeny

Jul 21 20:09:05 chrissofer The crowd has detained a small green haired woman carrying a basket of flowers.

Jul 21 20:09:58 Gwynn realizing her mistake not saying gender, thanks the bystanders for trying to help and apologizes to the woman

Jul 21 20:10:16 chrissofer “That’s alright dearie. I hope You find whoever You’re after.”

Jul 21 20:11:02 Gwynn self monologue

Jul 21 20:11:59 Gwynn “i knew that green haired bastard looked familiar! he was the same one who messed with me during my errand for Em. what is he doing here now? why is he following me specifically? im gonna find that little asshole”

Jul 21 20:12:23 Gwynn asks if anyone saw a green haired gnome possibly with a ladders?

Jul 21 20:12:32 chrissofer Diplomacy Check

Jul 21 20:12:47 Gwynn 8

Jul 21 20:13:58 chrissofer They murmur, but do not know of anyone carrying a Ladders x1 around here.

Jul 21 20:15:46 chrissofer has changed the topic to: Lacis Lycorma Session 16.9: Gwynn’s Night Out

Jul 21 20:15:55 Gwynn tries to track if any ladder prints or green sticking out from somewhere

Jul 21 20:16:08 chrissofer Survival check, Gwynn

Jul 21 20:16:24 Gwynn 16

Jul 21 20:17:46 chrissofer You track what You think is the trail of the Orom for a while, but eventually become turned around and lose it.

Jul 21 20:18:08 chrissofer Perception Check, Gwynn.

Jul 21 20:18:29 Gwynn 21

Jul 21 20:19:08 chrissofer You see a ladder being pulled onto the roof of a nearby three story building for a split second.

Jul 21 20:19:23 Gwynn chases after it

Jul 21 20:19:32 chrissofer Howso?

Jul 21 20:19:46 Gwynn runs at ladder, starts climbing building

Jul 21 20:19:57 Gwynn 20

Jul 21 20:21:20 chrissofer You are able to scale the side of the building with some great difficulty.

Jul 21 20:22:04 chrissofer Stealth Check.

Jul 21 20:22:35 Gwynn 17

Jul 21 20:22:58 chrissofer You make it to the roof, where Orom is already jumping to the next roof, ladderless.

Jul 21 20:23:08 chrissofer The ladder is at Your feet

Jul 21 20:24:07 Gwynn “hey!” /me grabs ladder quick and uses as bridge to next building

Jul 21 20:24:22 chrissofer You use the ladder as a makeshift bridge

Jul 21 20:24:29 chrissofer Acrobatics Check, Gwynn.

Jul 21 20:24:42 Gwynn 18

Jul 21 20:24:44 chrissofer SUCCESS

Jul 21 20:24:54 chrissofer You make it across. He is already on the next roof.

Jul 21 20:24:59 Gwynn picks up ladder and swings at gnome

Jul 21 20:25:08 Gwynn throws*

Jul 21 20:25:28 chrissofer Ranged Attack Roll for discusing the ladder at him.

Jul 21 20:26:43 Gwynn 20

Jul 21 20:27:31 chrissofer You manage to throw the ladder across to the next roof, but unfortunately just miss hitting Orom.

Jul 21 20:27:47 chrissofer However, he stops, hearing the ladder clattering behind him, and looks back at You, impressed.

Jul 21 20:28:22 Gwynn “why are you following me?!”

Jul 21 20:28:56 chrissofer He sneers a bit. “Why are You following me? Seems to be the better question right now…”

Jul 21 20:29:44 Gwynn “maybe because you caused me problems in Augustana and now you’re magically here too? what gives gnome?”

Jul 21 20:30:05 chrissofer He chuckles. “Ah, yes, the magic of horseback and camping.”

Jul 21 20:30:35 chrissofer “What problems did I cause You in Augustana?” He asks with the innocent way I deliver a lot of my answers as a DM.

Jul 21 20:30:44 chrissofer O:)

Jul 21 20:30:55 Gwynn “cut the bullshit buddy. you me and ladders keep coming up”

Jul 21 20:31:17 Gwynn “what do you want from me?”

Jul 21 20:31:46 chrissofer “Nothing right now, don’t worry. Just checking in on an investment of mine.”

Jul 21 20:32:00 chrissofer He smiles. “We’ll be in touch soon.”

Jul 21 20:32:05 Gwynn “cause that makes me feel at ease”

Jul 21 20:32:06 chrissofer And then, he vanishes.

Jul 21 20:32:13 Gwynn curses

Jul 21 20:32:18 Gwynn “great”

Jul 21 20:33:26 Gwynn peeks over edge for windows

Jul 21 20:33:40 chrissofer There’s a window with a large potted plant on the sill.

Jul 21 20:34:06 chrissofer RETCON: Open window

Jul 21 20:34:07 Gwynn “hello? anybody in there?”

Jul 21 20:34:54 chrissofer You see the shocked face of a dark skinned lady pop out of the window and peek up at You. “What are You doing up there? Was it You making all of the racket?”

Jul 21 20:35:19 Gwynn “yes, sorry about that. i was trying to catch a thief but he got away. may i come in?”

Jul 21 20:35:34 chrissofer Diplomacy Check, Gwynn

Jul 21 20:35:45 Gwynn 8

Jul 21 20:36:17 chrissofer She frowns. “Thief? Like You, maybe? Don’t come in, but do get down. I’ll call the guard otherwise.

Jul 21 20:36:49 Gwynn “makes sense. however, its rather difficult to get off a roof. do you have a rope i could borrow?”

Jul 21 20:37:26 Gwynn “just tie it to something within and ill use it to get down. you won’t have to fear me stealing it after”

Jul 21 20:37:44 chrissofer SECOND Diplomacy, with a -2

Jul 21 20:37:56 Gwynn 18

Jul 21 20:38:16 Gwynn 16

Jul 21 20:38:26 chrissofer RETCON: 16 is the real result

Jul 21 20:38:43 chrissofer She scoffs. “Fine, but be quick about it.”

Jul 21 20:38:53 chrissofer Soon, the rope is fed through the window and lowered.

Jul 21 20:38:54 Gwynn “much thanks”

Jul 21 20:39:05 Gwynn grabs rope and shimmies down

Jul 21 20:39:54 chrissofer You are now on the ground.

Jul 21 20:40:06 chrissofer It is now 1000.

Jul 21 20:40:35 Gwynn starts walking back toward estate to meet with group

Jul 21 20:42:23 chrissofer You make it back to the estate, but are unfortunately told that the group has set out already. However, Lady Grevolk is still lounging in the dining room, if You’d like to speak with her.

Jul 21 20:42:37 Gwynn sighs

Jul 21 20:42:45 Gwynn requests an audience with the Lady

Jul 21 20:43:08 chrissofer The servants bring You in, to find her lying in the middle of a dining table, surrounded by cakes.

Jul 21 20:43:25 chrissofer She looks up from her book, and greets You. “Well, hello there. Who are You?

Jul 21 20:43:44 Gwynn fights the urge to roll eyes

Jul 21 20:44:11 Gwynn “good morning, you may call me Gwynn, I’m looking for my friends who came in last night”

Jul 21 20:44:40 chrissofer “Gwynn, I see. Well met. Are You a member of their cadre? Would You care for some tea?”

Jul 21 20:45:15 Gwynn fights urge to glare

Jul 21 20:45:20 Gwynn “yes thank you”

Jul 21 20:45:54 chrissofer Her servants immediately surround You with tea, pulling a chair up behind You and sitting You at the table, directly in front of Lady Grevolk herself.

Jul 21 20:46:35 Gwynn fights urge to punch someone

Jul 21 20:46:45 Gwynn takes tea cup and sips

Jul 21 20:46:55 Gwynn “are they still asleep?”

Jul 21 20:46:56 chrissofer The tea is delicious and spicy.

Jul 21 20:47:49 chrissofer Lady Grevolk sips her tea quickly, and shakes her head. “Oh, no, they’ve set out on a little errand for me. A special, clandestine affair You needn’t be involved in, especially if You have not breakfasted yet.

Jul 21 20:47:52 chrissofer

Jul 21 20:48:09 Gwynn looks at her dumbfounded

Jul 21 20:48:23 Gwynn “why would they do that?”

Jul 21 20:49:07 chrissofer She looks back at her book. “Well, because I asked them to?” She pauses. “And they’re being paid, I suppose.”

Jul 21 20:49:23 Gwynn snorts

Jul 21 20:49:57 Gwynn “of course they are. they never take paying jobs when /i’m/ around but i leave for one minute and theyre off”

Jul 21 20:51:10 chrissofer Lady Grevolk chuckles at this.

Jul 21 20:51:51 Gwynn looks at the Lady

Jul 21 20:52:03 Gwynn “if i insisted on participating, may i know what theyre doing?”

Jul 21 20:52:08 chrissofer “Are You looking for work, then, Gwynn? I’m sure I could find something for You to do…”

Jul 21 20:52:29 Gwynn smiles tightly

Jul 21 20:52:46 chrissofer “Oh, of course!” She says. “Not a problem at all, You’ll just be playing a bit of catchup…” She motions to one of her servants, who runs off.

Jul 21 20:55:59 chrissofer “I do, however, need to know You can keep a secret. This must not get out, or my brother will be removed from the council and my family’s honor might be… impuned.” She locks eyes with You. “Can I expect an appropriate level of discretion from You?”

Jul 21 20:56:49 Gwynn levels eyes at her

Jul 21 20:56:52 Gwynn “of course”

Jul 21 20:58:07 chrissofer The servant returns with another pillow, on top of which is a ring and a map.

Jul 21 20:59:49 chrissofer “Before You is a map to the tower, and a replica of the ring in question (It’s nonmagical, we won’t make that mistake again).” She sighs. “The Grevolk family is know for our Rings of Insignia, which are enchanted and entrusted to each member upon our coming of age. They have three basic attributes:”

Jul 21 21:00:38 chrissofer “1. They can make doors that connect rooms from far away.” She gestures, and a door sprouts up from the ground at the end of the dining hall, opening into a lush bedroom with perfumes, bottles, and pillows visible through it’s opening.

Jul 21 21:00:52 chrissofer “2. They also dismiss those doors, and all of the doors that are created by our magic.”

Jul 21 21:02:34 chrissofer She demonstrates by closing her door, which sinks back into the ground, which is undamaged and clean.

Jul 21 21:02:45 chrissofer “And 3. They identify the Grevolk household.” The ring glows with the Grevolk insignia, and then goes dark.

Jul 21 21:02:51 chrissofer “However, each member of our household can add… extras… To their ring.”

Jul 21 21:03:04 chrissofer She gestures, and a glass of wine appears in her hand. She gestures again, and a bell rings over her head. A servant comes, but she dismisses them.

Jul 21 21:03:10 chrissofer “That said, this ring was worn by my brother in his… youth.”

Jul 21 21:03:17 chrissofer She frowns again.

Jul 21 21:03:36 chrissofer “I don’t know what he was doing with it.”

Jul 21 21:03:59 chrissofer “Though I’m not quite worried about that. I’m more worried about his… shall we say… edgelord phase.”

Jul 21 21:04:17 chrissofer She sighs, and resolves to tell You the story.

Jul 21 21:04:18 chrissofer “He had some run ins with Devils, I’ll be honest. Not too strong, but definitely of a more ventral alignment, shall we say. And well, it’s reasonable to assume the ring might have facilitated this connection.”

Jul 21 21:04:26 chrissofer “He was really into Cheliax for a while.”

Jul 21 21:04:37 chrissofer She clears her throat. “But, yes, we need this ring destroyed.”

Jul 21 21:04:53 Gwynn holds breath for a sec then releases

Jul 21 21:05:08 chrissofer She raises her eyebrows at this, but says nothing.

Jul 21 21:05:11 Gwynn “sounds fun. its in this tower?”

Jul 21 21:05:52 Gwynn “did he lose it or is he there as well?”

Jul 21 21:06:07 chrissofer “Ah, yes. It shouldn’t take too long to get to, either, though they may be in the tower already when You arrive.”

Jul 21 21:06:54 chrissofer “No, he’s not there!” She seems shocked at the very thought.

Jul 21 21:07:14 chrissofer “A wizard of some sort, I forget his name, has taken it and been using it against our wishes.

Jul 21 21:08:01 Gwynn “do you have any details about the wizard beyond his forgotten name?”

Jul 21 21:08:02 chrissofer “My brother’s ring went missing 6 years ago, though, so it’s not as tho he stole it. He probably found it somewhere.”

Jul 21 21:08:12 chrissofer She looks at You.

Jul 21 21:08:26 chrissofer “Well, he lives in a tower, and has a very important ring I need destroyed.”

Jul 21 21:09:02 Gwynn “i only ask because the more details we know the better to see if we can confront him peacefully or not”

Jul 21 21:09:14 Gwynn “and im sure my friends didnt ask”

Jul 21 21:10:21 chrissofer “I gave Your friends about… What was it?” She turns to her servants. They say something in a foreign language. “Ah, right, around 10000gp worth of gemstones. I can spare a few more, if needed… But will that be about enough?”

Jul 21 21:12:24 chrissofer “Well, he lives in the forest of the Darkmoon Vale, though he hasn’t lived there very long. It seems his other tower wasn’t enough for him, once he found our ring.” She pauses. “I have no proof that that’s the motivation, of course, but whatever the case, this guy hasn’t lived here long.”

Jul 21 21:13:10 chrissofer “Do You know something I don’t?” She asks, wise to this kind of questioning.

Jul 21 21:13:23 Gwynn “this is a weird question, but has there been any squid business?”

Jul 21 21:13:33 chrissofer “…Squid?”

Jul 21 21:13:40 chrissofer She asks, dumbfounded.

Jul 21 21:14:17 Gwynn “some wizards have certain odd preferences, for example, one i know of likes squids.”

Jul 21 21:14:41 chrissofer She confers with her servants for a second.

Jul 21 21:15:17 chrissofer “Not that we’ve heard, but it’s possible? Though I’d assume a …squid …enthusiast? Would live closer to the Sea.

Jul 21 21:15:28 Gwynn smiles

Jul 21 21:15:34 Gwynn “yes one would assume that”

Jul 21 21:15:42 chrissofer She smiles back.

Jul 21 21:15:52 chrissofer “So, do I have Your support, friend Gwynn?”

Jul 21 21:16:01 Gwynn “thank you for your help, im glad to join my friends on this adventure”

Jul 21 21:20:49 chrissofer “Ah, then, will You be needing any more payment? Or…?

Jul 21 21:20:51 chrissofer :

Jul 21 21:20:53 chrissofer

Jul 21 21:23:12 Gwynn “well, considering we don’t know the wizards level of danger, and we will be pretty much stealing from him since parting with a powerful magic device wouldnt be high on his to do list, we will probably be using a few special spells and potions. it wouldn’t go unappreciated to receive, say another 1000gp worth for supplies?”

Jul 21 21:24:48 chrissofer Diplomacy Check, Gwynn.

Jul 21 21:25:08 Gwynn 17

Jul 21 21:25:36 chrissofer She speaks with her servant, who runs off.

Jul 21 21:25:42 chrissofer “That seems fine by me.”

Jul 21 21:25:56 Gwynn smiles in appreciation

Jul 21 21:27:20 chrissofer The servant returns with a small bag, which they hold out to You. It is filled with gemstones, almost exactly worth 100pps.

Jul 21 21:28:03 Gwynn “many thanks”

Jul 21 21:28:31 chrissofer “Oh, no, thank You!” She says. “Best be on Your way, though, or You might not make it in time.”

Jul 21 21:28:38 chrissofer “Do You have a horse?”

Jul 21 21:28:52 Gwynn nods

Jul 21 21:29:47 Gwynn grabs a muffin and stands to leave

Jul 21 21:30:18 chrissofer “Safe travels, Friend Gwynn. And remember: Discretion!

Jul 21 21:30:26 chrissofer She says, watching You leave.

Jul 21 21:30:37 Gwynn waves back as exit

Jul 21 21:33:10 chrissofer Your horse is brought out to You, and You are waved off, leaving the Grevolk Estate and the City.

Jul 21 21:35:40 chrissofer What do You do?

Jul 21 21:36:11 Gwynn thinks about if need anything else before go to tower

Jul 21 21:36:24 Gwynn pulls out harrow cards

Jul 21 21:36:38 Gwynn does 3 check

Jul 21 21:37:39 Gwynn “how dangerous is this task?”

Jul 21 21:38:54 chrissofer Left Card: The Vision

Jul 21 21:38:54 chrissofer This is the chaotic neutral card of intelligence. It represents esoteric and arcane knowledge, or madness.[16]

Jul 21 21:42:01 chrissofer Middle: The Survivor

Jul 21 21:42:01 chrissofer This is the neutral good card of constitution. It represents a creature that has managed to survive a terrible ordeal, when everyone thought him lost.[11]

Jul 21 21:42:21 chrissofer Right: The Uprising

Jul 21 21:42:21 chrissofer This is the chaotic neutral card of strength. It represents overwhelming strength that catches the subject up in something much more powerful.[7]

Jul 21 21:43:05 Gwynn “well thats just great”

Jul 21 21:43:18 Gwynn mutters i bet Ember got into some shit already

Jul 21 21:43:32 chrissofer `roll 1d100

Jul 21 21:43:32 GameServ chrissofer rolled 1d100: 76 <Total: 76>

Jul 21 21:43:46 chrissofer You make it fine to the tower, without issue.

Jul 21 21:43:55 chrissofer Perception Check, Gwynn

Jul 21 21:44:03 Gwynn 8

Jul 21 21:45:44 chrissofer The tower is made of engraved flourite. It seems to be about 5 stories high, and looms in the distance before You. Each floor is lit in a different color.

Jul 21 21:46:09 chrissofer There is a small outcropping of rocks to the west of the tower.

Jul 21 21:47:03 chrissofer As You look closer, You see that there is a broken window in the first floor of the tower. Also, there are ~5 horses here, with packs on them. You recognize the packs as belonging to Your party.

Jul 21 21:47:34 chrissofer What do You do?

Jul 21 21:47:36 Gwynn dismounts horse and ties up with other horses

Jul 21 21:47:59 Gwynn checks packs for any useful potions or weapons

Jul 21 21:48:02 chrissofer The horse is tied. You see Ember’s bag here, which carries most of her effects.

Jul 21 21:50:00 chrissofer Ember’s bag has:

Jul 21 21:51:07 chrissofer 1 Backpack, 1 Bedroll, 1 Full Waterskin, 10 Torches, 5 Daily Rations, 1 Soap, 1 Mess Kit, 1 Iron Pot, and 25 Feet of Rope.

Jul 21 21:51:26 Gwynn takes rope

Jul 21 21:53:02 chrissofer Rope is taken.

Jul 21 21:54:00 Gwynn checks perimeter of tower for anything suspicious

Jul 21 21:55:30 chrissofer Perception Check, Gwynn

Jul 21 21:55:40 Gwynn 18

Jul 21 21:57:12 chrissofer You walk around the tower, and notice the broken window. It is broken in, as though someone threw something at the window to break it. There is no glass on the outside. There is also a 10ft wide area of quicksand extending out from the walls of the tower, with seemingly no way to avoid it while still getting inside. And, the front door is completely broken in.

Jul 21 22:05:49 Gwynn goes back to horse and unloads kit supplies into saddle bags

Jul 21 22:10:41 Gwynn takes out eggs and casts poison spell

Jul 21 22:18:12 Gwynn acid splash, detect magic, ray of frost, spark

Jul 21 22:18:26 Gwynn wave shield, unseen servant

Jul 21 22:26:56 Gwynn backpack is full of scrolls, potions, eggs, and other helpful stuff. rapier and daggers on person

Jul 21 22:27:38 chrissofer Gwynn has removed the following items:

Jul 21 22:28:35 chrissofer Bedroll, Ink, Inkpen, Iron Pot, Mess Kit, Soap, 5 Trail Rations (5 on person).

Jul 21 22:31:23 Gwynn walks up close to edge of quicksand with rope and casts unseen servant

Jul 21 22:31:52 chrissofer Unseen Servant is here.

Jul 21 22:32:28 Gwynn “take this rope to the window, climb through, and attach the rope to something solid”

Jul 21 22:32:42 Gwynn tie

Jul 21 22:32:46 chrissofer ?

Jul 21 22:33:18 chrissofer RETCON

Jul 21 22:33:30 chrissofer Gwynn said: “Take this rope to the window.”

Jul 21 22:33:39 chrissofer The unseen servant does.

Jul 21 22:34:06 Gwynn “go through the window with the rope”

Jul 21 22:34:14 chrissofer It does.

Jul 21 22:34:30 Gwynn “tie the rope end to something solid with weight”

Jul 21 22:34:31 chrissofer Perception Check.

Jul 21 22:34:38 Gwynn 17

Jul 21 22:34:51 chrissofer You hear sounds coming from inside, both arcane and metal.

Jul 21 22:35:30 Gwynn casts detect magic

Jul 21 22:35:58 chrissofer Conjuration Magic on the other side of the window, and Abjuration Magic off to the side.

Jul 21 22:36:17 chrissofer The right side.

Jul 21 22:38:14 Gwynn “tie the rope to a heavy object”

Jul 21 22:38:38 chrissofer The rope is wiggling for a moment, and then stops moving.

Jul 21 22:38:51 Gwynn gently yanks rope to see if secure

Jul 21 22:39:16 chrissofer It goes slightly taut two times, seemingly attached.

Jul 21 22:39:35 Gwynn “hold object down”

Jul 21 22:39:48 chrissofer Nothing changes that You can see.

Jul 21 22:39:56 Gwynn takes breath

Jul 21 22:40:05 Gwynn starts walking over quicksand

Jul 21 22:44:06 chrissofer The warm, gooey mass of liquid beneath Your brown knee high boots, which sink below the surface quickly, and are filled just as fast. You hold onto the rope as Your legs become engulfed as well: It feels like slowly entering a warm lake in long pants, though thicker, with the water and quicksand clinging to Your skin through Your clothes.

Jul 21 22:46:33 chrissofer Swim Check with +5 for the rope.

Jul 21 22:46:51 Gwynn 14

Jul 21 22:47:53 chrissofer After a few minutes You are halfway sunk, Your butt fully submerged beneath the quicksand… but You’re nearly across. You pull Yourself up onto solid land using the rope, and lie there for a second to collect Yourself.

Jul 21 22:48:12 Gwynn breathes

Jul 21 22:49:06 Gwynn takes shoes off and knocks sand out real quick

Jul 21 22:52:03 chrissofer The sand comes out, though Your clothes are still wet and dirty.

Jul 21 22:52:43 Gwynn walks over to window and takes a sneaky peek into room

Jul 21 22:54:24 chrissofer The room is filled with people, some on one side of a cell-style door, and then the rest of the party… Minus Ember… On the other. They are both casting and brandishing weapons, seemingly ready to attack one another.

Jul 21 23:00:29 chrissofer Gwynn Stealth Check for sneaky peek

Jul 21 23:00:33 Gwynn 20

Jul 21 23:06:09 Gwynn has quit (Quit: ajax IRC Client)

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