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Jul 18 17:39:55 chrissofer You and Your three recently rescued rank of recruits descend into a lower level of the tower, deciding against expediency in favor of discovering and freeing whatever else is imprisoned here.

Jul 18 17:43:26 Ember turns to Tiny: “Know your way around down here?”

Jul 18 17:44:09 chrissofer He snorts, briefly looking around him. “No, they didn’t really give me a tour of the place when I got here. You?”

Jul 18 17:44:52 Ember shakes her head.

Jul 18 17:44:56 Ember perception check?

Jul 18 17:46:32 chrissofer First, You look around. There is a wooden door directly in front of You, and a hallway leading down to the east and curving north. All of the lights are still lit here, and there is absolutely no water on the ground.

Jul 18 17:49:22 Ember tries the door.

Jul 18 17:49:53 chrissofer The door is unlocked, it seems.

Jul 18 17:50:01 chrissofer Do You open it?

Jul 18 17:51:47 Ember Yes lol

Jul 18 17:52:06 chrissofer Reflex Save

Jul 18 17:52:40 Ember `roll 1d20+6

Jul 18 17:52:40 GameServ Ember rolled 1d20: 11 <Total: 11(+6) = 17>

Jul 18 17:53:53 chrissofer SUCCESS

Jul 18 17:55:20 chrissofer A pair of darts shoot out from the left side of the doorframe and into the right, directly in the space between Your belly and Your outstretched arm, with an ominous, nearly silent whizzing sound

Jul 18 17:56:04 Ember “Oh shit”

Jul 18 17:56:38 chrissofer Standing in the now open door, You can see this is some kind of laboratory: It has tables and beakers and boards dusted heavily with erased chalk in this language or that.

Jul 18 17:57:31 Ember (Any languages I know?)

Jul 18 17:57:46 chrissofer In the far side of the room there are three cages: two open, and empty save for some droppings and dried blood. In the final one is some kind of reptilian creature, passed out or sleeping on the floor of the cage.

Jul 18 17:58:17 chrissofer (There’s some common, but it is a bit above Your paygrade, so to speak. Very technical and overly scientific)

Jul 18 17:59:41 Ember “Lizard!”

Jul 18 18:00:07 Ember dashes across to the cage, looking for a latch.

Jul 18 18:02:26 chrissofer There’s no latch, though Your ejaculation does stir the beast. It stands on its four legs, its tail sweeping out from under it. You get a better look at it as it hisses at You in defense: this housecat-sized miniature dragon has fine scales, sharp horns, wicked little teeth, and a tail tipped with a barbed stinger.

Jul 18 18:03:08 chrissofer The rest of Your group files into the room too, most looking very cautious at the prospect of meeting a dragon straight out of prison.

Jul 18 18:10:11 Ember “Dibs”

Jul 18 18:10:21 Ember “Hello tiny baby.”

Jul 18 18:11:46 chrissofer The gnome strides up to You, and gazes upon the creature with mild interest. Tiny is interested in the notes and some of the concoctions left on the tables. The dwarf is not at all interested, though.

Jul 18 18:12:23 chrissofer “Eh, a pseudodragon? What were they trying to do with her, make her big?”

Jul 18 18:12:45 chrissofer The pseudodragon backs up a little and gets in position as if to pounce should You get too close.

Jul 18 18:15:10 Ember affronted, “Why does she need to be big?”

Jul 18 18:15:58 Ember kneels down by the cage and reaches hand out like she’s approaching a pet.

Jul 18 18:16:15 chrissofer The dwarf looks incredulous. “I mean, look at her! Even fully grown, they’re not much longer than You, lass- And that’s including her tail! What kind of terror could a creature like this cause?”

Jul 18 18:16:55 Ember “I managed pretty well so far.”

Jul 18 18:17:29 chrissofer Scoffing, the dwarf leaves You to Your folly.

Jul 18 18:18:10 Ember pulls a biscuit from her pocket to offer the dragon.

Jul 18 18:18:14 chrissofer The pseudodragon sniffs a moment, but doesn’t come closer to You. After a few moments, it begins licking its wounds, calming down as You do not seem likely to hurt it.

Jul 18 18:18:29 chrissofer Upon seeing You offer food, it immediately becomes much more interested.

Jul 18 18:18:50 Ember grins.

Jul 18 18:20:48 Ember “Come on, it’s okay.”

Jul 18 18:21:20 chrissofer It inches forward, towards You inch by inch, and then

Jul 18 18:23:03 chrissofer You hear a voice in Your head. One filled with fire, but distinctly feminine and strong

Jul 18 18:23:51 Ember perks.

Jul 18 18:24:26 Ember (Whatdiditsay)

Jul 18 18:24:41 chrissofer I s w e a r I w i l l e n d Y o u s h o u l d t h i s b e a t r i c k , y o u n g o n e .

Jul 18 18:24:57 Ember “Yesmam.”

Jul 18 18:25:00 chrissofer (Had to write a program to transform the text, sorry for the wait)

Jul 18 18:25:11 Ember (dasfine sorry for imaptience lol)

Jul 18 18:25:32 chrissofer It inches forward to You, and hesitatingly reaches a claw out to grab the proffered biscuit.

Jul 18 18:25:44 chrissofer Her eyes never leave Yours as she does this.

Jul 18 18:25:46 Ember “Sorry there’s no jam, it’s bad for pockets.”

Jul 18 18:26:08 chrissofer The biscuit firmly in her grasp, she retreats to the other side of the cage.

Jul 18 18:26:53 chrissofer “F o o d i s f o o d . I t ‘ s b e e n a l o n g t i m e s i n c e I ‘ v e e a t e n .”

Jul 18 18:27:31 chrissofer She looks over at You before eating the biscuit, holding it loosely in her claws.

Jul 18 18:28:02 chrissofer “I d o n ‘ t s u p p o s e Y o u ‘ d h a v e a n y m e a t . . . “

Jul 18 18:29:08 Ember “Not on me, sadly, but we could go find some.”

Jul 18 18:31:03 chrissofer You hear a sigh in Your head, and she resigns herself to the biscuit in front of her.

Jul 18 18:32:42 Ember leaves a second biscuit on the cage floor as far in as she can reach without getting bitten and then moves to search the cage for an opening or weakness.

Jul 18 18:35:08 chrissofer Knowledge Engineering, perhaps?

Jul 18 18:35:25 Ember No have

Jul 18 18:36:02 chrissofer You find no openings or weaknesses.

Jul 18 18:36:16 chrissofer The gnome walks up behind You, watching You closesly.

Jul 18 18:36:27 Ember “Who builds a box with no lid?”

Jul 18 18:36:53 Ember pulls on the bars, to see if the cage will budge or can be dragged.

Jul 18 18:37:05 chrissofer Strength Check

Jul 18 18:37:24 Ember `roll 1d20+1

Jul 18 18:37:24 GameServ Ember rolled 1d20: 3 <Total: 3(+1) = 4>

Jul 18 18:38:04 chrissofer The bars and the cage seem to be a part of the floor, as unmovable as You find them to be.

Jul 18 18:38:38 Ember turns to the other three: “Can any of you get this open?”

Jul 18 18:40:06 chrissofer The gnome takes a stab… Or at least her hands… at it. She tries to pry the bars open

Jul 18 18:40:11 chrissofer `roll 1d20+4

Jul 18 18:40:11 GameServ chrissofer rolled 1d20: 12 <Total: 12(+4) = 16>

Jul 18 18:40:28 chrissofer And fails to do so, though she still looks real strong and tough when she does it.

Jul 18 18:40:46 Ember is a bit heart eyes.

Jul 18 18:41:45 chrissofer She turns to You and shakes her head, apology in her eyes.

Jul 18 18:41:58 chrissofer Tiny walks up, looking at the bars.

Jul 18 18:42:04 chrissofer “What are we doing, here?”

Jul 18 18:42:09 Ember murmurs: “Thank you for trying.

Jul 18 18:42:15 Ember “We gotta get her out!”

Jul 18 18:42:55 chrissofer He looks at the pseudodragon.

Jul 18 18:43:08 chrissofer “But why? She’s wounded, it’ll be hard to get her out safely.

Jul 18 18:43:18 Ember “Because she’s alive!”

Jul 18 18:43:28 Ember “Why do you think I let you out?”

Jul 18 18:44:05 chrissofer He looks at You for a moment. “I mean… I’m a person? I thought we were mostly going to be rescuing people…”

Jul 18 18:44:41 Ember “Well technically I’m here to break some jewelry.”

Jul 18 18:45:32 chrissofer “Jewelry? Really? I thought we were breaking out…”

Jul 18 18:45:35 chrissofer He looks at the bars.

Jul 18 18:45:44 Ember “I just got done breaking in!”

Jul 18 18:45:59 chrissofer “I don’t have any more knocks today. I’d have to rest before I could just unlock it.”

Jul 18 18:46:08 chrissofer He looks over the bars more closely for a moment.

Jul 18 18:46:54 chrissofer “That said, there’s definitely some kind of locking mechanism somewhere in this tower. Maybe one level below this? Seems like a safety feature.”

Jul 18 18:47:09 Ember “They put the lock downstairs?? That’s cheating.”

Jul 18 18:47:19 chrissofer He shrugs.

Jul 18 18:47:38 chrissofer “Point is, I can’t open it. I could probably get You in… But then, I couldn’t get You out again.

Jul 18 18:48:24 Ember bends down to look at the dragon again.

Jul 18 18:48:29 Ember “Don’t spose you spit acid?”

Jul 18 18:50:55 chrissofer Is that a laugh You hear in the back of Your head?

Jul 18 18:51:00 Ember whines, “How many levels could there possibly be.”

Jul 18 18:52:26 Ember huffs a sigh, attempting to fortify.

Jul 18 18:52:39 chrissofer “T e n L e v e l s i n t h i s t o w e r , y o u n g o n e . H a v e Y o u d e a l t h w i t h t h e S e v e n a b o v e h e r e ?”

Jul 18 18:53:22 Ember “Ten levels total, or just below the surface? I thought we were dealing with three floors!”

Jul 18 18:54:13 chrissofer “F i v e a b o v e a n d f i v e b e l o w .”

Jul 18 18:54:50 chrissofer Tiny cuts in. “There were definitely five levels off of the ground.”

Jul 18 18:54:55 Ember bumps forehead against the bars rhythmically.

Jul 18 18:55:41 chrissofer The pseudodragon taps in beat with You.

Jul 18 18:55:46 Ember “Alright. I’m gonna go see about a locking mechanism. If it opens up, you should get out of here but I’ll come back if I can.”

Jul 18 18:57:41 chrissofer “T h a n k Y o u c h i l d . I f Y o u g e t m e o u t , I w i l l s e e m y d e b t r e p a i d t o Y o u a n d Y o u r s .”

Jul 18 18:58:10 Ember empties the biscuit pocket into the cage because she can’t imagine not eating every day, and then stands to leave.

Jul 18 19:01:05 chrissofer The dragon does not immediately hop on them, but nods her thanks and continues sitting.

Jul 18 19:01:24 chrissofer The rest of Your group seems ready to go when You are.

Jul 18 19:01:33 Ember starts off down the hall.

Jul 18 19:03:49 chrissofer The hall curves up to the north for a while, and comes to an open room with a big red door in it.

Jul 18 19:04:09 chrissofer In front of the door, there are some balls.

Jul 18 19:04:33 Ember Balls?

Jul 18 19:05:38 chrissofer Red, Yellow, Green, and Blue. There’s also a design on the wall depicting a ship, and winds around a ship. There are four holes, or divots, in the floor, where the balls could rest.

Jul 18 19:06:01 chrissofer And in the picture with the ship, there are four bubbles, each in the middle of one of four winds.

Jul 18 19:06:11 chrissofer What do You do?

Jul 18 19:06:18 Ember “fuckin wizards”

Jul 18 19:06:22 Ember tries the door.

Jul 18 19:07:21 chrissofer The door opens, and reveals: A broom closet, complete with mopping supplies and a first aid kit.

Jul 18 19:08:49 Ember “/me takes the first aid kit and leaves the door open, rifling through the kit for bandages on her way over to the design on the wall to get a closer look.

Jul 18 19:11:51 chrissofer In the center of the design is a large trading ship, with a full crew. Each member is busy at their task, and looks to be of Taldan descent. The winds are abstract, though definitely represent something of the four trade winds You may have heard about in Your life on a ship. It seems at though the divots in the floor would match up well with the four winds, though there is no obvious relation of the color to the winds outside of their

Jul 18 19:11:51 chrissofer relationship to the trade.

Jul 18 19:13:05 Ember Kn: local?

Jul 18 19:14:16 chrissofer Sure, retroactive based on Your time on the ship (You have no better skill for it).

Jul 18 19:15:48 Ember `roll 1d20+5

Jul 18 19:15:48 GameServ Ember rolled 1d20: 9 <Total: 9(+5) = 14>

Jul 18 19:17:34 chrissofer On Your ship, You had basically two schools of thought: The south was usually fire, and the east earth. As for the north and west, it depended where You came from.

Jul 18 19:19:05 Ember “Anyone got a coin to flip?”

Jul 18 19:19:47 chrissofer Gnome pulls out a copper piece from the back of her belt, and hands it to You.

Jul 18 19:19:57 Ember “Thanks.”

Jul 18 19:20:16 Ember gets distracted from the bandage hunt (and is p sure she’s done bleeding anyway).

Jul 18 19:20:23 Ember `roll 1d2

Jul 18 19:20:24 GameServ Ember rolled 1d2: 2 <Total: 2>

Jul 18 19:20:24 Ember lmao

Jul 18 19:21:12 Ember moves to push the blue ball into the northerly wind hole.

Jul 18 19:22:28 chrissofer It does not resist You.

Jul 18 19:27:44 Ember Yellow in air, red in fire, green in earth.

Jul 18 19:27:52 chrissofer Okie

Jul 18 19:30:50 Ember red south, green east, yellow west

Jul 18 19:31:10 chrissofer BETTER

Jul 18 19:35:29 chrissofer The balls rest in their sockets, and the group You’ve rescued begins to get a little more restless at Your hesitation.

Jul 18 19:36:51 chrissofer Tiny comes up and nudges You. “I think You might want to close and reopen the door, there, friend.”

Jul 18 19:37:05 Ember “oh, shit”

Jul 18 19:37:20 chrissofer #laugh track

Jul 18 19:37:27 Ember jogs over to the door to pull it closed and then open it again.

Jul 18 19:39:19 chrissofer When You open it, warm air billows out into the rooms in which You stand, scattering sand and dust all over the floor as it blows into the room. In front of You is a large desert, larger than any You might have seen recently, and one that clearly does not belong in a tower.

Jul 18 19:40:02 Ember closes the door.

Jul 18 19:40:10 Ember “I just want stairs!”

Jul 18 19:41:01 Ember goes to pry the balls out of their divots and rearrange them.

Jul 18 19:41:32 Ember switch yellow and red.

Jul 18 19:45:51 Ember remembers to go close and open the damn thing again.

Jul 18 19:47:10 chrissofer Gone is the sand of the foreign desert, You now see a dark, misty graveyard full of moss and grass and weeds. There is no moon in the sky. You can hear various bugs chirping, and see someone running off into the distance.

Jul 18 19:47:56 Ember “fucking wizards.”

Jul 18 19:48:36 Ember closes the door, goes to switch red and green then returns to open the door, passing the copper piece back to the Gnome as she goes.

Jul 18 19:49:04 chrissofer The gnome takes it, miming the laughter she’s feeling as she watches You work.

Jul 18 19:50:28 chrissofer The door, however, reveals some kind of bedroom with a few nude people inside, who immediately take note of Your presence and, after a moment of surprise, beckon You to the bed they are lying on.

Jul 18 19:50:43 chrissofer The gnome blushes, Tiny laughs, and the dwarf facepalms.

Jul 18 19:51:03 Ember blushes, slams the door shut.

Jul 18 19:52:09 Ember “This is too many doors.”

Jul 18 19:52:28 Ember goes to switch blue with yellow, and opens the door again.

Jul 18 19:55:45 chrissofer Behind the door is a wall of red brick, and You hear a siren start in the distance, and continue to ring out.

Jul 18 19:58:26 Ember closes the door again.

Jul 18 19:59:46 Ember switches red with blue and goes to open the door again.

Jul 18 20:10:01 chrissofer You find an open ocean with a few birds in the distance, and a small floating island moving away from the door.

Jul 18 20:10:43 Ember is gripped with the sensation of nostalgia before closing the door.

Jul 18 20:11:16 Ember goes to switch blue with green, and then opens the door again.

Jul 18 20:11:43 chrissofer You discover a staircase that spirals down in front of You.

Jul 18 20:11:53 Ember “Fucking, Finally.”

Jul 18 20:12:09 chrissofer The group You are traveling with sardonically cheers, aside from the gnome, who gives You a thumbs up.

Jul 18 20:13:36 Ember thumbs ups back, and then dashes down the stairs.

Jul 18 20:15:47 chrissofer The stairs lead You to a room with a large table, a few colored stones inset in the wall, and three levers.

Jul 18 20:16:11 Ember “I hope the blue star boy knocks this fucker out cuz I’m going to stab him in all of his eye balls.”

Jul 18 20:17:13 chrissofer Tiny Snorts.

Jul 18 20:17:26 Ember observes the table, looking for stuff on it, including indicative scratches dents or stains.

Jul 18 20:17:31 chrissofer Gnome lady slaps her knee, unsure of what You mean, but approving of the eyeball stabbing

Jul 18 20:19:56 chrissofer As You step into the room, a single Large (very big compared to You) statue seems to come to life from the shadows in the far side of the room.

Jul 18 20:20:09 chrissofer It throws something at You

Jul 18 20:20:28 chrissofer `roll 1d20+9

Jul 18 20:20:28 GameServ chrissofer rolled 1d20: 8 <Total: 8(+9) = 17>

Jul 18 20:22:16 chrissofer `roll 1d6+9

Jul 18 20:22:16 GameServ chrissofer rolled 1d6: 1 <Total: 1(+9) = 10>

Jul 18 20:22:52 chrissofer It smashes into the side of Your head, knocking You backwards a bit as You feel the stone shatter on Your face and continue moving passed You.

Jul 18 20:22:55 chrissofer Take 10 damage

Jul 18 20:23:00 chrissofer Roll Initiative.

Jul 18 20:23:43 Ember `roll 1d20+2

Jul 18 20:23:43 GameServ Ember rolled 1d20: 19 <Total: 19(+2) = 21>

Jul 18 20:24:34 chrissofer Okie, You are up first.

Jul 18 20:45:40 Ember grunts at the impact, moving half reflexively as she grabs the gnomes hand and drags her forward to the table, tossing it on its side as a cover.

Jul 18 20:47:06 chrissofer The gnome follows You, using her movement as she does.

Jul 18 20:47:19 chrissofer You now have 75% cover

Jul 18 20:47:23 Ember yells: “Watch out” to the tall people. “KNOCK THAT FUCKER DOWN”

Jul 18 20:47:40 Ember #intimidatetone?? lol

Jul 18 20:48:14 chrissofer Haha kay, roll for it

Jul 18 20:48:22 Ember `roll 1d20+7

Jul 18 20:48:22 GameServ Ember rolled 1d20: 4 <Total: 4(+7) = 11>

Jul 18 20:48:52 chrissofer Not bad

Jul 18 20:49:00 chrissofer Tiny goes next

Jul 18 20:49:25 chrissofer He moves forward, up to the table and passed You, casting a spell on himself that makes himself go all wavy

Jul 18 20:50:19 chrissofer Next is the dwarf lady, who comes up to both of You and crouches down, before handing You a vial full of pale blue liquid. “Drink this first, we’ll deal with them after.

Jul 18 20:50:48 Ember asks “What is it?” even as she’s uncorking it and draining it into her mouth.

Jul 18 20:50:51 chrissofer Finally the Gnome, she stands up and poses real cool, in an attempt to draw the statue’s attention.

Jul 18 20:51:05 chrissofer Then the Statue, who chooses at random who to attack

Jul 18 20:51:08 chrissofer `roll 1d4

Jul 18 20:51:09 GameServ chrissofer rolled 1d4: 4 <Total: 4>

Jul 18 20:51:30 chrissofer It chooses the gnome, who is posing like a bodybuilder above the table.

Jul 18 20:52:04 chrissofer It throws another (You can now tell what they are) stone spear at her, its joints creaking as it does.

Jul 18 20:52:07 chrissofer `roll 1d20+9

Jul 18 20:52:07 GameServ chrissofer rolled 1d20: 15 <Total: 15(+9) = 24>

Jul 18 20:52:10 chrissofer HIT

Jul 18 20:52:14 chrissofer `roll 1d6+9

Jul 18 20:52:14 GameServ chrissofer rolled 1d6: 6 <Total: 6(+9) = 15>

Jul 18 20:52:50 chrissofer The spear hits her right in the chest, sending her sprawling back onto the ground, at which point she spits up a little blood from the impact.

Jul 18 20:53:08 Ember !!!

Jul 18 20:54:04 chrissofer Your turn again. Drinking the potion is a standard action, so is pulling the lever.

Jul 18 20:54:08 chrissofer Your call. :D

Jul 18 20:57:01 Ember drinks the potion.

Jul 18 20:58:45 chrissofer You feel a wave of calm wash over You, and heal!

Jul 18 20:58:49 chrissofer `roll 2d8+2

Jul 18 20:58:50 GameServ chrissofer rolled 2d8: 5 4 <Total: 9(+2) = 11>

Jul 18 20:58:50 Ember to the Dwarf: “We need to do something about that arm.”

Jul 18 20:59:07 Ember “Oy, Tiny! What are you doing? Pull a fucking lever!!”

Jul 18 20:59:20 chrissofer “Yea, I agree. It’s the biggest danger for sure.

Jul 18 20:59:39 chrissofer Tiny looks back. “Excuse me, Princess, I was running interference for You. My bad.

Jul 18 21:00:39 Ember “I don’t know what that means!”

Jul 18 21:00:57 Ember roll perception on statue?

Jul 18 21:01:49 Ember (Is it solid or a hollow suit?)

Jul 18 21:02:08 chrissofer Sure, roll

Jul 18 21:02:22 Ember `roll 1d20+6

Jul 18 21:02:23 GameServ Ember rolled 1d20: 14 <Total: 14(+6) = 20>

Jul 18 21:02:53 chrissofer It is a solid stone statue in the shape of a spearman, wearing chainmail and a helmet.

Jul 18 21:05:12 Ember “Wonder if he needs to see. Can you smack him with your pole hard enough to knock his helmet sideways?”

Jul 18 21:05:45 Ember #diplomacyroll??lol

Jul 18 21:07:14 chrissofer (Who talk to?)

Jul 18 21:07:20 Ember (Dwarf)

Jul 18 21:07:30 Ember (Gnome is invited to try also tho)

Jul 18 21:07:33 chrissofer Roll diplomacy

Jul 18 21:07:39 Ember `roll 1d20+3

Jul 18 21:07:39 GameServ Ember rolled 1d20: 4 <Total: 4(+3) = 7>

Jul 18 21:08:05 chrissofer “Ehhhh, I don’t think I could hit him from here… Also, I’m not all that sure he needs to see to hit us…”

Jul 18 21:08:41 chrissofer The dwarf is balking, as the gnome is writhing on the ground, trying to right herself.

Jul 18 21:09:40 Ember huffs a sigh, and drags looped rope off over her head, intending to knot something resembling a lasso together.

Jul 18 21:10:48 chrissofer You succeed by virtue of Your background and Crafting Skills.

Jul 18 21:12:11 chrissofer Gnome gets on her hands and knees, facing away from You as she coughs up some more blood. She wipes her mouth and stands up, and then staggers back over to You, avoiding eye contact.

Jul 18 21:12:54 chrissofer Tiny goes over and pulls the lever, and the stone lights in the wall all are a matching color now.

Jul 18 21:13:30 Ember (isthatgood?)

Jul 18 21:13:45 chrissofer The Dwarf, unsure of throwing an improvised weapon across the room, decides to instead stand in front of the gnome, to take the hit should the gnome be targeted again.

Jul 18 21:13:48 chrissofer (udunno

Jul 18 21:13:49 chrissofer )

Jul 18 21:14:37 chrissofer The statue steps forward, moving over to Your table and slamming its arms into it, shattering it and destroying Your only cover.

Jul 18 21:15:06 chrissofer “Oh shit.” says Tiny, the only one not directly next to the statue now.

Jul 18 21:15:09 Ember “Ohshit”

Jul 18 21:15:12 chrissofer Your turn, Ember! :D

Jul 18 21:28:41 Ember throws the lasso, attempting to wrangle the statue around the elbows or neck.

Jul 18 21:31:19 Ember `roll 1d20+6

Jul 18 21:31:19 GameServ Ember rolled 1d20: 18 <Total: 18(+6) = 24>

Jul 18 21:31:28 chrissofer HIT!

Jul 18 21:31:47 chrissofer The statue is now Entangled by the lasso

Jul 18 21:35:57 chrissofer Tiny, seeing his job is done, makes a wide berth around You all and double-moves to the door.

Jul 18 21:36:20 chrissofer The Dwarf, seeing the statue is tangled up, hits it with her stick

Jul 18 21:36:24 chrissofer `roll 1d20+3

Jul 18 21:36:24 GameServ chrissofer rolled 1d20: 3 <Total: 3(+3) = 6>

Jul 18 21:36:27 Ember (butwhatdidtheleverdo!?!)

Jul 18 21:36:30 chrissofer And doesn’t do anything.

Jul 18 21:36:35 chrissofer Tink tink ahoy

Jul 18 21:36:58 chrissofer and the Gnome, not going to leave You behind, does the same,

Jul 18 21:37:02 chrissofer `roll 1d20+4

Jul 18 21:37:02 GameServ chrissofer rolled 1d20: 18 <Total: 18(+4) = 22>

Jul 18 21:37:06 chrissofer Hit!

Jul 18 21:37:10 chrissofer `roll 1d8+4

Jul 18 21:37:10 GameServ chrissofer rolled 1d8: 2 <Total: 2(+4) = 6>

Jul 18 21:37:26 chrissofer It barely nicks the finish on the statue, but does leave the tiniest of marks.

Jul 18 21:37:37 chrissofer The statue tries to break out of its bons

Jul 18 21:37:53 chrissofer `roll 1d20+5

Jul 18 21:37:54 GameServ chrissofer rolled 1d20: 18 <Total: 18(+5) = 23>

Jul 18 21:38:36 chrissofer And it just barely does, ripping the lasso with it’s rock hard (geddit) shoulders.

Jul 18 21:39:02 Ember #hawt

Jul 18 21:39:05 Ember “RUN”

Jul 18 21:42:39 chrissofer Your turn, Ember.

Jul 18 21:46:19 Ember dives between the statues feet, grabbing the damaged rope and hauling it together as much as possible before knotting it.

Jul 18 21:47:11 chrissofer Okay

Jul 18 21:47:20 chrissofer AoO on Ember

Jul 18 21:47:41 chrissofer `roll 1d20+9

Jul 18 21:47:41 GameServ chrissofer rolled 1d20: 19 <Total: 19(+9) = 28>

Jul 18 21:47:44 chrissofer Hit!

Jul 18 21:48:11 Ember #noshit

Jul 18 21:48:17 chrissofer `roll 1d6+9

Jul 18 21:48:17 GameServ chrissofer rolled 1d6: 5 <Total: 5(+9) = 14>

Jul 18 21:48:55 chrissofer The statue slams its legs into You, squishing You into the floor a bit before letting up.

Jul 18 21:50:08 Ember “RUN!!!”

Jul 18 21:50:29 chrissofer Tiny Dips, no hesitation.

Jul 18 21:51:13 chrissofer The Dwarf hesitates a moment, looking at the stick in her hands, before deciding she can’t do much against such a creature, and she leaves as well.

Jul 18 21:51:16 chrissofer The gnome doesn’t.

Jul 18 21:51:41 chrissofer The gnome goes around the statue and drags You 5ft away from it, but also 5ft away from the door.

Jul 18 21:53:03 Ember “That’s not running”

Jul 18 21:53:03 chrissofer The statue turns around, looking for You all as it does so. It finds You both, and reaches to the ground, retrieving one of its spears.

Jul 18 21:55:48 Ember “You go left I go right.”

Jul 18 21:56:05 chrissofer The gnome shakes her head, smiling sadly. She wasn’t gonna run and leave You there, not after You helped her.

Jul 18 21:56:20 chrissofer She nods, knowing You have no other choice at this point.

Jul 18 21:56:31 Ember “Soon as the arm creaks!”

Jul 18 21:57:42 chrissofer She nods again.

Jul 18 21:59:28 chrissofer She looks into Your eyes confidently, and gives You a thumbs up.

Jul 18 21:59:58 chrissofer Ember’s turn.

Jul 18 22:02:27 Ember sprints for the door.

Jul 18 22:08:25 chrissofer Reconfirm for possible character death, once decided.

Jul 18 22:14:24 Ember is just wounded enough to need a heartbeat of preparation, and is delayed.

Jul 18 22:14:59 chrissofer The gnome dives forward, to leave as You have planned.

Jul 18 22:15:15 chrissofer Attack of Opportunity on the Gnome

Jul 18 22:15:21 chrissofer `roll 1d20+9

Jul 18 22:15:21 GameServ chrissofer rolled 1d20: 5 <Total: 5(+9) = 14>

Jul 18 22:15:32 chrissofer Hit!

Jul 18 22:15:37 chrissofer `roll 1d6+9

Jul 18 22:15:37 GameServ chrissofer rolled 1d6: 5 <Total: 5(+9) = 14>

Jul 18 22:16:18 chrissofer Slamming into her back as she runs passed it, the statue pushes her to the ground, and she falls unconscious from the pain and shock of such a strong blow.

Jul 18 22:16:51 chrissofer Ember’s turn.

Jul 18 22:36:52 Ember sprints for the door, failing to hear the sound of impact or fall until she’s on the stairs.

Jul 18 22:38:05 chrissofer She makes it without issue.

Jul 18 22:38:57 Ember presses her back against the wall just outside, terrified and upset when the gnome isn’t immediately on her tail.

Jul 18 22:40:18 chrissofer You hear a thump, and then the sound of heavy, retreating footsteps… And then, silence.

Jul 18 22:46:44 Ember breathes too hard, working herself toward a sob, and sprints up the stairs in search of Tiny.

Jul 18 22:47:22 chrissofer Tiny and the Dwarf are standing at the top of the stairs, a concerned look on their faces.

Jul 18 22:47:41 chrissofer “Wow, You made it out!?” exclaims Tiny, his eyes wide.

Jul 18 22:47:51 Ember “He hit her and she’s not coming out we have to get her out its not throwing things anymore!”

Jul 18 22:48:07 Ember “Can you go all wriggly again? I need a shield.”

Jul 18 22:48:37 Ember “I need rope.”

Jul 18 22:48:40 Ember “I need sheets!”

Jul 18 22:48:53 chrissofer “Wriggly? Oh, blur? Yeah, I can do it one more time. I’ll do it on You though, less moving parts the better, yeh?

Jul 18 22:48:54 chrissofer

Jul 18 22:49:02 Ember “On me? What’s it do?”

Jul 18 22:49:22 chrissofer The Dwarf puts her hand on Your shoulder. “Lass, You just got out. You sure You wanna go right back in?”

Jul 18 22:49:57 chrissofer Tiny: “It makes it harder to hit You by making You harder to see.” Tiny then explains how Blur works

Jul 18 22:50:22 Ember “I have to get her out.”

Jul 18 22:50:57 chrissofer The Dwarf levels her face to Yours. “You look like death, though, Hon. It might be the end of You, as well as her.”

Jul 18 22:52:50 Ember “Are you going to go instead?”

Jul 18 22:53:13 chrissofer Tiny keeps speaking. “I can also make it harder for it to hit You with a spear.” He thinks a moment. “Harder, but not impossible. Your call.”

Jul 18 22:53:46 chrissofer The Dwarf looks down. “I can try, but I don’t have my magic without my holy symbol. I don’t suppose You have any potions or items or such?”

Jul 18 22:56:09 Ember “I have powdered kratom and –”

Jul 18 22:56:20 Ember “A friend who might not be done.”

Jul 18 22:56:54 chrissofer The dwarf takes her hand from Your shoulder, seeing You to be inconsolable.

Jul 18 22:57:09 Ember drops to the ground, fighting tears as she pulls open her fanny pack and pulls the tablet free, fitting her hand into the imprint before there is time to hesitate.

Jul 18 23:03:19 chrissofer Once again, the plate glows black, and takes its toll on Your body: A pain worse than most You’ve felt grips You as You feel that shock and pain travel up Your arm and into Your chest again, blossoming out across Your body as everything goes dark around You, and You fall unconscious, Your hand still attached to the plate.

Jul 18 23:03:25 chrissofer (Take 5 damage)

Jul 18 23:03:47 Ember (am -4)

Jul 18 23:03:59 chrissofer Ye, and so unconscious.

Jul 19 00:05:33 Ember has quit (Ping timeout: 250 seconds)

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