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Jul 16 16:55:53 Ember When the room had finished spinning, Ember pushed herself upright with her not-wounded hand, knees curling up toward her chest as she glanced at the still-burning letters that had been carved into the upper arch of her palm. Lips pressed, she huffed a sigh, and reached to roll her pant-legs up to get them out of the way, hissing a bit when she brushed the raw

Jul 16 16:55:57 Ember burn on her ankle. A quick glance at that showed the outline of her butterfly knife in stark contrast, bubbling red against pale white, straight down to the dent on the handle, which was no longer covered by the twine wrap she had used to protect her hand from the harsh steel.

Jul 16 16:56:09 Ember A quick inspection of her things was only slightly disheartening. The pearl and the amulet seemed to truly be the only thing missing - a loss which could only make the halfling more curious about what she had been carrying around.

Jul 16 16:56:20 Ember At least the amulet was worth more than her self, even if it managed to fail her in every other way. Gathering up the bits of her fallen hair, Ember stuffed them into her belt pouch, intent on not leaving anything behind that could be used against her.

Jul 16 16:56:32 Ember The leather of her boots and the wood of her armor held no such power, so she left them where they had fallen. The lacings made it easy to tie back her ruined and uneven hair and worked well as replacement stays for her trousers.

Jul 16 16:56:42 Ember After that, it was easy to get her belts back around her. Her shirt was more difficult to close, not only because the ties were damaged but also because of the sensitive scrapes that ran the length of her throat, high on her chin and ending just above her collar bone - all sensitive to the touch.

Jul 16 16:56:51 Ember The good news was, her weapons were all accounted for - the cross bow appearing undamaged (as far as she could tell), cutlass and darts present, and even her beloved butterfly was undamaged apart from the ruined handle wrap.

Jul 16 16:56:59 Ember With only ten darts on her person, though, and footsteps still echoing around the tower, Ember couldn’t quite swallow the mounting sense of dread in her gut. That sensation thickened as she glanced around, finding the only viable exit to be a barred door more than twice her height off the ground.

Jul 16 16:57:10 Ember Dipping a finger into the little bag still tucked into her fanny pack, Ember sucked the powder off and ran her tongue around her mouth, knowing it might take a few minutes for any noticeable relief.

Jul 16 16:57:21 Ember Popping a hard berry between her teeth as well seemed like a pretty good idea only because the bleeding wasn’t too bad, and she would need the energy. Bumping around inside the pack reminded her of the plate, its pleasant warmth infusing her with a mere brush of her fingers.

Jul 16 16:57:27 Ember She pulled it free, turning the thing over twice while the hand print glinted at her.

Jul 16 16:58:23 Ember #tada

Jul 16 17:01:07 chrissofer The plate looms ominous within Your grasp.

Jul 16 17:02:20 chrissofer The footsteps begin to quiet as You weigh the situation in front of You.

Jul 16 17:03:12 Ember Flexing her hand with a small wince, Ember stared at the letters carved there, before aligning her fingers with the spread of the imprint - wondering if that comforting sensation would extend at all. Apprehension twisting in her gut, she set her hand flat against it, settling into the indent snugly.

Jul 16 17:07:24 chrissofer Pain sears up through Your veins like an injection gone wrong as the plate lights up and emits a small cloud of darkness for a brief moment. It reaches Your chest, and blossoms through Your body, leaving the lingering soreness of a bad fight or a good night.

Jul 16 17:08:20 Ember “Carrot Carcus, what the fuck.”

Jul 16 17:08:33 chrissofer Ember takes 5 points of lethal damage as a result of this.

Jul 16 17:09:22 Ember “Shoulda known that’d make it worse.”

Jul 16 17:09:26 chrissofer Then, the plate begins to glow a bright, white light. Also, the plate will not move from the palm of Your hand. Will Save.

Jul 16 17:09:52 Ember `roll 1d20+2

Jul 16 17:09:53 GameServ Ember rolled 1d20: 17 <Total: 17(+2) = 19>

Jul 16 17:10:16 chrissofer FAILURE

Jul 16 17:12:05 chrissofer The plate will not let Your hand go, and You are rooted in place until it is finished with You. You hear an ominous chanting in the distance, in an indescipherable language that You cannot begin to understand.

Jul 16 17:12:27 chrissofer `roll 1d100

Jul 16 17:12:27 GameServ chrissofer rolled 1d100: 73 <Total: 73>

Jul 16 17:17:22 chrissofer The floor around You becomes encircled in a bright white light, painting figures on the ground in resplendent patterns of an ornate script You do not understand. You feel the air around You become lively and warm, like that of a beach in the middle of the summer, only instead of the calming scent of saltwater there is an acridly amorphous quality to it that prohibits accurate description: One moment it smells of wildflowers, the

Jul 16 17:17:22 chrissofer next, sulfur, the next, candy, the next, shit.

Jul 16 17:19:01 Ember cringes.

Jul 16 17:20:35 chrissofer Out of the light plumes a feather of blue smoke, which billows around the room and eventually begins to take the form of a large humanoid man, at least from the waist up. This being resembles a powerful giant with hairless blue-green skin, deep blue eyes, flamboyant eyebrows, and pearlescent teeth. It speaks in a variety of languages before stumbling upon… halfling, which You understand.

Jul 16 17:21:40 Ember stares in awe and terror.

Jul 16 17:22:54 chrissofer “I CoMe On BeHaLF Of ThE BuTtErFlY, ChIlD… ThOuGh I WaS NoT CaLlEd By YoU. WhAt iS iT YoU WiSh? I wIlL HeLp, AnD YoU wIlL PaY.”

Jul 16 17:26:10 Ember “Butterfly,” Ember echoed in awe, only half distracted by the rest of the statement - and quickly tried to gather her thoughts.

Jul 16 17:26:45 chrissofer The creature looms in front of You, its gaze passing into Your very soul.

Jul 16 17:27:52 Ember “Can you put me on the other side of that door?” she asked, pointing toward the bars.

Jul 16 17:30:46 chrissofer It looks at the door for a moment, wringing its hands.

Jul 16 17:31:01 chrissofer “is THAt all you Ask OF me? TO MoVe yoU 5 yArDs?”

Jul 16 17:31:39 Ember “Well, how far can you move me?”

Jul 16 17:32:59 chrissofer “I aM BOunD bY MY cONtRact To DO AnytHIng YOu wISH oF me, cHiLd.” It pauses a moment, and opens its hands. “5 YaRds oR 5000 YArdS, iT MAkes NO diFferENcE TO me.”

Jul 16 17:34:58 Ember “Anything is so many things.”

Jul 16 17:35:22 Ember “Can you put everyone between me and Renrik to sleep?”

Jul 16 17:35:41 chrissofer It considers this a moment, looking up and to the right.

Jul 16 17:37:21 chrissofer “yEs, i COULd. is tHaT WhAt yOU wIsh?”

Jul 16 17:37:43 Ember “Can I make that wish on the far side of that door,” she asks, pointing again.

Jul 16 17:39:28 chrissofer It slowly drifts up and through the bars, to stand in the hallway.

Jul 16 17:39:55 chrissofer “frOm heRE, cHIlD? iS thIS WherE IT ShOULd sTARt?”

Jul 16 17:40:07 Ember smacks her free palm over her face.

Jul 16 17:40:54 Ember “No. Can you take me to Renrik and put everyone that we pass to sleep?”

Jul 16 17:41:28 chrissofer It frowns.

Jul 16 17:41:42 chrissofer “tHat IS two TAsKS, My ChIlD. i WiLL oNLY PeRfOrm ONe.”

Jul 16 17:42:56 Ember “Of course it is.”

Jul 16 17:45:12 chrissofer Your hand is beginning to ache from adhering to the plate. You can feel the pain of Your recent marking pulse against the unyielding metal.

Jul 16 17:55:42 chrissofer A moment passes in silence, and the creature floats back into the room, less he be seen.

Jul 16 17:57:30 Ember squeezes her eyes shut, trying to concentrate and think, feeling the uncertainty of a trap in every word that they trade.

Jul 16 17:59:00 Ember “Can you knock unconscious everyone in this tower who would cause me or my friends harm?”

Jul 16 17:59:26 chrissofer It pauses.

Jul 16 17:59:45 chrissofer “Who aRe yoUR FRieNDs?”

Jul 16 18:00:31 Ember lifts here free hand to pop up a finger with each one she lists: “Renrik, Briar, Todo, Adaaya, Dayra.”

Jul 16 18:02:32 chrissofer tHEN ThE BARGain iS tO rENDEr uncOnscious AlL thoSe WhO wIsh hArM On AnY oF the fOlLowing CrEATUrEs: yOu, EMBER, tHE haLF-ORcS ReNRiCk aND bRiar, the DWaRF daYRA, The gNOmE TodO, ANd The woLf aaDYa?

Jul 16 18:02:43 chrissofer “”

Jul 16 18:04:02 Ember “All those /in the tower/ who would wish harm on any of those creatures.”

Jul 16 18:06:22 chrissofer It considers this for a moment, seeming to weigh the bargain in its head.

Jul 16 18:08:13 chrissofer “i CAnNOt ReaD MInDS, child. i Can, HoWEveR, COME CloSe. ALL thOSE in thE toWER WhO wouLD sEEM tO WIsH HArm On any IN That GRouP oF CreATureS CAn be dEaLt WiTh. i WiLl rEqUIrE a decENt PAyMeNt, hOwEVEr.”

Jul 16 18:08:57 Ember “What’s the payment?”

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Jul 16 18:20:46 chrissofer “I DEmaNd YOU PerFoRm A dAIly oBedIEnce To thE BLAcK buTTERflY foR one YeAr. In ADdITioN, beCAuSE oF The bREadTH oF tHIs TaSK, yOU MUsT AgrEE TO peRfoRm onE TASK sImILAr To mINE in tHe FuTURe, At SOME undIScLOSed TiMe in THe NeAR FUtUrE.”

Jul 16 18:21:35 chrissofer “I DEmaNd YOU PerFoRm A dAIly oBedIEnce To thE BLAcK buTTERflY foR one YeAr. In ADdITioN, beCAuSE oF The bREadTH oF tHIs TaSK, yOU MUsT AgrEE TO peRfoRm onE TASK sImILAr To mINE in tHe FuTURe, At SOME undIScLOSed TiMe in THe NeAR FUtUrE.”

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Jul 16 18:31:09 chrissofer Woot!

Jul 16 18:31:52 Ember !!!

Jul 16 18:32:39 chrissofer “I DEmaNd YOU PerFoRm A dAIly oBedIEnce To thE BLAcK buTTERflY foR one YeAr. In ADdITioN, beCAuSE oF The bREadTH oF tHIs TaSK, yOU MUsT AgrEE TO peRfoRm onE TASK sImILAr To mINE in tHe FuTURe, At SOME undIScLOSed TiMe in THe NeAR FUtUrE.”

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Jul 16 18:36:51 chrissofer “I DEmaNd YOU PerFoRm A dAIly oBedIEnce To thE BLAcK buTTERflY foR one YeAr. In ADdITioN, beCAuSE oF The bREadTH oF tHIs TaSK, yOU MUsT AgrEE TO peRfoRm onE TASK sImILAr To mINE in tHe FuTURe, At SOME undIScLOSed TiMe in THe NeAR FUtUrE.”

Jul 16 18:42:22 Ember hums curiously, trying to imagine the scope of such recompense.

Jul 16 18:42:31 Ember “That sounds fair.”

Jul 16 18:43:29 chrissofer With that, the creature nods. A black blindfold appears around Your neck, and the creature floats behind You.

Jul 16 18:44:45 Ember ducks down to observe the blindfold curiously.

Jul 16 18:46:16 chrissofer The blindfold is mostly plain, although it seems as though one might easily see through it: It has butterflies all throughout it’s knitting, made of holes in the fabric.

Jul 16 18:46:57 Ember “Is this for me?”

Jul 16 18:47:50 chrissofer “YeS, In caSE you arE UnabLE oR UNWiLliNG tO PeRforM THE noRMAL ObedIEnce fOR A dAY.”

Jul 16 18:48:17 chrissofer The voice booms behind You as it explains what is expected of You each day.

Jul 16 19:08:19 Ember answers hesitantly, “Alrighty.”

Jul 16 19:09:19 chrissofer It grabs Your wrists, holding them tightly and pulling You to Your feet as You feel another set of hands, ones much too small to be his, encircle Your neck with a gentle but firm touch. It does not hurt, but does feel a bit unsettling or uncomfortable… Like yielding to an outside force, insistent upon acting upon Your body.

Jul 16 19:09:49 chrissofer And then, he lets You go, and the hands are gone. He floats up and out of the room without a word, and begins his work of clearing out the building for You.

Jul 16 19:11:01 chrissofer You feel a warmth spreading around You neck, spreading down Your collarbone. You cannot see it, obviously, though it feels like something is there.

Jul 16 19:11:50 Ember “Holy fuck.”

Jul 16 19:12:01 Ember reaches up to feel at her neck, only to remember the claw marks.

Jul 16 19:12:56 chrissofer The warms remains, though it becomes less intense as time goes on.

Jul 16 19:16:37 Ember lets out a long breath, rolling her shoulders and cracking her neck before turning toward the door again, fists on her hips as she strides toward it.

Jul 16 19:17:05 chrissofer The door feels nothing towards You, standing there as if to mock Your intended progress.

Jul 16 19:17:42 Ember squints at the wall, looking for handholes.

Jul 16 19:19:32 chrissofer It seems to be a typical dungeon wall.

Jul 16 19:19:37 chrissofer Climbable, but difficult.

Jul 16 19:21:13 Ember makes sure that her belts are secure, tucks the plate back into her fanny pack, and loops her crossbow over her back before approaching the wall to attempt climbing it.

Jul 16 19:21:17 chrissofer RETCON: Upon a successful deal, the plate separated from Your hand, and You could move freely.

Jul 16 19:21:35 Ember `roll 1d20+6

Jul 16 19:21:35 GameServ Ember rolled 1d20: 1 <Total: 1(+6) = 7>

Jul 16 19:22:26 chrissofer You make it a few feet off of the ground, but Your arms and legs give out and cannot find purchase, and You fall riiiiight on Your butt.

Jul 16 19:22:31 chrissofer Like, riiiiiiiight on it.

Jul 16 19:22:46 chrissofer Also, take -2 forward on Climbing this wall.

Jul 16 19:23:05 Ember makes frustrated pain noises.

Jul 16 19:23:42 Ember stomps over to destroyed armor and starts stripping the vines away from the damaged leather, intent on making something resembling a rope.

Jul 16 19:24:11 chrissofer Ooooh

Jul 16 19:24:22 chrissofer Craft(Netting) would work, huh? :D

Jul 16 19:24:59 Ember #SureHopeSo

Jul 16 19:25:05 chrissofer Go for it

Jul 16 19:25:16 Ember `roll 1d20+5

Jul 16 19:25:16 GameServ Ember rolled 1d20: 3 <Total: 3(+5) = 8>

Jul 16 19:26:56 chrissofer You manage to make a “rope” of very questionable quality.

Jul 16 19:27:44 Ember #howmuch

Jul 16 19:28:12 chrissofer Perhaps 10 feet, total.

Jul 16 19:28:49 chrissofer It would hold maybe 25-30 lbs before breaking.

Jul 16 19:33:28 Ember tests the strength with one tug before going back to the wall. Swinging one end, she aims for looping it around one of the poles.

Jul 16 19:33:36 Ember *bars

Jul 16 19:34:29 chrissofer You have about three feet of wiggle room, since You are about 3 feet tall. That means You are jumping for this, and tryna catch the other end?

Jul 16 19:35:05 Ember #Yes

Jul 16 19:35:56 chrissofer Acrobatics check.

Jul 16 19:40:55 Ember RETCON: Ember takes the crossbow off her back and unhooks one end of the sash, tying it to the end of the rope.

Jul 16 19:41:24 chrissofer Since it wraps around Your torso and is a crossbow, lets say it lengthens the rope to 18’

Jul 16 19:41:29 chrissofer How heavy is it, tho?

Jul 16 19:41:32 Ember attempts to throw crossbow through the bars, hoping either to function as a grappling hook or hang down the other side.

Jul 16 19:41:41 Ember 4 lbs

Jul 16 19:41:43 chrissofer Kay

Jul 16 19:41:55 chrissofer Ranged Attack Modifier

Jul 16 19:42:06 chrissofer Or rather, make a ranged attack

Jul 16 19:42:10 Ember `roll 1d20+6

Jul 16 19:42:10 GameServ Ember rolled 1d20: 17 <Total: 17(+6) = 23>

Jul 16 19:42:16 chrissofer Damnnn!

Jul 16 19:42:17 chrissofer Okay

Jul 16 19:42:41 chrissofer The crossbow goes through the bars cleanly, landing in the hallway with a loud clattering.

Jul 16 19:43:05 chrissofer Upon testing the rope, You find it to be as secure as cobbled vines in a prison cell could be.

Jul 16 19:43:19 Ember “Fuckin sweet.”

Jul 16 19:44:02 Ember takes off fanny pack and lobs it in the same manner, hoping to make it between the bars.

Jul 16 19:45:01 chrissofer Ranged Attack

Jul 16 19:46:42 Ember `roll 1d20+6

Jul 16 19:46:42 GameServ Ember rolled 1d20: 16 <Total: 16(+6) = 22>

Jul 16 19:47:36 chrissofer It goes “plop” on the other side of the bars as well.

Jul 16 19:53:27 Ember hesitates super hard for a moment before throwing her starknife in the same way.

Jul 16 19:53:37 chrissofer Ranged Attack

Jul 16 19:54:09 Ember `roll 1d20+6

Jul 16 19:54:09 GameServ Ember rolled 1d20: 7 <Total: 7(+6) = 13>

Jul 16 19:54:28 chrissofer TINK

Jul 16 19:54:45 chrissofer The starknife bounces off of the bars and falls to the floor.

Jul 16 19:54:54 Ember “Fuck”

Jul 16 19:56:56 Ember unhooks her sword belt, dropping it, the cutlass, and her ten darts to the floor.

Jul 16 19:57:51 Ember can’t leave the starknife behind, tucks it into the fold of her trousers’ waistband.

Jul 16 19:58:19 Ember digs her toes into the nearest gap and tries to climb /gently/ #nosuddenmovements

Jul 16 19:58:29 chrissofer #using rope?

Jul 16 19:58:42 Ember yes

Jul 16 19:58:55 chrissofer Climb Check.

Jul 16 19:59:08 Ember `roll 1d20+6

Jul 16 19:59:09 GameServ Ember rolled 1d20: 1 <Total: 1(+6) = 7>

Jul 16 19:59:54 chrissofer The rope snaps as You get halway up the wall, just out of reach of the ledge with the door.

Jul 16 20:00:49 Ember Hero Point Reroll

Jul 16 20:01:21 chrissofer As the rope begins to snap, Ember’s destiny flares with the intensity of a Shounen anime climax.

Jul 16 20:01:31 Ember `roll 1d20+6

Jul 16 20:01:31 GameServ Ember rolled 1d20: 4 <Total: 4(+6) = 10>

Jul 16 20:01:59 Ember Derring Do (second of three panache #today)

Jul 16 20:02:23 Ember `roll 1d6

Jul 16 20:02:23 GameServ Ember rolled 1d6: 6 <Total: 6>

Jul 16 20:02:36 Ember `roll 1d6

Jul 16 20:02:36 GameServ Ember rolled 1d6: 6 <Total: 6>

Jul 16 20:02:44 Ember `roll 1d6

Jul 16 20:02:44 GameServ Ember rolled 1d6: 3 <Total: 3>

Jul 16 20:03:01 chrissofer Total: 25

Jul 16 20:03:04 chrissofer SUCCESS

Jul 16 20:03:30 chrissofer Ember climbs her way up, and makes it to the ledge just as the rope finally gives in and breaks.

Jul 16 20:03:39 Ember sobs in relief.

Jul 16 20:03:49 Ember tries to wedge herself between the bars.

Jul 16 20:06:22 chrissofer Dexterity Check.

Jul 16 20:06:37 chrissofer Actually, nvm, acrobatics

Jul 16 20:07:06 Ember `roll 1d20+7

Jul 16 20:07:06 GameServ Ember rolled 1d20: 15 <Total: 15(+7) = 22>

Jul 16 20:07:13 chrissofer SUCCESS

Jul 16 20:07:37 chrissofer You make it through the bars with relative ease, the metal pressing against Your body only slightly.

Jul 16 20:08:00 Ember falls to the floor for a weak moment of celebration and relief.

Jul 16 20:08:25 chrissofer The floor is freshly wet, and cold on Your bare feet and calves.

Jul 16 20:08:34 Ember isitwater

Jul 16 20:08:43 chrissofer Your pants begin to soak up the water around You.

Jul 16 20:08:45 chrissofer Yes

Jul 16 20:09:16 Ember pushes herself up and gathers up her things.

Jul 16 20:09:30 chrissofer Crossbow Damage time

Jul 16 20:10:12 chrissofer `roll 1d10+2

Jul 16 20:10:13 GameServ chrissofer rolled 1d10: 4 <Total: 4(+2) = 6>

Jul 16 20:10:26 chrissofer Your crossbow is mostly undamaged, only nicked in a few places.

Jul 16 20:10:32 Ember “Not so bad.”

Jul 16 20:10:35 chrissofer The rest of Your effects are fine.

Jul 16 20:10:48 chrissofer Aside from the destroyed items You left behind

Jul 16 20:10:54 Ember #aw

Jul 16 20:11:08 Ember observes her surroundings, trying to gauge a good direction to head.

Jul 16 20:12:40 chrissofer The water leads to the west, though the hallway extends in both directions for some time. There are a bunch of (mostly doused and dark) torches lighting the walls, and a few other cell doors, as well.

Jul 16 20:19:55 Ember takes the dry route to avoid making extra noise.

Jul 16 20:20:27 chrissofer The hallway passes a few other cell doors, and then comes to a staircase leading down.

Jul 16 20:22:05 Ember peaks curiously into each cell door without getting too close.

Jul 16 20:23:09 Ember perceptioncheck?

Jul 16 20:23:21 chrissofer Not yet, one sec

Jul 16 20:29:36 chrissofer Each of the three cells has someone restrained in someway behind it. In the first, on a stretching table, there is a dwarf: She has an angular face, with messy golden hair and hazel eyes. She wears chainmail, though it is spatter with blood around her neckline, and looks to be wise yet frail. The second cell has a Gnome in shackles that prevent her from sitting. She has a narrow face, with tangled red hair and green eyes. She wears

Jul 16 20:29:36 chrissofer hide armor that is torn in a few places, and looks simple but very strong. Finally, there is a half-elf hog-tied in the corner of the third cell. He is gagged. He’s short, with thin golden hair and narrow gray eyes. He wears ruby robes of a fairly ancient style, and seems personable but clumsy.

Jul 16 20:32:06 Ember (Are their cells level with the hall or sunken?)

Jul 16 20:33:07 chrissofer (Sunken, but not to the degree of Yours. Perhaps two or three feet. Probably a function to allow them to be fed without escaping easily.

Jul 16 20:34:51 Ember (So can climb out without rope?)

Jul 16 20:35:07 chrissofer (Oh yeah)

Jul 16 20:35:58 Ember sighs quietly, contemplating her course of action.

Jul 16 20:44:25 Ember goes to the Gnome first, squeezing between the bars and getting close enough to whisper.

Jul 16 20:45:36 Ember “If you think about hurting me, a genie will appear and knock your ass out,” She warns pointedly. “If I get you out will you help me release the others?”

Jul 16 20:46:33 chrissofer She looks You up and down for a moment.

Jul 16 20:46:41 chrissofer She then nods.

Jul 16 20:47:31 chrissofer She opens her mouth to talk, but only lets out a hoarse wheezing sound.

Jul 16 20:49:08 Ember presses a finger to her mouth and moves forward to attempt picking the lock(s?) on the shackles.

Jul 16 20:49:30 chrissofer The huge keyholes beg You to try.

Jul 16 20:50:11 chrissofer Disable Device.

Jul 16 20:50:27 Ember `roll 1d20+5

Jul 16 20:50:27 GameServ Ember rolled 1d20: 19 <Total: 19(+5) = 24>

Jul 16 20:52:13 chrissofer Damn

Jul 16 20:52:57 chrissofer You deftly pick the locks, and the gnome falls to the ground in a heap for a moment.

Jul 16 20:53:37 Ember moves back, a little paranoid at this point, and waits to see if the Gnome can stand.

Jul 16 20:53:41 chrissofer She then picks herself up, rubs her shoulders for a moment, then her throat, and sets herself facing You. She gestures for You to lead the way.

Jul 16 20:54:14 Ember nods, squeezing between the bars again and quickfooting back up the hall to the dwarf.

Jul 16 20:55:24 chrissofer The gnome comes up to the bars, tries to follow You through them, but cannot: Her body is too wide to fit.

Jul 16 20:56:01 Ember notices she isn’t being followed and huffs a sigh, going back to check the door for its own lock.

Jul 16 20:56:40 chrissofer The door does indeed have one.

Jul 16 20:56:57 chrissofer The gnome’s face is half-embarrased and half sheepish.

Jul 16 20:57:02 Ember tries to pick that one too.

Jul 16 20:57:06 chrissofer Disable Device

Jul 16 20:57:11 Ember `roll 1d20+5

Jul 16 20:57:11 GameServ Ember rolled 1d20: 3 <Total: 3(+5) = 8>

Jul 16 20:58:06 chrissofer FAILURE

Jul 16 20:58:25 Ember smacks forehead against a bar in defeat, thinking quickly.

Jul 16 20:58:35 chrissofer She sighs, and motions for You to step back from the bars.

Jul 16 20:58:48 Ember backs up, eyes widening.

Jul 16 20:59:31 chrissofer She pulls her leg back and kicks the center bar of the door.

Jul 16 20:59:35 chrissofer `roll 1d20+4

Jul 16 20:59:35 GameServ chrissofer rolled 1d20: 1 <Total: 1(+4) = 5>

Jul 16 20:59:43 chrissofer She falls to the floor

Jul 16 20:59:51 chrissofer Taking 3 damage

Jul 16 20:59:54 Ember clutches her hair in stress.

Jul 16 21:00:02 chrissofer Getting back up, she tries the other leg.

Jul 16 21:00:08 chrissofer `roll 1d20+4

Jul 16 21:00:08 GameServ chrissofer rolled 1d20: 19 <Total: 19(+4) = 23>

Jul 16 21:00:16 chrissofer `roll 1d4+4

Jul 16 21:00:17 GameServ chrissofer rolled 1d4: 2 <Total: 2(+4) = 6>

Jul 16 21:00:22 Ember whispers: “Holy shit dude.”

Jul 16 21:00:39 chrissofer The bars begin to bend slightly under her assault.

Jul 16 21:00:50 chrissofer Again, she brings her second leg up for a kick.

Jul 16 21:00:54 chrissofer `roll 1d20+4

Jul 16 21:00:54 GameServ chrissofer rolled 1d20: 2 <Total: 2(+4) = 6>

Jul 16 21:01:05 chrissofer It pings off of the bars

Jul 16 21:01:15 Ember “Do you want some painkiller?”

Jul 16 21:01:37 chrissofer Frustrated, She spits on her hands, rubs them together, and grabs the bent bar and the one next to it.

Jul 16 21:01:52 chrissofer She hisses what would be a yell if she could talk

Jul 16 21:01:57 chrissofer `roll 1d20+4

Jul 16 21:01:58 GameServ chrissofer rolled 1d20: 4 <Total: 4(+4) = 8>

Jul 16 21:02:09 chrissofer `roll 1d20+4

Jul 16 21:02:10 GameServ chrissofer rolled 1d20: 14 <Total: 14(+4) = 18>

Jul 16 21:02:15 chrissofer `roll 1d20+4

Jul 16 21:02:15 GameServ chrissofer rolled 1d20: 19 <Total: 19(+4) = 23>

Jul 16 21:02:39 chrissofer About 30 seconds later, she stops, and drops to her knees again.

Jul 16 21:02:50 chrissofer The bars are bent much wider now.

Jul 16 21:03:12 chrissofer She collects herself, calms down, and rubs her right thigh before getting up and juuuust making it through the gap.

Jul 16 21:03:42 Ember “Thatwasawesome.”

Jul 16 21:03:50 chrissofer Clutching her chest in disbelief, she looks down, then up at You, and smiles.

Jul 16 21:04:14 chrissofer She scratches the back of her head in modesty, and then motions for You to continue

Jul 16 21:04:44 Ember jogs back down the hall to the dwarf door and decides to try picking it open before going in.

Jul 16 21:04:55 chrissofer The gnome follows You slowly.

Jul 16 21:05:18 chrissofer Disable Device

Jul 16 21:05:41 Ember `roll 1d20+5

Jul 16 21:05:41 GameServ Ember rolled 1d20: 1 <Total: 1(+5) = 6>

Jul 16 21:06:33 Ember “Maybe the elf will do better?”

Jul 16 21:06:56 Ember resists the urge to punch the lock.

Jul 16 21:07:12 chrissofer THe lock becomes jammed, and is no longer pickable.

Jul 16 21:07:52 Ember “hang on”

Jul 16 21:08:41 chrissofer The gnome eyes You with suspicion. The Dwarf doesn’t seem to be paying attention.

Jul 16 21:12:47 Ember “Are you scared of heights?”

Jul 16 21:13:59 chrissofer The gnome cocks her head to the side.

Jul 16 21:14:44 Ember “I need the chains off the wall, you wanna top or bottom?”

Jul 16 21:15:16 chrissofer She looks back at the cell she was in, looks back at You, and casts her gaze up and down Your body once again.

Jul 16 21:15:36 chrissofer Then she flexes, hoping that indicates she’ll be the bottom.

Jul 16 21:15:48 Ember “Alrighty.”

Jul 16 21:16:37 Ember quickfoots back to other cell, walking through the gapped bars easily at this point, and approaches the chains.

Jul 16 21:17:19 chrissofer She gets into position and laces her fingers together, indicating where You should step first before standing on her shoulders.

Jul 16 21:18:38 Ember sets aside her crossbow, planting her foot carefully and bracing her hands against the wall for balance on her way up, reaching for the chains.

Jul 16 21:19:40 chrissofer She firmly holds Your bare feet in place on her shoulders as You wriggle about for the chains.

Jul 16 21:19:44 chrissofer You grab one

Jul 16 21:19:47 chrissofer Then the other

Jul 16 21:20:04 chrissofer And try to lift them off of their hooks without falling

Jul 16 21:20:12 chrissofer Acrobatics check with +2 for friend assist

Jul 16 21:20:24 Ember `roll 1d20+9

Jul 16 21:20:24 GameServ Ember rolled 1d20: 7 <Total: 7(+9) = 16>

Jul 16 21:20:35 chrissofer SUCCESS

Jul 16 21:21:23 Ember whispers an excited noise.

Jul 16 21:21:26 chrissofer The chains come loose in Your hands. Looking up past Your crotch, the gnome sees Your success, and she catches Your eye.

Jul 16 21:21:54 Ember tosses chains down to keep her hands free.

Jul 16 21:22:13 chrissofer She shrugs her shoulders, bringing You falling down into her arms.

Jul 16 21:22:37 chrissofer She looks into Your eyes to make sure You are okay, and then sets You down softly.

Jul 16 21:23:04 Ember blushes.

Jul 16 21:23:56 Ember grabs chains and crossbow and goes for the door again, making the third (or fourth who can count) fricken trip down to the dwarf’s door.

Jul 16 21:25:22 chrissofer You are at the door.

Jul 16 21:34:19 Ember (How much chain length have?)

Jul 16 21:35:18 chrissofer (Total: About 10ft, evenly split)

Jul 16 21:37:33 Ember attempts to lock the bangles together to make it one length.

Jul 16 21:39:59 chrissofer SUCCESS

Jul 16 21:40:08 chrissofer (You rolled real well on the D-Dev check)

Jul 16 21:40:48 Ember “Nice”

Jul 16 21:41:01 Ember taps shoulder, asking the Gnome: “Can you handle one more time?”

Jul 16 21:42:23 chrissofer She “Semi-Don”’s You with a look of confidence on her face.

Jul 16 21:43:45 Ember “ShouldItakethatasayes”

Jul 16 21:44:23 chrissofer She nods, smiling.

Jul 16 21:45:04 Ember nods back, gaze dropping as she loops the chains over her elbow for easy carrying.

Jul 16 21:45:53 chrissofer She waits to see how You begin

Jul 16 21:46:17 Ember “I need your hand-step again.”

Jul 16 21:47:19 chrissofer She gets into place in front of You (?) and assumes the position.

Jul 16 21:48:09 Ember climbs up, bracing herself on the bars, and loops the chain through the bars both above the frame’s cross-bar and below the door’s cross-bar, so that it makes a full circle and the chains hang down on either side.

Jul 16 21:48:49 chrissofer She still holds Your bare ankles steady, well trained at holding people in this position.

Jul 16 21:49:46 Ember grips both sides of the chain just in case and then looks down.

Jul 16 21:49:59 Ember “Okay drop me.”

Jul 16 21:50:35 chrissofer She obliges, deftly catching You again, before setting You down.

Jul 16 21:50:44 Ember “That’s so fucking cool.”

Jul 16 21:50:57 Ember hands her one of the chains.

Jul 16 21:51:19 Ember “Can you jump a little? Will it hurt? We gotta yank these real hard at the same time.”

Jul 16 21:51:29 chrissofer She shakes her right foot and nods

Jul 16 21:51:45 Ember “Okay, pick your feet up as much as possible. Gotta use our full weight.”

Jul 16 21:52:18 chrissofer She nods again, looking ready

Jul 16 21:52:31 Ember “On three. One, two, three!”

Jul 16 21:53:06 chrissofer She jumps at the same time You do, and You both cannonball Yourselves into the door.

Jul 16 21:53:12 chrissofer Strength checks.

Jul 16 21:53:26 chrissofer NAT 20sssss

Jul 16 21:54:19 Ember (Does that mean we won or we need 20s to succeed? lol)

Jul 16 21:54:45 chrissofer That means she rolled a 20; You still gotta roll

Jul 16 21:55:00 chrissofer You could nat 1 her out of it

Jul 16 21:55:07 Ember `roll 1d20+1

Jul 16 21:55:07 GameServ Ember rolled 1d20: 2 <Total: 2(+1) = 3>

Jul 16 21:56:16 chrissofer You flail around like a fish on a hook as the gnome and You hang from the chain and bump into the door

Jul 16 21:56:21 chrissofer acro check for gnome

Jul 16 21:56:27 chrissofer `roll 1d20+1

Jul 16 21:56:27 GameServ chrissofer rolled 1d20: 17 <Total: 17(+1) = 18>

Jul 16 21:56:53 chrissofer She grabs You around the waist and steadies You, preventing You from falling in a heap of metal as the door comes a tumblin down.

Jul 16 21:57:39 Ember “Oh my goddess, it worked.”

Jul 16 21:58:01 chrissofer She nods, and then lets go of You, dusting herself off.

Jul 16 21:58:27 chrissofer Needless to say, this has drawn attention from the dwarf.

Jul 16 21:58:40 Ember drops down again, dashing toward the table to get the bindings undone.

Jul 16 21:58:45 chrissofer “By the gods, are You here to end me or save me?”

Jul 16 21:59:33 Ember “Well, I’m aiming for save.”

Jul 16 22:00:27 Ember “Happy to take preferences into account, though.”

Jul 16 22:01:36 chrissofer “Yes, yes, save is preferred. Get me off of this thing, but loosen it first or I’ll snap.

Jul 16 22:01:55 Ember “Any thoughts on how?”

Jul 16 22:02:44 chrissofer The crank is on the floor, behind me.

Jul 16 22:02:45 chrissofer “”

Jul 16 22:02:57 chrissofer “Turn it slowly now, tho, lass.”

Jul 16 22:03:18 Ember goes to the crank and spends a moment trying to figure out which way it should go.

Jul 16 22:04:12 chrissofer Flip a coin (1d2_

Jul 16 22:04:15 chrissofer ()

Jul 16 22:04:19 Ember `roll 1d2

Jul 16 22:04:20 GameServ Ember rolled 1d2: 1 <Total: 1>

Jul 16 22:05:00 chrissofer “No, no, the other way, other way, ahhhh”

Jul 16 22:05:32 Ember “Sorry sorry sorry!”

Jul 16 22:06:21 Ember cranks the other way, more confident.

Jul 16 22:06:40 chrissofer You undo her stretched state, and then undo her bindings, allowing her to get to her feet.

Jul 16 22:06:50 Ember “You good to walk?”

Jul 16 22:07:16 chrissofer “Torag’s taint, that was awful. Yes, I’m good to go and ready to be rid of this place.”

Jul 16 22:07:31 chrissofer “Do You have a weapon? I assume we’re fighting our way out?”

Jul 16 22:07:59 Ember picking up her crossbow near the door on her way past: “We’ll have to find some as we go.”

Jul 16 22:09:00 chrissofer She picks up a bent steel bar, and looks at the gnome.

Jul 16 22:09:15 chrissofer “Name, lass?” She says as she hands her a bar as well.

Jul 16 22:09:29 Ember goes to the elf door, trying her luck at the lock.

Jul 16 22:09:49 chrissofer The gnome lets out a hiss, and the dwarf holds up her hand. “That’s fine, that’s fine. They did a number on You. Rest that voice.”

Jul 16 22:09:53 chrissofer Disable Device.

Jul 16 22:10:06 Ember `roll 1d20+5

Jul 16 22:10:07 GameServ Ember rolled 1d20: 5 <Total: 5(+5) = 10>

Jul 16 22:10:17 chrissofer No good, but not jammed

Jul 16 22:10:30 Ember “Anyone else know how to pick locks?”

Jul 16 22:11:27 chrissofer “No, not me.” Says the Dwarf.

Jul 16 22:11:40 chrissofer The gnome shakes her head, and points at the mess of metal in the other cell.

Jul 16 22:11:56 chrissofer The half elf mumbles something loudly into his gag.

Jul 16 22:12:41 Ember “Could you grab the chains?” she asks the other two, slipping through the bars to pull the gag off.

Jul 16 22:13:55 chrissofer They run off to retrieve them

Jul 16 22:14:06 chrissofer The gag comes out of his mouth easily.

Jul 16 22:14:19 Ember “Hi”

Jul 16 22:14:45 chrissofer “Yes, hello. I pick locks. You recruiting?”

Jul 16 22:14:59 chrissofer He struggles in his bonds, hogtied as he is.

Jul 16 22:15:07 chrissofer “Untie me and I will pick any lock You want.

Jul 16 22:15:10 chrissofer

Jul 16 22:15:11 Ember “Could call it that.”

Jul 16 22:15:17 Ember “No stabbing your team mates.”

Jul 16 22:16:06 chrissofer “I’ll do my best. Hard to stab without a knife, yes?”

Jul 16 22:16:17 chrissofer He looks as though he’s trying to be funny

Jul 16 22:16:52 Ember plucks knots open with all the delicate skill of a netter.

Jul 16 22:17:12 chrissofer Craft(Netting)

Jul 16 22:17:23 Ember `roll 1d20+5

Jul 16 22:17:23 GameServ Ember rolled 1d20: 4 <Total: 4(+5) = 9>

Jul 16 22:17:39 chrissofer It takes You a good minute, but eventually he is freed.

Jul 16 22:17:45 Ember “There we go.”

Jul 16 22:17:50 chrissofer “Muuuuuch better. Thank You, miss…?”

Jul 16 22:18:02 Ember “Ember. Who are you?”

Jul 16 22:19:17 chrissofer “They call me ‘Tiny’. A relic from the old days, I suppose.”

Jul 16 22:19:36 Ember squints up, given their height difference.

Jul 16 22:19:44 Ember “Can’t really say it suits.”

Jul 16 22:19:46 chrissofer He takes Your hand in his and says, “A pleasure, Ember. Thank You for aiding me.”

Jul 16 22:19:57 chrissofer “Well, see, I wasn’t born this tall.

Jul 16 22:19:59 chrissofer

Jul 16 22:20:05 Ember “Who was.”

Jul 16 22:20:11 Ember “And you’re welcome, now go get the door.”

Jul 16 22:21:58 Ember gathers up the rope in loops and drapes it over her shoulder.

Jul 16 22:22:11 chrissofer He flusters his robes in a Strange-like manner and takes his leave muttering something. The door opens as he walks up to it, and he waits for You to come through, holding it open (as if it would close).

Jul 16 22:22:43 Ember “Dang that was fast!”

Jul 16 22:23:20 Ember trots out to join the others.

Jul 16 22:23:24 chrissofer “Only time I like to hear that, mum.”

Jul 16 22:23:32 Ember laughs.

Jul 16 22:23:40 chrissofer He closes the door behind You, and rejoins Your throng

Jul 16 22:24:06 Ember “Anyone know the way out?”

Jul 16 22:24:23 chrissofer The dwarf says, “Ah, good, another. Increases our chances.”

Jul 16 22:24:33 chrissofer The gnome nods to the half elf and fixes her eyes on You.

Jul 16 22:25:04 chrissofer The half elf says, “We are in the lower levels. Below us is the bestiary, among other things. That’s all I know.”

Jul 16 22:25:23 Ember perks, excited. “A bestiary??”

Jul 16 22:26:20 chrissofer The half elf snorts. “Yes, though it’s more of a few pens than anything deserving of the name.”

Jul 16 22:26:31 chrissofer He looks at the other two. “Are we freeing animals too, then?”

Jul 16 22:27:30 Ember “Got nothing better to do. I’ve got someone working on the people between here and the exit.”

Jul 16 22:29:13 chrissofer He sighs, as does the Dwarf. The gnome touches Your shoulder, however, looks You in the eyes, and nods, fully excited to free any animals imprisoned here.

Jul 16 22:31:09 chrissofer END SCENE

Jul 16 22:41:44 Ember has quit (Ping timeout: 246 seconds)

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