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Jul 08 20:28:19 Danni Goodbye Wrena?

Jul 08 20:28:28 chrissofer :o

Jul 08 20:28:31 chrissofer Yup

Jul 08 20:28:33 Danni Hello darkness my old friend…

Jul 08 20:28:42 chrissofer Haha aww ^_^

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Jul 08 20:55:06 chrissofer The group has vanquished the vicious hunting party that they ambushed last session, the Buffalo running off into the distance.

Jul 08 20:56:08 chrissofer Wrena puts her gun back into her pocket, grateful she didn’t have to use it on anyone.

Jul 08 20:56:14 todo “Fucking uffalo…what the hell is next?”

Jul 08 20:56:30 todo yawns

Jul 08 20:56:31 Ember chases down her horse.

Jul 08 20:57:46 chrissofer Ember’s horse runs off in the direction they came, and then for some reason turns due North, avoiding the path behind them

Jul 08 20:58:14 todo “Just hop on mine”

Jul 08 20:58:23 Ember “But it has my bag!”

Jul 08 20:58:24 todo “Stupid”

Jul 08 20:58:39 todo “We can be faster on my horse”

Jul 08 20:58:53 Ember climbs on Todo’s horse.

Jul 08 20:58:55 chrissofer Ride check, horsechasers

Jul 08 20:58:56 Ember “Go go go go “

Jul 08 20:59:11 Danni Briar and Renrik chase Ember’s horse on their horses.

Jul 08 20:59:20 todo ride check

Jul 08 20:59:21 Ember `roll 1d20+2

Jul 08 20:59:21 GameServ Ember rolled 1d20: 9 <Total: 9(+2) = 11>

Jul 08 20:59:26 todo 11

Jul 08 20:59:40 Danni `roll 1d20-1

Jul 08 20:59:40 GameServ Danni rolled 1d20: 9 <Total: 9(-1) = 8>

Jul 08 20:59:47 Danni 1d20-3

Jul 08 20:59:59 Danni `roll 1d20-3

Jul 08 20:59:59 GameServ Danni rolled 1d20: 12 <Total: 12(-3) = 9>

Jul 08 21:00:46 chrissofer FAILURE

Jul 08 21:00:51 chrissofer EVERYONE

Jul 08 21:00:58 chrissofer Dishonor on You, and Your cows

Jul 08 21:01:12 todo “Well shit.”

Jul 08 21:01:20 Ember “MY BAG”

Jul 08 21:01:30 chrissofer The horse runs off to the north for a while as all of Your mounts balk at whatever spooked him north.

Jul 08 21:01:35 todo “Well…now what?”

Jul 08 21:02:12 chrissofer Wrena and Gwynn, seeing Your failures, hop on their horses and try to pursue it.

Jul 08 21:02:20 Danni The orcs are shamed.

Jul 08 21:02:20 chrissofer `roll 1d20+1

Jul 08 21:02:21 GameServ chrissofer rolled 1d20: 1 <Total: 1(+1) = 2>

Jul 08 21:02:38 chrissofer Wrena falls right off her horse, nearly immediately.

Jul 08 21:02:43 chrissofer Flat on her ass

Jul 08 21:03:07 Ember “So, I’m.. just gonna stay on your horse.”

Jul 08 21:03:22 chrissofer `roll 1d20+2

Jul 08 21:03:22 GameServ chrissofer rolled 1d20: 10 <Total: 10(+2) = 12>

Jul 08 21:03:34 chrissofer Gwynn does not overcome the balking either.

Jul 08 21:03:43 Danni Renrik rides over and helps Wrena up.

Jul 08 21:04:18 todo “Wanna see if Aadya can scer it back this way?”

Jul 08 21:04:22 todo *scare

Jul 08 21:04:46 Ember “Do you wanna try to catch a frightened horse being chased by a giant wolf?”

Jul 08 21:05:01 todo “You just rode a buffalo.”

Jul 08 21:05:04 todo “Shuut up.”

Jul 08 21:05:06 Danni Briar: “What the fuck is terrifying our horses?”

Jul 08 21:05:17 todo “Ember;s face.”

Jul 08 21:05:19 Ember “The buffalo wasn’t a fucking scaredy cat!”

Jul 08 21:05:28 Ember gapes, affronted.

Jul 08 21:05:33 Danni roll perception

Jul 08 21:05:38 todo sticks out tongue

Jul 08 21:05:56 Danni `roll 1d20+6

Jul 08 21:05:57 GameServ Danni rolled 1d20: 3 <Total: 3(+6) = 9>

Jul 08 21:06:06 Dayra `roll 1d20+6

Jul 08 21:06:06 GameServ Dayra rolled 1d20: 8 <Total: 8(+6) = 14>

Jul 08 21:06:21 todo Roll perception

Jul 08 21:06:22 Danni `roll 1d20+3

Jul 08 21:06:22 GameServ Danni rolled 1d20: 5 <Total: 5(+3) = 8>

Jul 08 21:06:35 todo 25

Jul 08 21:08:00 Dayra squints

Jul 08 21:09:19 todo “Do you guuys smell smoke?”

Jul 08 21:09:21 Dayra “Is that a fire?”

Jul 08 21:09:39 Danni Renrik: “I do see smoke.”

Jul 08 21:09:41 todo “yo whos lighting a fire a behind us?”

Jul 08 21:09:53 todo turns horse around

Jul 08 21:09:57 Ember “It may be something of a camp.”

Jul 08 21:11:08 Ember “What are you looking at?”

Jul 08 21:11:28 todo “That is a ass load of smoke though?

Jul 08 21:11:35 todo “do you think its a signal fire?”

Jul 08 21:11:53 Danni Renrik: “Or maybe a forest fire?”

Jul 08 21:12:17 Ember “Maybe we should go away from the fire.”

Jul 08 21:12:48 todo “Theres no one there.”

Jul 08 21:13:12 Ember “Theres… fire?”

Jul 08 21:13:13 todo “They left some stuff behind, looks like its a horse, but the fire isn’t actually the cause of the smoke.”

Jul 08 21:13:39 Dayra “Perhaps we should attempt to rescue the animal.”

Jul 08 21:13:43 chrissofer Gwynn asks, “Are we gonna check it out?”

Jul 08 21:14:07 todo “The horse is fine with the smoke. Like almost comfortable? Lets take that one, this way when amber abandons it, it wont run off.”

Jul 08 21:14:25 Ember “But it doesn’t have my bag.”

Jul 08 21:14:25 todo *Ember

Jul 08 21:14:42 todo “Yeah but maybe we can get your bag back with it?”

Jul 08 21:14:47 Danni Briar: “Are we gonna check it out?” Briar sing songs.

Jul 08 21:14:59 Danni Renrik sighs.

Jul 08 21:14:59 todo “I mean…yeah.”

Jul 08 21:15:01 Ember “Or you could get me a buffalo.”

Jul 08 21:15:16 todo trots forward

Jul 08 21:15:28 Gwynn is offended

Jul 08 21:15:30 Ember clings to Todo

Jul 08 21:15:40 todo “Oh relax.”

Jul 08 21:15:44 Danni Gwynn can deal with it.

Jul 08 21:16:14 Danni Renrik: “Let’s go check it out.”

Jul 08 21:16:15 Gwynn rolls her eyes at the orcs, and turns to Dayra and Ember

Jul 08 21:16:24 Dayra turns her mount toward the animal, intent on trying to rescue the creature from any potential harm.

Jul 08 21:16:35 Danni The orcs follow after Todo.

Jul 08 21:16:38 todo Arrives at camp?

Jul 08 21:17:03 todo look around for owner of horse and fire

Jul 08 21:17:10 todo *looks

Jul 08 21:17:19 chrissofer The clearing with the fire seems to be a fire pit of sorts, and the smoke is coming from a smoke bomb thrown nearby. There is something cooking on the fire, tho no one is here.

Jul 08 21:17:23 todo perception check

Jul 08 21:17:39 todo 19

Jul 08 21:17:44 Ember `roll 1d20+6

Jul 08 21:17:44 GameServ Ember rolled 1d20: 17 <Total: 17(+6) = 23>

Jul 08 21:17:49 Danni `roll 1d20+6

Jul 08 21:17:49 GameServ Danni rolled 1d20: 11 <Total: 11(+6) = 17>

Jul 08 21:17:58 Dayra `roll 1d20-1

Jul 08 21:17:58 GameServ Dayra rolled 1d20: 3 <Total: 3(-1) = 2>

Jul 08 21:18:15 Danni `roll 1d20+3

Jul 08 21:18:15 GameServ Danni rolled 1d20: 2 <Total: 2(+3) = 5>

Jul 08 21:19:38 chrissofer There is no sign of a struggle, and You don’t see any traps or nearby people. The horse seems normal, though very reluctant to let You touch it, coyly avoiding Your touches. From the looks of the campfire, its owner is Small: Not a medium sized creature, like a human or an orc, but more like a gnome or halfling.

Jul 08 21:20:14 Ember “Todo, make the horse like me.”

Jul 08 21:20:35 todo “Oh one of our people. Look at the foot prints.”

Jul 08 21:20:44 Ember “Small.”

Jul 08 21:20:55 Gwynn scoffs

Jul 08 21:20:56 Ember puts her boot over one of them.

Jul 08 21:20:58 todo slides off her horse and struts up to new horse.”sup?”

Jul 08 21:20:59 Gwynn “Great.”

Jul 08 21:21:06 Danni Renrik looks over to Briar.

Jul 08 21:21:21 todo 11

Jul 08 21:21:22 Danni Renrik :”Don’t get offended because you aren’t small.

Jul 08 21:21:55 Danni Briar sneers.

Jul 08 21:22:49 todo “well thats a start.” Walks over and picks some long grass. and sits in front of horse holding the grass out in front of her.

Jul 08 21:23:08 Danni Briar takes out a waffle.

Jul 08 21:23:15 Dayra `roll 1d20+4

Jul 08 21:23:15 GameServ Dayra rolled 1d20: 8 <Total: 8(+4) = 12>

Jul 08 21:23:15 Danni roll handle animal

Jul 08 21:23:29 Danni `roll 1d20+2

Jul 08 21:23:29 GameServ Danni rolled 1d20: 12 <Total: 12(+2) = 14>

Jul 08 21:23:43 Ember You guys suc

Jul 08 21:23:46 Ember “”

Jul 08 21:24:06 todo “Its your fault you lost your stuff.”

Jul 08 21:24:54 Danni Briar: “It doesn’t like the waffle…”

Jul 08 21:25:03 Danni Briar: “Everything likes waffles…”

Jul 08 21:25:16 Danni Renrik: “Not everything likes waffles.”

Jul 08 21:25:17 Ember “I didn’t fail to seduce a horse.”

Jul 08 21:25:33 Danni Renrik sighs.

Jul 08 21:25:34 Ember “Only saved all our lives preventing a buffalo from running us down but iss fine.”

Jul 08 21:25:35 Gwynn goes over and looks at the fire

Jul 08 21:25:44 todo shakes the grass a little and even takes a bite of one of the strands “mmming” how delicious it was

Jul 08 21:25:53 Danni Renrik: “You don’t seduce horses. You befriend them.”

Jul 08 21:26:02 Ember “Well, YOU DON”T.”

Jul 08 21:26:20 Ember “This place is BUNK. I wanna go find MY horse.”

Jul 08 21:26:24 Danni Renrik: “I Don’t, because I heal people!”


Jul 08 21:26:46 Danni Briar: “Wait… you seduce horses?”

Jul 08 21:26:57 Danni Briar: “But how would you…”

Jul 08 21:27:04 todo “Neither will standing here yelling. Take my horse and shut up after yours”

Jul 08 21:27:32 Wrena (chrissofer@2601:547:wru:woih::niqz) has joined

Jul 08 21:27:52 Ember “FINE!”

Jul 08 21:28:03 Wrena looks all bashful and embarrassed at the notions presented by this raunchy group

Jul 08 21:28:03 todo “GOOD”

Jul 08 21:28:06 Ember “Catch up when you convince that dumb horse to let YOU on it.”

Jul 08 21:28:24 todo “I WILL.”

Jul 08 21:28:27 Ember “GOOD”

Jul 08 21:29:12 Ember mounts the pony and trots off.

Jul 08 21:29:16 Danni Renrik: “Lets all just go and complete the mission.”

Jul 08 21:29:19 chrissofer Ride Check, Ember

Jul 08 21:30:00 Ember nah

Jul 08 21:30:39 chrissofer RETCON: Ember is on Todo’s

Jul 08 21:31:07 chrissofer RETCON: Horse

Jul 08 21:31:44 Danni Briar secures His horse and looks for loot in the camp.

Jul 08 21:31:58 Ember rides north, eyes peeled.

Jul 08 21:31:59 todo “Welp.” puts grass on ground and dusts off pants to see whats cooking on the fire

Jul 08 21:31:59 Gwynn gets off of her pony and starts looking over the already-made campsite

Jul 08 21:31:59 Danni Renrik : “Or not. Let’s make camp.”

Jul 08 21:32:34 Dayra “Should she not be escorted?”

Jul 08 21:32:37 Wrena stays on her horse awkwardly, unsure of what the group is doing

Jul 08 21:32:49 Danni Renrik sighs.

Jul 08 21:33:10 Danni Renrik follows after Ember.

Jul 08 21:33:13 todo “I mean you can chase her if you want. But she’ll proabably yell at you about something stupid and spook it more.”

Jul 08 21:33:55 chrissofer To clarify: Ember and Renrik ride off looking for her horse, and the rest of the party ransacks the camp

Jul 08 21:34:32 todo “Ransacks? What do you think we are? Animals?”

Jul 08 21:35:00 Dayra takes her horse to graze and rest.

Jul 08 21:36:33 todo “Oh okay…chill man.” Looks down at ground wide eyed shaking her head

Jul 08 21:38:08 Danni Briar shiftily hides some items in his backpack.

Jul 08 21:38:29 Dayra watches in confused silence.

Jul 08 21:38:30 chrissofer An hour or so passes. Ember and Renrik ride for a while, though they do not find the horse.

Jul 08 21:38:31 chrissofer However

Jul 08 21:38:42 GreenHairedBoy (chrissofer@2601:547:wru:woih::niqz) has joined

Jul 08 21:39:01 Gwynn gasps

Jul 08 21:39:42 GreenHairedBoy comes up, leading Ember’s horse.

Jul 08 21:39:56 todo “NIce.”

Jul 08 21:39:58 GreenHairedBoy looks at You all in his camp, and smiles coyly.

Jul 08 21:40:00 Danni Briar: “Well shit.”

Jul 08 21:40:07 GreenHairedBoy “Oh, You all noticed me, huh?”

Jul 08 21:40:10 todo takes puff on pipe

Jul 08 21:40:16 GreenHairedBoy “Guess I could’a been more subtle.”

Jul 08 21:40:34 Dayra “Were you trying to go unnoticed?”

Jul 08 21:40:35 todo “I mean.. you’re standing right in front of us?” Turns head to side and squints a little

Jul 08 21:40:58 GreenHairedBoy smiles

Jul 08 21:41:06 GreenHairedBoy “Well, I dunno about that.

Jul 08 21:41:06 Danni Briar: “How subtle can you be with a Horse?”

Jul 08 21:41:06 todo “Weirdo”

Jul 08 21:41:22 GreenHairedBoy “So, like… You want this back? Or..?”

Jul 08 21:41:31 GreenHairedBoy big ol smile, missing a tooth or two.

Jul 08 21:41:44 Danni Briar:” Yeah.”

Jul 08 21:41:56 GreenHairedBoy looks around his camp

Jul 08 21:42:06 GreenHairedBoy “Hmm, but, I think maybe mine’s gone missing!”

Jul 08 21:42:09 GreenHairedBoy :o

Jul 08 21:42:35 GreenHairedBoy RETCON

Jul 08 21:42:42 GreenHairedBoy looks around his camp.

Jul 08 21:42:54 GreenHairedBoy “Hmm, but some of my stuff seems to be missing!”

Jul 08 21:43:06 Dayra looks pointedly at Briar.

Jul 08 21:43:07 GreenHairedBoy “I don’t care for much of it, but I do need my knife.”

Jul 08 21:43:35 Danni Briar: “I can Give you a knife.”

Jul 08 21:43:41 todo “Well a minute more and your dinner would have been in my belly.” Rubs stomach

Jul 08 21:43:52 Danni Briar: “Can’t say you’ll be happy how you’ll get it.”

Jul 08 21:44:06 todo “Dude.”

Jul 08 21:44:22 Dayra “A peaceable solution seems to be the voluntary return of all personal items misplaced.”

Jul 08 21:44:56 GreenHairedBoy has sea green hair flecked with darker and lighter colors, like a field in the late summer. He stands 3 3/4’ tall, and has a ruddy complexion and bright yellow eyes. He is wearing soft, padded armor in a dark brown, and has a set of vials strapped to his chest. He’s holding the lead of Ember’s horse, and his right hand has a big burn scar on it.

Jul 08 21:45:24 GreenHairedBoy smiles at Briar

Jul 08 21:45:46 GreenHairedBoy “Well, I’m sure I’d be happy however I retrieve it… Though, friend, You might not be.

Jul 08 21:45:50 GreenHairedBoy

Jul 08 21:46:03 GreenHairedBoy looks innocently at the group

Jul 08 21:46:20 todo shurgs

Jul 08 21:46:26 Dayra “I’m sure we would all be very happy with a calm exchange.”

Jul 08 21:46:37 GreenHairedBoy “So, I think we could do a nice little trade, here. I give You the horse, You give me my knife, and I can give You all a meal before You get back on the way to Druma.”

Jul 08 21:46:50 Danni Briar smiles, showing off his tusks and holds out the thieves tool and the knife.

Jul 08 21:46:52 todo “Deal.”

Jul 08 21:47:15 todo looks at Aadya…“wanna go get them?”

Jul 08 21:47:58 chrissofer Aadya looks back at You, and nods.

Jul 08 21:48:06 todo “Thank you.”

Jul 08 21:48:24 GreenHairedBoy looks at Briar, smiles in his eyes, and hands him the horse after taking his effects back.

Jul 08 21:48:47 Dayra “Wonderful.”

Jul 08 21:49:10 Danni Briar takes the horse and makes sure that Ember’s pack is unrifled through.

Jul 08 21:49:15 todo “Now was that so hard?”

Jul 08 21:49:49 GreenHairedBoy “Now, I have some nice stew going. Who’s Hungry?”

Jul 08 21:50:05 Wrena “I-I could definitely eat.”

Jul 08 21:50:05 Dayra “How may we address you, fair stranger?”

Jul 08 21:50:23 Wrena gets off her horse and sits by the fire.

Jul 08 21:50:23 Danni Briar: “I’m going to return the horse to Ember.”

Jul 08 21:50:32 todo hits pipe and then raises hand

Jul 08 21:51:01 todo “Aadya went to go get them. Sit.”

Jul 08 21:51:05 chrissofer Aadya runs off, tracking Renrik and Ember.

Jul 08 21:51:28 GreenHairedBoy turns to Dayra

Jul 08 21:51:42 Danni Briar glares at Todo and then walks off to the edge of the encampment in the direction of where Renrik and Ember rode off.

Jul 08 21:51:54 GreenHairedBoy “Orom, if You please. And You all?”

Jul 08 21:51:56 You are now known as Orom

Jul 08 21:52:13 Orom He touches his forehead in a gesture of greeting to You all.

Jul 08 21:52:29 Dayra “Well met, Orom, you may call me Dayra.”

Jul 08 21:53:24 Orom “Well met, Dayra.”

Jul 08 21:53:30 Orom smiles.

Jul 08 21:53:34 todo “Well pout then.”

Jul 08 21:53:44 Orom “Glad someone has a modicum of comportment, out here.”

Jul 08 21:54:22 Danni Briar grumbles in orc.

Jul 08 21:54:31 todo “Todo.” Points thumb to chest

Jul 08 21:55:50 Dayra “My new companions are course at their surface but I have found their character strong and kind thus far. I hope you will forgive their abrasive tendencies.

Jul 08 21:55:51 todo “Also whats with the smoke bomb?”

Jul 08 21:55:53 Dayra

Jul 08 21:56:18 Orom “I saw a stampeding buffalo coming my way.

Jul 08 21:56:38 Orom turns to Dayra, speaking softer

Jul 08 21:56:48 Orom “No worries, I’m used to all kinds.”

Jul 08 21:56:49 todo “Yeah…you can thank Ember for that when she gets back?”

Jul 08 21:56:57 chrissofer SPEAKING OF WHICH

Jul 08 21:57:06 chrissofer Ember and Renrik have returned.

Jul 08 21:57:25 todo “Also we might be /uncivilized/ we CAN hear pretty good.

Jul 08 21:57:32 Danni Briar scowls and hands Ember the reigns to her horse.

Jul 08 21:57:34 todo *but

Jul 08 21:57:35 Dayra “We had a close encounter with a buffalo, perhaps the very same. The halfling was able to redirect its ire.”

Jul 08 21:57:41 Orom goes up to Ember, and gestures to her.

Jul 08 21:57:43 Ember squeals, excited.

Jul 08 21:57:52 Orom “I’m told I should thank You for redirecting the buffalo.

Jul 08 21:57:56 Ember jumps out of her shoes, startled by the stranger.

Jul 08 21:58:14 todo “DON’T KILL HIM EMBER

Jul 08 21:58:32 Gwynn is offended

Jul 08 21:58:51 Wrena is happily eating her stew, watching the rest of the party.

Jul 08 21:59:01 Orom looks aghast

Jul 08 21:59:04 Ember “You shoulda seen it! I Jumped right off my horse and that poor baby was so frightened I had to drag his head to steer and even then it was like Bwaaahhhhh and then suddenly all the goblin are gone.”

Jul 08 21:59:06 OromKill me?”

Jul 08 21:59:29 Danni Briar walks a few yards away from the group to sulk.

Jul 08 21:59:35 Orom smiles at the story.

Jul 08 21:59:52 todo “Protect your ankles dude.” Slurps soup exaggeratedly

Jul 08 21:59:59 Orom “Sounds like quite the excursion! You are pretty adept at riding, it would seem.”

Jul 08 22:00:21 Ember “Yeah but none of us can seduce them for shit.”

Jul 08 22:00:22 Gwynn goes to eat as well, not feeling at her Geynn-est, today.

Jul 08 22:00:27 Gwynn *Gwynn-est

Jul 08 22:00:45 Orom snorts at that.

Jul 08 22:00:56 Danni Renrik: “But he’s short, so wouldn’t she aim higher?”

Jul 08 22:00:56 Ember “So wait, who are you?”

Jul 08 22:01:15 todo “You’ve met her. No she wouldn’t”

Jul 08 22:01:48 Orom “Orom, at Your service.”

Jul 08 22:01:54 Orom looks You up and down.

Jul 08 22:02:08 Ember flushes.

Jul 08 22:02:17 Ember “I’m Ember.”

Jul 08 22:02:21 Danni Renrik: “I’ve seen her stab people higher.”

Jul 08 22:02:22 todo snorts into soup

Jul 08 22:02:44 todo “But now you’ve almost challenged her with a harder target.”

Jul 08 22:02:46 Orom laughs

Jul 08 22:03:21 Danni “All I’m saying is that she would stab an orc in the eye if given the opportunity.”

Jul 08 22:03:26 Ember “I’ll show you a harder target.”

Jul 08 22:03:44 Orom “No, I’m sorry, force of habit with people who look like they work for a living.”

Jul 08 22:04:30 todo shrugs and takes a mockingly fancy loud slurp of her soup

Jul 08 22:04:32 Orom gestures to the remaining seats

Jul 08 22:04:36 Ember “Can’t blame you. It’s a lot better to look at than the flabs of the rich and lazy.”

Jul 08 22:04:39 todo “pinky out”

Jul 08 22:04:53 Ember strikes a pose, chin tipped up heroically.

Jul 08 22:05:16 Orom “I certainly agree.”

Jul 08 22:06:03 Danni Renrik stays standing.

Jul 08 22:07:18 Ember “What is everyone eating?”

Jul 08 22:07:26 Orom hands him an bowl of stew

Jul 08 22:07:34 todo “Fancy guys soup”

Jul 08 22:07:43 Dayra is eating her own rations.

Jul 08 22:07:44 Orom “Just some stew. I did a bit of trapping earlier, whipped up something small.

Jul 08 22:07:45 todo “Its…okay…I guess” Rolls eyes

Jul 08 22:07:54 Danni Renrik eyes the soup warily.

Jul 08 22:08:26 Danni roll sense motive

Jul 08 22:08:44 Danni `roll 1d20+8

Jul 08 22:08:44 GameServ Danni rolled 1d20: 14 <Total: 14(+8) = 22>

Jul 08 22:08:47 Ember goes to find Briar, worried.

Jul 08 22:12:45 todo finishes soup

Jul 08 22:13:32 Danni Briar sees Ember.

Jul 08 22:13:49 Ember climbs Briar’s body like a tree to sit on his elbow.

Jul 08 22:16:29 Danni Briar sighs.

Jul 08 22:16:58 Dayra “What brings you along this path, Orom?”

Jul 08 22:17:23 Orom “Well, I have some business up in Kerse, and this is the fastest way there.”

Jul 08 22:18:15 Dayra “From Augustana?”

Jul 08 22:18:31 Orom “Indeed!”

Jul 08 22:19:00 Orom “That’s where I’m coming from, though I’ve been all over in recent years. Mostly south of Lake Encarthan.”

Jul 08 22:19:06 Orom How about You all?

Jul 08 22:19:28 todo repacks pipe and leans lazily against her rock

Jul 08 22:19:43 Dayra glances expectantly at Renrik.

Jul 08 22:19:57 todo rubs the bottom of Aadya’s ears

Jul 08 22:20:11 chrissofer Aadya enjoys her scritches.

Jul 08 22:21:10 Wrena frowns softly, but says nothing.

Jul 08 22:21:19 Danni Renrik: “We have business that leads us out this way.”

Jul 08 22:21:26 Gwynn takes out her Harrow Cards and does a small reading.

Jul 08 22:21:57 Orom “Sounds about right. You all stopping in the DMV before heading north?”

Jul 08 22:22:44 Danni Renrik: “Why are you so curious on where we are going?”

Jul 08 22:22:47 Wrena “I-I’m just trying to get back to the Grevolk Estate.”

Jul 08 22:23:29 Orom pauses.\

Jul 08 22:23:31 Orom “I’m not, just making conversation.”

Jul 08 22:24:11 Gwynn “Why, what great weather we’ve had lately.”

Jul 08 22:24:18 todo “Way to keep your cool guys”

Jul 08 22:24:19 Danni Renrik: “Sure.”

Jul 08 22:24:30 Dayra “I hale from the area of Dark Moon Vale. It will be nice to visit familiar landscapes.”

Jul 08 22:25:16 Orom “Well, it will be at that.”

Jul 08 22:25:58 todo nudges

Jul 08 22:26:31 todo RETCON: /me Nudges Orom with pipe

Jul 08 22:26:47 Orom turns to todo

Jul 08 22:26:53 Orom “Yes, Miss?”

Jul 08 22:27:05 todo hold up pipe

Jul 08 22:27:54 Orom “Would… You like some smokes?”

Jul 08 22:27:58 Orom looks confused

Jul 08 22:28:22 todo “I’m asking you if you would like some smokes. Clearly its packed. ya know. Peace pipe?”

Jul 08 22:28:37 Orom looks embarrassed at her pipe.

Jul 08 22:28:42 Orom “Ah, sorry!”

Jul 08 22:29:18 Orom takes the pipe and lights it, inhaling deeply with the experienced technique of someone used to smoking a lot.

Jul 08 22:29:35 todo raises eye brows a little and nods

Jul 08 22:29:38 Orom exhales a big cloud over the fire, and hands it back to todo.

Jul 08 22:29:51 Gwynn coughs a bunch

Jul 08 22:29:52 todo takes pipe back

Jul 08 22:29:58 todo “Wuss”

Jul 08 22:30:03 Wrena avoids the smoke

Jul 08 22:31:29 chrissofer The party finishes their meal and smoke in mutual distrust burgeoning on a new acquaintanceship, and helps break down the camp with Orom.

Jul 08 22:32:58 todo mounts horse after securing bags to horse, After helping stamp out the fire.

Jul 08 22:33:06 Orom “Well, best of luck in Your journey, friends!”

Jul 08 22:33:14 Orom mounts his steed as well.

Jul 08 22:33:31 todo mockingly salutes

Jul 08 22:33:47 Wrena gets on her horse hesitatingly, nervous of falling off again.

Jul 08 22:33:53 Gwynn gets on her horse.

Jul 08 22:33:57 Orom laughs

Jul 08 22:34:38 Wrena is totally embarrassed in an awkward cinnamon roll way.

Jul 08 22:34:46 Danni Renrik glares at Orom.

Jul 08 22:35:22 Orom “Until we meet again, then!”

Jul 08 22:35:33 Orom rides off ahead of the group, into the distance.

Jul 08 22:35:37 Dayra “Farewell!”

Jul 08 22:35:54 chrissofer KABOOM

Jul 08 22:36:03 chrissofer RETCON: JUST KIDDING

Jul 08 22:36:39 todo “Well got through an encounter with a stranger without a murder. Go us.”

Jul 08 22:36:41 Orom has quit (Quit: Leaving)

Jul 08 22:37:09 Danni Renrik: “Yeah we did… go us…”

Jul 08 22:37:11 Wrena laughs under her breath, knowing what this means now.

Jul 08 22:37:55 todo “Thats right sunshine. Give momma a smile and lets get gto gettin”

Jul 08 22:38:43 GOD ( has joined

Jul 08 22:39:16 Danni Renrik wanders off to look for Briar.

Jul 08 22:39:32 Wrena smiles

Jul 08 22:40:39 Ember “Did you save me some soup!?”

Jul 08 22:40:57 Dayra prepares her horse for travel once more.

Jul 08 22:41:04 todo “No”

Jul 08 22:41:11 chrissofer CANNED LAUGHTER

Jul 08 22:41:13 chrissofer The party makes it safely to the DMV without difficulty, and Wrena shows them the way to the Grevolk Estate, and she vouches for You, getting You an immediate audience with the Lady.

Jul 08 22:43:11 todo “So this is what the house loooks like when it’s where its suppose to be?”

Jul 08 22:45:04 Wrena “Y-yeah, this is it.”

Jul 08 22:45:10 Ember “It big.”

Jul 08 22:45:15 Wrena smiles

Jul 08 22:45:32 Wrena “Yup!”

Jul 08 22:45:36 Wrena scurries inside.

Jul 08 22:45:48 todo “rude”

Jul 08 22:45:50 Gwynn waves, but hesitates going in.

Jul 08 22:45:53 Danni Renrik sighs.

Jul 08 22:46:34 Ember “More Tea!”

Jul 08 22:46:39 Ember sprints after Wrena.

Jul 08 22:46:42 Danni Renrik: “Well, I’m not that thrilled to be with us either right now.”

Jul 08 22:46:44 LadyGrevolk (chrissofer@2601:547:wru:woih::niqz) has joined

Jul 08 22:47:55 LadyGrevolk arrives, and asks You for how it went.

Jul 08 22:48:14 todo “Interesting, there were buffalo.”

Jul 08 22:48:26 Dayra “Well, one buffalo.”

Jul 08 22:48:36 LadyGrevolk raises her eyebrows

Jul 08 22:48:42 LadyGrevolk “By the doorway?”

Jul 08 22:49:24 todo “Yup. It dropped us off at your front door and then flew away to a rainbow.” giggles and mutters alittle to herself

Jul 08 22:50:07 Ember `roll 1d20+2

Jul 08 22:50:07 GameServ Ember rolled 1d20: 20 <Total: 20(+2) = 22>

Jul 08 22:52:23 LadyGrevolk “…Really?”

Jul 08 22:52:59 Danni Renrik: “When we escorted Wrena to the door she described several individuals. One of which sounds like T, an individual associated with the group called the Belfry Owls.”

Jul 08 22:53:43 Dayra “As I understand it, she was detected, and the door slammed shut behind us, so we were forced to take the long way back.”

Jul 08 22:54:19 todo “No. I apologize my lady, the herb in my pipe is alittle stronger than i thought…The king is in the counting house…cooouunntting.” Looks off to the distance

Jul 08 22:54:55 LadyGrevolk chuckles

Jul 08 22:55:25 LadyGrevolk “I see. So, well, this Tee character… Should we be worried about him?”

Jul 08 22:55:48 LadyGrevolk says this to the party, as well as one of her retainers.

Jul 08 22:56:14 Danni Renrik : “Given what little knowledge I have of him and of the Belfry Owls, I would keep an eye out.”

Jul 08 22:56:54 Dayra turns, surprised to find Nestri missing.

Jul 08 22:56:55 Gwynn is not inside

Jul 08 22:57:29 LadyGrevolk “Hmm, I’ll have my people look into it.”

Jul 08 22:59:26 LadyGrevolk “Is the door still there? I’m assuming it’s not, since You took the long way home.

Jul 08 22:59:37 Dayra “No, it sank.”

Jul 08 22:59:40 Danni Renrik: “No, it was not.”

Jul 08 23:00:55 LadyGrevolk “It sank?”

Jul 08 23:01:24 Dayra “Directly into the ground.”

Jul 08 23:01:32 LadyGrevolk “Oh, it receded!”

Jul 08 23:01:37 LadyGrevolk sighs

Jul 08 23:02:04 LadyGrevolk “Is that all You know? It was a long trip.”

Jul 08 23:02:40 Dayra “Yes. Returning Wrena became the priority when we were unable to re-enter the door.”

Jul 08 23:03:28 LadyGrevolk “And did Ms. Tilli make it back safely? No issues there, I trust?”

Jul 08 23:03:32 LadyGrevolk looks away

Jul 08 23:03:37 todo “Yeeeaahhh maaan”

Jul 08 23:03:59 Danni Renrik: “She was quite excited at our return to here.”

Jul 08 23:04:07 Dayra “She preceded us into the estate.”

Jul 08 23:04:35 LadyGrevolk laughs

Jul 08 23:04:37 LadyGrevolk I see, I see.

Jul 08 23:05:41 LadyGrevolk “Is there anything else I should know? Do You need any more info from me?”

Jul 08 23:05:50 LadyGrevolk “Or, shall we part ways at this point?”

Jul 08 23:05:55 LadyGrevolk considers for a moment

Jul 08 23:06:21 LadyGrevolk “Do You have somewhere to be? You are welcome to spend the night, if You’d like. I’m sure it was a long trip for You, from Augustana.

Jul 08 23:06:55 Danni Renrik: “Is there a reason that you can think of for a mercenary group to be interested in your household? Or in the magic behind the doors and their use?”

Jul 08 23:07:13 LadyGrevolk thinks for a moment.

Jul 08 23:07:14 todo “Sure sounds better than the floor.” Smiles too big for her face and her cheeks squint her eyes almost closed

Jul 08 23:07:17 Dayra “We have not made arrangements as of yet.”

Jul 08 23:08:35 LadyGrevolk “Well, there are any number of reasons for groups to target us. We’re a fairly influential family in the Council, and party to no one but ourselves. It could be a jealousy thing.

Jul 08 23:08:47 LadyGrevolk “The doors, however.”

Jul 08 23:09:26 Dayra “They are concerning.”

Jul 08 23:09:39 todo “Yeet?”

Jul 08 23:09:56 LadyGrevolk “Indeed.”

Jul 08 23:10:37 todo nods noblely

Jul 08 23:10:46 Danni Renrik: “The possibility of what a group such as that could do with magic such as this is more than just troublesome.”

Jul 08 23:11:17 LadyGrevolk “Well, it’s troubling that someone is emulating our signature so closely. I’ll have to check with Ms. Tilli to see how much we need to worry about that, but at least You are fine for now.”

Jul 08 23:11:24 LadyGrevolk pauses.

Jul 08 23:11:57 LadyGrevolk “We cannot allow them to go unchecked, but the fact that they saw one of my wizards in a scrying attempt is troubling indeed.”

Jul 08 23:12:09 LadyGrevolk “Are You currently on a job? Or can I hire You for something?”

Jul 08 23:12:37 todo “We belong to no one.”

Jul 08 23:13:13 Danni Renrik: “We are available for a mission.”

Jul 08 23:13:23 Dayra “Are we not expected?”

Jul 08 23:13:50 LadyGrevolk looks at You all.

Jul 08 23:13:56 LadyGrevolk “Well, get Your affairs together.”

Jul 08 23:15:36 Wrena (chrissofer@2601:547:wru:woih::niqz) has left (Leaving)

Jul 08 23:15:39 todo stretches and scratches tummy

Jul 08 23:15:53 Danni Renrik: “We’ll sleep on it. Thank you for your hospitality.”

Jul 08 23:16:04 LadyGrevolk signals to her servants to prepare some rooms for You all

Jul 08 23:16:12 Dayra turns toward the entrance again, seeking out the missing Nestri.

Jul 08 23:23:15 chrissofer The servants beckon You all to Your separate quarters for the evening, which is styled to the nines, and to Your likings.

Jul 08 23:24:40 Danni Renrik and Briar thank the servants and get ready for bed.

Jul 08 23:24:46 Dayra could use a heal spell before bed.

Jul 08 23:25:37 Dayra decides to stay with the group long enough to find their rooms, remaining anxious about the elf’s location.

Jul 08 23:26:41 todo Todo follows servant to her bed and flops down with Aadya on her bed

Jul 08 23:27:06 chrissofer Aadya curls up next to Todo.

Jul 08 23:27:25 Dayra relieves herself of her armor and things in her room, before going down the hall to find the room of the orc brothers, knocking and in search of healing assistance.

Jul 08 23:28:00 Danni Renrik opens the door. The room is filled with barely concealed tension.

Jul 08 23:28:16 Danni Renrik: “Dayra can I help you?”

Jul 08 23:28:39 Dayra “I wondered if you might spare the time and energy to heal me? I’ve retained some injury from our last battle and am unable to sleep well.”

Jul 08 23:28:58 Danni Renrik: “Of course, I’m happy to help.”

Jul 08 23:29:17 Dayra “Thank you very much.”

Jul 08 23:30:09 Danni Renrik uses fervor on Dayra.

Jul 08 23:30:35 Danni `roll 1d6

Jul 08 23:30:35 GameServ Danni rolled 1d6: 5 <Total: 5>

Jul 08 23:30:39 Dayra feels much better.

Jul 08 23:31:34 Gwynn is unsure of what she does this evening.

Jul 08 23:31:51 Danni Renrik uses fervor on Briar.

Jul 08 23:31:57 Danni `roll 1d6

Jul 08 23:31:57 GameServ Danni rolled 1d6: 1 <Total: 1>

Jul 08 23:32:19 Danni Renrik uses fervor Again.

Jul 08 23:32:27 Danni `roll 1d6

Jul 08 23:32:27 GameServ Danni rolled 1d6: 5 <Total: 5>

Jul 08 23:32:56 Danni Renrik goes to sleep.

Jul 08 23:33:19 Dayra wanders off to find Nestri, if she is to be found.

Jul 08 23:33:34 Danni Briar stays up for a little while longer before going to bed.

Jul 08 23:38:14 Dayra has quit (Quit: ajax IRC Client)

Jul 08 23:38:18 chrissofer A servant finds Ember just outside of the dining hall for the workers, and asks if she needs assistance.

Jul 08 23:39:03 Ember “Have you seen the Orcs?”

Jul 08 23:39:10 chrissofer He thinks for a moment.

Jul 08 23:39:16 chrissofer “Oh, yes, the tall fellows

Jul 08 23:39:22 Ember “Very.”

Jul 08 23:39:33 chrissofer He beckons You to follow him

Jul 08 23:39:37 Ember follows

Jul 08 23:39:48 chrissofer He leads You to a door, and softly knocks on it three times.

Jul 08 23:39:51 Ember (a bit sluggishly because she is full and has to pee)

Jul 08 23:40:28 chrissofer He turns to Ember

Jul 08 23:40:48 chrissofer “I think they might be sleeping already. Should I make up another room for You?”

Jul 08 23:40:57 Ember “I can have my own room!??!”

Jul 08 23:41:03 chrissofer He pauses.

Jul 08 23:41:09 chrissofer “…Yyyyes?

Jul 08 23:41:10 chrissofer

Jul 08 23:41:14 Ember “YES!”

Jul 08 23:41:57 Ember bounces.

Jul 08 23:41:59 chrissofer He says to wait for a moment, and comes back before leading You to a room with a King Size Bed with a private wash basin and a variety of nice smelling incense.

Jul 08 23:42:18 Ember dashes around the room, too excited for words.

Jul 08 23:42:44 chrissofer “Let me know if You need anything, Miss. The house is Yours for the night.”

Jul 08 23:42:54 Ember “Thanks! Good night!”

Jul 08 23:43:31 Ember throws off her armor and dumps it in the basin to be watered before exploring the entire room and touching everything.

Jul 08 23:44:24 chrissofer He excuses himself, leaving You to Your explorations.

Jul 08 23:49:30 Gwynn has quit (Quit: Leaving)

Jul 08 23:49:37 LadyGrevolk has quit (Quit: Leaving)

Jul 08 23:49:47 Ember has quit (Quit: ajax IRC Client)

Jul 08 23:53:17 Danni has quit (Quit: ajax IRC Client)

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