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Jun 28 20:11:51 chrissofer Bronnie has a sudden and drastic change of heart, and goes to the old Inn (with the former door in the basement) in case Gwynn is waiting for them there.

Jun 28 20:16:51 chrissofer They arrived at the old inn around the same time, and make the short trek back to the inn in Reminster in relative silence, both mulling over the events that occurred that day, but choosing not to share them with one another before first reuniting the group in its entirety.

Jun 28 20:18:22 chrissofer Once they return to the Inn, it is dark and time to sleep. They make it to their beds, without bothering the rest of the party, and end the night there.

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Jun 28 20:19:32 holoirc what

Jun 28 20:19:58 chrissofer Bronnie is in good enough health, and does not want to trouble You to heal him.

Jun 28 20:20:01 holoirc is now known as Gwynn

Jun 28 20:20:18 chrissofer Wrena, on the other hand, is fast asleep, clutching her book loosely in one hand.

Jun 28 20:20:47 Danni Renrik asks everyone that is awake if they need healing. Renrik and Briar have already been healed.

Jun 28 20:21:30 chrissofer The innkeeper and all of the patrons also consider it for a moment, but they decide against it, mostly due to timidity.

Jun 28 20:22:30 Dayra “I could use a little if you have any to spare.”

Jun 28 20:22:50 Danni Renrik uses fervor on Dayra.

Jun 28 20:22:57 Danni `roll 1d6+1

Jun 28 20:22:57 GameServ Danni rolled 1d6: 3 <Total: 3(+1) = 4>

Jun 28 20:22:59 Ember shows Renrik her scraped elbow.

Jun 28 20:23:20 Danni Renrik uses fervor on Ember.

Jun 28 20:23:32 Danni `roll 1d6+1

Jun 28 20:23:33 GameServ Danni rolled 1d6: 2 <Total: 2(+1) = 3>

Jun 28 20:24:57 Dayra “Thank you very much.”

Jun 28 20:25:25 Danni Renrik: “You are welcome.”

Jun 28 20:26:37 chrissofer Okay, a Night has passed.

Jun 28 20:26:42 Danni Renrik and Briar go to sleep.

Jun 28 20:26:58 Dayra takes off her armor to get a proper night’s sleep in a comfortable bed.

Jun 28 20:27:00 Gwynn thought about healing self before waking

Jun 28 20:27:39 Gwynn 13

Jun 28 20:29:42 chrissofer You fail to increase Your healing for the night (needed 15)

Jun 28 20:31:16 Danni Renrik uses cure light wounds on Gwynn.

Jun 28 20:31:37 Danni `roll 1d8+1

Jun 28 20:31:37 GameServ Danni rolled 1d8: 4 <Total: 4(+1) = 5>

Jun 28 20:31:50 chrissofer RETCON: NOW a night has passed.

Jun 28 20:33:15 Gwynn goes downstairs to get food

Jun 28 20:33:27 Gwynn and wait for friends

Jun 28 20:33:52 Danni Renrik wakes up early, uses create water to water his rosewood armor, and prays.

Jun 28 20:34:41 Danni Renrik waters Ember’s armor while he waters his.

Jun 28 20:34:54 Ember sputters awake, shaking with the slosh of cold.

Jun 28 20:35:19 Gwynn orders waffles

Jun 28 20:35:44 Ember yells wordlessly, whining before stomping off in search of a towel and food.

Jun 28 20:35:48 Gwynn asks for enough waffles to feed everyone in group

Jun 28 20:36:07 chrissofer “Coming right up, honey.” The waitress scurries off.

Jun 28 20:36:38 Gwynn acid splash read magic detect magic Ray of frost unseen servant keep watch

Jun 28 20:36:40 Danni Renrik’s spells for the day create water, detect magic, spark, enhance dip, 2 cure light wounds.

Jun 28 20:37:14 Ember spies a now familiar figure at the big table in the room, and plops wetly beside her.

Jun 28 20:37:33 Gwynn “good morning”

Jun 28 20:37:57 Ember “Sure.”

Jun 28 20:38:05 Gwynn smirks

Jun 28 20:38:09 Ember “Did you have fun?”

Jun 28 20:38:23 Gwynn sighs “loads”

Jun 28 20:38:25 chrissofer The waitress comes back, setting a huge tray of waffles, syrup, and breakfast meats down in the center of the table. She showers You with straws and napkins, and then runs to another table, dealing with the morning rush.

Jun 28 20:38:28 Gwynn “how bout you”

Jun 28 20:38:34 Danni Once Renrik is done praying, he wakes Briar, they both get around, and then go downstairs to eat breakfast.

Jun 28 20:38:34 Danni Briar: “The fuck?”

Jun 28 20:38:47 Danni Renrik: “Hello Gwynn, I thought that I saw you last night.”

Jun 28 20:39:03 Gwynn “thank you for the heal”

Jun 28 20:39:07 Ember “We met a rich wolf lady in a moving house.”

Jun 28 20:39:19 Danni Briar glares at Renrik.

Jun 28 20:39:25 Gwynn curious look

Jun 28 20:39:42 Danni Briar says a few choice words to Renrik in orc.

Jun 28 20:39:42 Ember “It was cold but I got a black pearl off the dead dark elf.”

Jun 28 20:39:49 Ember “I killed him. Don’t let Briar tell you differt.”

Jun 28 20:39:55 Gwynn raises eyebrows

Jun 28 20:40:22 Ember “There were three I Think and then the squid boys.”

Jun 28 20:40:27 Ember “Also look at this.”

Jun 28 20:40:35 Ember pulls out lock of blue hair, where it is braided into her own.

Jun 28 20:40:47 Gwynn rubs temples

Jun 28 20:40:53 Gwynn “what is that”

Jun 28 20:41:12 Ember “It’s hair.”

Jun 28 20:41:26 Gwynn “why is it blue”

Jun 28 20:42:12 Ember “I dunno.”

Jun 28 20:42:23 Gwynn “why is it braided into your hair”

Jun 28 20:42:45 Ember “I put it there.”

Jun 28 20:44:36 Gwynn “where did you get it”

Jun 28 20:44:41 Ember “Off the dead elf.”

Jun 28 20:44:49 Gwynn rolls eyes

Jun 28 20:44:57 Ember “The spectacles are from some jackasses in the red district.”

Jun 28 20:45:02 Gwynn “does it do anything or is it just pretty”

Jun 28 20:45:09 Ember “I think it’s just pretty.”

Jun 28 20:45:13 Gwynn mhm

Jun 28 20:45:27 chrissofer Bronnie is down there with You to hear You shit talk

Jun 28 20:45:29 Danni Renrik says a few words back to Briar in orc.

Jun 28 20:49:41 chrissofer `roll 1d100

Jun 28 20:49:41 GameServ chrissofer rolled 1d100: 79 <Total: 79>

Jun 28 20:50:03 Ember “We got a new ward from the wolf lady.”

Jun 28 20:50:12 Gwynn “who?”

Jun 28 20:50:16 Ember “She does magic looking and got us caught by some guy,”

Jun 28 20:50:19 Ember “Oh, Wren.”

Jun 28 20:50:29 Gwynn some guy?

Jun 28 20:50:32 Ember glances around in search of the gnomes.

Jun 28 20:50:39 Ember “Well, /i/ didn’t see his face.”

Jun 28 20:51:10 Gwynn I think I need a whole story

Jun 28 20:51:51 Ember “Okay, so,”

Jun 28 20:52:05 chrissofer Wrena comes in from the privy, having freshened up for the morning (and prepared a few spells as she was going through it).

Jun 28 20:52:13 Ember “This door comes swooshing out of the ground and tried to kill the innkepper where we were sleeping after the owls tried to kill us, member?”

Jun 28 20:52:17 Ember “That’s Wren.”

Jun 28 20:52:20 Danni Briar spite eats waffles and glares at Gwynn.

Jun 28 20:52:36 Ember talks around a mouthful of breakfast meat.

Jun 28 20:53:08 Ember “And of course we had to eat breakfast first so we went across the street but then the door was still there and it was cold and Briar wouldn’t let me go in so we spent like forever just staring at the damn thing.”

Jun 28 20:53:08 chrissofer Seeing a New Person, she positions herself on the exact other side of the table, huddling next to whichever party member is there (provided it isn’t Bronnie)

Jun 28 20:53:37 Ember “So finally we go through and that’s where the elves were and they tried to gank us so we kilt them first and there was snow and then Bronnie threw me in the chest! and I almost DROWNED.”

Jun 28 20:54:06 Gwynn glances at wren and back to ember

Jun 28 20:54:17 Gwynn at least you didn’t

Jun 28 20:54:25 Ember “but there was a shiny thing off to the left so I went lookin’ and it was this weird shield blank with no handle and no hanger so I’m thinking about getting it draped on a chain or something but its like the size of my whole ribs.”

Jun 28 20:54:50 chrissofer She does not meet Your gaze, Gwynn, looking at the table instead.

Jun 28 20:54:53 Gwynn shield?

Jun 28 20:55:01 Ember “it’s a rectangle.”

Jun 28 20:55:15 Danni Renrik sulks and eats his waffles.

Jun 28 20:55:27 Ember gestures a size. “Like that.”

Jun 28 20:55:32 Ember “I’ll show you later. My fingers are sticky.”

Jun 28 20:55:43 Ember “So then we went down the hall and the squid boys were like GWOOSH”

Jun 28 20:55:48 Gwynn ok

Jun 28 20:56:27 Ember “They were like Flooowp on our faces and this dwarf came out of NOWHERE and was like Wahpah! and then she got gunked.”

Jun 28 20:56:45 Gwynn dwarf? /me glances at wren again

Jun 28 20:56:55 Ember “So we had to pull her out of the calamari, and then we went back toward the stairs? and the WHOLE HALLWAY WAS LIKE BWAHAHHHH on fire.”

Jun 28 20:56:56 Gwynn is confused

Jun 28 20:57:00 Ember “Burnt my cheeks.”

Jun 28 20:57:05 Gwynn ouch

Jun 28 20:57:24 Ember “Oh and there was a painting of that guy that did the Darkmoon Vale stuff.”

Jun 28 20:57:30 Ember “Lienl. The wolf boy.”

Jun 28 20:57:38 Gwynn wolf boy?

Jun 28 20:57:40 chrissofer Wrena is slowly working her way through a waffle, making extra sure to keep her book safe from syrups and oils.

Jun 28 20:57:40 Ember “His granddaughter lives in this moving castle with the magic doors.”

Jun 28 20:57:59 Ember “So when the big stone one popped up outta nowhere and Bronnie was like Yoohoooo the butler came out and was like uhM?”

Jun 28 20:58:01 Gwynn wow

Jun 28 20:59:28 Ember “She gave us so many cookies. And tea! And Todo’s pipe does a weird smooog thing now and her ring is silver with the wolf head I guess that’s how the doors worked.”

Jun 28 20:59:49 Gwynn how much did you guys get into?

Jun 28 20:59:53 Ember “She made a door to her bedroom butnow we’re locked out and Wren doesn’t know how to call her lady.”

Jun 28 21:00:03 Ember looks affronted for a moment.

Jun 28 21:00:09 Gwynn her lady?

Jun 28 21:00:11 Ember “I literally just told you.”

Jun 28 21:00:17 Ember “The wolf lady.”

Jun 28 21:00:26 Gwynn this is so much

Jun 28 21:00:26 Ember “Lienel’s granddaughter with the moving castle. Are you even listening?”

Jun 28 21:00:50 Gwynn I’m trying to follow I really am

Jun 28 21:01:33 Gwynn anything else?

Jun 28 21:01:54 Ember “Well we’re gonna see what Ames wants from us and then we’re goin to Darkmoon Vale to take Wren home.”

Jun 28 21:02:06 Gwynn super

Jun 28 21:02:19 Gwynn sits back

Jun 28 21:02:22 Danni Briar glances at Renrik.

Jun 28 21:02:24 Ember “Wanna go?”

Jun 28 21:02:33 Gwynn yeah why not

Jun 28 21:02:49 Dayra arises pleasantly to an empty room and a warm basin to rinse her face.

Jun 28 21:02:49 Gwynn eats some waffles

Jun 28 21:03:29 Ember “What about you, then?”

Jun 28 21:03:36 Danni Renrik sighs.

Jun 28 21:03:50 Gwynn well I went out in search of the mysterious Tee

Jun 28 21:03:52 Danni Renrik: “If I could get her to stop flirting with me I would.”

Jun 28 21:04:10 Danni Briar raises his eyebrows.

Jun 28 21:05:01 Danni Renrik: “Without getting arrested.”

Jun 28 21:05:07 Gwynn I got a mission from a friend for info and found out he’s a mercenary for hire and out of town for 3 days

Jun 28 21:05:13 chrissofer Wrena finishes her waffle, and takes a second with some bacon.

Jun 28 21:05:16 Danni Briar stabs another waffle and eats it while smirking.

Jun 28 21:05:34 Gwynn also a green haired gnome was harassing me but he’s gone

Jun 28 21:05:44 Ember “Your friend is a mercenary?”

Jun 28 21:05:55 Gwynn no Tee

Jun 28 21:06:04 Gwynn the guy trying to kidnap me

Jun 28 21:06:32 Gwynn he’s not in the owl gang he was hired separate

Jun 28 21:06:59 Ember “Rude.”

Jun 28 21:07:41 Gwynn yep

Jun 28 21:07:56 Danni Briar: “All these people wanna kill me… I fucking wonder why.”

Jun 28 21:08:05 Dayra descends in her basic clothes, confident in the placement of her personal items with the others’ luggage still upstairs.

Jun 28 21:08:09 Danni Renrik elbows his brother.

Jun 28 21:09:00 Gwynn smiles at briar

Jun 28 21:09:02 chrissofer Wrena, having finished his food, pulls a second book out of her bag and begins reading it as You all catch up.

Jun 28 21:09:08 chrissofer *her food

Jun 28 21:09:08 Gwynn yeh it’s a fucking mystery

Jun 28 21:09:13 chrissofer *heeeeeerrrrr foood

Jun 28 21:09:32 Danni Briar: “Real fucking mystery. Can’t figure it out myself.”

Jun 28 21:09:51 Ember “But she told you why.”

Jun 28 21:09:55 Gwynn “contemplate it a little longer it’ll come to you

Jun 28 21:10:28 Danni Briar contemplates flipping the table.

Jun 28 21:10:32 Dayra “NESTRI!”

Jun 28 21:10:39 Gwynn whips around

Jun 28 21:10:40 chrissofer Wrena, sensing some hostility rising, scoots back from the table.

Jun 28 21:10:55 Gwynn guard up

Jun 28 21:10:59 Dayra “YOU”RE ALIVE!”

Jun 28 21:11:07 Gwynn spots dayra

Jun 28 21:11:12 Gwynn big smiles

Jun 28 21:11:23 Gwynn “dayra! you son of a bitch!”

Jun 28 21:11:25 Danni Renrik: “Milani help me with this bullshit.”

Jun 28 21:11:38 Gwynn launches over table and goes for hug

Jun 28 21:11:47 Dayra has her arms open in time.

Jun 28 21:12:00 chrissofer Wrena scoots back even more at this, turning a bit away from the cuddle puddle before her.

Jun 28 21:13:05 chrissofer `roll 1d100

Jun 28 21:13:05 GameServ chrissofer rolled 1d100: 61 <Total: 61>

Jun 28 21:13:14 Danni While Gwynn is distracted Briar talks to Renrik in orc quietly.

Jun 28 21:13:15 Gwynn “what are you doing here?”

Jun 28 21:13:17 Dayra “Are you getting taller?”

Jun 28 21:13:26 chrissofer Stealth, Briar.

Jun 28 21:13:37 Dayra “I was on a mission from god!”

Jun 28 21:13:46 Gwynn “really?”

Jun 28 21:14:01 Gwynn “what this time?

Jun 28 21:14:01 Dayra “An old debt, long over due. It crossed my path that you were being hunted nearby.”

Jun 28 21:14:16 Gwynn unsettled

Jun 28 21:14:26 Gwynn “it’s no good if you heard

Jun 28 21:14:38 Dayra whispers, “do you know how expensive you are these days?”

Jun 28 21:14:48 Gwynn smirks

Jun 28 21:14:55 Gwynn “yeh dead or alive now

Jun 28 21:14:55 Danni `roll 1d20-3

Jun 28 21:14:55 GameServ Danni rolled 1d20: 18 <Total: 18(-3) = 15>

Jun 28 21:15:03 Gwynn “must really be getting under their skin

Jun 28 21:15:07 Dayra “Almost a compliment.”

Jun 28 21:15:13 Gwynn “almost

Jun 28 21:15:31 Dayra “Are you the Gwynn everyone has been talking about?”

Jun 28 21:16:04 Gwynn “depends on what they’ve been saying

Jun 28 21:17:10 Dayra “Well it wasn’t entirely kind.”

Jun 28 21:17:30 Gwynn smiles

Jun 28 21:17:33 Gwynn “it never is

Jun 28 21:17:37 Gwynn “hungry?

Jun 28 21:17:58 Dayra “Famished.”

Jun 28 21:18:17 Gwynn offers a seat

Jun 28 21:18:32 Gwynn “how did you find this lot?

Jun 28 21:18:52 Wrena (chrissofer@2601:547:jgx:ivrz::tmkk) has joined

Jun 28 21:19:01 Dayra “I was investigating the appearance of a great stone door.”

Jun 28 21:19:13 Wrena scoots back up to the table, pretending to read her book still.

Jun 28 21:19:29 Gwynn this door

Jun 28 21:19:46 Dayra “And came across them being assaulted by wraiths. My attempts to assist them were thwarted and the Orcs manifested my rescue instead.”

Jun 28 21:20:36 Gwynn yeah they’re handy like that

Jun 28 21:20:52 Dayra “Quite skilled!”

Jun 28 21:21:08 Gwynn grins

Jun 28 21:21:19 Gwynn “it’s so good to see you! how long has it been?

Jun 28 21:21:30 Dayra “I refuse to answer. My vanity cannot stand it.”

Jun 28 21:21:37 Gwynn laughs

Jun 28 21:21:51 Danni Briar gets up and throws a gold piece on the table. He then goes up to the room he shared with Renrik.

Jun 28 21:22:04 Gwynn “well at least I don’t have to worry about tense intros

Jun 28 21:22:06 Danni Renrik sighs.

Jun 28 21:22:36 Wrena looks, one at a time, to each member of the party she met yesterday, trying to gauge their reactions.

Jun 28 21:23:00 Gwynn glances towards where briar left

Jun 28 21:23:45 Gwynn looks at renrik

Jun 28 21:24:05 Gwynn I’m sorry for not telling you I left. I needed to know about this Tee fellow before it went cold

Jun 28 21:25:01 Dayra “Tee?”

Jun 28 21:25:28 Danni Renrik: “I do not want you to be sorry. I want you to think of the interests of the group if you are going to be in the group.”

Jun 28 21:25:29 Gwynn this merc working with the owls trying to kidnap me

Jun 28 21:25:59 Ember murmurs an ominous: “oooohhhhh”

Jun 28 21:26:05 Gwynn I was thinking if the group. I put you in danger I had to make sure there wouldn’t be more in the immediate future

Jun 28 21:26:48 Dayra “The owls…”

Jun 28 21:26:54 Gwynn a gang

Jun 28 21:26:57 Gwynn nasty

Jun 28 21:27:15 Danni Renrik: “Because the few minutes it would have taken you to tell us would have put you so far behind.”

Jun 28 21:27:17 Dayra “Oh,”

Jun 28 21:27:26 Ember “she told /me/”

Jun 28 21:27:32 Ember “Everyone else was Asleep. “

Jun 28 21:27:35 Ember “but its fine.”

Jun 28 21:27:53 Dayra murmurs, “Sneaking off, still?”

Jun 28 21:28:02 Gwynn shrugs

Jun 28 21:28:12 Dayra “You know, you’d have more friends….”

Jun 28 21:28:22 Gwynn it’s easier when I don’t plan on coming back relatively soon

Jun 28 21:28:32 Gwynn I know I know

Jun 28 21:28:37 Gwynn rolls eyes

Jun 28 21:28:50 Dayra “You claim, and yet.”

Jun 28 21:29:00 Gwynn “ok mom”

Jun 28 21:29:12 Dayra smiles, drifting past her to take her pick of the remaining breakfast.

Jun 28 21:29:46 Danni Renrik: “Acting like you care holds more weight than just saying that you care.”

Jun 28 21:30:27 Ember gets a little louder with her ominous, “ooooOOOOh”

Jun 28 21:30:29 Gwynn yes dad

Jun 28 21:30:36 Gwynn eats some bacon

Jun 28 21:31:23 Danni Renrik: “If I was your father you would be dead in a forest, a sacrifice to the gods.”

Jun 28 21:31:28 Ember “Where’s Toad?”

Jun 28 21:31:36 Gwynn “don’t tempt me with a good timr

Jun 28 21:31:38 Gwynn time

Jun 28 21:31:49 Dayra casts a shocked look toward the Orc.”

Jun 28 21:32:02 Dayra turns her shocked face upon Nestri instead.

Jun 28 21:32:09 Danni Renrik:” Now if you will excuse me, I have to go convince my brother why he shouldn’t stab you in your sleep.”

Jun 28 21:32:45 Gwynn “fair

Jun 28 21:32:48 Gwynn good luck

Jun 28 21:32:52 Danni Renrik pays for his food and gets up to go talk to his brother.

Jun 28 21:33:21 Wrena nods silently, satisfied with the group dynamic before her, and returns to her book.

Jun 28 21:35:26 Wrena pauses for a second, before turning to the remaining people before her

Jun 28 21:36:35 Wrena “H-How are we getting back to D-Darkmoon? N-Not to rush or anything, b-but… I need t-to get home.”

Jun 28 21:37:36 Dayra “I can guide you to Darkmoon Vale with great ease!”

Jun 28 21:37:44 Gwynn chews more bacon

Jun 28 21:37:54 Gwynn “sounds good when do we leave

Jun 28 21:38:07 Ember “When Briar is done pouting.”

Jun 28 21:38:42 Gwynn that could take years

Jun 28 21:39:35 Gwynn mumbles in elvish

Jun 28 21:39:57 Dayra quirks her brow at the elvish.

Jun 28 21:40:10 Danni Briar stops on the stairs.

Jun 28 21:40:23 Gwynn in elvish “the orcs are def gonna kill me soon”

Jun 28 21:40:57 Gwynn 7

Jun 28 21:41:00 Danni Briar perception roll

Jun 28 21:41:13 chrissofer GWYNN ROLLED A 7 FOR STEALTH VS BRIAR

Jun 28 21:41:19 Danni `roll 1d20+6

Jun 28 21:41:19 GameServ Danni rolled 1d20: 14 <Total: 14(+6) = 20>

Jun 28 21:41:37 chrissofer BRIAR OVERHEARD, GWYNN

Jun 28 21:41:45 Gwynn (super)

Jun 28 21:42:08 Ember “Haha”

Jun 28 21:42:18 Gwynn glares at ember

Jun 28 21:42:34 Wrena sees what has happened just now, and makes wide eyes at her book, trying to look even smaller.

Jun 28 21:42:55 Ember “Briar when are we leaving?”

Jun 28 21:43:11 Danni Briar continues to walk down the stairs and sits down next to Wrena.

Jun 28 21:43:46 Gwynn chews bacon slowly

Jun 28 21:44:27 Danni Briar: “It depends, we have to go talk to Ames and see what quest she has for us before we leave.”

Jun 28 21:44:45 Ember “Oh yeah!”

Jun 28 21:45:12 Ember “Wait til I’m done eating then.”

Jun 28 21:45:36 Danni Briar: “Renrik says that the walk to Darkmoon Vale will be at least a week. So the real question is do we walk it or do we rent horses?”

Jun 28 21:45:56 Wrena slowly looks up at Briar, amazed at his emotional control in this moment, so sure he overheard that shade..

Jun 28 21:47:36 Ember finishes her breakfast and moves away from the table, going to recollect her things as discussions of leaving begin to overtake the table.

Jun 28 21:48:30 Ember RETCON

Jun 28 21:48:35 Dayra finishes her breakfast and moves away from the table, going to recollect her things as discussions of leaving begin to overtake the table.

Jun 28 21:48:48 Gwynn follow dayra

Jun 28 21:48:55 Danni Renrik walks down the stairs looking as is he had come back from a long journey already.

Jun 28 21:49:01 Ember “But the camels were so nice!”

Jun 28 21:49:27 Danni Renrik: “I’m going to see Ames now. If you want to come with, fine. If not, fine. I’ll come back with the information.”

Jun 28 21:50:05 Ember “I wanna come!”

Jun 28 21:50:22 Ember stuffs several sausages into her pockets.

Jun 28 21:51:03 Danni Renrik looks at Briar.

Jun 28 21:51:37 Ember trips over Briar trying to escape the booth, falls face down before popping up to reach Renrik.

Jun 28 21:51:40 Danni Renrik: “I do not trust you not to cause problems right now. You are coming with.”

Jun 28 21:51:57 Wrena looks up at Renrik.

Jun 28 21:52:01 Wrena “Should I come to this ‘Ames’ person?”

Jun 28 21:52:03 Danni Briar glares at Renrik.

Jun 28 21:52:18 Danni Renrik: “This is not up for discussion.”

Jun 28 21:52:54 todo ( has joined

Jun 28 21:52:59 Danni Briar gets up slowly and adjusts his armor.

Jun 28 21:53:40 Ember “Do you feel safer with us or them?”

Jun 28 21:53:44 Danni Renrik: “You can if you wish.”

Jun 28 21:54:27 Wrena looks at Ember, and then waits to see what the groups actually are.

Jun 28 21:55:26 todo wakes up

Jun 28 21:56:00 Danni Renrik goes to leave. Briar begrudgingly follows behind him.

Jun 28 21:57:00 todo “what…what ARE YOU DOING IN HERE”

Jun 28 21:57:40 Dayra “Getting dressed.”

Jun 28 21:57:45 Wrena follows the orc group, tentatively.

Jun 28 21:57:48 Gwynn chillin

Jun 28 21:58:00 todo “FUCK YOU ESPECIALLY!”

Jun 28 21:58:05 Danni Renrik leads the group to see Ames.

Jun 28 21:58:20 Dayra “Oh, my.”

Jun 28 21:58:27 Gwynn missed you too

Jun 28 21:58:50 todo throws pillow in Gwynn’s face

Jun 28 21:59:06 Gwynn catches

Jun 28 21:59:15 Ember is too lazy to walk so grabs onto Briar’s belt to be hauled along.

Jun 28 21:59:34 chrissofer Bronnie takes this moment to say to the group, “Hey guys, I have some stuff to do in this city, so I’m gonna part ways with You for now. I’ll be around if You need me, and when I get bored maybe I’ll travel with y’all again.” He waves.

Jun 28 22:00:03 Ember waves good bye.

Jun 28 22:00:23 todo “UGh. Bye.”

Jun 28 22:00:23 Danni Renrik and Briar tell him goodbye.

Jun 28 22:02:14 Wrena Bronnie fucks off

Jun 28 22:02:46 chrissofer RETCON: Bronnie just does that, Wrena doesn’t say it.

Jun 28 22:03:36 chrissofer The Away team makes it to C. Ames’ office.

Jun 28 22:04:26 Danni Renrik talks to the guard on duty.

Jun 28 22:04:43 chrissofer C. Ames is dolled up as per usu, and smiles when she sees You speak to the guard on duty.

Jun 28 22:04:52 Danni Renrik: “We are here to talk to Ames.”

Jun 28 22:05:11 Danni Renrik sees Ames and waves awkwardly to her.

Jun 28 22:05:42 chrissofer “Hey there, friends, glad You could make it.” She smiles again, especially at Renrik, with a small eyebrow wiggle. “Let’s talk in my office.”

Jun 28 22:06:18 Danni Renrik: “Sounds great.”

Jun 28 22:06:21 chrissofer The group relocates, and she sits behind her desk.

Jun 28 22:07:42 Wrena chooses to stand near the door, violet eyes wide behind her glasses.

Jun 28 22:08:14 chrissofer “So, I need You to run a bit of an errand for me.” She looks at Wrena. “Did You pick up another stray, since we last met?” She smiles aggressively at Wrena.

Jun 28 22:08:22 Wrena is uncomfortable.

Jun 28 22:08:45 Danni Renrik shields Wrena with his body.

Jun 28 22:09:04 Ember “Do we get paid?”

Jun 28 22:10:07 Danni Renrik: “What is this errand?”

Jun 28 22:14:33 chrissofer “Well, that’s fine. I have a… package… I need discreetly delivered to Druma, to one of my acquaintances there. It’s vital it arrive safely, and after Your…” She makes eyes at Renrik. “very adept performace before, I trust You more than all of these Belfry-controlled delivery service in this town.”

Jun 28 22:15:18 Ember scoffs at the word discreet.

Jun 28 22:17:51 chrissofer “You will get paid, though I can only give You the money here.” She brings a big bag of coins to the top of her table. “The package itself is in Darkmoon Vale, thanks to another… contracted hire… of mine. How does 50pp sound?”

Jun 28 22:18:45 Ember “I don’t understand.”

Jun 28 22:19:30 Ember “You want us to go get a package and take it somewhere else?”

Jun 28 22:20:24 chrissofer “Yes, the package would be here…” He makes eyes at Renrik again. “But someone was late.”

Jun 28 22:20:48 Danni Renrik: “Do you have any specifics about the package?”

Jun 28 22:20:50 Ember murmurs to herself, “orsomeonewasimpatient”

Jun 28 22:21:16 Danni Renrik: “How large it maybe? Do we need to rent another horse to accommodate it?”

Jun 28 22:21:44 Ember asks Briar: “Where is Druma?”

Jun 28 22:22:05 chrissofer “My package isn’t overly large. A strong person should be able to handle it without any trouble.”

Jun 28 22:22:10 Danni Briar: “I have no fucking idea.”

Jun 28 22:22:21 Ember chuckles.

Jun 28 22:22:23 Danni Renrik sighs.

Jun 28 22:22:56 Ember “Do we get paid now?”

Jun 28 22:23:02 Danni Renrik: “Then I understand that we do not need special accommodations for it.”

Jun 28 22:23:16 chrissofer She smiles. “That said, if this isn’t Your speed, I understand. Feel free to walk away.” She nudges the bag. “But my money is good, and the work’s mostly done, now.”

Jun 28 22:24:54 Ember mumbles behind Briar’s head: “Okaybutifwehavetogogetitfromherethenthatdoesn’tsaveusanyeffort.”

Jun 28 22:25:17 Danni Briar looks at Renrik.

Jun 28 22:25:17 todo finishes preparing and goes downstairs with Aadya to get some food

Jun 28 22:26:14 Danni Renrik: “We accept the errand.”

Jun 28 22:26:53 chrissofer She looks at Briar, “Druma? It’s juuuuust north of Andoran itself, north of the Five Kings Mountains.”

Jun 28 22:27:04 Danni Renrik turns to Briar and has a short conversation in orc.

Jun 28 22:27:55 chrissofer “Specifically, this package is going to Kerse. A big city on the Lake Encarthan.”

Jun 28 22:30:01 Wrena “Kerse? But… th-that’s halfway to B-Belkzen!”

Jun 28 22:30:49 Ember echoes “Curse” curiously.

Jun 28 22:31:02 Danni Briar: “Belkzen, like nothing bad is going to happen if we get close to Belkzen.”

Jun 28 22:31:45 Ember “Whats Bells-kin?”

Jun 28 22:32:10 Danni Renrik: “Wrena, there is no reason for you to continue the journey to Kerse with us if you do not wish.”

Jun 28 22:32:38 Wrena nods, relief showing on her face.

Jun 28 22:33:27 Danni Briar: “The Hold is Belkzen is where Renrik and I were raised.”

Jun 28 22:33:39 Ember “Oh neat”

Jun 28 22:34:14 Danni Briar huffs.

Jun 28 22:34:51 chrissofer “Well, what say You, friends?”

Jun 28 22:34:54 Danni Renrik: “Can you give us the particulars of the errand?”

Jun 28 22:35:39 Danni Renrik: “Who we need to meet and where.”

Jun 28 22:36:05 chrissofer “Just meet with my contact in the guard of Falcon’s Hallow, she’ll give You the package, and You can drop it off with their contact in Kerse. Easy enough way to earn 50pp, yes?”

Jun 28 22:36:25 Ember “tooeasy”

Jun 28 22:37:06 Wrena nods, softly, agreeing with Ember. She says nothing, though.

Jun 28 22:38:35 Danni Briar: “This will get us killed, and if not, going that close to Belkzen will.”

Jun 28 22:38:43 Danni Briar smiles.

Jun 28 22:38:53 Danni Briar: “Why the fuck not.”

Jun 28 22:39:31 chrissofer “Well, that’s one!” She smiles again. “How about the rest of You?”

Jun 28 22:40:01 Ember “I go with them.”

Jun 28 22:40:37 chrissofer “Two!”

Jun 28 22:40:44 Danni Renrik: “Yes, I accept.”

Jun 28 22:41:18 Ember leans down off Briar’s shoulder to grab at the money bag.

Jun 28 22:42:18 Danni Briar: “Are we good to go?”

Jun 28 22:42:22 chrissofer The party goes now

Jun 28 22:43:10 Danni Renrik leads the group back to the inn.

Jun 28 22:43:36 Ember jumps off Briar and goes running up the stairs to double check her things and grab her back pack.

Jun 28 22:43:54 Dayra has gathered up her things and begins to don her armor when Ember appears.

Jun 28 22:43:59 Wrena stays by the door, already ready to go.

Jun 28 22:44:01 Danni Renrik and Briar go up to their room and grab their things.

Jun 28 22:44:24 Danni Then they return to the main room.

Jun 28 22:44:48 Gwynn returns to main room with all things

Jun 28 22:44:52 Ember “Come on we gotta go.”

Jun 28 22:45:39 Danni Renrik: “I have the information on the errand that Ames has for us.”

Jun 28 22:46:22 Dayra rejoins the party on the ground floor.

Jun 28 22:47:47 Danni Renrik: “I’ll tell you the details in a more secure location.”

Jun 28 22:49:19 chrissofer The trip takes 10 days on horseback, following the trails through the Arthfell Forest, the road along the Arthrosh River, and over the Wolfrun Hills.

Jun 28 22:49:37 Danni Renrik: “For the distance to Darkmoon Vale, I suggest that we take horses. Even then, the journey will take several days.”

Jun 28 22:50:20 Ember “But I liked the camel.”

Jun 28 22:50:45 Danni Renrik: “I suggest that everyone check their gear, and make sure that they have enough trail rations.”

Jun 28 22:51:10 Ember drops her backpack down to rifle through.

Jun 28 22:51:58 Ember “I need food.”

Jun 28 22:51:58 Gwynn orders 5 more days of trail rationz

Jun 28 22:52:00 Danni Renrik looks at the group.

Jun 28 22:53:07 Danni Renrik goes and gets 8 days of orc trail rations for himself and his brother.

Jun 28 22:53:13 chrissofer The party outfits themselves for a 10 day horse trip.

Jun 28 22:53:33 Dayra “I am quite accustomed to distance traveling.”

Jun 28 22:55:49 Gwynn “get ready”

Jun 28 22:56:05 Danni (Retcon 10 orc rations for both)

Jun 28 22:56:12 Gwynn “they’re real fun to travel with” in elvish

Jun 28 22:56:30 Dayra in elvish: “Have you been along for very long?”

Jun 28 22:58:00 Gwynn “we raided a kobold stronghold. together and fought some rangers in the woods. thrilling stuff” in elvish

Jun 28 22:58:03 chrissofer The party sets out on the trail between Augustana and the Arthfell Forest.

Jun 28 22:58:31 Wrena has never ridden a horse before, but after a bit of instruction is (very stiffly) stable in her saddle.

Jun 28 22:58:32 Dayra in elvish: “Rangers, hm?”

Jun 28 22:59:06 Gwynn elvish “Hobbit rangers”

Jun 28 22:59:13 Gwynn “tried to kill us

Jun 28 23:00:32 Dayra in elvish: “For a particular reason?”

Jun 28 23:00:41 chrissofer The party makes it safely through the Arthfell Forest, passing by the former Kobold Stronghold as they do.

Jun 28 23:01:28 chrissofer Next leg of the journey is from Arthfell, along the Arthrosh River.

Jun 28 23:03:23 chrissofer As You are walking through the plains near the rive, a large, brown equine-looking creature that looks angry comes charging towards Your group, trailed by a group of four goblins.

Jun 28 23:03:33 Dayra meticulously leads the party along a good path!

Jun 28 23:03:55 chrissofer Roll Initiative.

Jun 28 23:03:57 Ember screams.

Jun 28 23:04:04 Danni Briar and Renrik take out their weapons.

Jun 28 23:04:25 Danni `roll 1d20+1

Jun 28 23:04:25 GameServ Danni rolled 1d20: 14 <Total: 14(+1) = 15>

Jun 28 23:04:36 Ember `roll 1d20+2

Jun 28 23:04:36 GameServ Ember rolled 1d20: 17 <Total: 17(+2) = 19>

Jun 28 23:04:37 Danni `roll 1d20+2

Jun 28 23:04:37 GameServ Danni rolled 1d20: 14 <Total: 14(+2) = 16>

Jun 28 23:04:46 Dayra `roll 1d20+1

Jun 28 23:04:46 GameServ Dayra rolled 1d20: 2 <Total: 2(+1) = 3>

Jun 28 23:05:01 Gwynn 12

Jun 28 23:05:02 chrissofer Roll for Todo

Jun 28 23:05:07 chrissofer `roll 1d20+2

Jun 28 23:05:08 GameServ chrissofer rolled 1d20: 14 <Total: 14(+2) = 16>

Jun 28 23:05:24 chrissofer `roll 1d20+2

Jun 28 23:05:25 GameServ chrissofer rolled 1d20: 18 <Total: 18(+2) = 20>

Jun 28 23:05:30 Danni `roll 1d20+2

Jun 28 23:05:30 GameServ Danni rolled 1d20: 13 <Total: 13(+2) = 15>

Jun 28 23:05:38 Gwynn pulls rapier

Jun 28 23:07:14 Ember draws her crossbow.

Jun 28 23:07:28 Ember #it’salreadyloaded.

Jun 28 23:10:42 chrissofer Ember’s turn!

Jun 28 23:14:10 chrissofer Ember is going to leap off of the saddle, onto the Bison’s back, and attempt to ride the Bison as it runs up.

Jun 28 23:14:24 chrissofer Needed Checks: Acrobatics x 1, Ride x 1

Jun 28 23:14:24 Dayra stands in her saddle, trying to time the jump right, and then leaps from horse to bison. Acrobatics check.

Jun 28 23:14:43 Dayra FUCKEN RETCON

Jun 28 23:14:47 chrissofer Dayra actually thinks again, and sits back down in her saddle.

Jun 28 23:15:06 Ember stands in her saddle, trying to time the jump right, and then leaps from horse to bison.

Jun 28 23:15:31 Ember `roll 1d20+7

Jun 28 23:15:31 GameServ Ember rolled 1d20: 20 <Total: 20(+7) = 27>

Jun 28 23:15:59 chrissofer Nat 20! Take a +5 to the first ride check.

Jun 28 23:18:35 Ember launches herself, crossbow still in hand, across the gap as the animals’ paths nearly intersect. Her knees catch against the arch of its thickly furred shoulders as she straddles its spine, cinching her ankles as tight as they will go while her hand fists solidly in the course curls.

Jun 28 23:19:47 Ember `roll 1d20+5

Jun 28 23:19:47 GameServ Ember rolled 1d20: 9 <Total: 9(+5) = 14>

Jun 28 23:19:54 Ember Total: 19

Jun 28 23:19:58 Wrena 19 total, with extra +5

Jun 28 23:19:59 Wrena SUCCESS

Jun 28 23:20:16 Wrena RETCON:

Jun 28 23:20:38 Wrena is amazed at how adept Ember was at mounting her prey.

Jun 28 23:21:00 chrissofer SUCCESS

Jun 28 23:21:36 chrissofer `lottery

Jun 28 23:21:36 GameServ Gwynn

Jun 28 23:21:46 chrissofer Goblin D comes up to the party on their horses, and stabs at Gwynn’s horse.

Jun 28 23:22:09 chrissofer `roll 1d20+2

Jun 28 23:22:10 GameServ chrissofer rolled 1d20: 16 <Total: 16(+2) = 18>

Jun 28 23:22:28 chrissofer `roll 1d8+1

Jun 28 23:22:28 GameServ chrissofer rolled 1d8: 2 <Total: 2(+1) = 3>

Jun 28 23:22:42 chrissofer The goblin does 3 damage to Your horse, and Your horse is spooked.

Jun 28 23:24:33 chrissofer Todo turns and whispers an order to Aadya, and then takes a step forward to cast flare in the eyes of the goblin that attacked Gwynn.

Jun 28 23:24:57 chrissofer Goblin Fort Save

Jun 28 23:25:01 chrissofer `roll 1d20-1

Jun 28 23:25:02 GameServ chrissofer rolled 1d20: 3 <Total: 3(-1) = 2>

Jun 28 23:25:15 chrissofer The Goblin is Dazzled.

Jun 28 23:25:33 chrissofer Aadya runs to the other side of the goblin, and rakes into its flesh with her teeth,

Jun 28 23:25:38 chrissofer `roll 1d20+2

Jun 28 23:25:38 GameServ chrissofer rolled 1d20: 6 <Total: 6(+2) = 8>

Jun 28 23:26:00 chrissofer Unfortunately doing no damage, but taking some of its shoddy clothes with her.

Jun 28 23:26:14 chrissofer Renrik’s Turn!

Jun 28 23:26:53 Danni Renrik attacks the goblin closest to him with his Morningstar.

Jun 28 23:27:19 chrissofer That’ll be the same goblin. They are totes surrounded now, brah

Jun 28 23:27:56 Danni `roll 1d20+4

Jun 28 23:27:56 GameServ Danni rolled 1d20: 8 <Total: 8(+4) = 12>

Jun 28 23:28:21 chrissofer Unfortunately, no damage is scored.

Jun 28 23:28:34 chrissofer Briar’s turn.

Jun 28 23:29:28 Danni Briar attacks an available goblin with his great axe.

Jun 28 23:29:52 chrissofer Briar gives someone else a try with his greataxe, exploring his options.

Jun 28 23:30:00 chrissofer Roll to Hit!

Jun 28 23:30:14 Danni `roll 1d20+5

Jun 28 23:30:14 GameServ Danni rolled 1d20: 7 <Total: 7(+5) = 12>

Jun 28 23:30:22 chrissofer Swingannamisss

Jun 28 23:31:38 chrissofer Wrena’s turn!

Jun 28 23:31:41 chrissofer She casts a spell!

Jun 28 23:33:30 chrissofer She reaches out while she is riding, and touches Renrik on the shoulder.

Jun 28 23:33:32 chrissofer Ride Check

Jun 28 23:33:38 chrissofer `roll 1d20-2

Jun 28 23:33:38 GameServ chrissofer rolled 1d20: 15 <Total: 15(-2) = 13>

Jun 28 23:33:55 chrissofer She manages to stay on her horse, and lays her hand on Renrik’s shoulder.

Jun 28 23:34:26 chrissofer Gwynn’s turn!

Jun 28 23:35:10 Gwynn casts Ray of frost on sword using spellstrike and lashes out at nearest goblin

Jun 28 23:35:42 chrissofer Roll To Hit!

Jun 28 23:36:26 Gwynn 17

Jun 28 23:36:54 chrissofer Hit!

Jun 28 23:37:33 Gwynn 7 for sword

Jun 28 23:38:53 Gwynn 3 for spell

Jun 28 23:39:04 chrissofer Total of 10 damage

Jun 28 23:39:26 chrissofer The goblin goes down, amidst the crowd of its attackers.

Jun 28 23:39:34 chrissofer Ride check to stay on Your horse.

Jun 28 23:39:56 Gwynn 20

Jun 28 23:40:01 chrissofer SUCCESS

Jun 28 23:40:05 chrissofer Bison is controlled by Ember

Jun 28 23:40:34 chrissofer Goblin A attacks back at Briar, swinging a crudely sharped sword at him.

Jun 28 23:40:37 chrissofer `roll 1d20+2

Jun 28 23:40:37 GameServ chrissofer rolled 1d20: 10 <Total: 10(+2) = 12>

Jun 28 23:40:49 chrissofer FAILURE

Jun 28 23:40:59 Gwynn majestically stabilized my horse while lashing out with my frosty sword to wound deeply the goblin across his chest opening a deep wound causing him to yell out

Jun 28 23:41:11 chrissofer The goblin fails to pierce Your armor.

Jun 28 23:42:27 chrissofer Goblin B Comes up to Briar, taking him from behind, and stabs him with a short spear.

Jun 28 23:42:35 chrissofer `roll 1d20+1

Jun 28 23:42:35 GameServ chrissofer rolled 1d20: 7 <Total: 7(+1) = 8>

Jun 28 23:42:42 chrissofer Total of 10

Jun 28 23:42:47 chrissofer FAILURE

Jun 28 23:42:54 chrissofer Goblin C

Jun 28 23:43:12 chrissofer Runs up to Briar as well, and is now nearly surrounded.

Jun 28 23:43:50 chrissofer AoO from Briar

Jun 28 23:44:11 Danni `roll 1d20+5

Jun 28 23:44:11 GameServ Danni rolled 1d20: 1 <Total: 1(+5) = 6>

Jun 28 23:44:21 chrissofer Nat 1: Crit Fail

Jun 28 23:44:32 chrissofer No Damage.

Jun 28 23:44:46 chrissofer He stabs You with a dagger.

Jun 28 23:44:51 chrissofer `roll 1d20+2

Jun 28 23:44:51 GameServ chrissofer rolled 1d20: 16 <Total: 16(+2) = 18>

Jun 28 23:44:54 chrissofer SUCCESS

Jun 28 23:45:02 chrissofer `roll 1d3+2

Jun 28 23:45:03 GameServ chrissofer rolled 1d3: 2 <Total: 2(+2) = 4>

Jun 28 23:45:25 chrissofer The dagger draws a line of red on Briar’s left arm, slashing into it.

Jun 28 23:45:40 chrissofer Dayra’s Turn!

Jun 28 23:48:17 Dayra moves forward to shield bash the nearest Goblin.

Jun 28 23:48:30 chrissofer Roll To Hit!

Jun 28 23:48:31 Dayra `roll 1d20+5

Jun 28 23:48:32 GameServ Dayra rolled 1d20: 8 <Total: 8(+5) = 13>

Jun 28 23:48:40 chrissofer FAILURE

Jun 28 23:49:10 chrissofer The Goblin laughs at Your gesturing with the shield.

Jun 28 23:49:19 chrissofer END OF ROUND, 1 Round has Passed

Jun 28 23:49:24 chrissofer Ember’s Turn!

Jun 28 23:51:54 Ember steers the bison in a sweeping circle around the gather of the combat, taking aim at the goblins near Briar.

Jun 28 23:52:00 Ember *one goblin.

Jun 28 23:52:14 chrissofer Goblin A sees You target him

Jun 28 23:53:44 Ember `roll 1d20+1

Jun 28 23:53:44 GameServ Ember rolled 1d20: 5 <Total: 5(+1) = 6>

Jun 28 23:54:06 chrissofer The bolt goes way wide, luckily also missing Briar, but missing everyone.

Jun 28 23:54:17 Ember mutters: fuck.

Jun 28 23:54:17 chrissofer Ride check to maintain control of B. Ison.\

Jun 28 23:54:53 Ember `roll 1d20+5

Jun 28 23:54:53 GameServ Ember rolled 1d20: 12 <Total: 12(+5) = 17>

Jun 28 23:54:56 chrissofer SUCCESS

Jun 28 23:55:06 chrissofer Ember remains in control.

Jun 28 23:55:09 Ember mutters: fuck yes.

Jun 28 23:55:12 chrissofer Todo’s turn

Jun 28 23:55:20 chrissofer She shoots at the same goblin as Ember did.

Jun 28 23:55:27 chrissofer `roll 1d20+4

Jun 28 23:55:27 GameServ chrissofer rolled 1d20: 6 <Total: 6(+4) = 10>

Jun 28 23:55:37 chrissofer And gets the same result the Ember did.

Jun 28 23:55:59 chrissofer Aadya goes up to flank whichever goblin Briar looks like he will attack next.

Jun 28 23:57:14 chrissofer Aadya goes for Goblin A’s crotch

Jun 28 23:57:19 chrissofer `roll 1d20+2

Jun 28 23:57:19 GameServ chrissofer rolled 1d20: 1 <Total: 1(+2) = 3>

Jun 28 23:57:32 chrissofer Aadya doesn’t feel like sausage today.

Jun 28 23:57:38 chrissofer Renrik’s turn.

Jun 28 23:58:16 Danni Renrik goes up to the goblins surrounding his brother and attacks the nearest goblin to him with his Morningstar.

Jun 28 23:58:27 chrissofer Roll To Hit!

Jun 28 23:58:34 Danni `roll 1d20+4

Jun 28 23:58:34 GameServ Danni rolled 1d20: 12 <Total: 12(+4) = 16>

Jun 28 23:58:41 chrissofer Hit! (Barely!)

Jun 28 23:59:07 Danni `roll 1d8+2

Jun 28 23:59:07 GameServ Danni rolled 1d8: 4 <Total: 4(+2) = 6>

Jun 28 23:59:17 chrissofer He falls unconscious on the ground!

Jun 28 23:59:24 chrissofer Briar’s Turn!

Jun 28 23:59:53 Danni Briar attacks goblin A with his great axe.

Jun 28 23:59:58 chrissofer Roll To Hit!

Jun 29 00:00:41 Danni `roll 1d20+5

Jun 29 00:00:41 GameServ Danni rolled 1d20: 18 <Total: 18(+5) = 23>

Jun 29 00:00:48 chrissofer Big Ol’ Hit!

Jun 29 00:00:53 chrissofer Roll Damage

Jun 29 00:01:21 Danni `roll 1d12+2

Jun 29 00:01:21 GameServ Danni rolled 1d12: 8 <Total: 8(+2) = 10>

Jun 29 00:01:39 chrissofer That Goblin crumbles like a chips ahoy cookie.

Jun 29 00:01:55 chrissofer Wrena’s turn!

Jun 29 00:03:04 chrissofer She draws a small pistol out of her breast pocket, and casts a spell on herself, whispering some arcane words.

Jun 29 00:03:13 chrissofer Gwynn’s turn.

Jun 29 00:04:07 Gwynn goes too attack goblin with sword

Jun 29 00:04:21 Gwynn 11

Jun 29 00:04:28 chrissofer Miss!

Jun 29 00:05:12 chrissofer The final Goblin, seeing his friend are all dead, turns tail and runs, dropping his weapon as he does so.

Jun 29 00:05:23 chrissofer Dayra’s turn

Jun 29 00:05:57 Dayra chases the goblin down, hammer swinging.

Jun 29 00:06:09 chrissofer The hammer whistles in the air as it comes down.

Jun 29 00:06:12 chrissofer Roll to hit

Jun 29 00:06:32 Dayra `roll 1d20+6

Jun 29 00:06:32 GameServ Dayra rolled 1d20: 6 <Total: 6(+6) = 12>

Jun 29 00:06:50 chrissofer It continues whistling until it buries itself in the ground, behind the goblin.

Jun 29 00:06:57 chrissofer End of Second Round

Jun 29 00:07:00 chrissofer Ember’s turn.

Jun 29 00:07:25 Ember steers the bison toward the fleeing goblin.

Jun 29 00:09:19 chrissofer Roll CMB.

Jun 29 00:09:47 chrissofer RETCON: She’s jumping off

Jun 29 00:09:50 chrissofer Roll Acrobatics

Jun 29 00:09:56 Ember `roll 1d20+7

Jun 29 00:09:56 GameServ Ember rolled 1d20: 6 <Total: 6(+7) = 13>

Jun 29 00:10:17 chrissofer She lands, stumbling as she does, but stays on her feet somehow.

Jun 29 00:10:46 Ember squeals in delight, throwing her hands into the air as she turns towards the others, screaming: “DID YOU SEE THAT!?”

Jun 29 00:11:01 chrissofer The Bison continues forward, trampling into the fleeing goblin as it does.

Jun 29 00:11:05 Danni Renrik: “Yes, yes we did.”

Jun 29 00:11:07 chrissofer BISON CMB

Jun 29 00:11:15 chrissofer `roll 1d20+6

Jun 29 00:11:15 GameServ chrissofer rolled 1d20: 6 <Total: 6(+6) = 12>

Jun 29 00:11:45 chrissofer He tramples the goblin to the ground, crushing it beneath its hooves.

Jun 29 00:11:51 chrissofer `roll 1d4+5

Jun 29 00:11:51 GameServ chrissofer rolled 1d4: 4 <Total: 4(+5) = 9>

Jun 29 00:11:59 chrissofer Dead Gobbo, for sure.

Jun 29 00:12:04 chrissofer END OF COMBAT!

Jun 29 00:12:23 Wrena puts her pistol away, as she (thankfully) didn’t need to use it.

Jun 29 00:14:05 Danni has quit (Quit: ajax IRC Client)

Jun 29 00:25:02 Ember has quit (Quit: ajax IRC Client)

Jun 29 00:25:03 Dayra has quit (Quit: ajax IRC Client)

Jun 29 01:47:29 Gwynn has quit (Quit: Gwynn)

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