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Jun 21 20:01:05 chrissofer shake’s OrcToo’s hand

Jun 21 20:01:09 chrissofer *shakes

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Jun 21 20:01:31 chrissofer Wooo! :D

Jun 21 20:04:57 chrissofer The party is standing in front of an ornate door with silver decorations. It it fairly out of place with the rest of the area, almost as though it does not belong here. It has a big knocker right in the center of it, in a wolf’s mouth.

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Jun 21 20:08:21 chrissofer `roll 1d100

Jun 21 20:08:21 GameServ chrissofer rolled 1d100: 23 <Total: 23>

Jun 21 20:09:23 todo ( has joined

Jun 21 20:09:28 Dayra “This looks a bit different from the last one.”

Jun 21 20:09:37 chrissofer RETCON: No roll, didn’t notice full party wasn’t here yet.

Jun 21 20:09:42 chrissofer (Whoops)

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Jun 21 20:11:25 chrissofer GOD WISHES BRONNIE HELLO!

Jun 21 20:11:26 Bonnie Fuck

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Jun 21 20:11:41 Danni Renrik: “This wolf looks similar in style to the wolves in Lienl Grevolk’s mural.”

Jun 21 20:12:06 Bronnie scratches chin and grunts in agreement

Jun 21 20:12:09 Bronnie squats

Jun 21 20:12:20 Ember “Open it dammnit,I’m Cold”

Jun 21 20:13:00 Danni Briar and Renrik look at the door.

Jun 21 20:13:00 Bronnie knocks on door

Jun 21 20:13:03 Dayra prepares her shield.

Jun 21 20:13:13 Danni perception roll

Jun 21 20:13:25 Danni `roll 1d20+6

Jun 21 20:13:25 GameServ Danni rolled 1d20: 16 <Total: 16(+6) = 22>

Jun 21 20:13:28 chrissofer Slowly, You hear the sounds of a metal lock being fiddled with from the other side.

Jun 21 20:13:39 Bronnie jumps back cause woah

Jun 21 20:13:43 Ember climbs higher on the orc, brandishing her crossbow

Jun 21 20:13:47 Bronnie whips out that spiky ball bullshit

Jun 21 20:16:06 Dayra “OPEN IT”

Jun 21 20:16:13 Dayra (RETCON)

Jun 21 20:16:20 Ember “OPEN IT”

Jun 21 20:16:23 todo “fuck” Whispers Todo

Jun 21 20:16:34 chrissofer The door begins to retreat inwards, creaking with both metal hinges and the very stone it is entrenched in uncomfortably grinding against themselves.

Jun 21 20:16:55 Ember “IT”S GETTING AWAY”

Jun 21 20:16:59 Danni Briar goes to open the door.

Jun 21 20:17:19 chrissofer The door opens inwards, and as You push on it, it begins moving faster.

Jun 21 20:17:43 Ember throws herself through the open door.

Jun 21 20:17:53 Danni Briar pushes harder.

Jun 21 20:17:56 todo “idiot”

Jun 21 20:19:05 chrissofer The person on the other side of the door, the one who was opening it, is dressed to the nines in the finest butlery costume. They look at You questioningly, and then passed You, shocked to see that it is not whatever street is normally on the other side of it.

Jun 21 20:19:16 Bronnie “Oh. The door is open. How bout that”

Jun 21 20:19:32 Danni Briar huffs.

Jun 21 20:19:33 Ember spins around, confused and angry.

Jun 21 20:19:41 Bronnie “WHERE AM I YOU BUTLERY FUCK?”

Jun 21 20:19:49 todo “Why does he look so confused.”

Jun 21 20:20:22 Ember “Who the fuck are you?”

Jun 21 20:21:05 Danni Renrik: “Sir, please excuse my compatriots.”

Jun 21 20:21:26 Dayra “Quite unexpected.”

Jun 21 20:21:28 chrissofer They have shoulder length grey hair, neatly pulled aside by some kind of silver barrette, and bright violet eyes. Their skin is weathered with age, though well taken care of, and he has a monocle on his left eye, pinned to a breast pocket. He speaks, “I believe I shall, though… If I may ask… Where are we today?”

Jun 21 20:21:54 Bronnie “THAT IS WHAT I ASKED

Jun 21 20:21:59 Ember “I could ask you the same damn thing!”

Jun 21 20:22:53 todo “Big cave, under a cheap pub.”

Jun 21 20:22:57 todo “inside some door”

Jun 21 20:23:01 Danni Renrik: “As to our exact location, we do not know for sure.”

Jun 21 20:23:04 todo “That came out of the ground”

Jun 21 20:23:28 Bronnie puts spikey ball back in sack

Jun 21 20:23:45 Bronnie pulls out chocolate bar.

Jun 21 20:23:54 Bronnie SQUINTS

Jun 21 20:24:43 Ember jabs the stranger in the leg with her finger. “What’s your name.”

Jun 21 20:25:11 Danni Renrik: “We went through a door that mysteriously appeared in the cellar of a tavern and ended up in this facility which as we would have it, also contained this door as well.”

Jun 21 20:25:23 todo “Also what do you mean, ‘Where are we today? Does your front door often just go somewhere else?

Jun 21 20:25:29 chrissofer “Out of the ground, You say?” They frown, rubbing their chin. “Some kind of magic, maybe? Not on our end, for sure… The mistress wouldn’t have caused property damage, at least not intentionally.”

Jun 21 20:25:29 Dayra “Does your door normally do this sort of thing?”

Jun 21 20:26:15 Bronnie “You have a…..mistress??”

Jun 21 20:26:23 Bronnie “Elaborate. Please.”

Jun 21 20:26:24 Dayra glances at the Gnome with an amused smile.

Jun 21 20:26:42 todo shrugs and blushes looking hard at the ground

Jun 21 20:26:47 chrissofer He peers down at Ember, extending his hand. “You may call me Throm, Miss.” Turning back to the party. “Would You care to come in? I can summon the mistress, and we can try to figure this out.” A pause. “We have tea and digestives, if You care for them.”

Jun 21 20:27:43 Bronnie “YES…….I mean. Probably should:

Jun 21 20:27:44 Ember “I do care for them,” Ember decided, shaking the guy’s hand and fairly happy to put away her crossbow with promises of food.

Jun 21 20:27:46 todo “Can I have water please?”

Jun 21 20:27:49 todo smirks

Jun 21 20:27:51 Danni Renrik: “Thank you sir.”

Jun 21 20:28:06 Bronnie Roll sense motive

Jun 21 20:28:26 Ember `roll 1d20+4

Jun 21 20:28:26 GameServ Ember rolled 1d20: 11 <Total: 11(+4) = 15>

Jun 21 20:28:29 Bronnie `roll 1d20+3

Jun 21 20:28:30 GameServ Bronnie rolled 1d20: 12 <Total: 12(+3) = 15>

Jun 21 20:28:46 Danni `roll 1d20+1

Jun 21 20:28:46 GameServ Danni rolled 1d20: 7 <Total: 7(+1) = 8>

Jun 21 20:29:03 Danni Briar elbows Renrik.

Jun 21 20:29:20 Danni `roll 1d20+8

Jun 21 20:29:20 GameServ Danni rolled 1d20: 17 <Total: 17(+8) = 25>

Jun 21 20:29:59 Bronnie “He seems legit….”

Jun 21 20:30:00 todo 21

Jun 21 20:30:26 Ember “What kind of tea?”

Jun 21 20:31:16 Bronnie “Dafuq you sayin ‘digestives’?? You got some kind some kind of problem??”

Jun 21 20:31:39 Ember glares at Bron, murmuring, “if you cost me tea time…”

Jun 21 20:32:46 chrissofer He smiles at Ember, ignoring Bronnie entirely. “A few tasty kinds. What kinds do You like?”

Jun 21 20:33:05 Ember “I like red and black and spiced.”

Jun 21 20:33:53 Danni Renrik: “Please behave everyone. This gentleman seems trustworthy, but is a bit nervous already.” he says quietly to the group.

Jun 21 20:33:53 todo “Hey sorry for putting you out like this, we’ve been making a habit out shoving ourselves into weird situations. We probably wont hurt you.” *squints at Ember

Jun 21 20:34:20 Bronnie whispers “probably”

Jun 21 20:34:38 Danni Renrik puts his Morningstar away and elbows Briar to do the same.

Jun 21 20:34:41 Bronnie looks around weirdass manor foyer

Jun 21 20:35:20 Danni Briar puts his great axe away and shifts on his feet feeling out of place.

Jun 21 20:36:02 chrissofer “Not at all, Mum, not at all. You are perfectly in Your rights, to inquire after such an eventuality.” They look down at Ember, “You’re in luck, then. You can have Your pick. Shall we, everyone?”

Jun 21 20:36:47 todo shrugs and follows, “say can we smoke in here…friend” flashes him a cheesey smile, hoping her size makes it look cute

Jun 21 20:37:08 Danni Renrik: “Of course.”

Jun 21 20:37:16 Ember “I’m Ember, by the way.” Points to Briar and Renrik, “Been there, done that.” Points at Todo, “currently doing that,” Points at Bron, “It happened once in a dream,” and that’s” -points at Dayra, squinting. “Eagle Two.”

Jun 21 20:37:36 todo “Hey”

Jun 21 20:37:50 Danni Briar huffs.

Jun 21 20:38:04 chrissofer He smiles back at Todo, apparently finding it cute. “Of course, once we’ve reached the day room. It’s a bit more ventilated, and some of our guests find it quite comfortable to partake, there.”

Jun 21 20:38:07 Bronnie “How was it for you?”

Jun 21 20:38:37 Ember “Unsettling.”

Jun 21 20:38:56 Ember turns toward Thom, ready for lunch.

Jun 21 20:39:19 Bronnie “Hmm”

Jun 21 20:39:26 Bronnie squats to ponder

Jun 21 20:39:45 todo “Awesome.” *hums as she pulls out her pipe.

Jun 21 20:40:26 Dayra puts her shield away, following the others.

Jun 21 20:41:51 chrissofer Throm leads You up a flight of stairs, passed a bunch of expensive looking statues and paintings, and to a room full of silver-gilted furniture, and two large, open windows. He bows to You for a second, and hurries off to retrieve the tea.

Jun 21 20:42:10 Ember stares in every direction, gape mouthed and wide eyed.

Jun 21 20:42:37 Danni Renrik and Briar stay standing because it is obvious that this is not usually their scene.

Jun 21 20:42:52 todo “Whoa. *fixes pipe that was beginning to fall out of her mouth in her awe

Jun 21 20:43:00 Ember touches /things/

Jun 21 20:43:02 Danni Briar looks around the room while Renrik keeps an eye on Ember.

Jun 21 20:43:21 Danni Renrik puts a hand on her shoulder and shakes his head.

Jun 21 20:43:55 Ember shrugs him off with her tongue out, climbing onto a chair and bouncing on the seat.

Jun 21 20:44:03 Bronnie inspects……carpet

Jun 21 20:44:29 Danni Briar picks Ember up.

Jun 21 20:44:38 Bronnie lifts carpet corner

Jun 21 20:44:47 chrissofer The area rug is ornate and narrative, depicting the story of Lienl Greyvolk in bright, saturated colors.

Jun 21 20:44:55 Ember “I wasn’t DOING ANYTHING.”

Jun 21 20:45:04 Bronnie “What a fancy rug”

Jun 21 20:45:22 Danni Briar: “Really? You think I’m gonna believe that?”

Jun 21 20:46:02 Ember “You saw me not doing anything!”

Jun 21 20:46:11 todo “Try rope…just put her on a leash”

Jun 21 20:46:15 Ember can see the rug from up here.

Jun 21 20:46:18 Danni Briar: “If you behave, at the end of this I will give you a bell.”

Jun 21 20:46:20 Bronnie I have that rope

Jun 21 20:46:22 Ember “Look its LIenl”

Jun 21 20:46:30 Bronnie Should we kiddie leash the little one?

Jun 21 20:46:36 todo “Yas.”

Jun 21 20:46:49 Bronnie pulls out rope from pack

Jun 21 20:47:14 Bronnie “But like. Briar got her tho…..”

Jun 21 20:47:18 Bronnie speaks to himself

Jun 21 20:47:23 chrissofer The crew that comes back has a set of three large plates with three different pots of tea, a large bowl of sugar and another of sugar cubes, and five different stands filled with various tea cakes, digestives, and amuse-bouches for Your consumption. The rest of the group leaves, and Throm stands at attention nearby.

Jun 21 20:47:27 Bronnie is realizing this whole trip has taken an emotional toll

Jun 21 20:47:37 Ember smacks Briar’s shoulder. “Pummedown pummedown!”

Jun 21 20:48:15 Bronnie “Thanks buddy boy!”

Jun 21 20:48:18 Ember squirms violently.

Jun 21 20:48:27 Bronnie grabs like 3 cookies and shoves those right in

Jun 21 20:48:32 chrissofer “The mistress will be here shortly, You’ve caught her at business. Let me know if there’s anything else You need.”

Jun 21 20:48:51 Danni Briar looks Ember in the eyes.

Jun 21 20:49:03 Ember “I can’t do anything bad if I’m EATING!”

Jun 21 20:49:07 Danni Briar: “You will behave. Got it?”

Jun 21 20:49:11 Ember “YESS”

Jun 21 20:49:30 Danni Briar glares and sets her down.

Jun 21 20:49:58 Ember throws backpack on the ground to move faster, pausing in front of the table for only a moment before diving in with both hands.

Jun 21 20:50:48 Dayra “You should get a plate, so that you don’t drop any while you’re eating.”

Jun 21 20:50:51 Danni Briar sighs and watches the others get tea, because he isn’t a tea person.

Jun 21 20:51:10 chrissofer There is a large stack of plates and small flatware on one of the serving dishes.

Jun 21 20:51:25 Dayra hands Ember a plate before pouring herself some tea.

Jun 21 20:52:10 Ember fills the plate and her pockets and one fist before remembering she wanted tea.

Jun 21 20:54:10 todo “Is there some water?”

Jun 21 20:55:08 Ember “Can’t you liquor up a tea?”

Jun 21 20:56:01 chrissofer Throm nods, “I will bring in a pitcher. Is there anything else I can get You all?”

Jun 21 20:56:19 todo “Actually I can. Would you like me to help you out” *Winks

Jun 21 20:56:54 chrissofer (syntax is /me)

Jun 21 20:56:57 Ember answers, grinning. “You could pour.”

Jun 21 20:58:13 chrissofer Accepting that there is nothing else anyone wants, Throm darts out of the room in a dignified hurry.

Jun 21 20:58:15 todo touches her cup and casts tears of wine

Jun 21 20:58:40 chrissofer A few moments later, a tall woman wearing a very expensive looking black dress and a hair style holding back her silvery-grey hair walks into the room. She surveys You all with her sharp, violet eyes, and walks over silently before taking one of the empty seats.

Jun 21 20:59:07 todo “Wine, my lady?”

Jun 21 20:59:10 Danni Renrik sense motive

Jun 21 20:59:11 todo winks

Jun 21 20:59:20 Ember side eyes the new comer, mouth full of cookies.

Jun 21 20:59:22 Danni `roll 1d20+8

Jun 21 20:59:22 GameServ Danni rolled 1d20: 12 <Total: 12(+8) = 20>

Jun 21 20:59:35 Ember `roll 1d20+4

Jun 21 20:59:35 GameServ Ember rolled 1d20: 19 <Total: 19(+4) = 23>

Jun 21 20:59:43 todo 10

Jun 21 21:02:11 todo looks woman up and down and turns her attention to Aadya

Jun 21 21:02:33 Dayra is a silent witness, awaiting the actions of the group she has joined.

Jun 21 21:03:22 Ember whispers to Todo:

Jun 21 21:03:26 Ember “maybeshedidn’thearyou”

Jun 21 21:03:49 todo shrugs “maybe its for the best?”

Jun 21 21:03:58 chrissofer Aadya is looking happily back at Todo, but not making a mess in the room.

Jun 21 21:04:09 Ember trots toward the woman, presuming that she owns this place.

Jun 21 21:04:21 Bronnie “Hey. Thanks for the cookies” he says with a mouth full of cookies.

Jun 21 21:04:40 todo “Ember” Snaps in the mom way at the drs where she cant beat you, but your ass is grass later

Jun 21 21:04:41 Ember “Is this cinnamon or nutmeg?”

Jun 21 21:04:53 Danni Renrik: “Thank you for meeting with us. We are hoping to find the root cause for the doors that are mysteriously appearing.”

Jun 21 21:05:11 chrissofer She politely smiles back, and speaks in a rich Alto voice, “Of course, friends. Please enjoy.”

Jun 21 21:05:38 chrissofer She turns to Ember, “Probably both? I don’t cook much… I can summon the chef, if You’d like.”

Jun 21 21:05:50 Ember “That’s okay. How does your door work?”

Jun 21 21:05:53 todo puffs on pipe spinning her finger around her cup in thought

Jun 21 21:05:57 chrissofer Turning to Renrik, “Yes, doors. We can talk now if You wish, or You can finish Your tea.”

Jun 21 21:06:26 todo “I mean…can’t we do both?”

Jun 21 21:06:28 Dayra sips her tea quietly.

Jun 21 21:07:19 Ember “How does it /work/?”

Jun 21 21:07:39 chrissofer “If You’d prefer. I wouldn’t want to put You off, though… Some of You seem a bit… cooked?” She looks with worry at those that failed their Reflex save last time.

Jun 21 21:08:06 Ember “Oh that’s cuz the hallway was on fire.”

Jun 21 21:08:40 chrissofer She turns to Ember. “Well, You open it, and then walk through.” She smiles.

Jun 21 21:08:42 Ember “You should be more careful where you leave your door lying around.”

Jun 21 21:08:55 Danni Renrik: “Thank you for your concern.The door that we originally entered seemed of a different origin than the door that lead you to our house.”

Jun 21 21:09:27 Ember “We killed a bunch of shadow-squids.”

Jun 21 21:09:38 chrissofer “I was going to ask about that. It wasn’t a Grevolk door, was it? With the lupine-motif?”

Jun 21 21:09:52 Ember “Lienl!”

Jun 21 21:10:00 Ember “HOw did you KNOW!?”

Jun 21 21:10:48 Danni Renrik: “The first door, the one we found in the cellar of the tavern, seemed to be made of stone. Stone that matched the system of hallways and rooms that we were in previously.”

Jun 21 21:11:22 Ember “/Your/ door has the wolf on it.”

Jun 21 21:11:57 Ember “Oh! There were elves too, that’s where I got this.”

Jun 21 21:12:03 Ember demonstrates the strand of blue hair.

Jun 21 21:12:29 Danni Renrik: “We did see the lupine-motif in a mural in the facility though.”

Jun 21 21:12:37 Ember (recon: lock not strand)

Jun 21 21:13:07 chrissofer She smiles. “Well, I am a Grevolk, after all. Heir to my father’s good name. It’s my duty to know where our doors end up.” Turning to Renrik: “Yes, that is most certainly not one of ours. It seems we have another doormaker in our midst. To put one in a city, tho… I wonder why?”

Jun 21 21:15:41 todo “Some people don’t need a reason to cause a bit of chaos…some one is always curious enough to play along”

Jun 21 21:15:56 Ember “Are you the one that serves on the council?”

Jun 21 21:15:59 todo continues to stare into nothing and fiddle with her cup

Jun 21 21:17:26 chrissofer She frowns. “Indeed, currently, though I’ve only recently replaced my brother. Is there something You need us to address?”

Jun 21 21:17:36 Danni Renrik: “The original door was in a tavern of lesser repute located in Waypool’s Cliffs. It does seem off that that door in an area such as that would connect to the same facility as the door to your house.”

Jun 21 21:19:07 Bronnie continues eating cookies. Also maybe shoves some into the bag. Cause #bitchesgottaeat

Jun 21 21:19:45 Danni Renrik: “Has there been any suspicious activity in the area? Things missing?” He pauses. “People missing?”

Jun 21 21:20:17 Ember “Nah, I’ve just never met someone that important. I’m glad we got you. The tea is very good.”

Jun 21 21:21:16 Ember “How come you had to replace him?”

Jun 21 21:22:26 chrissofer “Hmm. I don’t think I know of any missing people… At least, none suspicious enough to connect this to them.” She replies. She turns to Ember. “I’m pleased to make Your acquaintance, little one. And I’m glad You all are enjoying the refreshments.” She smiles again, pouring herself a cup of spiced tea.

Jun 21 21:22:56 Ember “I’m /Ember/.”

Jun 21 21:23:02 chrissofer “As for replacing my brother, well… Sometimes that’s how it goes.”

Jun 21 21:23:55 Ember whispers, “Did he die?”

Jun 21 21:24:29 chrissofer “Ah, I see. Nice to meet You, Ember.” She smiles. “I am Lady Grevolk.”

Jun 21 21:24:44 todo “did you murder him?”

Jun 21 21:24:45 chrissofer She whispers, “And no, he did not die.”

Jun 21 21:25:04 Ember whispers quieter: “doyouwantto?”

Jun 21 21:25:17 Ember *wanthimto

Jun 21 21:25:42 Danni Renrik mutters to himself in orc.

Jun 21 21:25:54 todo “Wow”

Jun 21 21:25:56 Danni Briar shakes his head.

Jun 21 21:26:35 chrissofer She looks wide eyed at Todo and Ember for a second. “No, I don’t want him dead. We aren’t that sort of family.”

Jun 21 21:27:02 todo “Oh like Gwynn?”

Jun 21 21:27:08 Ember “Well that’s nice.”

Jun 21 21:27:24 chrissofer “I’m afraid I don’t know any Gwynns… are they a friend of Yours?”

Jun 21 21:27:32 todo “HA”

Jun 21 21:27:34 Dayra confused by the repeat reference, asks Todo: “Who is Gwynn?”

Jun 21 21:28:03 todo “A coward buttface who left the group after tagging along and endangering our lives…bitch”

Jun 21 21:28:12 Dayra “Oh.”

Jun 21 21:28:21 Ember stamps her foot.

Jun 21 21:28:26 Ember “I TOLD YOU SHE”S BUSY.”

Jun 21 21:28:51 Danni Renrik: “Gwynn is of little concern at the moment.”

Jun 21 21:28:55 chrissofer Lady Grevolk shakes her head and sips her tea while You work this out.

Jun 21 21:29:00 todo “She left.”

Jun 21 21:29:06 todo “Now we have her.”

Jun 21 21:29:15 todo points thumb at Dayra

Jun 21 21:29:29 Dayra lifts a hand to her chest, mildly amused and flattered.

Jun 21 21:29:33 todo “Which I’m not saying is a bad thing

Jun 21 21:30:10 Ember “Does your brother know how to do the door thing?”

Jun 21 21:31:31 chrissofer “We control it using specially made rings, and for complex orders we have a few wizards in our employ, as well.

Jun 21 21:31:40 Ember gasps excitedly.

Jun 21 21:31:48 Ember “Can we meet a wizard!?”

Jun 21 21:31:54 chrissofer She gestures to her right hand, upon which sits an ornate silver wolf-head ring.

Jun 21 21:32:24 todo “Cool ring?”

Jun 21 21:32:38 chrissofer “Thank You.” She smiles

Jun 21 21:33:04 Dayra #appraisecheck

Jun 21 21:33:28 Danni Renrik: “Would it be possible to have someone look at the door that we had entered in the tavern? It might help us determine who has been creating those doors.”

Jun 21 21:34:55 Dayra `roll 1d20+4

Jun 21 21:34:56 GameServ Dayra rolled 1d20: 7 <Total: 7(+4) = 11>

Jun 21 21:35:56 todo “But whats i mean?”

Jun 21 21:35:56 Ember “So that’s a yes. How many rings are there? I feel like if the answer is two then you already know who did it.”

Jun 21 21:36:00 todo *it

Jun 21 21:37:25 chrissofer “That’s an option, for sure. Is the cavern You came here through safe? I can send one of our Conjurers to check it out, but they will be worse than useless if it comes to blows…”

Jun 21 21:37:48 Ember “Yeah we killed everything in there so far. You might want to wear a hat though.”

Jun 21 21:38:28 chrissofer She frowns at Ember, and then gestures at the wall with the windows in it. A door not unlike the ornate one You’ve just entered through drops into place, carefully not touching any of the furniture or walls.

Jun 21 21:38:40 Ember ‘s mouth drops open.

Jun 21 21:39:02 chrissofer “Our doors always look like this. We have them specially made, and are supposed to prevent them from damaging anything wherever we summon them.”

Jun 21 21:39:04 Ember “Where’s that one go?”

Jun 21 21:39:04 todo “Whoa”

Jun 21 21:39:43 Ember “It doesn’t look like the one that almost squished the innkeeper.”

Jun 21 21:39:53 chrissofer She gestures again, and it disappears. “That one goes to my bedroom, but I can walk there anytime myself.”

Jun 21 21:40:05 Danni Renrik: “We will make sure that the Conjurer comes to no harm.”

Jun 21 21:40:29 Ember “Unless the ceiling sets his head on fire.”

Jun 21 21:40:31 Ember “Again, consider a hat.”

Jun 21 21:40:43 Ember “I woulda been fine if Briar wasn’t the same size as a god damn HOUSE.”

Jun 21 21:40:52 chrissofer She nods. “That’s all I ask. They put their trust in us, and we don’t put them in harm’s way.”

Jun 21 21:41:44 todo “Just first”

Jun 21 21:42:18 Danni Briar: “Really?”

Jun 21 21:42:22 Ember “Ye”

Jun 21 21:42:58 Danni Briar: “Guess who is walking in the next dark dark cave.”

Jun 21 21:43:22 todo “do you want a glow? asks Ember?

Jun 21 21:43:29 Danni Renrik says something to Briar in orc.

Jun 21 21:43:30 Ember “Yes.”

Jun 21 21:43:47 chrissofer She pulls a bell out of her dress, and rings it. A few moments later, Throm appears, carrying a pitcher of water. “Yes, my Lady?” She says, “Go get Wrena, I have an errand for her.”

Jun 21 21:44:00 Ember stares after the bell enviously.

Jun 21 21:44:11 todo hands her glowing mantle tentcle

Jun 21 21:44:18 Danni Briar: “We have bells.”

Jun 21 21:44:19 Ember “Gross.”

Jun 21 21:44:31 chrissofer Throm puts the pitcher down, and runs off.

Jun 21 21:44:32 Ember drops the tentacle, disgusted.

Jun 21 21:45:28 todo picks up tentacle and just hands her a torch

Jun 21 21:45:33 chrissofer “Meanwhile, is there anything else I can help You with? …Are You in Darkmoon Vale for long?”

Jun 21 21:45:46 Dayra straightens.

Jun 21 21:46:02 todo shrugs

Jun 21 21:46:10 Ember “We weren’t this morning.”

Jun 21 21:46:51 Dayra looks out the windows again, gaze on the horizon.

Jun 21 21:47:25 Danni Renrik: “As of right now no, but thank you.”

Jun 21 21:50:29 todo “So we goin…or?”

Jun 21 21:52:33 chrissofer Throm comes through the door, leading a small gnome with bright hair with the colorings of early autumn and big, round glasses on her face in some grey robes. He bows and runs off, and Wrena goes over to whisper to Lady Grevolk in gnomist.

Jun 21 21:53:09 Ember #perceptionroll

Jun 21 21:53:23 Ember `roll 1d20+6

Jun 21 21:53:23 GameServ Ember rolled 1d20: 6 <Total: 6(+6) = 12>

Jun 21 21:53:28 todo 18

Jun 21 21:56:18 Ember glances subtly at Todo

Jun 21 21:57:34 todo whispers”…her guide is nervous.”*chuckles

Jun 21 21:57:56 Ember mumbles: “canyoublameher?”

Jun 21 21:58:11 todo sighs…“nope”

Jun 21 21:59:45 Ember “Is it okay to take some of this with us?” she asks, already at the table gathering up more cookies.

Jun 21 21:59:50 chrissofer A few moments pass, and she comes over and bows to You all. “P-Pleased to meet You. I’ll look at Your door. I’m Wrena.”

Jun 21 22:00:44 todo pockets some cookies because her wafffles are getting stale

Jun 21 22:00:49 Ember “Nice to meet you Wrena, I’m Ember.”

Jun 21 22:01:00 chrissofer She bows again.

Jun 21 22:01:03 todo “Todo”

Jun 21 22:01:08 chrissofer Bows a third time.

Jun 21 22:01:22 Danni Renrik: “Please to meet you Wrena. I am Renrik and this is my brother Briar.”

Jun 21 22:01:57 chrissofer She bows deeply at the huge, well-spoken Half-Orc

Jun 21 22:01:58 Ember “Gonna give yourself a headache doin that.”

Jun 21 22:03:18 chrissofer She clutches her book to her chest, and shakes her head slightly. “I-I’m used to it.”

Jun 21 22:04:02 Ember “Used to headaches??”

Jun 21 22:04:32 Danni Renrik looks at the group.

Jun 21 22:04:47 todo “Same.” smirks at Ember

Jun 21 22:04:48 chrissofer Shakes her head even smaller, and in a softer voice, “U-Used to bowing.”

Jun 21 22:05:17 Ember “Well you don’t have to do it at me, we’re already the same height.”

Jun 21 22:05:23 Danni Renrik: “We are ready to leave when you are, and if you feel more comfortable bring others along with on this trip we would understand.”

Jun 21 22:05:56 Dayra “Fear not! We have all navigated the facility beyond your door well enough.”

Jun 21 22:06:18 chrissofer She looks down, “N-no, this is my job. I’ll b-be fine.” She adjusts her glasses, and keeps ahold of her book.

Jun 21 22:06:57 Ember “You’re doin’ terrific.”

Jun 21 22:07:31 chrissofer Lady Grevolk, noticing Your hesitation, says, “Safe travels. Protect Wrena. See You soon.” Leading You to leave.

Jun 21 22:08:13 todo walks with group out the door

Jun 21 22:08:16 Ember reclaims her backpack on their way out.

Jun 21 22:08:36 Danni Renrik leads the group to where the need to go.

Jun 21 22:08:55 chrissofer Wrena follows, quick small steps interspersed with a few big ones, to keep up.

Jun 21 22:10:26 Ember to Todo: “Can I have a glow that isn’t a wriggly limp dick?”

Jun 21 22:11:39 chrissofer The group comes back to the first door, passing the drow corpses and the faded chest. The door is still open, and a small pile of snow sits on the floor of the Inn’s basement.

Jun 21 22:11:58 todo “I need a thing to make glow buttface”

Jun 21 22:12:45 chrissofer Wrena goes up to it, and begins studying it and her book.

Jun 21 22:12:57 Ember rummages through her backpack for a moment before holding out an alarm bell.

Jun 21 22:13:09 Danni Briar and Renrik check out the pile of snow.

Jun 21 22:13:21 Danni `roll 1d20+6

Jun 21 22:13:22 GameServ Danni rolled 1d20: 17 <Total: 17(+6) = 23>

Jun 21 22:13:31 todo “No”

Jun 21 22:13:44 Ember whines.

Jun 21 22:14:08 todo “You don’t need glowing noise”

Jun 21 22:14:10 Ember pulls out bar of soap.

Jun 21 22:14:15 todo “thats fine”

Jun 21 22:14:20 chrissofer She begins casting a spell, murmuring the verbal components for it.

Jun 21 22:14:27 todo takes soap..makes it glow”

Jun 21 22:15:22 Dayra “This is where the rest of you came through?”

Jun 21 22:15:47 chrissofer has changed the topic to: Lacis Lycorma Session 13: When is a Door not a Door?

Jun 21 22:16:10 Danni Renrik: “Yes.”

Jun 21 22:17:50 chrissofer She frowns.

Jun 21 22:18:04 Ember does her best to keep a grip on the soap.

Jun 21 22:18:30 todo “Make finger holes”

Jun 21 22:20:40 chrissofer “T-they are in a room with a fireplace, with a b-big, dark painting of an O-owl. The c-caster is standing next to two people: One who looks… i-important, and the other a b-brown haired… w-warrior. They look… upset? Angry? They are g-gesturing at the important one.”

Jun 21 22:20:43 chrissofer She gasps.

Jun 21 22:21:02 Ember “A fucking owl.”

Jun 21 22:21:04 chrissofer She ends the spell.

Jun 21 22:21:19 Danni Briar: “Fuck owls.”

Jun 21 22:21:19 chrissofer “Th-they saw me. Us. They know we’re here.”

Jun 21 22:21:29 todo “What?”

Jun 21 22:21:31 Ember turns to run.

Jun 21 22:21:41 todo “Where are they?”

Jun 21 22:21:58 Danni Renrik and Briar get out their weapons.

Jun 21 22:22:16 Dayra sees the others and follows suit, uncertain of what the owls signify.

Jun 21 22:22:38 Danni Renrik gets out his Morningstar and Briar gets out his great axe.

Jun 21 22:22:51 chrissofer “I-in a room? It l-looked expensive… P-probably in Augustana?” She is starting to panic. “I-I dunno.”

Jun 21 22:23:28 Danni Renrik: “Get behind us.”

Jun 21 22:23:53 Ember bounces off Dayra’s shield and falls on the floor.

Jun 21 22:24:09 chrissofer ESTABLISH: Where the party is.

Jun 21 22:24:39 Danni Renrik looks around the basement for good places for Wrena to hide.

Jun 21 22:24:56 chrissofer ESTABLISHED: The party is in the Basement.

Jun 21 22:25:15 chrissofer The door disappears.

Jun 21 22:25:32 Ember grabs Wrena by the arm and pulls her along toward the stairs.

Jun 21 22:25:36 todo “Shit….now what?”

Jun 21 22:25:42 chrissofer Wrena gasps, but does not resist.

Jun 21 22:25:59 todo “Where are you going?”

Jun 21 22:25:59 Danni Briar: “Prepare yourselves.”

Jun 21 22:26:10 Ember “I’m gonna get the fuck out of the dead end.”

Jun 21 22:26:15 Danni Briar: “Fuckers might show up at any moment.”

Jun 21 22:26:26 todo “True”

Jun 21 22:26:31 Danni Briar: “Yeah lets run right into trouble.”

Jun 21 22:26:33 Ember pulls Wrena up the stairs and into the Inn where there are OPTIONS for hiding.

Jun 21 22:27:11 chrissofer You are on the first floor of the Inn, and see the Innkeeper look up at You from the table. “Is it gone?”

Jun 21 22:27:21 Ember “Yup.”

Jun 21 22:27:50 todo “Can we contact your lady to send a dorr?”

Jun 21 22:27:54 Ember “But maybe don’t go down there for a minute.”

Jun 21 22:27:55 todo *door

Jun 21 22:28:11 Ember “Do you have any empty barrels?”

Jun 21 22:28:54 chrissofer She shakes her head. “I d-don’t know the s-spell… I only really know D-divination.”

Jun 21 22:29:03 Ember “Oh good.”

Jun 21 22:29:16 todo “Okay…so where can we go?”

Jun 21 22:29:29 Ember “We could go see Ames.”

Jun 21 22:29:44 Danni Briar: “Gwynn is fucking us over and she isn’t even here.”

Jun 21 22:30:04 todo “Do they know that?”

Jun 21 22:30:40 Dayra “Where are we now?”

Jun 21 22:31:58 Danni Renrik: “We are in Waypool Cliffs in Augustana.”

Jun 21 22:32:12 Ember “I don’t think it matters if we’re peaking in on their secret door summoning meetings.

Jun 21 22:32:53 Dayra “I am not familiar with Augustana.”

Jun 21 22:33:16 chrissofer Wrena looks terrified.

Jun 21 22:33:41 Ember offers Wrena a cookie from her pocket.

Jun 21 22:33:50 chrissofer She takes it, but does not eat it.

Jun 21 22:33:58 Danni Renrik: “It is close to Augustana Square and the port. This is the less desirable neighborhood around here.”

Jun 21 22:34:29 Danni Renrik: “It might be a good idea to go to see Ames.”

Jun 21 22:34:41 Ember “Then can we go?”

Jun 21 22:35:45 Danni Briar: “Keep an eye out.”

Jun 21 22:36:15 Ember holds Wrena’s hand instead of her arm.

Jun 21 22:37:05 Danni Renrik leads the group to Ames’ station.

Jun 21 22:37:07 chrissofer Wrena holds on to her book with her free arm, popping the cookie into her mouth to let her do so.

Jun 21 22:37:08 todo “Fly you fools’

Jun 21 22:38:03 chrissofer You make it there, against all odds, without incident.

Jun 21 22:39:09 todo “Phew that was close”

Jun 21 22:40:14 chrissofer C. Ames is out of the office. She left at noon. However, there is another person on duty. They ask You what You need.

Jun 21 22:40:38 Ember “We need Ames.”

Jun 21 22:40:56 chrissofer “For what?” They ask. “Has there been a crime committed?”

Jun 21 22:41:07 Ember “PROBABLY.”

Jun 21 22:41:17 chrissofer They eye You suspiciously.

Jun 21 22:41:26 Danni Renrik: “Ames contacted us about a possible mission.”

Jun 21 22:41:57 Danni Renrik: “We were hoping to talk to her about it.”

Jun 21 22:42:02 chrissofer “Mission?” They say. Comprehension falls over their features. “Oh, she had an errand for You? I’m sure it will keep til the morning.”

Jun 21 22:42:48 Ember “We don’t run Errands.”

Jun 21 22:43:00 Danni Briar: “We run errands.”

Jun 21 22:43:01 Ember “NOT EVEN FOR OURSELVES.”

Jun 21 22:43:20 todo rolls eyes

Jun 21 22:43:30 Danni Briar: “For fucks sakes.”

Jun 21 22:43:35 Dayra is alarmed.

Jun 21 22:43:42 todo “Just ignore her

Jun 21 22:43:47 chrissofer Wrena is trying to make herself look small behind everyone.

Jun 21 22:44:58 chrissofer The new guard mutters, “Wayyy ahead of You, gnome friend.”

Jun 21 22:45:15 Danni me/ Renrik waves Wrena over to show that its safe by him.

Jun 21 22:45:29 chrissofer (syntax is /me)

Jun 21 22:45:37 Danni Renrik waves Wrena over to show that its safe by him.

Jun 21 22:47:27 chrissofer Wrena tries to hide as best she can.

Jun 21 22:47:46 chrissofer Using Renrik and co as cover.

Jun 21 22:51:07 Dayra “We could simply travel to Darkmoon Vale.”

Jun 21 22:52:36 Danni Renrik: “We could. It is imperative that we get Wrena back safely.”

Jun 21 22:53:21 Dayra turns toward the gnome. “Are you able to contact your lady from here?”

Jun 21 22:54:55 chrissofer She doesn’t speak, too many people she doesn’t know around.

Jun 21 22:57:32 Danni Renrik pulls his group.

Jun 21 22:57:41 Danni Aside.

Jun 21 22:58:02 Ember hands Wrena another cookie, tucking her against the wall.

Jun 21 22:58:31 chrissofer She does not resist.

Jun 21 22:59:15 Danni Renrik: “We all know that we need to get back to Darkmoon Vale. However, I would like to know what mission Ames has for us in Darkmoon Vale, if we need to go there anyways.”

Jun 21 23:00:22 Danni Renrik: “So I was thinking that we should just wait till tomorrow and contact Ames then, see what the mission is, decide if we take it, and then head to Darkmoon Vale to return Wrena.”

Jun 21 23:00:30 Ember “It’s not safe to be anywhere that the owls can reach us.”

Jun 21 23:00:44 Danni Briar: “Well no shit.”

Jun 21 23:00:50 Dayra “What are the owls?”

Jun 21 23:02:46 todo “Murders”

Jun 21 23:02:59 Dayra “That’s a strange word for murders.”

Jun 21 23:03:18 todo blushes and turns away

Jun 21 23:03:39 Ember “Murder-errrs.”

Jun 21 23:03:49 Danni Briar: “Gwynn, the one who left the group, has a contract on her put in place by her family. The organization sent after her is named The Belfry Owls.”

Jun 21 23:04:05 Dayra “By her family?”

Jun 21 23:05:00 Danni Briar: “We’ve had a run in with them earlier.”

Jun 21 23:05:36 Danni Briar: “She didn’t wanna get married or some shit.”

Jun 21 23:06:10 Dayra “Oh,”

Jun 21 23:06:46 Danni Briar: “So fucking terrible getting married to a rich and powerful guy. Ending up being a rich and powerful person, in a rich and powerful family.”

Jun 21 23:07:10 todo “Such a dramatic baby made it seem all mysterious

Jun 21 23:07:13 Ember “Yeah, only having to give up everything you are as a person.”

Jun 21 23:08:16 Danni Briar: “How bad do you gotta fuck up for your family to get tired of your shit for them to send several groups out to kill you.”

Jun 21 23:09:46 Dayra “Based on my experience? Birth is enough.”

Jun 21 23:09:57 Dayra RETCON

Jun 21 23:10:00 Ember “Based on my experience? Birth is enough.”

Jun 21 23:10:33 chrissofer has changed the topic to: Lacis Lycorma Session 13: Bean Flickers Anonymous and Emo Boner Shaming

Jun 21 23:11:11 Dayra looks concerned.

Jun 21 23:13:16 todo rolls eyes

Jun 21 23:13:31 Ember “ANYWAY”

Jun 21 23:13:43 chrissofer Moments trickle by in the guard’s office.

Jun 21 23:14:13 Dayra “Should we find somewhere to pass the night, then?”

Jun 21 23:14:14 todo “Want to find noms and naps?”

Jun 21 23:14:35 Danni Renrik: “Sounds like a plan.”

Jun 21 23:15:33 todo blushes and looks at ceiling, while turning on her heel to leave

Jun 21 23:16:57 chrissofer The party leaves, dragging Wrena along.

Jun 21 23:18:14 Danni Renrik leads the party to The Cat & Hydra tavern.

Jun 21 23:18:39 chrissofer The Cat and Hydra is before You. Do You have anything specific You would like to do with the rest of You day, anyone?

Jun 21 23:19:38 Ember “We should check in so I can leave my backpack somewhere with a lock on the door.”

Jun 21 23:20:13 chrissofer Wrena nods, but still says nothing.

Jun 21 23:20:45 Danni Renrik leads them into the tavern and he meets with the tavern keeper and arranges to rent several rooms for the night.

Jun 21 23:21:12 chrissofer “Aye, and how many is that?” He looks You over. “Three?”

Jun 21 23:21:37 chrissofer Two beds per room.

Jun 21 23:21:59 Ember asks Wrena: “Do you want to stay with me?”

Jun 21 23:22:34 Danni Renrik: “Three rooms.”

Jun 21 23:22:58 chrissofer Wrena nods, looking tired.

Jun 21 23:24:00 chrissofer “What can I get for You all?” The Innkeeper says, looking at You sit down at a table.

Jun 21 23:24:25 Danni Renrik: “Do you have any specials?”

Jun 21 23:25:01 todo “Water please and a menu.”

Jun 21 23:25:55 Ember pulls Wrena along to the table, getting her into a chair and mumbles. “Eat what you want. If the orcs don’t pay for it first, I’ll cover you.”

Jun 21 23:27:00 chrissofer Specials today are: Pro Breakfast (Chorizo hash, three eggs and toast), Con Breakfast (Three sweet buttermilk pancakes served with a hint of powdered sugar), and a Perfect Breakfast (Omelette with Labriola sausage with sautéed green peppers, onion, provolone cheese, and homemade marinara, with three sausages, two bacon, and one piece of toast).

Jun 21 23:28:09 Ember “Perfect!”

Jun 21 23:28:34 Danni Renrik: “Two perfect breakfasts and something to drink.”

Jun 21 23:28:45 Dayra “A pro breakfast sounds just fine to me.”

Jun 21 23:28:46 todo “One raw steak please. And the pro breakfast

Jun 21 23:28:53 chrissofer They come out with water and some blank pieces of parchment.

Jun 21 23:29:33 todo makes a scrunch face and turn the water into mead

Jun 21 23:29:40 chrissofer Your food is out in a reasonable time, and is very tasty.

Jun 21 23:29:58 todo “Oh my.”

Jun 21 23:30:47 Danni Renrik: “Since we have time I was thinking about going to the market to sell some items.”

Jun 21 23:31:02 Danni Briar: “I’ll stay here.”

Jun 21 23:31:16 Ember “I want to go.”

Jun 21 23:32:05 Danni Briar: “Will you sell my mace bro?”

Jun 21 23:32:33 Danni Renrik: “Of course. I have a few items I would like to sell.”

Jun 21 23:32:50 Ember “I want to find someone who can look at my magic thingies.”

Jun 21 23:32:56 todo “I’ll go”

Jun 21 23:33:15 Dayra “Would you like me to remain here? I can look after our new ward.”

Jun 21 23:34:27 chrissofer Bronnie squats and says, “I’ll watch the n00b.”

Jun 21 23:36:25 chrissofer HOME TEAM: Bronnie, Briar, and Dayra

Jun 21 23:36:41 chrissofer And Wrena.

Jun 21 23:36:52 chrissofer And Aadya

Jun 21 23:36:59 chrissofer And a partridge in a pear tree.

Jun 21 23:37:13 chrissofer AWAY TEAM: Renrik, Ember, Todo

Jun 21 23:37:53 chrissofer Wrena has barely eaten, though she appears to have made an effort.

Jun 21 23:37:56 Danni Renrik finishes his meal and collects the stuff Briar wants him to sell.

Jun 21 23:38:18 chrissofer She then waddles upstairs to one of the rooms, to sleep.

Jun 21 23:38:25 Ember tells Dayra, “You have to watch my backpack too.”

Jun 21 23:38:26 chrissofer Bronnie follows shortly thereafter.

Jun 21 23:38:36 Dayra “Perhaps you should ask nicely.”

Jun 21 23:38:49 Ember drops her head back to groan impatiently.

Jun 21 23:38:58 Danni Briar waves Renrik off and heads up to the rooms after grabbing Ember’s backpack.

Jun 21 23:39:31 todo finishes glass of mead and then wipes her mouth adjusting her gear to leave

Jun 21 23:40:20 Danni Renrik leads his three companions to the markets.

Jun 21 23:40:29 Dayra to Wrena, “Would you like to rest upstairs?”

Jun 21 23:40:38 chrissofer Wrena is already upstairs

Jun 21 23:41:10 Dayra retires upstairs as well to clean her armor and bathe before resting.

Jun 21 23:41:19 Danni Renrik looks for a shop to sell his looted weapons at.

Jun 21 23:41:39 chrissofer One appears from the ether of a busy city market.

Jun 21 23:41:52 chrissofer “Yes, sir, what were You looking to sell today?”

Jun 21 23:42:22 Danni Renrik: “I have a great axe, ranseur, and a mace.”

Jun 21 23:42:35 chrissofer He looks over Your items for a moment.

Jun 21 23:42:40 Ember pulls out brass knife.

Jun 21 23:42:43 Ember “This one too.”

Jun 21 23:42:48 todo looks around for some bows and their arrows.

Jun 21 23:43:39 Dayra has quit (Quit: ajax IRC Client)

Jun 21 23:44:06 chrissofer To Renrik: “I’ll give You 25gp for the lot.”

Jun 21 23:44:20 Danni Renrik: “Sounds fair.”

Jun 21 23:44:31 chrissofer To Ember: “How’s a shiny gold piece sound?”

Jun 21 23:44:38 Ember “Good’nuf.”

Jun 21 23:44:52 chrissofer He flips You the coin, and hands Renrik a small bag of coins.

Jun 21 23:46:58 chrissofer He brings out a nice looking light crossbow and a pack of forty bolts to go with it.

Jun 21 23:47:13 Ember “Oh can I buy bolts?”

Jun 21 23:47:23 chrissofer “Here’s a standard light crossbow, nothing special. It’ll run You, oh, say, 40gp for it and the bolts?”

Jun 21 23:47:35 chrissofer “I do have nicer ones, if You are looking to spend.”

Jun 21 23:47:53 todo “Sounds good to me”

Jun 21 23:48:14 Ember mumbles: “prisss”

Jun 21 23:48:30 chrissofer He shuffles things around, leaving the bolts on the table. He brings out a shinier, well made crossbow with a few engravings in the handle.

Jun 21 23:48:37 todo “Shut up, you waaanker”

Jun 21 23:48:48 Ember pokes the bolt on the table.

Jun 21 23:48:56 Ember has to stand on her tip toes to reach.

Jun 21 23:49:51 chrissofer “This one would go for a lot more usually, but I’ll let it go today for 35pp. That’s including the bolts.”

Jun 21 23:50:03 Ember whistles.

Jun 21 23:51:09 Danni Renrik: “Do you have Rosewood Armor?”

Jun 21 23:51:16 Ember looks down, grinning.

Jun 21 23:51:28 Ember “We’re gonna match!”

Jun 21 23:51:40 Danni Renrik: “And I have a chain shirt to sell.”

Jun 21 23:51:44 todo puckers limp and mumbles to self making various arguing hand signs.”Ugh Here just take the 35pp and don’t look at me”

Jun 21 23:51:52 chrissofer Ember: He pulls out a pack of bolts for You. “20 for 3gp, sound good?”

Jun 21 23:52:08 Ember “What are they made of?”

Jun 21 23:52:43 chrissofer He smiles real big. “Pleasure doing business with You, ma’am.” He hands You the stuff You bought.

Jun 21 23:54:31 chrissofer He goes to the front of the store and pulls a set of Rosewood armor, bringing it to the counter. He gestures to have You lay Your chain shirt on the table as well.

Jun 21 23:54:51 Danni Renrik lays out his chain shirt.

Jun 21 23:55:59 chrissofer He eyes You up and down. “I’ll do an even trade for this, if You are willing to do that.” He pauses. “No, fine, and 10gp.”

Jun 21 23:55:59 Ember pokes the darts again.

Jun 21 23:56:18 chrissofer Ember: “Metal, child.”

Jun 21 23:56:40 Ember ‘s face screws up in offense.

Jun 21 23:57:02 Danni Renrik: “Trade and 20 gp. I paid 100 gp for the chain shirt when I bought it.”

Jun 21 23:57:35 Danni Renrik sense motive

Jun 21 23:57:46 Danni `roll 1d20+8

Jun 21 23:57:46 GameServ Danni rolled 1d20: 11 <Total: 11(+8) = 19>

Jun 21 23:58:54 chrissofer He pauses a moment. Then sighs. “Fine, fine.” He brings up a bigger bag, and takes the chain shirt away.

Jun 21 23:59:25 Ember “Can I have ten for one?”

Jun 21 23:59:26 Danni Renrik: “Pleasure working with you.”

Jun 22 00:00:00 chrissofer He nods at Renrik and turns to Ember. “10 for 2gp, can’t go lower than that.” He responds.

Jun 22 00:00:17 Ember “Do you have something fun for me to carry them in? Like on my leg? or upper arm?”

Jun 22 00:00:46 chrissofer He scrunches his face, and disappears into the back.

Jun 22 00:02:07 Danni has quit (Quit: ajax IRC Client)

Jun 22 00:02:16 chrissofer He brings You a little strap to go on Your thigh and hold 10 bolts at a time.

Jun 22 00:02:29 Ember “Alright!”

Jun 22 00:02:39 chrissofer “I’ll throw this in for an extra gold piece. It’s not much for speed, but it keeps them on Your person.”

Jun 22 00:03:23 Ember grunts, dropping her head down agianst the table for a moment before sighing out a “Fiiine.” and passing the money over.

Jun 22 00:03:46 chrissofer He smiles, and adds his money to the pile. He hands You 10 bolts and the strap on.

Jun 22 00:05:18 Ember has quit (Quit: ajax IRC Client)

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