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Jun 11 20:11:34 chrissofer Woo!

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Jun 11 20:12:17 chrissofer Okay, so, last we left the story, Gwynn snuck out in the early morning, leaving a somewhat amused Ember behind to tell her story to the group.

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Jun 11 20:13:55 Gwynn walks quietly and sneakily to the Copperdown

Jun 11 20:14:03 chrissofer Stealth check, then

Jun 11 20:14:19 Gwynn 16

Jun 11 20:14:37 chrissofer It’s a bit of a walk, but You stealthily make it within an hour.

Jun 11 20:14:47 chrissofer Perception check

Jun 11 20:15:02 Gwynn 15

Jun 11 20:15:15 chrissofer Alright, and Survival (for tracking)?

Jun 11 20:16:05 chrissofer You notice some markings in Shadowtongue that lead You down a few side streets and alleyways, eventually leading You to a ladder that ascends up above the urban canopy.

Jun 11 20:16:05 Gwynn 19

Jun 11 20:16:23 Gwynn climbs ladder

Jun 11 20:17:20 chrissofer Though it appears to be mostly a shantytown of the poor and forgotten souls bereft of coin, there are still telltale clues-A letter here, a symbol there-that allow You to make Your way through the squalor and to a tent with a pair of armed guards in front of it.

Jun 11 20:17:26 chrissofer They eye You suspiciously.

Jun 11 20:19:04 Gwynn speaks a few words in Shadowtongue to see if she gets a reaction

Jun 11 20:19:09 chrissofer And what might those words of import be? ^_^

Jun 11 20:19:35 Gwynn im looking for someone

Jun 11 20:20:13 chrissofer The left guard, the taller of the two by a good amount, responds stoically, sternly, and succinctly in Shadowtongue: “Who might that be?”

Jun 11 20:20:31 Gwynn “emily”

Jun 11 20:20:57 Gwynn eyes him back suspiciously too

Jun 11 20:21:01 chrissofer At this they hiss, loudly, trying to cover Your brazen lack of discretion in what could only be described as a highly confidential business.

Jun 11 20:21:18 Gwynn smirks

Jun 11 20:21:31 chrissofer “The Lady is here. Is the Lady expecting You?” He spits, still in shadowtongue.

Jun 11 20:21:35 Gwynn in shadowtongue “where might i find her?”

Jun 11 20:21:49 Gwynn “shes always expecting me”

Jun 11 20:22:11 chrissofer The shorter one disappears into the tent for a moment.

Jun 11 20:22:37 chrissofer “Let’s hope tonight is always, then. I’d hate to dirty my clothes.” The taller one remarks, no longer looking directly at You.

Jun 11 20:22:57 Gwynn snorts quietly

Jun 11 20:24:10 chrissofer A scant few moments later, the shorter one reappears, and nods to the taller. The taller one nods back, and opens the door to the tent, beckoning You inside.

Jun 11 20:24:23 Gwynn goes into tent

Jun 11 20:24:28 Gwynn perception check

Jun 11 20:24:34 Gwynn 5

Jun 11 20:24:47 chrissofer The tent is green and old!

Jun 11 20:25:15 chrissofer Gwynn is not a morning person, apparently.

Jun 11 20:25:45 Gwynn looks around for emily

Jun 11 20:26:33 chrissofer Emily is sitting there, in a robe which she quickly fastens in front of her. She appears to otherwise be ready for sleep… Or perhaps she was already there?

Jun 11 20:27:20 chrissofer She yawns.

Jun 11 20:27:37 Gwynn “good morning Lady

Jun 11 20:28:35 chrissofer “Yes, pawn? Is there something You need help with?” She looks You over, scratching some hidden place behind her as she does. “Or have You already found our most recent target?”

Jun 11 20:30:12 Gwynn “i haven’t had a chance to go for the target, unfortunately. Im having a small issue with some nasty people and wondered if you could shed any light on the subject”

Jun 11 20:30:49 chrissofer “Nasty people?” She asks, fairly unamused. “What sort? Ours?”

Jun 11 20:31:22 Gwynn “depends, do you have any… owl compatriots?”

Jun 11 20:31:46 chrissofer She frowns deeper somehow, and takes out a small copper bell.

Jun 11 20:32:01 Gwynn narrows eyes at bell

Jun 11 20:32:43 chrissofer It rings with a sound You can barely hear, though somehow You know that what sound it makes travels quite far and wide. A few moments pass in silence as she gets out a comb and begins to work on her hair for the morning.

Jun 11 20:33:02 chrissofer Shortly, a short halfling-short even for a halfling-appears in the door.

Jun 11 20:33:11 Gwynn “mind telling me what that was?”

Jun 11 20:33:13 chrissofer He speaks in a language You do not know.

Jun 11 20:33:30 chrissofer Emily responds, and they go back and forth, paying You no mind.

Jun 11 20:33:58 Gwynn sighs

Jun 11 20:34:32 chrissofer In a few long, boring moments, they end their secret conversation. Emily turns to You, and the halfling turns and bolts out the door.

Jun 11 20:34:47 chrissofer “Someone’s bounty’s been sold, has it?”

Jun 11 20:34:47 holoirc raises eyebrow

Jun 11 20:36:25 Gwynn “not sure what you mean”

Jun 11 20:36:52 chrissofer “They’re trying to find You for someone else, huh?”

Jun 11 20:37:45 Gwynn “apparently. but who the someone is is the tip of the point”

Jun 11 20:42:14 chrissofer The inside of the green canvas tent is fairly cluttered, but also fairly nice-looking compared to the rest of the area You are currently in. There is a nice queen sized rope bed with silk-looking sheets on it in the center, and off to one side there is a large basket full of odds, ends, trinkets, and toys. On the other side is a small chair with a mirror set in front of it, hanging off of the side wall. Emily is in this chair, working

Jun 11 20:42:14 chrissofer on her hair.

Jun 11 20:43:04 Gwynn kneels next to chair

Jun 11 20:43:05 chrissofer “Seems like the Owls gave You someone new to worry about. Also seems fairly straightforward, whoever it is who wants You so badly hired them, and then they hired this Tee character.”

Jun 11 20:43:33 chrissofer She rests her free hand on Your head as You do so, seemingly comfortable using You as an armrest.

Jun 11 20:43:56 Gwynn “do you know who Tee is? where i can find him?”

Jun 11 20:44:13 Gwynn lets her arm stay just cause

Jun 11 20:44:55 chrissofer She rustles You hair after You ask this question, and lets out a small chuckle. “Oh, pawn, that’s information! Surely You know I can’t let something like that slide for free. It’s not even related to a mark!”

Jun 11 20:45:15 Gwynn huffs

Jun 11 20:45:44 Gwynn “c’mon Em, you profit negative points with me outta your circle, can’t you just gimme this one?”

Jun 11 20:46:40 chrissofer She smiles, resting her hand back across Your shoulders as she responds. “‘Fraid not, little pawn. But maybe we can come to some kind of… arrangement?”

Jun 11 20:47:05 Gwynn rolls eyes

Jun 11 20:47:13 Gwynn “what would you like?”

Jun 11 20:47:35 chrissofer She smiles, teasingly. “Oh, what? No offer?”

Jun 11 20:48:15 Gwynn “im not in the mood for the normal back and forth Em, ive got better things to do. like interrogating a hunting prick”

Jun 11 20:51:51 chrissofer “The Owls have been a competing power of mine for quite some time now, and You know I can’t have too much competition in my line of work. I have a shipment of goods set to go out today, around noon, but it’s going through Godwin’s Hill to leave the city. The last two shipments I’ve sent that way were confiscated, either by the Owls or by the guard, at the word of the owls.” She tilts her head to the side. “If You see that shipment

Jun 11 20:51:51 chrissofer safely out of town, I might be willing to give You a lead on Your little personal project, pawn.” She straightens her head. “But, fail, and I’ll definitely need a pound of flesh from You, in one way or another.” She stands up and looks You square in the eyes, while You’re still kneeling on the floor. “Think You are up to that, Gwynn?”

Jun 11 20:52:29 chrissofer She says Your name louder than the rest of her speech, as though she wants it to be heard… Or at least, wants to let You know she doesn’t mind if someone does.

Jun 11 20:53:16 Gwynn stands up and faces her. smirks

Jun 11 20:53:24 Gwynn “sure thing, Em”

Jun 11 20:53:59 Gwynn leans in closer to her

Jun 11 20:54:44 Gwynn “also, you know i don’t like fighting your goons. it just gets messy” leans back away and smiles

Jun 11 20:55:31 chrissofer “Yes. It. Does.” She says, pausing afterwards.

Jun 11 20:56:30 chrissofer “Will that be all? I’ll have Marcus give You the goods on the way out. Make sure it gets to my contact on the other side of the Almas Gate, or it’s on Your head the hammer will come down.”

Jun 11 20:57:48 Gwynn “sure thing Em. when should i expect my end? that is, where can i find you after?”

Jun 11 20:58:24 chrissofer Here, if You must. But, I’ll give the info to my contact, once they’ve signaled You arrival.

Jun 11 20:58:32 chrissofer Your***

Jun 11 20:59:11 Gwynn “splendid”

Jun 11 20:59:15 Gwynn mock bows

Jun 11 20:59:27 Gwynn “a pleasure always my lady

Jun 11 20:59:37 chrissofer She snorts at this, and nevertheless waves You off like the royalty she knows she is.

Jun 11 21:00:34 Gwynn leaves

Jun 11 21:00:40 Gwynn finds marcus

Jun 11 21:02:22 chrissofer The shorter guard outside of her tent shoves a bag into Your arms, and pushes You away from the tent. You fall over and slide down a ramp (Successful CMB), but manage to hang onto the bag as You do.

Jun 11 21:02:38 chrissofer You notice a note tacked onto the bag.

Jun 11 21:02:48 Gwynn huffs

Jun 11 21:02:58 Gwynn curses in elvish at stupid puny men

Jun 11 21:02:59 chrissofer It’s written in Shadowtongue, in a hand You know to be Emily’s: “No Peeking!”

Jun 11 21:03:14 Gwynn rolls eyes

Jun 11 21:03:19 Gwynn “as if i would”

Jun 11 21:03:41 Gwynn stands up and slings bag over should

Jun 11 21:03:46 Gwynn shoulder

Jun 11 21:07:50 chrissofer GWYNN has elected to take the HRHR route B: Copperdown -> Mount Meradian -> Godwin’s Hill

Jun 11 21:09:18 chrissofer You descend the ladder from the shanty town in which Emily calls home, when You notice a small group of children playing in the street in front of You. One of them bumps into You, and You stumble.

Jun 11 21:10:27 chrissofer Make a Perception Check

Jun 11 21:10:44 Gwynn 18

Jun 11 21:10:49 chrissofer SUCCESS

Jun 11 21:11:01 chrissofer You notice one of them fingering Your pockets, and manage to bat them off.

Jun 11 21:11:16 Gwynn “not today chitlins”

Jun 11 21:11:52 chrissofer They scatter, and You continue on Your way. Ahead of You is a bridge, You can go over top of it, but there is a guard standing there, looking board. You could also go underneath it, but You don’t know what lies in wait there. What do You do?

Jun 11 21:12:04 chrissofer *bored

Jun 11 21:13:04 Gwynn goes over the bridge, looking as nonchalant as possible

Jun 11 21:13:33 chrissofer Stealth Check.

Jun 11 21:13:44 Gwynn 16

Jun 11 21:13:58 chrissofer SUCCESS

Jun 11 21:14:27 chrissofer You look innocent enough to the guard that she doesn’t bother You, but then someone bumps into You. Reflex save.

Jun 11 21:14:48 Gwynn 12

Jun 11 21:14:52 chrissofer FAILURE

Jun 11 21:16:16 chrissofer You get bumped to the ground again, bruising Your pride and making You drop the bag and Your normal bag to the floor. The passerby curses at You and keeps moving. Which bag do You go for first?

Jun 11 21:17:37 Gwynn curses her own swears and goes for both bags

Jun 11 21:18:11 chrissofer The guard comes over and asks, “Are You okay, miss? That was awfully rude of him, just running You down like that.

Jun 11 21:18:12 chrissofer

Jun 11 21:18:22 chrissofer Diplomacy check to keep Your cool.

Jun 11 21:18:53 Gwynn 11

Jun 11 21:19:00 chrissofer FAILURE

Jun 11 21:19:53 Gwynn “yeh I’m FINE geez the NERVE of SOME people i can’t believe how RUDE that was!!”

Jun 11 21:20:31 chrissofer She frowns. “He didn’t hurt You, did he? Seemed kinda like a targeted strike, to me, jokes aside.”

Jun 11 21:20:43 chrissofer Perception Check

Jun 11 21:20:53 Gwynn 18

Jun 11 21:21:03 chrissofer SUCCESS, You are not hurt at all, just flustered.

Jun 11 21:21:59 Gwynn “if it was targeted, he did a piss poor job snorts i’m okay ser, thank you”

Jun 11 21:22:29 chrissofer “Well, You let me know if You change Your mind. I’m here all day, could use the excitement.” She turns back to the bridge, and lets You go.

Jun 11 21:22:44 Gwynn continues

Jun 11 21:24:48 chrissofer You come to a crossroads where You see some people having a loud argument on the verge of becoming a brawl. You can try to pass through, or You could take to the rooftops of this unknown area. What do You do?

Jun 11 21:26:04 Gwynn takes to the rooftops

Jun 11 21:27:21 chrissofer As You climb up a ladder on the side of a building, someone at the top pushes the ladder off, away from its perch. You have a split second to react and grab ahold of something!

Jun 11 21:27:25 chrissofer Reflex Save.

Jun 11 21:28:26 Gwynn 6

Jun 11 21:28:56 chrissofer FAILURE

Jun 11 21:30:50 chrissofer You don’t grab ahold of anything, and feel Your stomach drop between Your legs as You notice You are momentarily balancing on two shoddily built, conjoined stilts. Flip a coin, and Acrobatics Check to not fall off the freestanding ladder.

Jun 11 21:31:32 Gwynn heads

Jun 11 21:31:40 Gwynn 14

Jun 11 21:34:23 chrissofer You just manage to stay on the ladder, clenching every muscle in Your body in an attempt to do so. As You do, You feel Your normal bag (not the mission-critical one) slide off of Your shoulders, and get caught on Your cloak as it falls off. If You fix it, You will fall, but if You don’t, it will (possibly taking You cloak with it). The ladder pusher laughs at this, and runs off. What do You do?

Jun 11 21:35:46 Gwynn chooses to fall to save bag

Jun 11 21:36:57 chrissofer You grab the bag through Your cloak, and fall backwards, the ladder falling on top of You.

Jun 11 21:39:26 chrissofer 3 Damage as You fall on Your back, the ladder hitting You in the jaw, chest, and knees.

Jun 11 21:39:41 Gwynn “ouch”

Jun 11 21:41:24 chrissofer You decide to ascend on a different building, and make it with little trouble. There is no sign of the ladder pusher anywhere, though they did have bright green hair (for future reference).

Jun 11 21:43:47 chrissofer Once on the top of the buildings, You progress quickly, until You reach the border of the Copperdown and Mount Menadian. You notice, however, that the way down here is missing: There are holes in the side of the building where there would normally be a ladder or pulley or something. Perception Check.

Jun 11 21:44:38 Gwynn 9

Jun 11 21:45:24 chrissofer FAILURE

Jun 11 21:45:52 chrissofer You don’t notice anything, and figure out a way down, which is:

Jun 11 21:47:37 Gwynn using my rope, i repel down the side of the building

Jun 11 21:48:04 chrissofer To rappel down the building, make a Climb check.

Jun 11 21:48:23 Gwynn 22

Jun 11 21:48:26 chrissofer SUCCESS

Jun 11 21:48:49 chrissofer You make it down without incident, and proceed to the second leg of Your rather difficult journey.

Jun 11 21:51:16 chrissofer MOUNT MENADIAN

Jun 11 21:51:42 holoirc is now known as Gwynnn

Jun 11 21:53:16 chrissofer Arriving in Mount Menadian, You notice You are in what can only be described as an excessively affluent area, with entirely too much open space. There are few places to hide, and fewer still to be stealthy in. Nevertheless, You continue, and notice people are moving about their days, getting started on whatever passes for work amongst the local rich folks.,

Jun 11 21:54:44 Gwynnn pull up my hood from the sun and continue walking in a normal way

Jun 11 21:55:36 chrissofer You notice people glancing at You, in Your hooded, fairly messy state (having fallen from a ladder into the dirt a few minutes ago. You can try to make Yourself more presentable, or continue on, hoping Your vagrantlike appearance keeps too many people from questioning You.

Jun 11 21:56:18 Gwynnn I brush off most of the dirt as I continue walking at a normal pace

Jun 11 21:56:57 chrissofer Make an Intimidate Check.

Jun 11 21:57:15 Gwynn 21

Jun 11 21:57:36 chrissofer SUCCESS

Jun 11 21:57:59 chrissofer Your hooded, adventurous appearance gets You watched carefully, but not interrupted.

Jun 11 21:58:10 chrissofer Make a Stealth Check.

Jun 11 21:58:44 Gwynn 15

Jun 11 21:58:47 chrissofer FAILURE

Jun 11 22:00:18 chrissofer You continue down the street, coming to a fountain where various people are eating their lunch. One of which has a prominent tattoo of the Belfry Owls on the back of their hand. You can try to pass them without being noticed, or stop in Your tracks and go down a side street to avoid the fountain altogether.

Jun 11 22:02:38 Gwynnn fountain

Jun 11 22:03:26 chrissofer You try Your best not to draw the attention of the person working for the group that nearly killed You and Ember last night.

Jun 11 22:03:30 chrissofer Stealth Check.

Jun 11 22:04:35 Gwynnn 16

Jun 11 22:04:45 Gwynn 16

Jun 11 22:05:14 chrissofer “Hey You!” You hear a voice say as You walk passed the fountain.

Jun 11 22:05:46 chrissofer The Owl comes up to You, getting too close for comfort. “Can I ask You a question, lady?”

Jun 11 22:05:51 Gwynnn pretends like it wasn’t for me

Jun 11 22:06:00 chrissofer You can engage with him, or continue walking and blow him off.

Jun 11 22:06:54 Gwynnn “depends on the question, sir, I’m not sure if I could help”

Jun 11 22:07:37 Gwynnn keeps hood low, acting as if sun is too bright

Jun 11 22:09:11 chrissofer His breath smells of onions and olives. “That’s fine, that’s fine. Gee, You alright? Sun a little bright today? Haha.” He laughs. “Just wonderin’, You look like You work for a livin’, kinda like me. Do You know someone with long brown hair, wears a sword on their belt belt, goes by the name of ‘Tee’?”

Jun 11 22:10:27 Gwynnn looks as if I’m considering the question

Jun 11 22:10:36 chrissofer Stealth Check

Jun 11 22:11:07 chrissofer Belay that until words

Jun 11 22:11:21 Gwynnn “tee… hmm.. no i don’t believe I know anyone by that name or description”

Jun 11 22:12:02 chrissofer Stealth Check with penalty.

Jun 11 22:12:27 Gwynn 18

Jun 11 22:12:34 chrissofer SUCCESS

Jun 11 22:13:50 chrissofer He frowns. “Ah, You sure? I was really hopin they’d shown their face; Boss hasn’t seen them since last night.”

Jun 11 22:15:23 Gwynnn “ah that’s a real shame. I’ll keep my ears open for ya just in case”

Jun 11 22:16:26 chrissofer “Thanks, chummer. I’ll be here, ask for Raul.”

Jun 11 22:16:41 chrissofer He goes back to his spot by the fountain, and You continue on Your way.

Jun 11 22:16:51 chrissofer Perception Check.

Jun 11 22:17:29 Gwynn 6

Jun 11 22:17:38 chrissofer You see a rainbow in the fountain! :D

Jun 11 22:17:53 Gwynnn smiles

Jun 11 22:18:33 chrissofer You continue on, down the main street, passed a bunch of overly pushy vendors of various kinds

Jun 11 22:18:59 chrissofer One of whom tries to tempt You with the classic get-them-in-the-door sales approach. Roll Diplomacy.

Jun 11 22:19:11 Gwynn has quit (Quit: ajax IRC Client)

Jun 11 22:19:18 Gwynn (Mibbit@184.90.pnr.suk) has joined

Jun 11 22:20:02 Gwynnn 1

Jun 11 22:20:33 chrissofer CRIT FAILURE

Jun 11 22:21:49 chrissofer She comes up to You, says something nice about Your hair, and ushers You quickly inside her booth as she rubs some kind of oil in Your hair that smells of campfires and burning oak.

Jun 11 22:22:49 Gwynnn nice

Jun 11 22:22:58 chrissofer She sits You in one of her lavishly decorated chairs, and takes Your cloak from You, hanging it on the wall. She does the same with Your bag, and with the mission bag, and any weapons You might be carrying, before finally taking a breath and stopping the compliments for a second.

Jun 11 22:23:13 chrissofer Roll Bluff

Jun 11 22:23:28 chrissofer And Perception, whoops.

Jun 11 22:24:22 Gwynn 17

Jun 11 22:24:27 Gwynn 5

Jun 11 22:26:09 chrissofer You successfully keep a pokerface about being disarmed so forcibly, and against Your will. However, once one of her workers begins massaging the oil into Your scalp, You lose track of Your items, enjoying a rare moment of luxury instead as You bask in the relaxing feelings it provides.

Jun 11 22:27:00 chrissofer `roll 1d100

Jun 11 22:27:00 GameServ chrissofer rolled 1d100: 43 <Total: 43>

Jun 11 22:27:47 Gwynn rock

Jun 11 22:30:18 chrissofer They take the rock You had in Your bag since the Kobolds Fortress, keeping it for themselves.

Jun 11 22:32:31 chrissofer About halfway through the massage, You notice they are talking less and moving quicker. At the end, they ask You for 3 gold pieces and wish You a good day, trying to hurry You out of the shop.

Jun 11 22:32:48 chrissofer You notice, on Your way out, that both of Your bags have been fucked with.

Jun 11 22:33:27 Gwynnn checks bags

Jun 11 22:34:12 Gwynnn checks outer part of secret bag and checks inside personal bag

Jun 11 22:34:26 chrissofer Personal Bag: Rock Missing, everything askew.

Jun 11 22:34:39 Gwynnn fuck

Jun 11 22:34:42 chrissofer Secret Bag: Tassles are undone, it has definitely been gone through.

Jun 11 22:35:03 chrissofer The note telling You not to peek is also gone.

Jun 11 22:37:17 Gwynnn looks in secret bag

Jun 11 22:40:03 chrissofer The secret bag is a bag of holding, and it holds a bunch of vials marked as poisons, a few scrolls of extremely high value, and 15 statuettes, the faces of which look shocked and afraid.

Jun 11 22:40:16 chrissofer Do You have Knowledge(Nobility)?

Jun 11 22:41:58 chrissofer Gwynn does not have Nobility.

Jun 11 22:43:16 Gwynnn puts back in bag

Jun 11 22:43:23 Gwynnn curses

Jun 11 22:43:27 Gwynnn continues on way

Jun 11 22:43:49 Gwynnn memorizes lady store name and location

Jun 11 22:45:29 chrissofer The store is The Wanton Harlequin, in the Mount Menadian District’s Open-Air Mall.

Jun 11 22:46:26 chrissofer You continue on Your way, cursing Your enjoyment of the Varlet’s Scalp Massage. You still smell of wood smoke, however.

Jun 11 22:47:28 chrissofer You come to a checkpoint with a bunch of guards, stopping people in order to check their goods and wares before they head to Godwin’s Hill. This is the only way through.

Jun 11 22:47:39 chrissofer How do You prepare?

Jun 11 22:49:36 Gwynnn throws Flint and steel ink inkpen rope soap 5 torches waffle squid into secret bag

Jun 11 22:54:09 Gwynnn bedroll and mess kit

Jun 11 22:55:00 chrissofer What’s left in Your normal bag?

Jun 11 22:55:34 chrissofer Plenty.

Jun 11 22:56:06 chrissofer You get in line for the checkpoint.

Jun 11 22:56:35 chrissofer You come up to the guards.

Jun 11 22:56:44 chrissofer `roll 1d2

Jun 11 22:56:45 GameServ chrissofer rolled 1d2: 1 <Total: 1>

Jun 11 22:57:21 chrissofer A guard comes up to You, and asks, “What’s in the bags, Miss?”

Jun 11 22:57:47 Gwynnn my traveling gear””

Jun 11 22:58:04 chrissofer “Mmm. Weapons on the table please. Magic ones too.”

Jun 11 22:58:48 Gwynnn puts rapier and 3 daggers on table

Jun 11 22:58:58 chrissofer He eyes You over. “Is that all, miss?”

Jun 11 22:59:07 Gwynnn all my weapons service””

Jun 11 22:59:20 Gwynnn ser*

Jun 11 22:59:43 chrissofer He reaches into Your normal bag, looking around inside as he does so.

Jun 11 23:00:07 chrissofer “Scrolls.” He says, placing them on the table next to Your weapons.

Jun 11 23:00:26 chrissofer Another guard comes over to look at the scrolls from Your bag.

Jun 11 23:01:07 Gwynn “academic purposes”

Jun 11 23:01:15 chrissofer “Hmm. Poisoned Egg? Really?”

Jun 11 23:01:36 Gwynn “my teacher is very eccentric”

Jun 11 23:01:44 chrissofer Bluff check.

Jun 11 23:02:03 Gwynn 17

Jun 11 23:02:19 chrissofer She looks at You with disdain. “Centipede Poison doesn’t have many academic uses… But okay.”

Jun 11 23:02:36 chrissofer The guard takes the mission bag in his hand, and reaches inside.

Jun 11 23:03:16 chrissofer `roll 1d100

Jun 11 23:03:17 GameServ chrissofer rolled 1d100: 62 <Total: 62>

Jun 11 23:04:02 chrissofer He pulls out some (partially used) soap, and quickly puts it back in the bag. “Same in this bag, then? You a student somewhere?”

Jun 11 23:05:37 Gwynn “not of a school specifically, but my teacher is very helpful”

Jun 11 23:05:54 chrissofer “I see. Who’s Your teacher, then?”

Jun 11 23:08:39 Gwynn “oh yes, have you heard of Effarn Loithern? he doesnt get out much”

Jun 11 23:08:49 chrissofer Bluff Check with a bonus

Jun 11 23:09:10 Gwynn 17

Jun 11 23:09:33 chrissofer “Haven’t heard of him. Seems like a weirdo, though.” He says, looking over Your belongings.

Jun 11 23:09:45 Gwynn chuckles

Jun 11 23:09:51 Gwynn “he has his quirks”

Jun 11 23:10:00 chrissofer “Alright, I suppose You are clean enough. You can go on through.” He says.

Jun 11 23:10:08 Gwynn “thank you ser”

Jun 11 23:10:13 Gwynn continues through

Jun 11 23:10:16 chrissofer “By the way…”

Jun 11 23:11:26 chrissofer The lady guard comes up to Gwynn, placing an icy cold hand on her shoulder. “Poisons need a permit, next time, alright, Honey? Tell Effran, he should know the rules.”

Jun 11 23:12:11 Gwynn looking very bashful and shamed

Jun 11 23:12:18 Gwynn “i will remind him im very sorry”

Jun 11 23:12:34 chrissofer She smiles a humourless smile, and goes back to her post.

Jun 11 23:12:42 Gwynn breathes and leaves

Jun 11 23:12:58 chrissofer ON TO THE LAST STRETCH! GODWIN’S HILL.

Jun 11 23:14:13 chrissofer Godwin’s hill is smaller than the last area, but much more heavily populated by the Owls.

Jun 11 23:16:41 chrissofer You come to a group of Owls in the middle of the road, clearly drunk at 0900. They look happy, but also boisterous and not respectful of people’s boundaries. There’s also a pull cart taxi nearby You could hire, but then You are at the mercy of the driver.

Jun 11 23:16:45 chrissofer What do You do?

Jun 11 23:17:53 Gwynn taxi

Jun 11 23:18:47 chrissofer You hop in the back of the taxi, and the driver asks with a thick Orisian accent, “Vhere tu, fren?”

Jun 11 23:19:07 chrissofer Osirian*** sorry.

Jun 11 23:20:12 Gwynn the direction of Almas Gate please”

Jun 11 23:20:35 chrissofer “Alma’s?” They say. “5 gold fur that. Okay?”

Jun 11 23:20:51 Gwynn ok””

Jun 11 23:21:29 chrissofer THe taxi speeds off, passing the gang members entirely. Stealth and Perception.

Jun 11 23:21:41 Gwynn 8

Jun 11 23:21:49 Gwynn 19

Jun 11 23:22:06 chrissofer You notice two things, as the taxi reaches its normal speed

Jun 11 23:22:25 chrissofer 1. Someone with bright green hair saw You get into the taxi, and stole down an alleyway.

Jun 11 23:23:12 Gwynn merdre

Jun 11 23:23:31 chrissofer 2. Someone with an tattoo of an owl on their face runs after the taxi for a second, but slows and gives up, instead casting some sort of spell. Spellcraft?

Jun 11 23:23:55 Gwynn 26

Jun 11 23:24:15 chrissofer

Jun 11 23:25:33 Gwynn elvish curses

Jun 11 23:25:57 chrissofer The taxi ride goes smoothly, aside from a few trafficky stops. You get to the end, and the driver holds out their hand for the money, expecting You to hop out. Perception.

Jun 11 23:26:09 Gwynn 19

Jun 11 23:26:25 chrissofer You see a shock of green hair in the crowd, but no Owls.

Jun 11 23:26:45 Gwynn hands money over

Jun 11 23:27:04 Gwynn casual but keep sharp eye on green hair

Jun 11 23:27:41 chrissofer The hair begins to move away from You, away from the Gate’s Entrance. To follow it, You’ll have to go in the wrong direction for a bit. Otherwise, You can choose to let it go.

Jun 11 23:29:33 Gwynn let it go for now

Jun 11 23:31:37 chrissofer Alright. Getting to the ticket center, You get one (1) ticket out of the city, that You put into Your bag. And then, You head outside the city limits, and notice someone with the Shadowtongue letter for “Eh” stitched into their breast pocket.

Jun 11 23:33:17 Gwynn approaches slowly and casually, mumble some shadowtongue

Jun 11 23:33:32 Gwynn the passcode

Jun 11 23:34:20 chrissofer Bluff check

Jun 11 23:34:32 Gwynn 15

Jun 11 23:34:36 chrissofer SUCCESS

Jun 11 23:34:58 chrissofer “Do You have the prisoners?” They ask, in Shadowtongue.

Jun 11 23:35:40 chrissofer RETCON

Jun 11 23:35:44 Gwynn (all of my shit is back in my bag)

Jun 11 23:36:13 Gwynn “yes, though they put up a fight” shadowtongue

Jun 11 23:36:34 chrissofer They hold out their left hand, not looking at You.

Jun 11 23:37:08 Gwynnn I put the bad in their hand

Jun 11 23:38:12 Gwynnn bag*

Jun 11 23:39:11 chrissofer They take the bag, and bring their lips right in front of Your left ear. Their breath is warm against Your skin, and Your skin gets goosebumps as You hear them whisper, “Tee lives in Godwin’s Hill, and is a freelance merc, not an Owl. They haven’t been seen since last night, though surely they will turn up in their home turf.”

Jun 11 23:39:19 chrissofer With that, they storm off.

Jun 11 23:40:51 Gwynn good stuff

Jun 11 23:40:58 Gwynn return to Godwill’s Hill

Jun 11 23:41:16 Gwynn ticket use

Jun 11 23:41:17 chrissofer Back through that same gate! Woo, revolving door Gwynn

Jun 11 23:42:14 Gwynnn mildly interested in finding green hair boy

Jun 11 23:43:01 chrissofer Perception and Survival.

Jun 11 23:43:16 Gwynn 5

Jun 11 23:43:24 Gwynn 9

Jun 11 23:44:39 chrissofer You can’t seem to find a trace of them.

Jun 11 23:46:45 chrissofer Gwynn studies the scroll of the Poisoned Egg

Jun 11 23:46:50 Gwynn 20

Jun 11 23:46:57 chrissofer SUCCESS

Jun 11 23:47:15 chrissofer You add that spell to Your Magus Spellbook.

Jun 11 23:47:23 chrissofer The scroll itself, however, goes blank as You do.

Jun 11 23:51:02 chrissofer Gwynn goes to the store and buys a dozen eggs.

Jun 11 23:51:37 chrissofer for 1gp

Jun 11 23:54:39 Gwynn 17

Jun 11 23:55:27 chrissofer Three Bits of Info

Jun 11 23:55:33 chrissofer “Tee is working for the Owls”

Jun 11 23:55:45 chrissofer “Tee was out late last night trying to bring in a bounty.”

Jun 11 23:56:11 chrissofer “Tee often disappears for 3 days at a time, but no one knows to where.”

Jun 11 23:57:39 Gwynn gather info for green hair boy

Jun 11 23:57:52 Gwynn 16

Jun 11 23:58:20 chrissofer “Green Hair? You must be talking about a Gnome, or something strange like that.”

Jun 11 23:59:15 chrissofer “You got pushed off of a ladder? Did You tell the guard? Some of the gangs around here do that to scare off snoops.”

Jun 12 00:00:21 chrissofer “A Green Haired Boy was following You? Fey touched, maybe? That kind of bright, cheery plumage is the realm of the forest-folk.”

Jun 12 00:01:30 chrissofer That took You about 90 minutes of questioning.

Jun 12 00:01:39 chrissofer It’s about 1300

Jun 12 00:01:51 Gwynn head back toward tavern

Jun 12 00:02:31 chrissofer Perception Check.

Jun 12 00:02:44 Gwynn 9

Jun 12 00:03:10 chrissofer You don’t run into anyone weird on the way back to the tavern. It’s a quick and quiet trip, and You don’t think You are being followed at all. :D

Jun 12 00:03:25 Gwynn oh good

Jun 12 00:03:43 chrissofer Annnddd Scene!

Jun 12 00:10:11 Gwynnn has quit (Quit: Gwynnn)

Jun 12 00:10:49 Gwynn has quit (Quit: ajax IRC Client)

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