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May 07 21:07:53 chrissofer Last time on Squadfinder: The group went to a Tavern in the Woods Brand Motel to divy up their earnings from the Kobold Stronghold. While they were there, they were witness to a grisly murder surrounding a mysterious amulet. Upon a cursory search, they came upon three halflings who had some kind of involvement, and were ambushed. They fought them off and captured one of them.

May 07 21:08:16 chrissofer They are currently standing in the glade, having just defeated those pesky hobbits. What will they do now?

May 07 21:08:36 Bronnie is definitely standing around the scene

May 07 21:08:38 chrissofer `roll 1d100

May 07 21:08:38 GameServ chrissofer rolled 1d100: 43 <Total: 43>

May 07 21:08:45 Bronnie is there

May 07 21:09:22 Gwynn “so what now”

May 07 21:09:38 Bronnie Well

May 07 21:09:42 Bronnie Probably find the murderer

May 07 21:09:45 Bronnie Yeh?

May 07 21:10:20 Danni Renrik: “You know what to do Briar.”

May 07 21:10:22 Bronnie squints at halfling

May 07 21:10:53 Bronnie “We should move him from here”

May 07 21:11:01 Bronnie “Cause dead friends

May 07 21:11:08 Ember goes to retrieve her darts

May 07 21:11:16 Bronnie Something tells me (god probably) that that would be a bad idea

May 07 21:12:22 Danni Renrik: “If we are not questioning him here, where are we taking him?”

May 07 21:12:53 chrissofer `roll 1d100

May 07 21:12:53 GameServ chrissofer rolled 1d100: 74 <Total: 74>

May 07 21:13:53 Danni Briar: “Fuck this.”

May 07 21:14:09 Danni Briar grabs the unconscious Halfling.

May 07 21:14:21 chrissofer Bobo is grabbed!

May 07 21:14:49 Danni And throws him onto his shoulder like a sack of potatoes.

May 07 21:14:50 Bronnie remembers how perfect God is

May 07 21:14:58 Bronnie tears up

May 07 21:15:02 Ember returns bow and darts to their storage

May 07 21:15:15 Gwynn collects any missing weapons

May 07 21:15:25 Gwynn and dropped items

May 07 21:15:30 Ember searches dead halflings

May 07 21:15:38 Gwynn searches other hobbit

May 07 21:15:46 Gwynn roll to loot

May 07 21:15:48 todo attaches scythe to back and pets Aadya

May 07 21:15:49 Ember “Don’t touch my shit”

May 07 21:16:08 Gwynn touches anyway

May 07 21:16:24 Ember huffs angrily and goes back to searching her halfling

May 07 21:16:50 Ember `roll 1d10

May 07 21:16:50 GameServ Ember rolled 1d10: 3 <Total: 3>

May 07 21:18:46 Gwynn 8

May 07 21:19:49 chrissofer has changed the topic to: Lacis Lycorma Session 8: Knobs and Wads

May 07 21:20:10 Ember bites the drafting compass before stuffing it into her hair, tucks swords into her belt.

May 07 21:20:11 Bronnie HUFFS

May 07 21:20:46 Danni Briar: “Where am I taking this unconscious guy?”

May 07 21:21:02 Bronnie “Probably we should go see the authorities.

May 07 21:21:03 Bronnie Yeh?

May 07 21:21:08 Ember “Renrik do you want some armor to sell? I don’t want to carry it.”

May 07 21:21:11 Danni Briar: “If you don’t tell me, I’m finding a cliff and throwing him off.”

May 07 21:21:18 Bronnie Please dont throw bobo

May 07 21:21:21 Bronnie Seems rood

May 07 21:21:35 Bronnie

May 07 21:21:35 Danni Renrik: “No thank you, mine is adequate.”

May 07 21:21:46 Ember “it wouldn’t fit ur fat arms anyway!”

May 07 21:22:12 Gwynn puts on caestus

May 07 21:22:14 Danni Renrik: “Well, looks like these fat arms will not be carrying you later.”

May 07 21:22:35 Bronnie giggles


May 07 21:22:56 Danni Briar: “I’m going to town.”

May 07 21:22:58 Ember “I’m Saying ITS NOT FOR ORCS!”

May 07 21:23:06 Bronnie “Same, briar”

May 07 21:23:22 Danni Briar starts walking back towards town.

May 07 21:23:25 Bronnie starts walking in the general direction of the town

May 07 21:23:38 Bronnie “So briar. How is your day?”

May 07 21:23:56 chrissofer The party finds its way into town.

May 07 21:24:06 Gwynn follows

May 07 21:24:09 Bronnie thinks about briar and he probably doesnt like me. Ugh.

May 07 21:24:35 Danni Renrik: “Then why would I want to buy it, if I can’t use it?”

May 07 21:24:35 Danni Briar: “Almost everyone I know is an idiot.”

May 07 21:24:47 Danni Renrik looks around and sees the other two half orcs walking away.

May 07 21:24:54 Ember “You don’t have to buy it!”

May 07 21:25:18 Bronnie “Oh bruh. I feel. Kind of thinking about this whole party thing”

May 07 21:25:18 Danni Renrik: “We need to go.”

May 07 21:25:27 Gwynn looks for guard

May 07 21:25:39 chrissofer The party enters the town again.

May 07 21:25:44 Bronnie holds door open for the

May 07 21:25:57 Bronnie for briar

May 07 21:26:10 Danni Renrik: “I feel like we’ve done this before.”

May 07 21:26:17 Bronnie “Deja vu”

May 07 21:26:45 Ember “I can’t believe we paid for a hotel room just to argue about sharing.”

May 07 21:27:01 chrissofer *motel

May 07 21:27:01 Gwynn walks toward guard building

May 07 21:27:33 Bronnie “Hello lovely receptionist guard. I believe my friend has something we would like to discuss with someone here”

May 07 21:27:38 Danni Briar walks into the town guard’s compound with the unconscious Halfling over his shoulder.

May 07 21:27:38 Danni Renrik follows after.

May 07 21:28:01 Bronnie winks

May 07 21:28:43 Bronnie takes seat in waiting room

May 07 21:30:02 Ember props herself against the wall and closes her eyes.

May 07 21:31:29 todo ?me sits on ground with folded arms, head sagging

May 07 21:31:42 Ember “coulda just left a corpse in the forest”

May 07 21:31:45 Ember “but nooo”

May 07 21:31:51 chrissofer As You enter with the unconscious halfling, the receptionist stands up and rings a little bell on the desk. She says to Bronnie, “Oh, what happened here? I can start to take Your statement, if You like.”

May 07 21:31:56 todo “haha”

May 07 21:32:10 Bronnie “Ok. So. Like.”

May 07 21:32:15 Bronnie “There were trees

May 07 21:32:23 Bronnie “And there was some dead”

May 07 21:32:28 Bronnie “AND THIS ONE WASNT”

May 07 21:32:29 chrissofer “…Dead trees?

May 07 21:32:32 Bronnie “But he sleep”

May 07 21:32:35 Bronnie “No”

May 07 21:32:40 Bronnie “Ded halflings”

May 07 21:32:44 Gwynn nods head

May 07 21:32:50 Ember “they attacked us”

May 07 21:32:50 Bronnie “Yup”

May 07 21:32:54 chrissofer “Oh my, dead halflings? How did they die?” She seems shocked.

May 07 21:33:03 Bronnie “IT WAS SHOCKING”

May 07 21:33:04 Ember “i just said they attacked us”

May 07 21:33:18 Bronnie “It was……electrifying”

May 07 21:33:22 Bronnie “I’m tired”

May 07 21:33:26 Gwynn “we left our room to the sounds of screaming in the parking lot of the tavern in the woods, to find a man with a black arrow through his eye, the woman seemed innocent and when we followed the

May 07 21:33:28 Danni Renrik: “Everyone, one at a time.”

May 07 21:33:44 Gwynn “trajectory of the arrow we found a tree with a symbol of the broken branches’

May 07 21:34:08 Bronnie liked the camel parking lot

May 07 21:34:20 Gwynn “then we ran into some halfling rangers who attacked us and we defended ourselves and caught this one

May 07 21:34:30 Bronnie “What she said”

May 07 21:34:37 Danni Renrik: “Thank you Gwynn.”

May 07 21:34:44 Gwynn nods

May 07 21:34:45 Ember “you’re doin terrific”

May 07 21:34:50 chrissofer “The Broken Branches, You say?” She perks up at that name, looking troubled.

May 07 21:34:56 Gwynn is tired and a little drunk

May 07 21:35:08 Bronnie “Is that a name you know well”

May 07 21:35:09 Danni Renrik: “Yes.”

May 07 21:35:26 chrissofer “Which woman is innocent, by the way? One of You all?”

May 07 21:35:34 Bronnie is not a woman

May 07 21:35:35 Ember “nah she left”

May 07 21:35:39 chrissofer “The little, grumpy one, perhaps?”

May 07 21:35:56 Ember points at Todo, with a face like …?

May 07 21:36:02 chrissofer Oh, her?

May 07 21:36:10 Ember “is she talking to you?” she asks Todo

May 07 21:36:11 Bronnie “None of our party here”

May 07 21:36:13 Gwynn “i cant recall her name, but she was present with the man before the arrow shot him, and she seemed sincere in the innocence”

May 07 21:36:19 Danni Renrik: “She left us while we were still in the parking lot.”

May 07 21:37:02 Danni Renrik: “Before we were accosted by the rangers.”

May 07 21:37:07 Gwynn gets ready to sneak out

May 07 21:37:24 Bronnie sweats nervously and stares at gwynn cause she sure did talk a loy

May 07 21:38:25 Gwynn 2

May 07 21:38:31 Danni Renrik diplomacy roll

May 07 21:38:43 Danni `roll 1d20+5

May 07 21:38:43 GameServ Danni rolled 1d20: 4 <Total: 4(+5) = 9>

May 07 21:38:52 chrissofer She frownsa

May 07 21:39:08 Gwynn is ready to run

May 07 21:39:29 Bronnie whispers to whichever weirdo is next to him “she seems not pleased”

May 07 21:39:48 Ember “your breath is awful”

May 07 21:39:49 todo sits up and shifts nervously on butt

May 07 21:39:51 Ember “Dont look at me while you talk”

May 07 21:39:54 Gwynn pulls out haryk

May 07 21:40:16 Bronnie “Well gee. Sorry. It’s not like we didnt just get done fucking around in the WOODS FOREVER”

May 07 21:40:16 chrissofer A few more guards come out. “It sounds like You may be related to the broken branch… Do You have any proof Your captive is a member, and You are not?”

May 07 21:40:52 Bronnie “Uh”

May 07 21:41:56 Ember “I feel like walking in here to tell you about it wouldn’t be a great plan if we actually were in the group”

May 07 21:42:07 Bronnie “We literally just completed a quest”

May 07 21:42:24 Gwynn “councilman carim can vouch for us”

May 07 21:42:35 Bronnie crosses legs

May 07 21:42:42 Ember “you trusted us with a bag a thumbs but not a cultist?”

May 07 21:42:53 Gwynn 11

May 07 21:43:04 Gwynn diplomacy rool

May 07 21:43:06 Gwynn roll

May 07 21:43:40 chrissofer “Hmm. He might be in town, today. I’ll put out a message to him.”

May 07 21:43:56 chrissofer “Anything else, or should we move to detaining You all until we get this sorted?”

May 07 21:43:59 Bronnie “Like a homing pigeon?”

May 07 21:44:09 Ember “I would super love not to be detained”

May 07 21:44:22 Ember “Can we detained next to a warm bed?”

May 07 21:44:28 Gwynn “im gonna nap if we’re being detained”

May 07 21:44:41 Bronnie closes eyea

May 07 21:44:43 Danni Renrik: “We recently freed Councilman Carim along with a group of loggers who had been held captive by kobolds.”

May 07 21:45:38 Ember “Does lunch come with being detained?”

May 07 21:46:07 Danni Renrik: “We had just arrived to your fair city just a few days prior.”

May 07 21:46:53 Danni Renrik: “And had received the quest from a member of the city guard we had met in a tavern the day before.”

May 07 21:47:04 Danni `roll 1d20+5

May 07 21:47:04 GameServ Danni rolled 1d20: 6 <Total: 6(+5) = 11>

May 07 21:47:22 chrissofer “Hmmmmmmm”

May 07 21:47:27 Bronnie “Excuse me ma’am, does that mean that we are officially detainees in your custody? For bringing a possible murderer to your attention? For bringing a possible terrorist to your literal front door?”

May 07 21:47:46 Ember “Is this a trick to get our reward money back?”

May 07 21:47:52 Ember “cuz I’d rather pay taxes”

May 07 21:47:52 Bronnie Roll diplomacy

May 07 21:48:11 Bronnie `roll 1d20+3

May 07 21:48:11 GameServ Bronnie rolled 1d20: 17 <Total: 17(+3) = 20>

May 07 21:48:21 Bronnie winks and smiles

May 07 21:48:35 Bronnie (18 with the tired stuff)

May 07 21:49:09 chrissofer She sheepishly looks away. “Hmph. Well, I suppose that is what You say You are doing. Maybe detaining You is a bit much.”

May 07 21:49:19 Gwynn sighs

May 07 21:49:29 Bronnie “Thank you darling”

May 07 21:49:46 todo shakes head

May 07 21:50:05 Ember “So no lunch?”

May 07 21:50:25 Bronnie “Well then. I believe we’ll be in the tavern for a bit. Would you please send word to us there when Councilman Carim arrives and validates us?”

May 07 21:51:07 Bronnie *vouches

May 07 21:51:24 chrissofer “Hmm. Well, what word do I have You aren’t going to bolt once You are out of the building? I don’t want to detain You, but we will need Your testimony…”

May 07 21:51:38 chrissofer “Maybe some kind of Collateral?”

May 07 21:51:51 Ember “I’ll stay”

May 07 21:51:57 Ember “right here is fine”

May 07 21:51:59 Bronnie “Well besides our prisoner, what would you like?”

May 07 21:52:03 Danni Renrik: “I will stay behind.”

May 07 21:52:20 Gwynn gets ready to nap elsewhere

May 07 21:52:21 Bronnie “Well theres your collateral”

May 07 21:52:25 Danni Briar: “I’ll stay with the group, just in case.”

May 07 21:52:49 chrissofer “If two of You stay, that will be fine. However, I would like to say: He is now our prisoner, since You are within the city limits.”

May 07 21:53:03 Gwynn mutters fine

May 07 21:53:47 Bronnie “As I’ve said. We will be at the tavern until we receive word. You may keep him. Since we are NOT part of the same terrisitc thing he probably is, that’s fine. The others we would like returned. So I assure you we’ll be closeby”

May 07 21:53:54 Ember “perfectly good hotel bed in the woods”

May 07 21:54:06 Gwynn glares at ember

May 07 21:54:07 Bronnie swooshes coat tail

May 07 21:54:11 Danni Renrik: “Sounds reasonable. You are the proper authorities.”

May 07 21:54:12 Gwynn “don’t make waves”

May 07 21:54:15 Bronnie “Good day madame”

May 07 21:54:26 Bronnie exits dramatically

May 07 21:54:30 Ember “bring me dinner”

May 07 21:54:32 Bronnie goes to tavern

May 07 21:54:34 Gwynn follows bron

May 07 21:54:34 chrissofer “Alright Then.”

May 07 21:54:37 Bronnie Cause hungy

May 07 21:54:43 Danni Briar follows after Bron.

May 07 21:55:11 Danni Renrik settles down for the long haul and gives Ember some trail rations.

May 07 21:55:22 Gwynn sleeps for 8 hours

May 07 21:55:33 Bronnie chills

May 07 21:55:49 Bronnie carries the dumb

May 07 21:55:53 Ember rolls into Renrik’s lap with her legs propped up on one knee and her head on the other like a hammock, and starts to eat.

May 07 21:56:07 chrissofer CLARIFICATION: Gwynn is the Dumb.

May 07 21:56:22 Bronnie agrees with God

May 07 21:56:25 Danni Briar: “I’m getting a bed.”

May 07 21:56:52 Danni Briar goes up to a tavern worker and asks to rent a room to sleep in.”

May 07 21:57:34 chrissofer Carim arrives at the guardhouse and vouches for Your character within the hour. Word is sent out to You all fairly quickly.

May 07 21:58:13 Bronnie just sits down to honey poofs

May 07 21:58:32 todo “soo hungry. I literally might die standing here”

May 07 21:58:51 chrissofer Tavern Worker, “You can have a room for 2 gold. I remember Your face.”

May 07 21:58:58 Danni Briar: “We need to get this taken care of.”

May 07 21:59:12 Danni Briar: “I am not leaving my brother behind.”

May 07 21:59:26 Danni Briar: “

May 07 21:59:32 Gwynn is asleep

May 07 21:59:38 Danni Briar: “Fuck it. I’m going.”

May 07 21:59:39 Bronnie “Damnit”

May 07 21:59:53 Bronnie has internal crisis but also honey cheese poofs

May 07 22:00:01 Bronnie sits here munching

May 07 22:00:09 todo “But we’re not leaving him behind. We’re getting food. YOU NEED TO BRING EMBER FOOD OR SHE’LL WHINE”

May 07 22:00:16 Danni Briar pays for his room and thanks the tavern worker.

May 07 22:00:28 chrissofer “You’re welcome, Dearie.”

May 07 22:00:28 Danni Then Briar leaves.

May 07 22:00:44 todo “CAn i get some mutton and three ales”

May 07 22:00:48 todo “big ones”

May 07 22:00:51 todo “please”

May 07 22:01:04 Bronnie also buys room and goes to nap on gwynne dime

May 07 22:01:07 Danni Briar meets up with his brother and Ember.

May 07 22:01:23 Ember “Hi Briar”

May 07 22:02:02 Danni Briar hands Ember several waffles.

May 07 22:02:15 Ember fucking loves waffles.

May 07 22:02:24 chrissofer “Coming right up, Hon. That’ll be 5 silver.”

May 07 22:02:26 Bronnie pays for cheesy poofs

May 07 22:02:44 Bronnie “Ma’am, how much for the poofs?”

May 07 22:02:54 Ember falls asleep with one waffle in her belly, one in her cheeks, and one still in hand.

May 07 22:03:06 todo hands over 5 silver

May 07 22:03:33 Danni Briar to Renrik: “So guess which assholes would rather sleep and eat, then get this shit done and over with?”

May 07 22:03:48 Danni Renrik to Briar: “Our assholes.”

May 07 22:04:16 Danni Briar: “Our assholes.”

May 07 22:04:35 chrissofer “Cheesey Poofs are 1cp”

May 07 22:05:04 Bronnie hands over money

May 07 22:05:17 chrissofer The receptionist is initially very happy to see Briar, and then immediately troubled. “Oh, did Your assholes get called away, or something?”

May 07 22:05:31 Ember is asleep in Renrik’s lap smeared with banana.

May 07 22:05:41 Ember SMEARED WITH BUTTER

May 07 22:05:53 Danni Briar sits down with his brother and Ember and waits for the assholes to arrive.

May 07 22:06:29 chrissofer has changed the topic to: Lacis Lycorma Session 8: Knobs and Wads and Bananas

May 07 22:07:13 Bronnie P

May 07 22:07:26 chrissofer The receptionist is a bit peeved at the lack of a response, but decides she will wait until You are ready.

May 07 22:07:30 Danni Renrik: “It looks like our assholes do not have their priorities in the correct order. If you wish I can ask my brother to forcefully convince the others to show up.”

May 07 22:07:54 chrissofer “Oh, no, that’s fine. We’ll wait, if that’s what they want.”

May 07 22:07:56 Danni Renrik: “I apologize for their lack of respect.”

May 07 22:08:02 Bronnie takes gwynn to sleep in separate rooms

May 07 22:08:16 chrissofer “I can take Your statements now, if You’d like.”

May 07 22:08:16 Bronnie Beds. Not rooms

May 07 22:08:48 Bronnie sleeps for 8 hours too

May 07 22:09:02 Bronnie is bout to be bright eyed and bushy tailed

May 07 22:09:12 chrissofer The barkeep brings out Todo’s order, and realize she forgot one of the ales, and plays it off like she couldn’t carry them all even though she totally could have.

May 07 22:09:57 todo “Thanks”

May 07 22:10:01 todo :)

May 07 22:10:21 chrissofer “My Pleasure, Dear. Let me know if You need anything else.”

May 07 22:10:35 todo nods with mouth full of food

May 07 22:11:09 chrissofer The receptionsit takes the present pieces of the party’s statements.

May 07 22:11:24 Danni Renrik: “Our group, consisting of Briar, Bron the other half orc, Gwynn the elf, Ember the Halfling, Todo the gnome, and myself, were having a discussion at the Tavern in the Woods. Our conversation was interrupted by a very loud scream. Worried that someone was being attacked we left the room to discover the source of the screaming.”

May 07 22:12:08 chrissofer She begins writing very carefully, her gaze never leaving Renrik’s face.

May 07 22:13:48 todo finishes third ale (barely) and heads in what she believes to be the direction of the guard station

May 07 22:15:27 Danni Renrik: “The screaming was from a woman in the parking lot of the tavern. She was next to a dead gnomish man who had an arrow through his eye. The gnomish man had an enchanted amulet which caused our group great difficulty. We tried to ask the woman what had happened, but she seemed a bit disoriented.”

May 07 22:17:26 chrissofer She scowls at the mention of the amulet, but does not interrupt You.

May 07 22:17:48 todo arrives at guard’s station after some rudely given directions by a man whose toe she stepped on, and sits outside to collect herself for a minute.

May 07 22:17:58 Danni Renrik: “The woman left. We then followed the path of the arrow to try to determine who had fired the arrow and killed the gnomish man. At the location of where we thought the arrow was fired we saw the sign of The Broken Branch.”

May 07 22:18:34 Bronnie dreams about the “terrorists”

May 07 22:18:44 chrissofer “The Sign?” She asks?

May 07 22:18:48 Bronnie stirs in his sleep

May 07 22:18:48 chrissofer She asks!

May 07 22:19:07 Gwynn sleeping

May 07 22:19:25 Gwynn mumbling in elvish

May 07 22:19:42 Bronnie farts

May 07 22:19:45 todo sings to self

May 07 22:19:47 Bronnie rolls over

May 07 22:19:50 Danni Renrik: “It is a three limbed tree with a lightening bolt coming down the right side and breaking off a branch.”

May 07 22:19:53 Bronnie sleeeeeps

May 07 22:20:10 chrissofer She nods, and gestures to You to continue.

May 07 22:21:38 Danni Renrik: “After that we came across three ranger halflings. At first we did not notice any ill intent. We told them that we thought that a member of The Broken Branch had shot the gnomish man with an arrow and killed him. We also mentioned the disorientated woman.”

May 07 22:22:27 Danni Renrik: “The rangers mentioned that the disoriented woman had mentioned us, so I assume that they had met her before running into the group.”

May 07 22:22:48 chrissofer She shrugs and nods, seemingly in agreement that that would make sense.

May 07 22:23:26 Danni Renrik: “To our alarm the three rangers turned out to be members of The Broken Branch and attacked us with the intent of killing us.”

May 07 22:24:25 Ember snores from Renrik’s lap.

May 07 22:24:35 chrissofer She mouths an “Oh.” and looks down at her writing.

May 07 22:24:59 todo finally meets up with the others in the station, doing her best to walk straight

May 07 22:26:26 Danni Renrik: “Our group managed to kill two of the rangers in self defense and we knocked the third ranger unconscious. We decided then that the best course of action was to bring the unconscious member of The Broken Branch to the proper authorities in town.”

May 07 22:27:18 Danni Renrik: “We thought that the city guard would be the ones most able to determine who had killed that poor gnomish man and bring those responsible to justice.”

May 07 22:27:29 Danni Briar: “What he said.”

May 07 22:27:30 chrissofer She nods.

May 07 22:28:00 Ember rolls over, waffle-bearing hand dropping to the floor.

May 07 22:28:02 Gwynn sleep giggles

May 07 22:28:41 chrissofer She pulls a seal out of the pocket on her breast, and adds an arcane mark to the record of Renrik’s and Briar’s Statements.

May 07 22:29:46 Gwynn sleep senses the arcane mark

May 07 22:30:35 Bronnie sleeps peacefully without knowing about the seal

May 07 22:31:12 Bronnie SlEeEeEeEePs

May 07 22:31:18 Danni Renrik rouses Ember.

May 07 22:31:30 Ember whines.

May 07 22:31:43 Danni Renrik: “Its time for you to give your testimony.”

May 07 22:31:58 Danni Briar: “I want to get some fucking sleep.”

May 07 22:32:15 chrissofer “Listen, we didn’t do whatever you believe we did. Unless what you believe we did is try to be helpful to STRANGERS. And THEN we think we find some people who might be able to help us figure out why the guy had an ARROW IN HIS EYE! But thats was apparently fine to the woman we saw! Who knew. Then these guys (the halflings *she whispers with her hand blocking her mouth from ember. We kept the guy we brought to you for

May 07 22:32:15 chrissofer answers. And we brought him here *hiccups *burps and excuses herself. Waving her hand in front of her mouth. Still didn’t get those btw. And now we’re here telling you the same story like ten times. So yeah. *yawns and scratches belly

May 07 22:32:23 chrissofer (Todo’s Statement)

May 07 22:32:45 Danni Briar: “I rented us a room at the tavern.”

May 07 22:34:24 Ember “Arrow, eye. Arrow ground. Tree on tree. I shot some asshole for trying to stab me.”

May 07 22:34:24 Bronnie sleeps

May 07 22:34:41 Ember stuffs third waffle into her mouth.”

May 07 22:35:19 chrissofer The interrogation behind all of them but Gwynn and Bronnie, time passes until they both wake up naturally

May 07 22:35:25 Danni Briar: “That is some poetic shit.”

May 07 22:35:36 Bronnie wakes

May 07 22:35:37 chrissofer It is now early evening.

May 07 22:35:40 Bronnie “Hey shitbag

May 07 22:35:41 Bronnie

May 07 22:35:51 Bronnie “Wanna go see what’s up at the guards?”

May 07 22:35:55 Gwynn blinks

May 07 22:36:00 Gwynn “that’s not my name”

May 07 22:36:05 Bronnie stretches

May 07 22:36:13 Bronnie “Gwaaayn

May 07 22:36:14 Bronnie

May 07 22:36:17 Bronnie “Heh

May 07 22:36:19 Bronnie

May 07 22:36:19 Gwynn cracks neck

May 07 22:36:25 Bronnie yawns

May 07 22:36:29 Danni Briar and Renrik leave for the tavern and the room that Briar rented.

May 07 22:36:39 Bronnie stands

May 07 22:36:52 Bronnie walks to the bathroom/water bowl

May 07 22:36:58 Bronnie scrubs teeth

May 07 22:37:03 Bronnie gargles

May 07 22:37:09 Danni Renrik heal roll

May 07 22:37:26 Danni `roll 1d20+7

May 07 22:37:26 GameServ Danni rolled 1d20: 6 <Total: 6(+7) = 13>

May 07 22:37:32 chrissofer Briar, Renrik, Ember, and Todo go to sleep 4hrs after Bronnie and Gwynn

May 07 22:37:37 todo heal roll

May 07 22:37:40 Ember heal roll

May 07 22:37:52 Ember `roll 1d20

May 07 22:37:52 GameServ Ember rolled 1d20: 5 <Total: 5>

May 07 22:37:53 todo 24

May 07 22:37:55 Gwynn goes to library

May 07 22:38:22 Bronnie goes to the guard station

May 07 22:39:20 todo sleeps

May 07 22:40:26 todo cuddles into Aadya’s mane and covers them both with blanket

May 07 22:40:43 Danni Renrik uses his blessing Powerful healer and the spell Cure light wounds on Briar.

May 07 22:41:56 Danni `roll 1d8+2

May 07 22:41:57 GameServ Danni rolled 1d8: 5 <Total: 5(+2) = 7>

May 07 22:42:20 Bronnie gives a much more vague account of woods incidents but basically the same gist

May 07 22:42:43 Danni Add 1/2 of 7 to 7 = 10

May 07 22:42:45 Gwynn studies

May 07 22:43:44 Danni Renrik uses Fervor! to heal himself.

May 07 22:44:26 Danni `roll 1d6+4

May 07 22:44:26 GameServ Danni rolled 1d6: 5 <Total: 5(+4) = 9>

May 07 22:46:19 Danni Renrik uses Fervor to heal Ember.

May 07 22:46:29 Danni `roll 1d6

May 07 22:46:29 GameServ Danni rolled 1d6: 6 <Total: 6>

May 07 22:47:41 Danni Renrik uses Fervor to heal Briar.

May 07 22:47:48 Danni `roll 1d6

May 07 22:47:48 GameServ Danni rolled 1d6: 1 <Total: 1>

May 07 22:49:08 Danni Briar and Renrik go to sleep in their room.

May 07 22:51:22 Gwynn researches zon kuthon

May 07 22:51:28 Gwynn researched magic

May 07 22:51:47 Gwynn researches locations of spell books

May 07 22:52:07 Gwynn researches power levels of spells

May 07 22:52:20 Gwynn researches how to hide ones self from other magic

May 07 22:53:36 Gwynn zon kuthon: threat level, how influential

May 07 22:53:48 Gwynn how to keep him out of my head

May 07 22:54:29 Gwynn 13

May 07 22:56:07 Gwynn researches how to block evocation magic

May 07 22:56:19 Gwynn 22

May 07 22:57:13 chrissofer Everyone has awoken!

May 07 22:57:56 Danni Renrik and Briar are woke.

May 07 22:58:03 todo stretches and rubs Aadya’s belly

May 07 22:59:23 Gwynn finishes research (tbc) and returns to tavern where comrades are

May 07 22:59:31 chrissofer It is now 2200.

May 07 23:00:33 Ember wakes up half squished beneath one of the orcs.

May 07 23:00:36 Gwynn “good morning”

May 07 23:01:01 Danni Renrik and Briar contemplates going back to sleep because its 2200.

May 07 23:01:06 Bronnie enjoys the local shops and nightlife

May 07 23:01:16 Bronnie enjoyed*

May 07 23:01:16 todo goes down for food.

May 07 23:01:36 Danni Briar: “Food is a good idea.”

May 07 23:01:53 todo “Can I have eggs? and also some water…bacon?”

May 07 23:02:02 Danni Renrik groans. And gets up.

May 07 23:02:24 Ember “I’m hungry”

May 07 23:02:28 Gwynn has already eaten

May 07 23:02:33 Danni Briar and Renrik head down to the tavern to see if they are still serving food.

May 07 23:02:50 chrissofer The night chef grunts at You all as You enter.

May 07 23:02:55 todo “Are you going to hunt or do you want me to order you a meat hunk?” Todo says to Aadya

May 07 23:03:08 Ember follows the orcs.

May 07 23:03:14 Bronnie rejoins group at the food section of tavern

May 07 23:03:21 Bronnie “Howd everyone sleep?”

May 07 23:03:23 todo watches Aadya leave

May 07 23:03:26 Ember “on my back.”

May 07 23:03:37 chrissofer The chef serves up Todo her food.

May 07 23:03:57 Bronnie “Hardy har har”

May 07 23:04:07 todo “Thank you so much”

May 07 23:04:19 Danni Renrik: “My good sir what are you serving tonight?

May 07 23:05:27 chrissofer “We’re servin’ th’ usul stuph. Porrij. Stu. Haunches.

May 07 23:05:28 Ember “I want bacon. and syrup. and buttered toast.”

May 07 23:06:13 Danni Renrik: “Two haunches and some ale. Thank you.”

May 07 23:06:37 Bronnie “Waffles. Please and thank you, handsome”

May 07 23:06:41 Ember “at this hour!?”

May 07 23:07:18 Gwynn is paranoid

May 07 23:07:21 chrissofer The chef shares a toothy smile with the Half Orc Brothers, for ordering food that was actually on the menu.

May 07 23:07:37 todo rolls eyes

May 07 23:07:47 Bronnie “Yes”

May 07 23:07:47 chrissofer But then he gives You all Your food, after hunting down breakfast food in the larder and trying his best to make some of it edible.

May 07 23:08:05 Bronnie “YAS”

May 07 23:10:36 Danni Renrik tips the cook an extra gold piece for being understanding.

May 07 23:10:55 chrissofer He nods at You, and grunts out his thanks.

May 07 23:10:57 Ember also tips gold because bacon is worth it

May 07 23:11:11 Danni Briar and Renrik eat.

May 07 23:11:15 Danni When they are finished the contemplating going back to sleep.

May 07 23:11:16 chrissofer He is wide eyes, and says, “Thank’y kindlee!”

May 07 23:12:00 Bronnie “So now that we’ve eaten. I’ve heard the town sq is rad”

May 07 23:12:12 todo contemplates ordering more ales..

May 07 23:12:13 Danni Briar: “Its fucking late, and we’ve been through a lot of shit.”

May 07 23:12:29 Gwynn “my scabs itch”

May 07 23:12:29 Bronnie “Fair. Wanna sleep more?”

May 07 23:13:01 Ember “I have junk to get rid of and coin to spend and no candy.”

May 07 23:14:25 Danni Renrik: “Sounds like a plan. Might as well go to sleep and then wake up at a reasonable hour in the morning to go looking among the merchants.”

May 07 23:14:34 Gwynn turns to renrik

May 07 23:14:50 Gwynn “if its not too much, would you mind lending me your healing help?”

May 07 23:14:56 Ember “daylight people won’t want to look at my amulet”

May 07 23:15:14 Danni Renrik: “That I can do.”

May 07 23:15:28 Ember “right now?”

May 07 23:15:31 Gwynn sighs in relief

May 07 23:15:40 Ember “oh ur talking to her”

May 07 23:16:24 Bronnie looks at ember

May 07 23:16:25 Danni Renrik uses the blessing Powerful healer and the spell cure light wounds on Gwynn.

May 07 23:16:37 Bronnie continues eating

May 07 23:16:45 todo orders two ales

May 07 23:16:49 Danni `roll 1d8+2

May 07 23:16:49 GameServ Danni rolled 1d8: 8 <Total: 8(+2) = 10>

May 07 23:16:52 Bronnie but definitely keeps notice of ember

May 07 23:16:56 chrissofer The chef brings them right out for Todo.

May 07 23:17:15 Danni Heals Gwynn for 15 total.

May 07 23:17:22 Gwynn smiles

May 07 23:17:25 Gwynn “i thank you”

May 07 23:17:33 todo Gives one ale to Ember

May 07 23:17:42 Ember “oooh. thank you”

May 07 23:17:49 Danni Renrik: “You’re welcome.”

May 07 23:18:01 todo tips mug

May 07 23:18:22 Danni Renrik uses Fervor on Briar.

May 07 23:18:28 Ember clanks mug against Todo’s recklessly

May 07 23:18:34 Danni `roll 1d6

May 07 23:18:34 GameServ Danni rolled 1d6: 4 <Total: 4>

May 07 23:18:42 Bronnie `roll 1d8-2

May 07 23:18:42 GameServ Bronnie rolled 1d8: 7 <Total: 7(-2) = 5>

May 07 23:18:56 Gwynn is completely refreshed

May 07 23:19:37 Danni Renrik: “Briar and I are going to go back to sleep and we shall see you all in the morning.”

May 07 23:20:00 Bronnie “Hey renrik wanna heal a bruh?”

May 07 23:20:11 Bronnie “Por favor”

May 07 23:20:17 Bronnie “PLEEEEEASE”

May 07 23:20:20 Danni Renrik: “Sure.”

May 07 23:20:26 Bronnie “Yas kween”

May 07 23:20:39 Danni Renrik uses Fervor on Bron.

May 07 23:20:50 Danni `roll 1d6

May 07 23:20:50 GameServ Danni rolled 1d6: 2 <Total: 2>

May 07 23:21:16 Bronnie “Thanks!”

May 07 23:21:19 Danni Renrik heal check

May 07 23:21:36 Danni `roll 1d20+7

May 07 23:21:36 GameServ Danni rolled 1d20: 12 <Total: 12(+7) = 19>

May 07 23:22:00 Danni for Briar

May 07 23:22:24 Danni Renrik heal check for Bron

May 07 23:22:28 Ember turns to Todo: “no one wants to take me shopping”

May 07 23:22:34 Danni `roll 1d20+7

May 07 23:22:34 GameServ Danni rolled 1d20: 16 <Total: 16(+7) = 23>

May 07 23:22:43 todo “Is anywhere even open?”

May 07 23:22:59 Ember “we didn’t check”

May 07 23:23:02 Bronnie goes to sleep again

May 07 23:23:04 Danni Briar and Renrik return to their rooms to sleep until morning.

May 07 23:23:18 Gwynn goes to look for Emily

May 07 23:23:30 Gwynn “im going to the library”

May 07 23:23:31 todo “Bar keep?”

May 07 23:23:40 Ember looks at Gwynn: “that’s not shopping”

May 07 23:23:41 chrissofer He grunts out a “yeh?”

May 07 23:23:57 todo “Are there any shops open?”

May 07 23:25:02 chrissofer “Shops…?” He says, eyeing You strangely. “You men, lik, buyin tha which ain’t sol’ in tha lite?”

May 07 23:25:41 todo “Yeah you know. Give money in exchange for goods?”

May 07 23:25:49 Ember “well, it’s dark”

May 07 23:25:58 chrissofer He grunts, and looks around, not subtly at all.

May 07 23:26:00 todo “There are stones outside

May 07 23:26:01 Gwynn pulls hood over face as travels through night market to Emily

May 07 23:26:07 chrissofer But he thinks it is.

May 07 23:26:30 chrissofer “Tha Copperdon’ll hafya, iffin You wants to sell naw.”

May 07 23:27:04 todo “ARe you saying words?”

May 07 23:27:07 Ember “Copper dawn?”

May 07 23:27:21 todo “Lets just go…I’m sure we’ll find something.”

May 07 23:27:27 todo takes DEmber’s hand

May 07 23:27:31 chrissofer He scowls at the two of You, and goes back to cleaning.

May 07 23:27:48 Ember gasps, delighted, and tries to finish her beer before getting dragged away.

May 07 23:28:50 Ember knowledge local check

May 07 23:29:05 Ember `roll 1d20+1

May 07 23:29:05 GameServ Ember rolled 1d20: 12 <Total: 12(+1) = 13>

May 07 23:30:39 Ember “I bet he meant Copperdown. That’s where the black market is.”

May 07 23:30:44 Ember “Hookers too”

May 07 23:30:55 Ember “if you’re not up for that tho, i know a nicer place”

May 07 23:32:25 todo “Meh. *looks at Aadya who ‘wolf’ shrugs”

May 07 23:34:31 chrissofer Gwynn arives in the Copperdown.

May 07 23:34:51 Ember “hookers it is”

May 07 23:35:03 Ember leads the way to the black market in Copperdown

May 07 23:35:06 chrissofer Ember and Todo do to.

May 07 23:35:18 chrissofer Todo do to todo to do ot do tosgjzl gfa

May 07 23:36:37 Gwynn 22

May 07 23:36:40 Gwynn stealth

May 07 23:37:05 Ember perception check

May 07 23:37:23 Ember `roll 1d20+6

May 07 23:37:23 GameServ Ember rolled 1d20: 3 <Total: 3(+6) = 9>

May 07 23:37:24 todo 23

May 07 23:37:24 Danni has quit (Quit: ajax IRC Client)

May 07 23:37:29 Gwynn 22

May 07 23:39:23 Gwynn mutters in elvish and slinks away from them

May 07 23:39:27 todo “Hey…..That cloak looks familiar… that *squints…Gwynn” *thinks to self

May 07 23:39:35 todo “psssttt Ember”

May 07 23:39:52 Gwynn slides into shadows

May 07 23:39:59 Ember “what”

May 07 23:40:28 todo “I think I saw Gwynn over there…”

May 07 23:40:36 Ember “Did you see the herb cart?”

May 07 23:40:41 todo “Wasn’t she going to the library?”

May 07 23:40:47 Ember “That’s what she said”

May 07 23:40:56 todo “Is that down here?”

May 07 23:41:20 Ember “MMmm pretty sure it isn’t.”

May 07 23:41:35 Ember “but. like. I don’t know where libraries are.”

May 07 23:42:07 todo “Should we follow her..or nah?”

May 07 23:42:27 Ember “If you’re sure its her”

May 07 23:42:32 Ember “do we have time to stop at the herb cart?”

May 07 23:42:41 Gwynnn (Mibbit@184.90.pnr.suk) has joined

May 07 23:42:57 Gwynnn stealth check

May 07 23:43:03 todo “Herbs you say” *Raises eyebrow

May 07 23:43:13 Gwynnn 21

May 07 23:43:15 Ember “Yes, /herbs/”

May 07 23:43:40 Ember “you know. for soup”

May 07 23:43:51 todo “Well…we should check..ya know…for science”

May 07 23:45:01 Gwynn has quit (Quit: ajax IRC Client)

May 07 23:45:08 Ember “Check Gwynn or the cart?”

May 07 23:45:43 todo “The cart…She will still be being sneaky when we’re done”

May 07 23:45:56 Ember “Good”

May 07 23:46:18 Ember saunters subtly over to the cart, looking for fun stuff.

May 07 23:46:39 chrissofer Fun stuff abounds. The shopkeep says, “What’s Your pleasure?”

May 07 23:46:44 Ember “by black butterfly’s buttocks! they have juvenile egg plant!”

May 07 23:47:07 chrissofer “Aye, yeah, You’ve got a good eye. How much You need?”

May 07 23:47:39 Ember “tisn’t a matter of need my good man!”

May 07 23:48:21 Ember “This loser probably doesn’t even like egg plant”

May 07 23:48:28 Ember thumbs over her shoulder at Todo.

May 07 23:48:37 Ember “Pipe smoker”

May 07 23:48:43 todo looks shocked

May 07 23:48:59 chrissofer He laughs. “Aye, I getcha. Well, we’ve got that too.” He gestures at various powders and dried leaves.

May 07 23:49:14 Ember “black, orange or crimson?”

May 07 23:49:18 Ember “can i do blends?”

May 07 23:49:26 Ember “is it weight or mass?”

May 07 23:49:26 todo starts sniffing bags…ears twitching happily

May 07 23:49:37 Ember “Whats your infusion fiber?”

May 07 23:50:10 chrissofer He explains using the jargon that is apropos for these specific drugs, impressing You greatly.

May 07 23:50:21 Ember is impressed.

May 07 23:51:07 Ember “We can’t get the purple or the orcs will get itchy later and I don’t want another lecture.”

May 07 23:51:22 Ember turns to Todo: “Do you want to sleep tonight or the day after tomorrow?”

May 07 23:51:35 todo “Ugh…they’re like our dads”

May 07 23:51:49 Ember “Better than mine. they have faces!”

May 07 23:51:50 todo “We should probs pack a pipe and head to bed tbh”

May 07 23:52:46 Ember “Alright, let’s go with orange.”

May 07 23:52:48 chrissofer A woman shoves in front of You, picking up a vial and holding out some coin.

May 07 23:53:01 Ember “Bitch?”

May 07 23:53:24 Ember to Todo: “Did you see that?”

May 07 23:53:29 Ember stares up at taller woman’s big ass.

May 07 23:53:36 chrissofer The shopkeeper makes his sale, nods, and she runs down an alleyway.

May 07 23:53:54 todo “I did. Some people just think because they’re tall they can do whatever they want.”

May 07 23:54:12 Ember “isn’t that just the way Gwynn went?”

May 07 23:54:47 todo “Yeah..I think so..”

May 07 23:54:57 Ember stares suspiciously after the rude woman, pushing a coin toward the shop keep.

May 07 23:55:03 Ember “It’s my only one so give me what its worth! Please.”

May 07 23:55:09 Ember “In orange.”

May 07 23:55:23 Ember “in linen”

May 07 23:55:33 Ember to Todo: “it tastes better that way”

May 07 23:55:35 chrissofer He makes a big show of measuring it very carefully, and hands You a little baggie.

May 07 23:55:38 todo “So I guess the question is *taking another sniff from her bag and handing the man money…bed or an adventure

May 07 23:55:49 Ember “Are you inviting me to bed already?”

May 07 23:55:56 Ember “I thought you’d take at least another year.”

May 07 23:56:16 Ember folds up baggy super carefully and tucks into cleavage under both tunics.

May 07 23:56:22 todo “ugh get to sleep with the big guys like always

May 07 23:56:25 Ember “I did bring all my weapons all the way out here.”

May 07 23:56:56 todo “I mean..duh?”

May 07 23:58:40 Ember “and I’m not tired…”

May 07 23:59:12 todo “Welp…*pulls pipe from pocket of vest…Let’s go”

May 08 00:00:43 chrissofer THURSDAY AT 2030: Private RP with these three fools.

END LOGGING AT Tue May 8 00:01:03 2018