Adventure Log #3

For the Session of the 11th of July

This Log was played entirely using Adventure Module dnd35-NA02: Survive the Rebels.. Once the adventure hooks are over, I will post a link to that module here.

Thanks go, not to me, but to my Players: Rachel, Ethan, Dylan, Ann, and Ryan.

Part I: The Interrogation

Jareth, Zacharia, Rane, Arydin, and Sharazad have all been captured once again: this time, by the Resistance. They have been tied up to chairs, with bags over their heads, and are awakened with buckets of sea water poured overtop of them.

They are not immediately aware of their surroundings, and Jareth even shouts out that he cannot see. He is immediately removed from the room, put into a cage, and dragged along the side of the ship in the seawater, as he is an Air Creature, a Goblin, and unorderly. The rest of the party is then questioned by a man, and found to be satisfactory for their purposes.

They are then reunited with Jareth, and all held over the side of the ship, in threat of drowning should they refuse the job. Rane doesn't like this one bit, and changes into her Dire Bat Form, escaping from her handlers and taking perch atop the main-mast of the ship. She is talked down, and they are told a sob story about a captured member of the resistance, Liana.

They are given a week to proceed down the dungeon on a secluded island, find her, and bring her back to this same spot on the shore. Should they fail to be there, or die trying, they will be considered to be rebelling against the resistance's orders, and therefore be treated as enemies.

With that, they are armed and fed as they saw fit, and spent the three day journey mostly below decks, until they came on the island.

Part II: Entering the Dungeon

They land their row boat on the shore of the snowy island, and immediately see a small fort in the distance. This is the prison, they surmise, and begin heading towards it.

End of Log