Adventure Log #2

For the Session of the 11th of July

This Log was played entirely using Adventure Module dnd35-NA01: Escape the Dungeon. Once the adventure hooks are over, I will post a link to that module here.

Thanks go, not to me, but to my Players: Rachel, Ethan, Dylan, Ann, and Ryan.

Part I: The Guard Captain

After defeating the Sleeping Guards last time, they take a few minutes to survey their surroundings. The party notices a pair of trap doors on either side of the room, as well as the lockers on the North wall. Rane also decides to check each of the dead bodies, in the hopes of finding something interesting.

The task of opening the doors falls to Sharazad and Zacharia. They decide to do so at the same time, and reveal both a bound and dazed Dark Air Goblin, and the corpse of another, less fortunate elemental Goblin. The Dark Air Goblin (Jareth) is rescued, untied, and welcomed by the party, though once he is fully awake Zacharia is less trusting of him.

Meanwhile, Rane is searching the bodies of their most recent assailants, and finds a key. She Pockets the key for now, and joins the rest of the party near the trap doors.

Arydin points out the existance of the lockers, and he, Sharazad, and Zacharia all raid their contents. Other than a few weapons and armor suits, bereft of purpose now that their owners are dead, they find a few personal items now orphened, which they decide to adopt: A Small Portrait of a Woman, A Rag Doll, A Bottle of Some Red Liquid, and a Box. After Arydin and Zacharia enjoy some spooning beneath the beds, the party turns its attention to the door in the North Wall.

Sharazad tries the door, and finds it to be locked. Rane then uses her newfound key on it, but it doesn't seem to work. They then use the key they found on the ring by their cell, and open the door to reveal the Guard Captain: Fully Awake, Fully Armored, and Fully angry.

Part II: The Guard Captain and the Fork.

The party fights the Guard Captain, and Jareth holds his own as they do so. After the fight, they raid his room, finding one final key. This, they soon discover, is the key to the locked Grate from before.

They go to the grate, and unlock it, rushing through the corridors in an attempt to make it to the top of the tower in time.

They have fifteen minutes left to get there.

Unfortunately, they come to a fork in the dungeon, with staircases leading up both to the left and the right. From the left, they hear only the sound of the rushing waters outside. From the right, they hear hushed talk in some dialect of goblin, though they can't make it out clearly. Talking it over, they decide to take the safer route and head left, to the sound of the crashing waves.

They enter a room full of cages, with a large pedestal in the center of the room. On the pedestal is a Large Green Gemstone, which is glowing green. In each of the cages is an elemental halfbreed (Such as an Air Goblin, or Water Elve), branded with a symbol denoting their elemental origin. They have obviously been here for quite some time, and by the looks of them, are the regular subjects of torture. The party could not help them, and time was running out, so they immediately moved on up the next flight of stairs, to the top of the tower.

To their surprise, this tower has no windows.

In this top room of the tower, there are only 3 ornately decorated chests: One with Green Gems, one with Blue Gems, and one with Red Gems. The party opens the one on the left, and some kind of smokey spirit escapes, leaving behind bags of (oddly light weight) gold. They take this gold, and leave, running down the stairs.

Sharazad, struck with a sense of greed as she once again passes by such a large gemstone, decides to grab it as they attempt to leave. This summons 4 Large Elemental Guardians to the room, meant to scare and torment the creatures at the guards will. However, none in the party look at all like guards, so they begin to attack everyone in the room, for the next minute.

Zacharia and Arydin escape up to the room with the chests, while Rane, Sharazad, and Jareth Stay in the room, or attempt to go out the other door. Once the Elementals Fizzle, the party continues down the stairs, leaving the gemstone behind, lest it again summon the elementals which almost killed them.

Part III: Goblins and a Leap of Faith

They ascend the other flight of stairs, and come face to face with the Goblin Guard from earlier… and 3 other of his kind. They are attempting to stall the party, having signalled for more guards to come as soon as possible. They fail, and are killed as the party rushes up the stairs, trying hard to make it before the Resistance's Ship leaves.

However, upon arriving at the top of the tower, they can see no ship waiting below the window. Assuming that the boat is still there (or at least, that to stay here would (at best) mean their torture and death, they decide to jump anyway.

As they fall, they find their speed gradually slowing, allowing them to land safely upon an invisible platform over the waters of the lake. Once safely landed, they are all hit on the back of the heads, and knocked unconsious.

What will happen to the party? Who knocked everyone out? And what do a horse and a bat have in common?

Find out next time, on "The End of the Empire: Adventure Log."

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