Adventure Log #1

For the Session of the 20th of June

This Log was played entirely using Adventure Module dnd35-NA01: Escape the Dungeon. Once the adventure is over, I will post a link to that module here.

Thanks go, not to me, but to my Players: Rachel, Dylan, Ann, and Ryan. Ethan could not make it, unfortunately, but will be in the next one.

Part I: Escaping the Cell

Four of the Five of our intrepid adventurers awoke to find themselves in a dirty, empty, semi-well guarded cell. Rane and Shahrazad originally formed an alliance, as did Zacharia and Arydin, but they were hesitant to trust one another.

Arydin was able to pilfer a key from the sleeping guard using his Mage Hand spell. He immediately gave it to Zacharia, who used it to unlock their cell door, waking the guard. Although Zacharia tried hide their escape by lying and stuffing the key in his pants, the guard remained very suspicious. Shahrazad attempted to scare the guard into backing off, but this only made the guard laugh.

The Guard then attempts to enter the cell. Both Zacharia and Arydin attempted to tackle and grapple the Guard into submission. They succeeded in knocking him out of the cell, but this did not bother him.

The Guard Sent off a signal flare (Dancing Lights) using a wand, and then proceeded to try to contain the obviously escaping prisoners. Two guards were signalled, and came running down the halls to their cell. In the mean time, Zacharia attempts to lock the cell door, to keep the guards from reentering.

His arm is grasped by the Guard. The force of his grab is so strong that Zacharia drops the key. The Guard then attempts to push open the door, which Zacharia is leaning against. The door comes half open, and Zacharia's arm is stretched to its limit.

While all this is going on, Rane and Shahrazad are both quietly not resisting. Rane is on the other side of the cell, and sees a secret door in the far wall, beneath a key hook. A bit later, this door is also noticed by Shahrazad. Neither immediately tell the group what they have noticed, and neither begin to resist the guards, who are now three in number and menacing.

Arydin and Zacharia begin to realize that their situation is not very good, and cease resisting. Both are beaten by the guards, and then left to stew with their newfound wounds.

Once their jailer dismisses his backup, puts the key on the hook on the far wall, and falls back to sleep, the party confabulates. Shahrazad tells the rest of the party of the secret door, and Rane creates a very haphazard plan: Unlock the door again, barge out and make a break for the secret door in the far wall. Arydin is able to open the door from afar with a spell (Open/Close) and Zacharia agrees with this course of action.

They enact their plan, only to find that the door is not one to a hallway, but to a closet of sorts… and it holds their confiscated weapons! As they distribute the weapons as best they can, the guard awakens and sets off another signal to bring back the backup.

With their new weapons, the guards are much easier. During the battle, Rane discovers a door, behind which emanate some pained, agonizing screams. She peaks through, and only sees a mass of blackish-gray fur covered in some kind of green mucus. Comically, she shuts the door, alerting the guard to her presence.

Part II: Xian and the Resistance

The rest of the party finishes dispatching the remaining guards, and the party scouts down the two hallways: The one to the west, with the screaming and the door, has a grate with a gate a bit farther down. The one without the screaming, to the East, seems to go on for quite a while, getting slightly wider as it nears the end of their sight. Before settling on a decision, they loot the bodies of their former captors, and **Zacharia** dons his new armor.

They opt to open the door, and are greeted with the rear-end of a Venomous Rat (Dire Dire Rat), a naked, tortured, dying elf, and a guardsman with a whip. The guardsman attempts to set the Rat on the party, but drops the harness. The rat then turns on its former captor, which eventually kills it. The Guard, however, is no match for the whole party, and is quickly dispatched.

They heal the elf's body, but his spirit is broken. He now only longs for death, unwilling to escape this horrible place. He does point out that there is an encoded note crumbled up on the floor. The guard had it partially decoded on a separate sheet in his breast pocket. The task of decoding the message is left to Rane, while the rest of the party tries to glean some information from the elf (and convince him to escape with them).

The elf's name is Xian, and he tells of the Dort'ar Resistance, who were going to help him escape tonight. The Note confirms this, reading:

We will be beneath the watchtower at midnight tonight. One hour only. Jump.

Xian reveals that it is now half past midnight, and they should hurry if they plan to use his escape. Having tried and failed to convince him to leave with them, they leave the naked Xian to his fate in the now empty Torture Room.

Part III: The Sleeping Guards

They attempt to open the gate, which alerts an orange skinned, befanged guard to their presence, who rushes off. Unable to open the Gate in the Grate, they speed off down the hallway, towards the East. They come to a room full of beds, but in their rush are not quiet enough to avoid disturbing the guards. Four Naked Men with small daggers jump out of their beds and move to subdue the party back into their cells.

They fail, though not very quickly. The party then takes stock of their surroundings, and wonders what to do next.

They are in a room with 6 beds and 4 dead bodies. There are lockers on the far end, bookending a very large, ornately built door with the word "Captain" on the front. There is only one other exit, the way they came, and time is running short. They must hurry.

What will happen to the party? Who is behind the locked door? And when will they meet the final member of their party, destined by the fates to arrive too late that day?

Find out next time, on "The End of the Empire: Adventure Log."

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