Ancanion Adventure Log #1

Session: 2017-02-07 Tue

This log was played using the Acanion Sandbox Resources and the Pathfinder Resource Document.

Thanks go out to my Players: Rachel and Ethan.

Part I: Ogres at the Beach

Our tale begins in the small hamlet of Lukil, A smattering of cottages on the coast of the Open Sea. Our heroes spent the previous night put up in one of the local's houses, with Zephia taking the bed and Billie sleeping on the floor (as they don't mind sleeping on the floor).

Leaving the house to the sounds of gulls flying lazily over the town, Billie hears the sound of the shore in the distance. They've never seen the ocean before, and Zephia suggests they go to take it in for a while. Billiea acquiesces.

Once they arrive at the shore, Billie looks out over the vast waters before them, as unphased as ever. They wonder as to what might be on the other side of the ocean, to which Zephia responds: 'another continent'. At this, Billie widens their eyes a bit.

Billie wants to swim across. They think they could make it.

Instead, the party decides to walk the shore a while. After about an hour, as the shore has started to curve inward and form the outermost part of the Lindenbay, the duo hears something on the other side of a nearby dune: A woman's scream. After a brief discussion, they decide to climb the dune to see if they can lend a hand.

The party sees a trio of Ogres, all with Greatclubs and Javelins at their waists, standing around an unconscious gnome with long gray hair.

Billie calls out, asking what they are doing to the lady. The leader responds that they own her now. Billie wants to see the bill of sale. The ogre throws a stick in the duo's general direction, turns away. Another picks up the lady and throws her over his shoulder. The trio of ogres begin to leave, walking away from the town.

The duo follow them, with Billie badgering them with questions about the legality of their purchase. Eventually, Zephia gets fed up. He demands they stop, which they do after the notion of combat is brought forth.

They throw the gnome on the ground, with one shrugging off his bag and relieving himself nearby her. Yelling obscenities and threatening them with violence, he successfully scares one of them off. The others prepare for combat.

Billie goes up to the leader, muttering an arcane word of command as they do. Their longsword becomes slick with acid just before it's plunged deep into the arm of the ogre. Zephia comes up, deciding it's time to take him down a size. He tries to punch the leader in the dick, but unfortunately the ogre was wearing a cup.

After each getting hit across the face with a solid greatclub swing, Billie peels off to attack the second ogre with both of their weapons. Both strike true, and the second weapon releases its charged force bolt on the ogre as well. Zephia, still fighting the first ogre, manages to break through the cup and do some real damage this time… Partly due to his cloaking of his arms in fire.

At this point, the leader calls for retreat. They abandon the gnome, and try to flee.

The party decides that that will not do.

Billie runs up to the second ogre, stabbing their weapons into its flesh as if to climb it. Zephia comes up to finish it off. They then look to the leader, who despite his injuries is easily 50 yards away at this point. Billie launches another bolt of magical force, which easily takes him down.

Part II: Mistrusted Mystery

After Billie checks on her familiar, Moontoad, the duo decide to check on the unconscious gnome first. The left side of her face is draped in a rapidly forming bruise. She is still out cold, and cannot be roused by the team.

Billie and Zephia then each take an ogre, searching them for anything of value. Billie finds a scroll of Acid Arrow, a large string of wooden beads, and a piece of parchment with ogre words on it and a crude picture of a gnome. Zephia finds a bag of copper coins, and a map.

Billie shows Zephia the parchment, assuming it was the bill of sale they'd been looking for. Zephia insists it is not so (although neither of them can read it), and decides immediately to burn it within his fiery grasp. Billie was displeased, but moved on.

Zephia then shows the map to Billie, who is much more familiar with geography. The map, though crude, does appear to be of the local coastline: the path starting somewhere deep in the nearby Taleah Woods and leading to the general area of Lukil. The duo pocket their respective shares of the loot.

Zephia throws the gnome over his shoulder. Billie immediately objects, saying that is not a comfortable way to carry a mammal. They demonstrate the 'correct' way by picking up both Zephia and his charge, cradling them in their arms. Once set down, Zephia switches to that position and sets off towards Lukil.

Later that evening, having handed over the gnome to their former host for care and spreading word of the ogres' attack so close to town, the gnome wakes up. She identifies herself as Beatrice, and immediately asks where her axe is.

The party responds that there was no axe nearby. Beatrice insists that she needs her axe. Billie begins recounting, in excruciating detail, the events of their day. An hour later, the story told despite numerous protests by Beatrice and the host, Billie begins asking if she was indeed owned by the ogres… If she'd been bought by someone… Why she got taken by the ogres… Why didn't she hold onto her axe…

Beatrice then asks to speak to somebody else, cradling her aching head in her hand.

Zephia, his head still hurting as well, demands to know why she 'left her post' at the village to go 'attack' some ogres. Denying she went to attack ogres, she says she 'has her reasons' for visiting Solimon's Delve, and asks them to retrieve her axe for her.

This is not enough for Zephia.

Zephia demands to know the details, wanting a reason for why she'd gone and tried assaulting some objective she couldn't handle, and abandon the Lukil in the process. She doesn't budge, though, and when pressed further by the increasingly agitated Zephia turns to the host and begs for help recovering her axe.

Billie suggests she buy a new axe. Beatrice responds that she "can't", and that that axe has been in her family for centuries.

At this, Billie and Zephia discuss the details of how they feel about this wounded gnome's request. Eventually, with a huff, Zephia announces they will go to Solimon's Delve to attempt to recover her stupid axe that she lost while on her fool's jaunt. They then storm out of the house.

The dark of night has brought with it some rain, which is steadily pouring down. Billie, able to read the map and knowing it is a six hour walk to the location it leads to, suggests they spend the night in town first while feeding Moontoad. Zephia agrees, looking back at the door of the house they'd just left.

(Awkward, to say the least! - N.B.)

They try to get their former host to put them up, but are frankly told that they've upset the protector of their village, and so they couldn't stay here while she recovered. Luckily, the neighbor has a guest bed as well. Zephia took the bed again, because Billie is fine with sleeping on the floor.

Part III: Delving Solimon

Six hours of hiking down softly worn trails in the forest, the duo manages to make it to a large stone platform in the middle of a clearing. In the center is a large trap door, which is closed. After checking for traps, Billie leads the way down. Zephia guards the rear. They have entered Solimon's Delve.

The room they enter is pitch black aside from the small light let in through the door. Billie briefly describes the room to Zephia, in an attempt to save him from lighting a torch. Zephia responds sardonically that that would be a poor way to travel through the whole of the ruin, and lights a torch.

They are in a room with stone walls, a few ancient barrels in the far corner, and two exits: An archway to the West, and a wooden door to the North. Zephia starts to move towards the archway, but Billie moves to the door and begins listening at it. Zephia chooses to not press the issue, and heads over to the door in case anything happens.

Billie hears some flowing water on the other side, and decides to check the door for traps.

The door is not trapped… But it is stuck. It must not have been used in some time. Billie tries to get it to move, working their shoulder into it, but fails. Zephia tries as well, and when it won't move for him he starts to punch with fists of flame. He puts three holes in the door before it finally shatters, allowing them to move into the Northern Room.

This large, square room houses an ochre jelly, which immediately begins to move towards the party. At the far wall is a wooden chest on a podium, and separating the podium from the slime is a 10 foot wide channel of acid.

Billie begins to spout details about the ochre jelly, learned from their studying of various books. Zephia notices that there are two other doors leading to the South, further down the same wall they just entered through

Billie casts Spider Climb on themself, and circumvents the channel and jelly by climbing on the ceiling. At the chest, they successfully find and disarm a plate that would have loosed arrows on anyone trying to unlock the chest. Inside, they find a Scroll of Conjure Carriage, a dagger which, again from (very brief) study, Billie recognizes as being tied to Asmodeus, and a bag of coins.

Pocketing everything, they climb back to Zephia. He doesn't recognize the dagger, but they split the coins.

As the jelly is gaining on them slowly but surely, they decide to leave the room through the center door. It is stuck as well, but they are able to force it open. The hallway leads South to an iron door, and East to a dead end. Billie notices a hidden door behind a very inconspicuous sarcophagus, and tries to get it open before realizing that it would lead back to the same room.

Instead, they turn their attentions to the iron door. After a brief third attempt to open doors in the last 10 minutes, Billie gets fed up and casts Knock on the door, opening it without trouble.

The room they are in has a rather sheer chute at the foot of the door, which seems to lead down into a ransacked tomb with bent copper coins scattered all across the floor. They slide down the chute, landing safely on their feet in the room below, the flickering torchlight licking the floor in front of them.

What is in this oddly disheveled tomb? Where is the axe Beatrice asked them to find? How will they deal with the jelly still following them from the other room?

Find out next time, on "The Ancanion Adventure Log."

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