Falodian Backgrounds

Dorsht Seeker

The Dorsht are a race of mountain dwellers who live inside the Kingdom of Falode, but maintain their own “country” (in the mountain range to the South of Beebrook) through a special alliance with the King. They have coarse, muted hair that they often braid or dye, rough, pale brown skin from spending so much of their lives indoors, and a stockier, rounder build than those of the Falodians.

Seekers are those of the Dorsht who leave the mountains in search of something, be it technology, absolution, or purpose. There are thus many reasons the Dorsht might become adventurers. Many will eventually return to the mountains; Those that don’t before their demise become the new target for some other Seeker.

The Dorsht wear face paint each and every day. This face paint is both reflective of their role in their society, their personal history, and what they value in life. Each Dorsht has a glyph that they alone are prescribed, which stays with them through their entire lives and adorns their face each waking day. This is the minimum they are willing to resort to, if they cannot access their paints or doing so would be inappropriate.

Ability Adjustments
+1 Con
-1 Cha
Bonus Feats
Night Vision
Second Chance (Mental Control)
Favored Feats

Ehdrin Traveler

The Ehdrin are a reclusive people from the Isthmus beyond the Western Borders of Falode. They are a tall, golden-tawny people with brightly colored hair. Both their men and women have no facial hair to speak of, though they tend to decorate their hair with styling and beads.

They are largely a reclusive people, rarely allowing foreigners to come into contact with them. As a result, most Ehdrin Adventurers are designated (in one way or another) as Travelers for the Ehdrin: Ambassadors who ‘travel the world looking for any events which might bring trouble to the Ehdrin’ and are expected to report back, should something of any magnitude come to pass.

Ehdrin Travelers are, before their departure (or their exile) given two tattoos: One on the back of each hand. The left is a regional one that relates to their life before becoming a traveler. The right is a personal, individual symbol used to identify them, and only them. Through magic, these tattoos are echoed through their skin onto their very bones, so that they might be identified should only their skeleton remain intact.

Ability Adjustments
+1 Int
-1 Str
Bonus Feats
Light Sleeper
Bonus Skills:
One Skill of Player’s Choice
Favored Feats:
Seize Initiative

Falodian Noble

The Noble Class in the Kingdom of Falonde is charged with “Upholding the honor of Falonde to ourselves and others.” They are fair-skinned, with dark brown or black hair. They nearly all have violet eyes; Other colors are seen as a mixed heritage of some sort. They tend to be of average height, with women being slightly shorter than men.

Nobles in Falode are charged with being observant and inclusive of all around them at the expense of knowing history or studying. Though they are the ‘ruling class’ of Falode, they view themselves lower than others: They have been charged with a Duty to keep things working and help others to live their lives in exchange for the resources and freedom to enact that as best as they can from the Queen and King.

Each Noble Family has a different Charge, with grouped families sharing the same colors. The rest of the specific coat of arms is chosen by the individual, and all Nobles must have a coat of arms on record with the king. They are given a set of ceremonial armor in their family’s colors, which they are very used to wearing at all formal events.

Ability Adjustments
+1 Wis
-1 Int
Bonus Feats
Benefit(Diplomatic Immunity)
Armor Training(Light)
Bonus Skills
Favored Feats
Favored Opponent

Falodian Commoner

Unlike Nobles, the Peasantry of the Kingdom of Falode do not uphold much other than themselves (and occasionally each other). They, as the nobles, tend to be fair skinned, but have lighter colored hair and blue or brown eyes. They tend to be of average height, with women slightly shorter than men.

Commoners try to eke out enough of a living to survive, and are often forced to do manual labor of some sort. Their culture, in possible response to the more world-mindedness of the nobles, is very self involved. They become used to running, as time is a premium and danger haunts the less populated areas. But, they are quick learners, and become very good at what they choose to do.

Far from the complex coat of arms the Nobles concern themselves with, each Commoner family gets their own secret sign, which along with short symbols (like danger, friendly, emergency, and such) form a sort of language used to communicate information. This varies somewhat from town to town, but the big symbols always stay the same (and family symbols are always different).

Ability Adjustments
+1 Str
-1 Wis
Bonus Feats
Skill Training
Favored Feats
Weapon Break
Hide in Plain Sight

Khula Trader

The Khula are a race of brown-skinned people who’ve settled to the North of Beebrook, just outside the limits of the Kingdom of Falode. They have coarse, dark hair, and green (and sometimes hazel or brown) eyes. They are on the shorter side, with women being taller than men.

The Khula are an industrious people. The land they’ve decided to call home is relatively isolated; what they cannot obtain naturally they trade for from others. This has created a class of Khula Traders, who leave their country regularly in an effort to procure items, deals, and connections for their homeland. Though it’s expected they return regularly, provided they remain in contact with the Khula they can be out in the field for years at a time.

Each Khula Trader is given a cane, decorated with symbols representing their family, their deeds, and their specialties. They thus accumulate a breadth of symbols over the course of their lives, but none is so important as the top of the cane, which is often an ornate crystal of some kind, set with a design that is uniquely their own.

Ability Adjustments
+1 Cha
-1 Dex
Bonus Feats
Favored Power
Object Reading

Viliniti Diasporan

The Viliniti used to live in what is now Eastern Falode. They are a short people with ochre colored skin and dark colored hair and eyes. They are graceful, both in movement and deed, but their rather sparse way of life leaves them more frail than others.

The Viliniti now live among the Falode in small, discrete groups. Though Eastern Falode belonged to them a few centuries ago, there are only a small number of people who still feel they should not cooperate with the Kingdom (to a point- they still look out for their own, just without active rebellion). They are naturally migratory, and thus any Viliniti might become an adventurer.

The Viliniti have always had a ‘knack with animals’. They have a heightened sense of smell, and seem to be able to communicate fairly well with animals around them. They spend a lot of their lives travel ling, and have developed watchful eyes to prevent themselves from falling under misfortune.

Every Viliniti has a necklace with charms on it to remember important events in their life- including their birth. They are very protective of this necklace, though they have more than memorized each symbol it holds, and can recount with unerring detail each part of it, should it be destroyed. But, only a very small number of things will force a Viliniti to sacrifice their necklace.

Ability Adjustments:
+1 Dex
-1 Con
Bonus Feats:
Keen Sense of Smell
Animal Empathy
Bonus Skills:
Favored Feats:
Beast Link