My Conlangs

I do a bit of Conlanging in my spare time, especially for my games and stories. Here's what I have done to the point where I can share it.


A picture of Valleyscript

Truetype Font

Used to write and read the common tongue in the world of Esoterica, though as of right now it has the glyphs necessary to read and write English.


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Truetype Font (Coming Soon!)

The first fully usable script I ever created. It was originally for use in a DND campaign I was running at the time, but I am currently thinking of using it in another project I have ongoing.


A picture of Wirescript

Truetype Font (Coming Later!)

This script came from an idea where a culture has no access to inks or dyes, but bountiful access to metals and precious stones… to the point where they are used for writing, and not worth very much. The script's lower part is meant to be some kind of metal wire set into another medium, and the upper part is meant to be differently cut precious stones, depending on the vowel in question.