CDR-W: The Preliminary Opretta of Pretty Music

This is my first series, and as such is fairly eclectic in its theming. If a piece doesn't fit anywhere else, it will be added to this one.

  1. An Autumnal Meeting
  2. Dancing on the Waves
  3. A Night of Peace and Innocence (Missing as of 2015-04-29)
  4. The Quest of the Cat
  5. High Resolutions

CDR-HR: Harp Regalia

The story of a year in a fictional persons life, with each piece representing not a month or a season, but a milestone event that happened.

  1. Calea Victoriei

CDR-BNY: The Bononyvi Tale

A tale from the legends of a fictional people (who, by the way, have their own language) where two kingdoms clash before realizing the root of their conflict was a common enemy they could work together to defeat.

  1. A Memory Withdraws
  2. Sky Will Forget the Brilliant
  3. It Carries Out the Dance of the Fates (Unfinished as of 2015-04-29)
  4. For Battle Some Personality (To Be Extended as of 2015-04-29)

CDR-GNR: Genera

With this series, I wanted to see how I would design the music for a standard jRPG from the 90's. I don't have a story to go alongside it, yet (as of 2015-04-29).

  1. Title Theme

CDR-NBV: Nubivagant

The soundtrack to a Visual Novel I am (eventually) developing where a young woman is suddenly confronted with the chance to "Walk on the Wind," and must decide for herself whether or not the risks involved are worth it.

  1. Nubivagant (Wind Quartet)

CDR-PNU: Penant Umbra

An Idea I had while I was watching some movies turned into a concept for a song, and a series, expressing the dual… or tri… nature of life, depending upon one's current perspective.

  1. Penant Umbra

CDR-PYG: Project Pygmalion

Two engaged lovers find an antique dress at a pawn shop and compete in a dangerous sport to win it. A cyberpunk romantic tragedy with horrific undertones. And each scene is going to have a piece of music associated with it.

  1. [PYG] Malion - The title theme

CDR-SW: /r/songaweek challenges

Weekly song challenge from reddit. Each week as a theme. I don't participate regularly, but I will collect all of my pieces here.

  1. Thirteen Point Three - Ballad of Vir [2017-W01 - Theme: Off by One]