On my old site, I had a section for each of my major instruments which collected all of the pieces I had played along with relevant information about each.. I also had, on my computer, a table for each video game system I owned which listed the games I had amassed… and I was beginning to tabulate other collections of things I was amassing, such as board games and wargame armies.

After stalling for two weeks trying to format these collections uniformly and properly for this new site, I have decided instead to make that the duty of my blog, Toft and Toddy. This page will link to the most recent versions of each of my collections, as they are written.

Tune Collections

  • Banjo - Songs and Tunes I play on 5-string banjo.
  • Bass Guitar - Songs I play on the Bass Guitar.
  • Concertina - Tunes I play on the Anglo Concertina.