I'm a huge proponent of Free Software and Free Culture. My OS of choice is GNU Guix. Most of my work is released under either the AGPL v3.0+ or CC-BY-SA 4.0.

I consider myself more of a software nerd than a hardware nerd. I am an unrepentent Lisper; The first language I reach for is GNU Guile Scheme, but I use Common Lisp, Emacs Lisp, and Clojure when the situation calls for them. I especially like Text Processing and Data Manipulation. For databases I prefer PostgreSQL.

I maintain a couple of websites other than this one, but many haven't been updated in ages. The active ones are:

As for this site, it is meant to be a hub of sorts for everything I publish, along with a repository of any content that doesn't fit on other sites (that is, my homepage).


I am, and always have been, an avid gamer.

I've recently moved more towards tabletop gaming, especially boardgames. I am active on BoardGameGeek. I've published relatively little of my own gaming content, though I still have some stuff in the works.

As for video gaming, I prefer DRM-free releases and FLOSS projects when possible. I also prefer strategy / simulation games to the more twitchy ones, and much prefer a keyboard to a controller.


I am a Harper, a Composer, and an Irish Traditional Musician.

I love instrumental music the best, and have a large personal collection of MIDI and MOD files. Music I listen to in a wave format is usually stored in FLAC files. That said, I like all music, from Rap to Rock to Country to Metal.

My own music is usually published in MIDI form at first, usually using GNU Lilypond. Then I will teach myself to play it on one instrument or another and make a recording of it after I'm happy with the MIDI composition. Unless otherwise stated, all of my work is published under CC-BY-SA 4.0.


I enjoy reading and writing, but more as a hobby that anything else.

I have many ongoing series on my Fiction Site, on which I publish little serial releases irregularly. The stories within I hope to use as the backdrop for my music or games eventualy, though its my hope that they will stand on their own as well.

One day I may publish some of my work in a hard copy. If I do, it will be referenced here.