About Me

My name is Christopher Rodriguez.


I am a musician from the South Jersey Area, currently living in the Cherry Hill Area (with plans to move to PA soon). I play the lever harp, the electric bass, the 5 string banjo, and the anglo concertina alongside a lot of other instruments.

I've been playing music for 12 years now, ever since I picked up my mom's old 6 string in Sophmore year of High School. I give lessons for the guitar and banjo, as well as record and compose.

I also make music using LSDJ.


I am a big supporter of GNU/Linux. I do all of my work on *NIX based computers, and maintain computers for others with Windows and OS/X installed.

I do data recovery along with system repair as freelance work. I have built and run many websites over the years, and maintain this website myself. I am familiar with many different languages and paradigms, but I am most used to C++, lua, ruby, and e-LISP.

I am on github, too!


I have an inactive serial blog called Prose and Prosody, and often participate in projects like NaNoWriMo. Some of my past projects not hosted on Prose and Prosody include Affuage and Project Pygmalion.

I try to make as much of a habit out of writing as I can. I also have a blog, Toft and Toddy, where I write about whatever is on my mind at the moment.


I play a lot of games, and I am something of an aspiring game designer, as well.

I've run some tabletop role-playing games, and I like to review both video and board games as well. I am on steam.

I have a few original games in the works. I am on boardgamegeek.