About Me

My name is Christopher Rodriguez.

I want this site to be more like a personal portfolio, or a reflection of what I have accomplished. It's somewhere between that and a small-web homepage.

The following paragraphs are a brief overview of some of my interests.


I'm a huge proponent of Free Software and Free Culture. My Operating System of choice is GNU Guix, with the Linux Libre kernel. My editor is GNU Emacs. Most of my work is released under either the AGPL v3.0 or CC-BY-SA 4.0.

I consider myself more of a software nerd than a hardware nerd. I am an unrepentent and die-hard Lisper; The first language I reach for is either Common Lisp or (GNU Guile) Scheme. I also sometime write in non-Lisp programming languages; APL and Prolog are two hobbies of mine right now.

I especially enjoy Computer Science, and one of my life-goals is to obtain a doctorate in that field. I'm currently working on my undergraduate work, and expect to graduate in 2023. I'll then apply to a Master's Program, and once I've completed that look towards a doctoral program as well.


I am, and always have been, an avid gamer.

I've recently moved more towards tabletop gaming, especially boardgames. I used to be active on BoardGameGeek. My partner and I play games as often as we can.

As for video gaming, I prefer FLOSS projects first and foremost. After that, I will always prefer games with DRM-free releases when possible. But, I own a Nintendo Switch and have (very old) Steam and GOG accounts, so I'm willing to sacrifice some freedom for a game once in a while.

I prefer strategy / simulation games to the more twitchy ones, and much prefer a keyboard to a controller except for Soulsbourne games. My favorite video game of all time is Jade Cocoon, on the Playstation 1.


I am a Harper, a Composer, and an Irish Traditional Musician.

I love instrumental music the best, and have a large personal collection of MIDI and MOD files. Music I listen to in a PCM format is usually stored in FLAC files. That said, I like all music, from Rap to Rock to Country to Metal, and have a growing collection of CDs as well.

My own music was usually published in MIDI form at first, usually using GNU Lilypond. Then I would teach myself to play it on one instrument or another and make a recording of it after I'm happy with the MIDI composition. It's been a while since I've composed anything, though.

Unless otherwise stated, all of my work is published under CC-BY-SA 4.0.


I enjoy reading and writing, but more as a hobby that anything else.

One day I may publish some of my work in a hard copy. If I do, it will be referenced here.

I have an eReader on which I enjoy reading DRM-free EPUBs and PDFs. I especially enjoy LGBTQAI2+ adjacent speculative fiction, though I read other stuff as well.