Project Homepages and Subtle Styles

I want to add some more project pages to this site, as some of the software I've created is far along enough that it deserves more than a git repo on the web. I'm going to focus on that for now, along with adjusting the style of the site to be less jarring and old-fashioned, while still being small and quick to load.

Taking It From the Top

Got rid of the org-mode layer I was using to build this site, because it was a bit of a drag to use.

Going to start maintaining this site using goog old plain HTML, no engine or anything. Hopefully I like it as much as I think I will.

Part of this change, though, is editing the layout of the site. It is too complex for what I need it for, and so I'll be slimming it down significantly. I haven't given music lessons in almost 5 years at this point, and I don't think links to old stores or recordings are very useful. I want this site to be more like a personal portfolio, or a reflection of what I have accomplished… And those things were so long ago, I'm basically a different person.

So, I'm going to ditch most of the navigation and sections, and create a simpler site instead.