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Redesign, Pt. 1

I am removing the Music/Game/Fiction overview from this front page, as it was the source of anxiety regarding updating this site for me. I am no longer turning out content in the same cadence, and so I don't think it serves me as well as it used to. I am also auditing the overall structure of the site to better reflect my body of work than it does right now.



I'm looking at Kin, a tabletop roleplaying game created by Victoria Corva (originally for their novel, Non-Player Character. I want to start a campaign using that system soon, if I can convince those around me to play.



I'm also looking at ORCĪ›, which is both an esolang for making music and the name of a few different implementations of that language. I'm currently packaging it for GNU/Guix, and would like to start creating music with it soon.