Falodian Codes of Honor

Paladin Code

The Paladin of Falode is the lowest of the high,
With all their colors shown and their shields to the sky.
They guard against injustice, for they know that not all can,
And they guard against the fervor of all new and unknown fans.
As symbols they must stand alone, bereft of any sin,
And hatred must never be known between their next of kin.
When needed they will put aside all else to make a stand,
When heeded they will purify all others in their band.
Exchanging all else in this world to show how Good can be,
The Paladin of Falode is quite good company.
The Humble Oath

  1. Cannot openly pursue greatness for greatness’s sake.
  2. Must always respect and show their colors and their arms.
  3. When injustice or exploitation shows itself, intervene.
  4. Be wary of any new doctrine, group, or organization.
  5. Cannot be seen to be impure, dishonorable, or criminal.
  6. Must respect all related to them, if at all possible.
  7. If possible, must answer the call of any superior personage.
  8. Responsible for the actions of all party members.
  9. Reject anything tainted by dishonor.
  10. Follow appropriate social ettiquette.

Knight Code

The Knights of Falode all prefer to affect real change
Even if the consequences turn themselves estranged
When doing Good it is important to remain impartial
The law is right and wrong at times, true justice is oft martial.
We’re soldiers first, of sword and helm, and so we do not lead,
We’re soldiers first, with sword and helm, so that we do not bleed.
In disagreement, duels all must be held up to our eyes,
And none might die or lose a limb because one of us lies.
When we begin a task or quest we always see it through,
Because the Knight of Falode always parcels what is due.
The Egalitarian Creed

  1. Cannot sit idle when action could effect change.
  2. Ignore what the public thinks of Your actions.
  3. Remain neutral towards others in disagreement.
  4. The law is sometimes wrong. Use duels to suspend it if needed.
  5. Do not strike out alone. Find a cause and join it.
  6. Never be completely disarmed or unprotected.
  7. If a duel is imminent, oversee it above anything else.
  8. No falsehoods, lying, or cheating.
  9. See everything through to the end, win or lose.
  10. Never hold back the truth, nor judgement.

Templar Code

A Templar of Falode upholds the letter of the laws,
Dissent is meant to circumvent the ease of life they cause.
Their word and deed and oath and creed, the Templar has refined,
In words and deeds, and for all creeds, the Templar is supine.
A Templar first and foremost takes their rulings from the crown,
But Templars help the people make those rulings become sound.
And when it comes to pass that they must take up arms again,
A Templar reacts fast only for honorable ken.
They might patrol the banty roosts of Falode’s lowest day
But Templars make the words read right. All else they cast away.
The Gallant Mandate

  1. Follow the Law of Falode, as it is actually written.
  2. Don’t associate with revolutionaries or activists.
  3. Act, speak, swear, and live delibrately.
  4. Remain unbiased towards others’ actions and words.
  5. Do not break the law, or Your word.
  6. Find a way to work inside the law, as written.
  7. Do not arm Yourself when unnecessary.
  8. You need not remain unbiased or helpful towards criminals.
  9. Put Yourself among those that might need Your help.
  10. Nothing is more important than the rules.