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Thirteen Point Three

This is was my first (and only) entry into the 2017 /r/songaweek challenge!

The theme was "Off by One", which I took a few different ways. First, I chose to write this piece in 5/4. Second, I chose to make this a three section piece (instead of my usual two). Finally, I tried to tell the (yet to be written out) story of Vir, a demigod in the fantasy story I'm currently working on whose trials and tribulations ultimately meant their own demise… But not before their duty was done, which resulted in their demigodhood.

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BꜶD 01

It was silent, save for the fan in the corner.

These big, metal boxes with grates on four sides were everywhere, and they all worked tirelessly to do two things: take in the old, stale air and revitalize it for another use, and pump the result back out into the same room. They were absolutely necessary, in a place with no trees or other flora to do the same job, and because of this it was vital that they remain clean and in working order.

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Falodian Backgrounds

The Dorscht Seeker, Ehdrin Traveler, Falodian Noble/Commoner, Khula Trader, and Viliniti Diasporan backgrounds, for use in True20.

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